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October 27, 2014 1:29 pm

Israel’s Ambassador Dermer: It’s a Disgrace to Call Abbas a Peacemaker (VIDEO)

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Israeli Ambassador Ron Dermer addressing the CUFI Summit. Photo: Maxine Dovere.

Israel’s ambassador to Washington, Ron Dermer, on Sunday launched an unprecedented attack on Palestinian Authority President, Mahmoud Abbas, saying he “educates Palestinian children to hate Jews, and wants a Palestinian state free of Jews”, according to a transcript.

“The Palestinian President wrote a dissertation denying the Holocaust,” he said, and added that it is a “disgrace” that “anyone in the world embraces this man as a peacemaker,” said Dermer, speaking before some 5,000 participants at “A Night to Honor Israel,” held in Washington under the auspices of pro-Israel evangelist pastor, John Hagee.

The ambassador, referring to Abbas’ recent speech at the United Nations General Assembly, in which the Palestinian leader claimed that Israel is inflicting a “genocide” against Palestinians in Gaza, said, “…since 1967, the population of the Palestinians in Judea, Samaria and Gaza has increased fourfold to between 3 to 4 million people today. And yet President Abbas stands before the world at the United Nations and accuses Israel of genocide? What a disgrace! What an embarrassment that anyone in the world embraces this man as a peacemaker,” Dermer charged.

Standing before a largely evangelical Christian audience, Dermer spoke at length about the threat posed by radical Islam, and noted that “Sunni and Shiite extremists are slaughtering each other and even among themselves, which reminds us again that the greatest sufferers from radical Islam are Muslims themselves.”

But, Dermer added, “the dark clouds of Islam are threatening not only the Middle East. There are beheadings not only in Iraq but also in Oklahoma (a month ago, a Muslim employee who was fired from a food factory decapitated a co-worker). Brutal murders are done not only in Benghazi and in Sinai, but also in Ottawa and Fort Hood [TX].”

Dermer devoted a large part of his speech to the agreement emerging between Iran and western powers.

“It’s one thing when fanatics are armed with axes, but it’s quite another when they are armed with a nuclear bomb, and this danger is approaching as the world approaches the agreement with Iran. I do not know if there is an agreement, but Israel is very concerned,” he said.

“We’re concerned because a year ago some hoped that the tough sanctions regime on Iran would be dismantled only if Iran’s nuclear weapons program were dismantled. Today, the international community is prepared to make a deal that would suspend and ultimately lift the sanctions.

“But no one is talking about dismantling Iran’s nuclear weapons program anymore.

“You don’t have to be a nuclear expert to understand that reducing pressure on the world’s most dangerous regime and leaving it on the threshold of developing the world’s most dangerous weapons is not a good deal. The international community is prepared to leave Iran with thousands of centrifuges to enrich uranium – when Iran doesn’t even need a single centrifuge to have peaceful nuclear energy.

“We’re told not to worry, that UN inspectors will prevent Iran from breaking out or sneaking out to build the bomb. Well, I’m sure you all feel as safe as I do knowing that a few Inspector Clouseau’s at the UN is all that stands between fanatic Ayatollahs and nuclear bombs,” Dermer said.

Christian evangelicals believe in the validity of Biblical prophesies about Israel, and are considered the largest organized religious group in the United States. For the most part they support Israel religiously.

Dermer talked about the traditional Jewish belief of the biblical connection to the Land of Israel and said, “The establishment of the State of Israel gives meaning to history. The claim that Israel is the occupier is a false statement. When the nation of Israel is in the land of Israel it is in its home.”

“The battle for Jerusalem has begun,” Hagee, the founder and national chairman of Christians United For Israel (CUFI), told a worldwide audience on Oct. 14, according to Charisma News.

“Americans need to recognize the historical fact that the Palestinians have absolutely no historical claim to the land of Israel. There has never been, historically, an autonomous group of Palestinians who ever existed,” Hagee said at the event.

In August, during Operation Protective Edge in Gaza, Hagee led a group of 51 pastors – one from every state, and the District of Columbia – on a solidarity mission to the Jewish State.

Watch Hagee at a similar pro-Israel event in July:

[iframe width=”640″ height=”360″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>]

NOTE: This article has been updated to correct earlier misquotes of Ambassador Dermer’s speech.

