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October 30, 2014 5:29 pm

Abbas’s Fatah Movement Declares Friday ‘Day of Rage’ in Jerusalem

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Mahmoud Abbas makes remarks during Fatah's 48th anniversary. Photo: MEMRI. Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah movement declared that this Friday will be a “day of rage” in Jerusalem, calling on Palestinian “fighters” to defend the Al-Aqsa mosque amid growing tensions between Jewish and Muslim residents of Israel’s capital.

“Fatah calls to its fighters and to the masses of the Palestinian people to aid the Al-Aqsa mosque and occupied Jerusalem,” the official PA news agency WAFA reported, according to a Palestinian Media Watch translation.

Fatah also called on Palestinians to consider “the desecration of Al-Aqsa as a declaration of a religious war against the Palestinian people and the Arab Islamic nations.”

The call followed Israel’s decision to close the Temple Mount to Jewish and Muslim worshippers after an Arab man’s attempted assassination of activist Yehuda Glick, a promoter of Jewish access to the Temple Mount. The move also comes against the backdrop of weeks of increased Muslim riots and assaults on Jewish residents, including the recent terror attack on a Jerusalem light rail station that killed two people. Yet the Israeli police decided to re-open the Temple Mount after pressure from the U.S. and Muslim leaders.

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  • Leon

    And so the nations rage against Israel, the Apple of God’s Eye, but they forget that God is going to bring them into account. Blessings to Israel

  • Jonah

    Israel must conduct itself as if they are Jews on a path to the gas chambers, as you walk down that path your tormentors are throwing rocks at you, firing missles at you, calling you chickens##ts, and claiming they want a peace agreement with you. Prepare to defend yourselfs, no holds barred, you need the attitude God wants you to have…that of an eagle protecting its nest. Prepare for the time of Jacobs trouble..God is with you…those that come against you will be attacked by God but you must defend yourselves with every conceivable weapon you have.

  • Esther

    Well it seems like G-d declared a “Day of Rain” instead.

    He neither sleeps nor slumbers, the Guardian of Israel.

  • Islam by nature only acquiesces to force as it did in the years prior to Oslo. Subsequent to that time all efforts of conciliation by Israel have been interpreted as weakness by this intrepid foe. It’s indeed time long overdue that Israel goes back to the future, kiss off the malevolent protestations of the Obama Administration and conduct a foreign policy truly in her own interests.

    To insure her growth and that of generations of Jews to come she must immediately renounce for all time the creation of a Palestinian state out of the precious little territory she owns. Likewise it’s time for her to regain the initiative so successful in the past and forgo the reactionary tactics of recent years. Long after Obama is out of office Israel will still be faced with vexing problems. She cannot afford to let his myopic dream of salvaging his legacy interfere with her future.

  • SARA


  • shosh

    Enough being nice to those terrorist muslims. Israel
    should put her foot down and respond with violence against violence. I would expel Abbas and all the anti
    Israel Arabs OUT of Israel. You cannot be nice to them,
    because they perceive that gesture as a sign of weakness.
    The US and not any other country should be able to dictate the sovereign State of Israel how to run her
    affairs. No other country in the world surrenders to the
    dictates of others. Israel is always the “sacrifice lamb”
    and the more She gives in, the more the world demands from Her. Enough is enough.

  • Jonah

    You will have a war with them better now than later. IsIs will soon move in and you will have to fight them too. Blow that temple and rid yourself of the problem, then mine the area.

  • Mickey Oberman

    Perhaps Israel should demonstrate to the Muslims what Jewish rage is capable of producing.

    Israel, take off your kid gloves.
    No tit for tat.
    Use everything you have against them.
    Quell their violence now in the only way they understand.
    Unless they learn a lesson now the situation will only get worse.

    Perhaps they will be more amenable to discussing peace after they have raised a white flag.
    You must know by now that nothing else will work.

    Mickey Oberman

  • Carl

    So let me get this straight. An Arab-Muslim attempts to murder a rabbi. Israel kills the attacker and temporarily closes the Temple Mount in response to avoid massive Arab demonstrations. And Israel’s so-called peace partner Abbas doesn’t condemn the terrorist attack and urge his people to refrain from further violence like a civilized leader would do, but is outraged at Israel’s measured response and incites yet more mayhem!

  • Levi Garbose

    i do believe this creep has the face of a swine—BEH, he should soon be packaged in a can of Spam. Yemach s’mo v zichro.