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July 23, 2014 11:27 am

Advocacy Group Draws Support for Israel From Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Afghanistan, Yemen, Qatar, Iran

avatar by Joshua Levitt

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A supporter of Israel from Afghanistan. Photo: StandWithUs.

A supporter of Israel from Afghanistan. Photo: StandWithUs.

Israel advocacy group StandWithUs on Wednesday said that when it asked social media followers to send a picture of their passports in support of Israel, readers quickly sent in more than 1,000 passports from 100 countries, including Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Afghanistan, Yemen, Qatar, Malaysia, and Iran.

In a statement to The Algemeiner, the group said, “In no time, StandWithUs was flooded with photos of people writing messages on their hands and photographing it with their passport to show where they are from.”

Other countries represented in the online showing of support were Pakistan, Indonesia, Albania, Turkey, Georgia and Ukraine, as well as the U.S., France, Australia, Germany, Canada, South Africa, Brazil, India, and China, among the many others.

The group said, “One Egyptian participant even filmed his contribution, making a bold statement of support for Israel,” which he posted to Facebook, where he said, “My name is Ahmad, I am an Egyptian Zionist.” The post has received 10,600 “likes” in two days.

A supporter of Israel from Afghanistan posted his photo and said, “We Love Israel for defending their people and punish these Hamas Terrorists. Imagine if Hamas had the same power as Israel, Hamas would have killed the entire Israeli populations. So here’s my passport to say thank you for standing against Hamas and removing the threats of rocket attack towards Israeli civilians. All Afghanistanis are with Israel at this very important time. God bless Israel. We feel your pain, we have lived under their regime during the fascist Taliban.”

Michael Dickson, Director of the Israel office of StandWithUs, evoked the rocket-busting Iron Dome, when he said, “The battle for public opinion and support is Israel’s second frontline. SWU ramped-up its social media campaign, knocking anti-Israel propaganda out of the sky.”

“This creative campaign allows people to show their support for Israel and is a huge boost for Israeli who are living under fire and are sending their young people to the frontline,” Dickson said. “We have been amazed by the level of support for Israel from all over the world.”

The group has posted an album to Flickr with photos of the many foreign passports and messages in support of Israel, as well as more videos to YouTube.

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  • E.

    Too few. Too late.
    Peace-loving Muslims have been made irrelevant by their silence.
    Not every Muslim is a terrorist – But Every terrorist is Muslim.

    • Man on the street

      It is a golden opportunity for the West to covertly support El Sisi restore the Egyptian economy, which was brought down to its knees by the MB violence, and “Takfiri Islam”!

      Extremist interpretation of Islam became prominent in the past couple decades partly with the help of our CIA, and the Wahhabis. However, at this point, this barbaric extremists who eat human organs cannot be allowed to create havoc around the world. Evil foreign policy plotters must abandon the ENDS JUSTIFIES THE MEANS!

      Having the most powerful Arab Muslim nation, Egypt, declare war on crazy Islam is a golden opportunity for the West to come to President Sisi’s aid. Provide him with financial, support to gain the confidence of his 90 million population, coupled by SOCIAL ENGINEERING INSTRUCTIONS? We were successful in the sixties to change the American people racist positions through sit-coms? Egypt, and consequently all the Arabs are in a great need of Sit Com with laugh track to introduce them to tolerance for others.

  • May the leaders of Israel and many of it’s people shed the illusions that any Arab State
    within it’s borders will live in peace alongside a Jewish State.
    For almost 100 years they have pursued wars,terror,murder and mayhem with the sole goal of obliterating any jewish presence in the Land of Israel.
    Until this bitter reality is realized,Israel will remain in mortal danger of extinction.

    • Ela Ronen

      You absolutely right

    • E.

      They can’t fool Israel any more…
      Peace-loving Muslims have been made irrelevant by their silence:

  • Bob Zelloe

    AS a veteran U.S. Marine with combat experience during the Korean War, I stand by Israel and would join their fight if they would take an 83 year old. I believe This action by Hamas is a diversion from the Iranian development of a Nuclear device, it is meant to weaken Israels finances, use up much of their military equipment and weaken their ability to strike Iran’s Nuclear development. If our leaders don’t support Israel, there will be no one to stop Iran from finishing this device. Our leaders and no other country has the B—s to do anything. Then, not even God will be able to help us.

    • Ela Ronen

      Thank you for support
      You give me a hope that there are some honor bright people in that dirty world
      Thanks again, Ela

  • Wm. J. Levy

    Well done all of you. Kol Ha Kavod.

    If this is how it is supposed to be then God does work in mysterious ways. He should have pulled a Sodom & Gemmorah on Gaza and on Israeli’s enemies including Obama and Hagel.