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  • Edy
  • Paul

    The pronouncement regarding Mahmoud Abbas is problematic. This man represents the current Israeli Government political line, which appears to be led by the right wing, and more significantly, by the religious right wingers.
    Ordinary right-wingers simply do not think ahead and reach the conclusions that Rabin and Sharon reached – that the prevailing situation cannot be maintained indefinitely, and the battle we fight must be the battle for peace, since military strength will not not beat the other side. Even BIBI has at least verbally endorsed the 2-state solution. But the religious right wing is far more insiduous – they have a hidden agenda. They do NOT want to give up the holy ground – they believe that that is punishable by death (as in the case of Rabin, who was pronounced a MOSER and then murdered). But they cleverly present arguments to further their hidden agenda, based on reasoning and supposed principles that THEY do not believe in, only their audience does. In Bennetts party, Bennet is the rational front, but ultra-orthodox Jewess Ms. Shtruk is there too – someone who could not DARE support anything but the extreme religious view.
    So, to the religious nationalists who so fervently believe God is on their side no matter what they do, I would remind them that although we ARE in God’s hands, God has also punished the Jews in the past. So they should be careful when they assume that God supports everything they have in mind.
    And to those who are capable of thinking rationally about the subject: Mahmoud abbas is definitely not a Zionist.
    but in the past we have spoken even with Arafat. If we want to actually achieve peace, we have to make it with somebody who is NOT a Zionist. Egypt are NOT Zionists, but the peace with them is much better than what used to be. and the chances of finding a BETTER partner than Mahmoud Abbas a very slim. More likely that in the future, we will be facing the Hamas.
    If Ambassador Lerner has a BETTER PLAN for PEACE and a better choice of PARTNER, let him put THAT on the table, instead of just bashing what is probably our best hope for peace. He is inadvertently serving the religious fanatic agenda.

    • Yale

      Your post begs the question of what one does when the best available option is demonstrably unacceptable.

      The problem between Israel and the Arabs has always been that the most Israel can give consistent with its continued existence is far less than the Arabs demand as a first concession. That means that negotiations CANNOT succeed until the Arabs come to understand that Israel cannot be coerced into a settlement that will lead to its demise.

  • myra vero

    Rabbi B. Rosenberg’s speech is the best I read for a long time. I wish, first of all Obama should take notice of it.

  • To treat Ahmoud Abbas as a man of peace is eerily reminiscent of the Western world before WW II, when no one really believed what Hitler wrote in ‘Mein Kampf.’ The Palestinians have proven in word and in dead, that they will never recognize Israel’s right to exist. They teach the children in their madrase that they will go to paradise for killing Jews, thus ensuring a next generation of Jew haters.
    As for the inept American president and his State Department officials, it behooves them to brush up on the recorded facts of history and international law before they open their mouths to broadcast their embarrassing ignorance.
    The state of Israel was created by the LEAGUE OF NATIONS who in 1922 within the frame work of the Treaty of San Remo, accorded the British the authority to administer the region as ‘The British Mandate for Palestine,’ with the express directive to ‘facilitate Jewish immigration and settlement of the land by the Jews.’ The charter of the League further states that ANY people achieving independence/nationhood via a mandated authority becomes automatically sovereign master of the entire territory of the mandate.
    It flows from it that the so-called ‘settlements’ that so many feel compelled to criticize, are entirely legitimate building projects within the sovereign right of a sovereign nation. As for the United Nations, their charter contains an article #80 stating that their Resolutions DO NOT HAVE THE FORCE OF LAW UNLESS ALL PARTIES AGREE.
    Since the Palestinians chose not to agree, but continue to dispute Israel’s right to exist and to make war on the state of Israel, these resolutions are null and void – leaving the League of Nation’s Mandate the only document extant that has the force of law by itself and by being part of the Treaty of San Remo.
    Those who wish to enter this discussion intelligently and in full knowledge of the true facts, ought to read, before peeping another word, the book ‘A Durable Peace’ by B. Netanyahu. Whether you like Netanyahu or not is entirely beside the point. He is extremely bright and in total command of the facts and the book is unimpeachable on the facts.
    Read it! Then we can continue this conversation.

  • steven L

    Only the left will interfere against Israel in order to undermine Judaism.

