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October 30, 2014 2:33 pm

Father of WTC Victim Blasts Haaretz Over Cartoon Showing Netanyahu as 9/11 Terrorist

avatar by Ben Cohen

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The Haaretz cartoon depicting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as a 9/11 terrorist.

The father of a young New Yorker who was murdered during the September 11, 2001 terrorist atrocity at the World Trade Center in lower Manhattan has sharply criticized the Israeli newspaper Haaretz for a cartoon published today that displays the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, piloting a plane marked with the word “Israel” into a skyscraper flying the American flag.

Roman Gertsberg, whose 25 year-old daughter Marina was inside the World Trade Center complex when Al Qaeda terrorists crashed two planes into the twin towers, told The Algemeiner, “If this cartoon shows that Israel flies the plane into the World Trade Center, then it is the most ridiculous display I’ve ever seen. Nobody in their right mind should associate Israel with flying a plane into the WTC . It it very offensive to 9/11 families to distort the historical events of that tragic day in order to bring attention to one political statement or another.”

Gertsberg emphasized: “We know who the perpetrators were – Al Qaeda and all their supporters.”

The cartoon, by resident Haaretz artist Amos Biderman, has drawn an angry response since being posted online this morning. Many critics expressed surprise and dismay that an Israeli newspaper would fuel the myth that Israel had a role in the 9/11 atrocity, a favored theme of the so-called “9/11 Truth” movement.

One commenter on the Haaretz website said: “It’s simply unbelievable that you don’t have any shame in comparing Netanyahu to the mass murderers of 9/11.” Another added: “You’re allowed to incite against the sitting prime minister in a much worse way than there was before the assassination of [prime minister Yitzhak] Rabin.”

The cartoon’s publication comes during a week when Israeli-US relations have hit rock bottom, following the revelations by Atlantic journalist Jeffrey Goldberg that anonymous Obama Administration officials described Netanyahu as a “chickenshit” and a “coward.”

Anne Herzberg, a legal advisor to the Jerusalem-based organization NGO Monitor, told The Blaze: “Haaretz is well-known for its extreme antagonism towards the Netanyahu government, but that does not excuse unprofessional editorial decisions.”

Orit Ko's riposte to the Haaretz cartoon. Image: Orit Ko/Twitter.

“It appears that the cartoon is a play on anti-Semitic conspiracy theories blaming ‘Zionists’ for 9/11, equating Bibi [Netanyahu] to Al Qaeda and the 9/11 hijackers, responsible for the murder of more than 3,000 innocent people,” Herzberg said.

Abraham Foxman, National Director of the Anti-Defamation League, said in a statement: “Not only does [the cartoon] completely misrepresent any tensions which may current exist between the U.S. government and Mr. Netanyahu, it disrespects the memories of thousands of innocent Americans and others who tragically perished on 9/11, and the deep pain and trauma caused by the horrific attacks.”

One London-based Israeli artist turned the tables on Haaretz by revising the offending image. Orit Ko’s widely tweeted image shows a plane marked with the Hebrew for “Haaretz” flying into a skyscraper bearing the Israeli flag.

Biderman, the artist behind the Haaretz cartoon, has jumped to the defense of the image, saying, ‘The message is that Bibi is arrogantly and wantonly destroying Israel’s ties with the U.S. and leading us to a disaster on the scale of 9/11.”

Biderman added: “It was certainly not my intention to insult or upset anyone. I wasn’t sufficiently aware of the great sensitivity that 9/11 holds for Americans.”

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  • John

    This was more than an insult to all Americans. It was a veiled threat in the wake of the “chickenshit” remark. And is it any wonder? Israelis were literally dancing and high-fiving as the towers burned and netanyahu himself said that 9/11 was GOOD FOR ISRAEL. He said that days after the attacks.

    Anti-Americanism is on the rise throughout the middle east, and that includes israel. This cartoon would be major news if it were reversed, or if it showed an Arab flying a plane into an Israeli building. No, the message is clear.