    Once more Israel sacrifices her best to show the world how moral we are. I’m tired of being moral. I just want to destroy our enemies and the world be damned.

    Israel is going to be forced to cease fire. First these should be her demands:
    1. Free Jonathan Pollard.
    2. Demand that Israel be given seats and chairmanship of important U.N. Councils instead of being treated like a leper.
    3. The Arab nations should pay for all damages and the cost of the IDF weapons and supplies and pay for its soldiers.
    4, All Arab-Israelis who demonstrated against Israel should be forced to leave Israel forever.
    4. The U.N. should force the integration of the Arabs in refugee camps to close the camps forever.
    5. UNRWA should be dismantled.
    6. No American money should be spent to keep the Arabs as refugees.

    Am Israel Chai

  • Harvey

    Dear Robert
    Thank you for your support . I’m in no doubt that all who have served their countries and shed blood for freedom and democracy will understand that Israel is facing the same tyranny and enemy of humanity as those of 75 years ago .
    It is a common struggle of good versus evil . Hamas is a cancer which afflicts not just Israel but all the free world . Israel is the bulwark which prevents the spread of this malignancy .

  • KaiB Isnes, Norway

    I feel very sorry for the families that loose their loved ones on either side,but at the same time I fully suppor Israels full rght to get rid of he HAMAS terror once and for all.
    I hope you succeed before the westernpoliticians once more force you to sop befre the job is done.

  • Tim and Sonia Willats

    We STAND WITH ISRAEL, now and forever. (If I was younger I would volunteer for the I.D.F. – the most courageous and moral army in the world! Tim)
    עם ישרשאל חי

  • Otto Schiff

    The Nazis tried to destroy us, now the so called Palestinions
    are trying to destroy us. The Nazis are gone and the so called Palestinians are headed the same way. Am Yisrael chai.

  • Denise

    I have been standing with Israel all my life, yet in these past weeks, all the more. I wish America had leadership and love of country as much as we see in Israel. America can’t even protect a border from an insurgency. Bless Israel.

  • steve kramer

    What other country that was bombarded with rockets every hour would show the type of restraint that Israel has shown, e.g. warning residents to evacuate, not sending in the full force of their armed forces to wipe out their enemy?

    Show me one country that would tolerate such relentless rocket attacks?

    Hamas’ charter demands the destruction of Israel and the annihilation of the Jewish people.

    To some of you Europeans, we remember well how you stood by as the Jews were sent to ovens during the Holocaust. How dare you criticize the Jews from defending the only country that offers them safety besides the USA.

    Israel only wants peace. That’s why they gave up Gaza in 2005 and hoped that the Palestinians would turn Gaza into another Singapore or Hong Kong. The Israelis would have liked nothing better than to have a peaceful trade partner on their borders but instead Hamas used Gaza as a base to relentlessly attack Israel.

    God Bless those who support Israel!

  • Why can’t these terrorists leave Israel alone and accept its existance and try to live and learn by Israel.

    These terrorists should be made to accept Israel and learn from this amazing country, stop aid to Hamas, they will soon stop, all the money goes into Swiss Accounts for their greedy selves.

  • pinchas baram

    I doubt if the NYT will cite this interesting social media campaign and the positive reaction. THe NYT will instead cite some poll showing how isolated Israel is, how much popular hostility there is towards the meanspirited Israeli JEWS.


    I’m a Viet-Nam Vet, I stand with Israel!

    LEVEL GAZA,… AND TAKE IT BACK, then you will have to get rid of the Germ of islam, carried by muslim Pigs!

    Scorch the earth! Then it will be cleansed !

  • kume

    We stand with a government that defends it’s civilians and agressively fights terrorism.


  • Shmuel David

    G-D knew that the Torah would be carried by the Jewish People who would be dispersed throughout the world. The last chapter of the Torah bears a warning to the Nations who it was predicted would cause harm to the Jewish People:

    “Therefore O ye nations, make the lot of His People a happy one. For He will avenge the blood of His servitors. And vengeance will fall back on His enemies. And His people are to bring atonement to His world of men.”
    Deuteronomy 34:43

    • theo

      Shmuel David
      You surely mean Deuteronomy 32.43 O nations – sing the praises of His people ,for He will avenge the blood of His servants; He will bring retribution upon His foes and He will appease His Land and His people

  • Robert Cole

    US Retired Soldier STANDS with Israel.

    • Liliane Abergel

      Thank you for your service to our country and G*d Bless you for your support of Israel.

    • Yona

      I’m with you my fellow Veteran! This U.S. Veteran also STANDS with Israel. Am Yisrael Chai!