  • It is time to evict all Arabs who create violence, riot and attack Jews.
    A Jewish person and any other person in Jerusalem and the rest of Greater Israel has the right to live and walk in his own country in peace and tranquility without fear or intimidation.
    I suggest a massive demonstration by Israelis, demanding the government to restore peace without fear or intimidation at all costs. Ignore world opinion and the Media, they will criticize and defame Israel no matter what.
    Eventually the world at large respects a government that protects its people.
    According to International Law All Jews have the right to live in any area of the original 1920 Mandate for Palestine and its adoption in perpetuity by the League of Nations.

    It is interesting to note that the World at large is not questioning the State of Jordan and its territory, which was taken from the allocation to Jewish land. Jordan a State that has never existed in history prior to WW1. But Israel that has existed on its land for over 3500 years which included The land Jordan occupies, they are questioning Israel’s land. They do not mention that The Arabs ejected a million Jewish people and confiscated their homes and assets and that about 600,000 of them were settled in Israel’s LIBERATED TERRITORY.

    Arabs are the occupiers, they have 21 Arab States that were granted to them after WW1 by the same powers that granted the State of Israel.
    There is no other term for Jewish villages and towns in Judea and Samaria and East Jerusalem than Liberated Territories.

    To negate any claim of Arab ownership of the land, Read and study the Ottoman empire land title. It states that approximately 98% of the land was owned by the government, some of it was leased to the Arab population as sharecroppers, not owners.
    The balance 2% was owned by Arab land barons who sold the land at premium prices to the Jews.

    Here is the incredible testimony of The Mufti of Jerusalem on January 12, 1937 when he documents in testimony for the British Peel Commission that the Jews did not steal land from the Arab Palestinians but by the year of 1920, the time of the “Occupation” meaning the British Palestine Mandate, the Jewish people had already purchased 1,500,000 dunams of land in the Land of Israel which is 375,000 acres.
    The Mufti also testified that the land was not bought by “forcibly acquired-compulsory acquisition of land”. That kind of ruling behavior was the action of the Ottoman rulers and not the Jews. Also the Mufti admitted that any evictions done were by absentee landlords who chose to sell “land over the heads of their tenants, who then were forcibly evicted”, and that the majority of these tenants were not Palestinians but Lebanese.

    It is a common practice by the Muslims to obfuscate, distort, outright fabrication and misrepresent facts to their benefit, it is even permitted under their religion, in order to accomplish their goals.

    Supporting documents and articles links:

  • . As a child of holocaust survivors and one who lost most of his family, I beg you to speak out. Women are being raped, men and women and children are dying every second. They ask some to go to the right and some to the left. It is the concentration camps all over again.

    ISIS is the devil, Hitler reincarnated. Speak out now before it is too late. Share this you tube today with the media and all your contacts. As a child of holocaust survivors and one who lost most of his family, I beg you to speak out. Women are being raped, men and women and children are dying every second.

    : MR. PRESIDENT. Why did you not mention Iran in your speech at the U.N. Open your eyes and see that without boots on the ground Isis is winning. You were never in the military and do not understand combat. I am a Rabbi of a small congregation and do not have rich congregants. I ask that this you tube go viral. SO FAR THERE ARE . over..6000 HITS. THIS IS THE ONLY WAY I HAVE OF SPEAKING OUT.

    . “It is time for the world – especially Muslim communities – to explicitly,
    forcefully, and consistently reject the ideology of al Qaeda and ISIL.”
    President Barack Obama, Address to the United Nations General Assembly
    September 24, 2014

    120 Muslim scholars, including the Grand Mufti of Egypt, the dean of Sharia
    and Law at al-Azhar University, director of the Fiqh Council in the US, and
    the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem published an open letter to IS leader Abu Bakr
    al-Baghdadi decrying his state’s un-Islamic behavior in three languages:
    Arabic, English and German.

    Video of Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg SAYS: President Obama, You Have Some Nerve:.

    Video is on

    Another holocaust is possible. If it happened once it can happen again. Thank G-d we have Israel. We need to do everything possible to keep Israel militarily strong. Jews get out of Europe. There can be no compromise regarding Israel nor can we depend on the good will of others. This unfortunately is a lesson that many Jews have never learned. Never forget, never forgive never again. Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg

    ISIS is a diversion. Iran is our major threat. Throughout history horrible atrocities including cutting off heads has been committed. This is not something we have never seen. Remember the NAZIS and never forget.

    We can beat ISIS but America Israel and the free world cannot survive a Nuclear Armed Iran .A Nuclear Holocaust is the ultimate nightmare, the ultimate threat to our survival, Iran is constructing the ultimate killing machine.Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg