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August 25, 2014 5:26 pm

How Huffington Post Could Test Out its Advice to Israel

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Since its debut in 2005, The Huffington Post has positioned editorials exclusively on the left margin of its pages (screencap). For two consecutive days, however, on Aug. 7-8, it published an editorial as a splash headline on its World page – a space that is normally dedicated to “news.” Why was this editorial afforded such blaring, headline treatment? Apparently, because it urged Israel to commit suicide, by removing its borders with “Palestine:”

HuffPost Editorial Splash. Photo: Screenshot.

That editorial is located here. An excerpt (emphasis added):

We propose Israel and Palestine share the land — all of it — as two overlapping, or “parallel,” states. In this scenario, citizenship would follow the citizen wherever she may live within the region of Israel/Palestine. We call it a “parallel states” scenario because it envisions two states existing in parallel, with overlapping sovereignty across the entirety of historic Palestine, from the Mediterranean to the Jordan River. The two states would retain their separate identities, national symbols and political structures. But they would be distinguished by their lack of internal borders, allowing free movement and access to land, resources and economic opportunity for the citizens of both states.

To anyone outside the fever-swamp of radical leftist fanaticism at HuffPost, this proposal would be instantly dismissed with extreme prejudice. The reasons are myriad:

  • The barrier wall and fence structures that Israel lawfully built along its border with the territory that is “governed” by the Palestinian Authority, in Judea and Samaria (“the West Bank”) virtually eliminated Palestinian terrorist attacks within Israel. That hasn’t stopped PA “president” Mahmoud Abbas and his Fatah thug-ocracy from using Western aid money to incite, facilitate and reward terrorism against Israelis, however – only that for the most part, these acts have occurred in the West Bank, not Israel itself. And on Aug. 12, 2014, a senior PA official said the group decided to officially support “slaughtering” Jews in the West Bank.
  • The barrier between Israel and Gaza is the only thing that prevents Hamas’ genocidal maniacs from storming the kibbutzes and towns in southern Israel, and beyond, and murdering civilian adults and children at will. This is why Hamas diverted the billions of dollars in “humanitarian aid” money – intended to feed, house, educate and provide medical care to Gaza’s people – and instead used this money to construct hundreds of terror tunnels, which cost the lives of at least 150 Gazan children. And as was recently discovered, Hamas also used some of that money to plan and fund the murders of three Israeli teenagers.
It’s public knowledge that the person most responsible for what appears on HuffPost’s pages is Arianna Huffington, its president and editor-in-chief. What is less well-known, however, is the facts concerning the many “borders” that she has established around herself, and HuffPost‘s offices:

  • Arianna’s personal “borders:” Arianna complained about environments that create a distinction between “the super-rich, who live behind gates with guards protecting their kids from kidnapping, and the rest of us.” She made this statement while living in an 8,000 square foot mansion, protected by electric gates – and while being personally protected by private security guards at public appearances. (Most recently, she lived in a security-protected, $32,000-per-month townhouse, to which the owner accused her of doing $275,000 worth of damage.)
  • HuffPost’s office “borders:” HuffPost‘s posh New York offices are security-protected. Apparently it wants to prevent anyone who’s not an employee or approved guest to access its nap rooms, massage chairs and refrigerators stocked with coconut water.
  • HuffPost‘s racial “borders:” Since the Tea Party first emerged in 2009, HuffPost (which has repeatedly claimed to be a “nonpartisan” newspaper) has been falsely claiming it is “racist.” Yet as a detailed 2010 investigative blog article documented, the Tea Party was far more racially diverse than HuffPost. In fact, HuffPost was so lily-white that its Christmas picture looked like a veritable Ku Klux Klan rally. Judging from recent pictures of HuffPost‘s New York newsroom, it doesn’t look like things have changed much.

HuffPost Lilly White Office. Photo: Peg Fitzpatrick.

Hey Arianna! Tear down your “borders,” first!

Given all these facts, it’s worth asking:

Would Arianna be willing to tear down her own “borders,” to share her personal space, property and resources with a gang of sociopathic murderers — just as her publication is urging Israel to do, with Hamas and Fatah (and the Palestinian civilians who support their terrorism)?

After all, according to the editorial to which Arianna gave such prominent coverage, if only Israel would “get rid of its borders” with “Palestine” it would benefit by “allowing free movement and access to land, resources and economic opportunity for the citizens of both states.”

As neither Hamas nor Fatah have a strong presence in the Western hemisphere yet, though, to test her theory on herself, Arianna would have to find a gang that employs similarly barbaric violence to achieve its objectives. One gang that certainly fits this bill is Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13).  (How violent is MS-13?  Watch this National Geographic documentary.)

Fortunately, it would be relatively easy for Arianna to make contact with MS-13 members: they are notorious for tattooing their faces with distinctive markings, are now flooding over America’s southern border and are openly recruiting at our detention facilities.If we were to speak directly to Arianna for a moment, we could give her a real sales job:

  • Arianna, just imagine how much your life could be enriched by having some of these fine, upstanding MS-13 members share your posh New York apartment, where they would enjoy “free movement and access to space and resources” — such as your bedroom, bank account, refrigerator, entertainment center and bar?  Think of how proud and “liberal” you’ll feel when you have security keycards made up for all your MS-13 housemates, so they can walk into and out of your apartment building at will (no borders!). (And think how “progressive” you’ll feel when you can call any of your neighbors who express discomfort with your actions “racists!”)
  • Think of how much HuffPost‘s offices would benefit by shedding its lily-white racial image, and integrating MS-13’s distinctive take on Hispanic culture, into its own!
  • Arianna, you are notorious for profiting from the labor of thousands of unpaid writers, including children. Think of how many MS-13 members may have skills that are just waiting to be fully developed, and exploited, to benefit HuffPost?  Why, you could create a veritable HuffPost “dream team” of “no-borders” interns, that you might not even have to pay!

Dream Team. Photo: Huff Watcher.

  • Think of how much the MS-13 members might help to redeem your and female HuffPost staffers’ faith in men! After all, you recently gave several days of front page coverage to a “news” story about the offensive comments that men in New York made to your female staffers, just for walking on the sidewalks?  These MS-13 males might have a thing or two to say about the way females should be treated (and properly tattooed, whether they like it or not)!

In conclusion, Arianna, if you really believe in the advice you so prominently gave to Israel, you should have absolutely no reason not to reach out to MS-13 members as suggested. If you do, give it sixty days or so, then let us know how your little experiment turned out.

We’ll promptly forward your report on to Israel’s leadership, for all the consideration that it deserves.

“HuffWatcher” is the anonymous creator and editor of HUFF-WATCH. Contact: [email protected].

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