  • H. Givon

    No one familiar with Ha’aretz is surprised that the paper would print such a flagrantly false and vile cartoon. The publication is known to be anti-Israel although written in Hebrew. Re 9/11, Israel mourned the tragedy; the Arabs celebrated and gave out sweets. They grieved at the downfall of Saddam Hussein. The extreme leftism of Ha’aretz will not change; we know it and should condemn the paper when it prints lies and obscenities. That the paper would employ anyone of such low moral caliber as Biderman is a reflection of the paper’s standards.

  • Ester

    Haaretz and its people have a place in our Sidur on the daily prays, it is “Velamalshinim a tehi tikva,…”

  • asunagullo

    Biderman: If you say “It was certainly not my intention to insult or upset anyone. I wasn’t sufficiently aware of the great sensitivity that 9/11 holds for Americans.” you are insulting people’s intelligence.
    What would you feel if somebody made a cartoon showing Jews in their way to gas chambers driven by other Jews (anothe conspiracy theory) or showing the queues of Jews were actually queus of fake mannequins, (showing Shoa didn’t really exist, another conspiracy theory) and after doing such a stupidity, the autor said ” I wasn’t sufficiently aware of the great sensitivity that Shoa holds for Jews”?

  • Noel Herasfield

    Enough.That newspaper has proven long ago that it is Quisling enabler of the Palestinian pdychopaths.Not worth the paper it is written on,

  • Robert Davis

    It is about time to give huge FINES at least usd 100,000 or 1 m. to haaretz for its systematic anti Israel insults,lies and hate incitements. It should be closed at least for 1 month each time and if it persists FOR EVER. Close this snakes’ den and pathological antisemite anti Israel pr paper!

  • Feigue Cieplinski

    “Not sufficiently sensitive to what 9/11 means”…. to all Americans??? The answer should be a complete apology not this half baked answer.
    Isn’t Biderman aware that this type of accusation was made in the wake of the tragedy itself! Simply, Biderman revived a canard that dignified sick conspiracies. He should not work in a public venue if he is not aware of what this tragedy meant to all of us, Shame on him and the publisher of Haaretz.

  • RobiMac

    Some people really do suck!

    As if it wasn’t bad enough to poke fun at a complete disaster that killed thousands, Biderman also insults the Israeli Prime Minister. Haaretz needs to be shut down.

    Israel is not the cause of the worlds problems, rather, it’s quite the reverse!

  • jmoss

    Say what you want about Bidernan, but don’t forget SCHMUCK. He.s the biggest!

    • Shira KaDin

      The next video is a musical adaptation inspired by poems written by an Israeli and American poets, presenting the cry of the terror victims and their families.
      Any assistance in sharing this video with the American people, forwarding it to the that father or achieving the goals stated in the video would be appreciated. (Additional information is available in its Facebook page)

  • Simon Rose

    Cartoon is depicting how Bibi is torpedoing US / Israel relations. Only an idiot or conspiracy theorist which is essentially the same thing would see this as anything else.

    To describe Haaretz in such derogatory terms as described by Tobin is not serious and in defence of Haaretz, they are internationally highly respected. Print ink on paper daily, in Hebrew and in English and principally concern themselves with local issues (Israel). Journalists still get paid a reasonable salary. You remember those days. Copy is sold to those that value it’s content, not given away free like “Israel Hayom” which is funded by Sheldon Adelson and locally known as serving as a mouth piece for Bibi. Or the Algemeiner funded by a prominent Habadnik whose content is also given away free.

    As a Journalism a profession and your craft devalued to such an extent by agenda driven wealthy megalomaniacs who want to own the public discourse own the space by drowning out and driving to the wall liberal voices?

    Here is a polemical quandary for you all; Bennett or the U.S?

    • Robert Davis

      “Internationnally respected” ? are you totally dumb? anyone saying lies against Israel is “internationnally respected” and given nobel prizes!!!Don’t you understand this is PR repeat PR against Israel? If I wrote half,even 1% of what haaretz writes against Israel I would also be internationally respected!!!! Only that I would consider this kind of respect as an encouragement to do an EVIL action from VILE people,cowards nations of cattle populations(swedish cows who let arabs rape them and beefs who run for cover…) and would never accept such a fake respect and true VILE action!

      • Robert Davis

        I mean a fake respect for a vile action.

    • Robert Davis

      The journalist “profession” has become a profession for liars,cheaters,murder inciting opportunists who only think of the financial advantage for themselves. Only an opportunist like you would call good salaries a virtue,liars are worth nothing and their salaries are dirty money only crooks would accept! A paper telling its audience LIES at every line is worth nothing and if it sells well as per your comment, it is only because those who pay for such TRASH are fools and antizyonists if not antisemits. I would certainly not waste 1 cent on this toilet paper!

      • Simon Rose

        You badly need an education!

    • If you can’t see anything wrong with this cartoon, you are truly demented by leftist ideology. You are beyond the pale of civilized discourse.

      • Jonathan Blitz

        What do you expect from him?

        He is a long term ultra left-wing responder on Haaretz’s site:

        “Kerry is a politician of long standing…. Should keep banging their heads together.”
        “(Solution is) aunilateral withdrawal from the west bank. You did it with Gaza. It’s so simple … but you are stupid.”

  • I am not Jewish, nor did I lose anyone on 9/11. However, I take great offence at this ‘cartoon’ implying Israel was involved in that tragedy.
    The editor of Haaretz should be forced to publish a full apology and resign his position.
    As for the author of the ‘cartoon’,words cannot portray how contemptible he/she is.

    • Joh. Pfaeffle

      If you don’t think the Jews of Palestine were involved in the events of 9/11 you have to take your head out of the sand. WHAT CAUSED BUILDING 7 TO COLLAPSE WITHIN ITS OWN “FOOTPRINT”???

    • Robert Davis

      Thank you for your sincere comment.

  • Toby Klein Greenwald

    “I wasn’t sufficiently aware of the great sensitivity that 9/11 holds for Americans.”

    This is one of the most moronic statements I’ve ever read, and almost as moronic as the decision of Haaretz to publish this obnoxious, appalling, abhorent cartoon.

    • Karen

      Toby, I could not have said it any better. B

    • Pola Scharfjewish

      Tony, I,cannot,agree with you more. For New Yorkers,especially -and let’s not forget that outside of Israel this is where the largest population of Jews lives – the tragedy of 9/11 haunts us still. I cannot explain how deeply the pain for a New Yorker to be on a flight returning to New York and to see how altered the skyline is by the absence of the Twin Towers. We relive this nightmare.

      I would fight for free speech and I respect the independence of Haaretz but with that comes responsibility. They fuel anti-Semitism and a dangerous urban myth about those responsible for the terrorist attack with this despicable cartoon.

      • Robert Davis

        Haaretz does not give a damn for responsibility! All they want is the money they love (“well paid journalists” that is all that counts for them)and if Israel was destroyed that would not distract that wretched people 1 second from…counting their money! Lefters would do anything for money!

  • Dav6

    Biderman’s claim to have no awareness of American sensitivity towards the events of 9/11 is so lame-brain and pathetic, it adds injury to insult. The guy should be suspended. On that note, Haaretz too should be taken to the dry-cleaners one way or another.

  • This guy has to be one of the biggest idiots in the universe.What an insult to Israel and Netanyahu.The left seems to think anything is fair game to incite against the legally elected Prime Minister of Israel.This is what they ranted about when Rabin was assassinated incitement.

  • Ha’Aretz? No, Ha’Arafat!

  • theo

    This half wit Biderman knows the rubbish he purveys is lapped up by Israel’s enemies
    His argument that Netanyahu is destroying Israel’s ties with the US shows what an idiot he is Obama wants Israel to give up more and more land – to the 1967 borders while at the same time himself treating with the Iranian dictator
    With such a man at the head of the US the cartoonist wishes Netanyahu to find common cause If Biderman is not an idiot as well as those who employ him words have no meaning

  • kern

    It would have been far more appropriate to show Israeli hating Islamist American President Obama rocketing in to destroy Israel. Netanyahu loves America. Obama hates Israel. What kind of fantasy world do left wing Israeli newspapers live in

  • Yale

    Mr Gertsberg should sue Ha’aretz and Biderman for “Intentional infliction of emotional pain”, the same tort the Klinghoffer daughters should use in a suit against the met. Make them pay enough for this type of thing and it will cease to happen.

  • V. Gates

    Ha’aretz is so out of touch with reality…their insane leftism has actually pushed them over the deep end.

    This evil, malevolent cartoon is a gold-plated gift from Ha’aretz to every Nazi, every Israel-hater, every anti-Jewish conspiracy theorist, every Islamo-fascist.

    This image would be unspeakably offensive coming from any anti-Jewish hate site. To find it coming from an Israeli newspaper–?!–BEYOND WORDS!!!

    And the cartoon artist’s feeble excuse–“I didn’t know Americans were so sensitive about 9/11”–IS HE A FRIGGIN’ RETARD? Apparently so.

    And what possible excuse can those evil self-hating treasonous editors at Ha’aretz have for publishing it?

  • shloime

    i stopped reading haaretz years ago, because of its anti-israeli bias.

    its pathetic losers cannot distinguish between legitimate criticism of political opponents, and out-and-out character assassination, and hate speech.

    this latest episode is just a minor instance of poor editorial judgement, following years of corrosive, anti-israeli axe-grinding.

  • larry butchins

    …he’s not even a good cartoonist. his work is shoddy, unsubtle, and nowhere near the level of the great political cartoonists in the US or UK leading newspapers. I’m no fan of Bibi, but this was not even a remotely satirical comment: just crass and puerile.

    • Brian

      Israel actually did 911, do a Google search Israel did 911.

      • Karen

        Brian, grow the hell up. Your attempt to be provocative has failed miserably, highlighting, unintentionally I’m sure, how pathetically ignorant you are.

    • Dan Smith

      Maybe Biderman should be sued, and fired and then will have more time for cultural diversity and sensitivity lessons… A Fox news reporter was fired on the spot for making anti semitic remarks about John Stuart and his family

    • DR Moses

      Why ignorance and hatred will never win is that those the authors of both never get blessings from God.
      That cartoon is not fun at all

    • Simon Rose

      Cartoon is depicting how Bibi is torpedoing US / Israel relations. Only an idiot or conspiracy theorist which is essentially the same thing would see this as anything else.

      To describe Haaretz in such derogatory terms as described by Tobin is not serious and in defence of Haaretz, they are internationally highly respected. Print ink on paper daily, in Hebrew and in English and principally concern themselves with local issues (Israel). Journalists still get paid a reasonable salary. You remember those days. Copy is sold to those that value it’s content, not given away free like “Israel Hayom” which is funded by Sheldon Adelson and locally known as serving as a mouth piece for Bibi. Or the Algemeiner funded by a prominent Habadnik whose content is also given away free.

      As a Journalism a profession and your craft devalued to such an extent by agenda driven wealthy megalomaniacs who want to own the public discourse own the space by drowning out and driving to the wall liberal voices?

      Here is a polemical quandary for you all; Bennett or the U.S?

  • Ted U.

    Biderman you are an idiot

    • Ilonka Stille

      You are right he is an idiot. He is playing into the hands of islamists and leftwing distorters of the truth. The worst thing are the islamists, who on one hand are VERY proud that they did the 9/11 thing and on the other hand want to blame the USA and the Zionists for all the bad things that happen in the world, including 9/11.
      Now it is ISIS who has been set up by the Israelis and the USA.

  • Disgusting display shown around the world with great glee by those who despise Israel. The excuse was as stupid and as insensitive as the cartoon itself. The cartoonist should be sent back to school to learn about grief and insensitivity and Haretz editors should accompany him.
    david l. israel (author)
    The day the Thunderbird Cried

  • sam….

    He is absolutely right Zionist had master mind behine the cartoon….

    • You Sir or Madam, are as contemptible as the author

    • Karen

      Sam, willful ignorance makes you look even more idiotic than you think. Grow a pair instead of drinking the Islamist Kool-aid.

  • Efram

    Biderman needs psychiatric treatment if he is unaware of the sensitivity towards 9-11. That is a remark I expect from Hamas or ISIS, or Iran. If Biderman really believes this, we need to add delusional to anti-Semitic on his portfolio. If it is just a cynical statement, then we need to add evil to his resume.

  • C Mitachet

    Leave Haaretz alone. I need the newspaper to line my birdcage every day

  • Dorothy Seidel Wigod

    Although the cartoon is indisputably loathsome, my impression is that the “artist’s” intent was not to suggest that Israel was in any way responsible for 9/11, but, rather to equate Israel’s present confrontation of with U.S. policy to a catastrophic attack on the U.S.
    How could Ha-aretz publish such a gross distortion, and even worse, add fuel to the noxious baseless rumors that there was any connection between Israel and the Al Queda attack on the World Trade Center!

  • Hubert SCHONBERG

    Haaretz is a leftist newspaper. The catoonist Biderman is representative of this kind of people who are compassionate about others and hate themselves. They do not realize how wrong and how helpfull they are for people who want to annihilate Jews and the Jewish state.

  • Bad taste, bad judgement..not funny, not clever – just bad journalism …and worse lie!!!!

  • Moussia

    so sad. why cant we be proud to be Jews and not blame ourselves for every problem in the world. I could cry from this.

  • Shalom-Hillel

    Haaretz finally did it. They have taken their anti-Israel incitement over the edge by crossing the line from disinformation to crude hate-pandering. This is a stain that won’t wash away.

  • Elle

    Biderman and Haaretz Dhimmi Jews.

  • howiej

    According to Biderman, “I wasn’t sufficiently aware of the great sensitivity that 9/11 holds for Americans.” Is he trying for an insanity defense for his insane cartoon? Except those who hate the U.S. as “Western values”, all should be sensitive to 9/11 and what it stands for. If it is to be printed in a paper, Haaretz is the one it perfectly fits into.

  • I am consistently amazed at the “comfort” anti-Jewish Jews will go to emblazon the hatred of bigots…for that is what they are doing.

    No one who experienced the horror of 9/11 would trivialized it to make that day a focus for such a disgusting cartoon. You shame all who hold reverence for the murders of that day. You have no right.


    This cartoonist crosses the line between criticism and giving aid and comfort to the enemy. You can criticize your government without helping to destroy it.

  • Saba

    Every person should send a loud message to Haaretz that they crossed the line with their disrespectful hate-filled cartoon. A boycott and demonstration against Haaretz should be held and Amos Bidermanand should be fired.

  • art

    what an ugly obscene cartoon. The kapos at haaretz may try to curry favor but those they grovel before despise them.. The kapos were eventually gassed

  • lucifer69

    Well done Orit Ko

    • Elle

      Right! Well done indeed!

  • Dear Sirs: This cartoon is a slight to all Jewish people around the world. Can’t understand what you are trying to prove.
    Grow up.

  • Dear Sirs: This cartoon is disgusting and a hurt to all Jewish people all around the world. Can’t see

  • judithg

    apparently there are such creatures as dumb Jews. and, they make really untalented “cartoonists”. and, they all work for haaretz. what a vile cheap and vulgar blood libel.

  • James Horatio

    “Haaretz” is the sound made by a donkey’s ass and Amos Biderman is the lump in a camel’s fart.

  • Joel Keller

    I refuse to read Haaretz or go to their web site. This “newspaper” has entirely lost its direction. They think in the same manner as Hamas and the PA.

  • Haaretz is a newspaper of psychos traitors.
    People with immense self-hatred for Judaism and Israel.

  • Ha’aretz is a left-wing newspaper .They Yid’s our biggest enemies in Israel.

  • Sara

    Shame on you “Haaretz newspaper”, your editor is evil and barbaric as Hamas Hezbollah and Isis! Haaretz – a newspaper for terrorists barbaric organizations Hamas Hezbollah and Isis, shame on you Haaretz!

    • Sara

      Please delete the comment, my guest wrote it, he was angry. thanks

  • Hitler and Stalin were secular

  • Chava

    Evrry day I am grateful that I cancelled my subscription to “HaAretz!!

    • Sonia Willats

      Yes, I stopped as well when Amira Hass was commending the throwing of rocks that so hurt little Adeli.

      Freedom of speech is a good thing… but here there is no attempt at DEPICTING TRUTH. Rather, here, BIDERMAN HAS TURNED TRUTH INSIDE-OUT. That is not freedom of speech. It should be a punishable offence to incite lying, twisted hatred in this way. I am sure it is so, from an eternal perspective.

      It is JUST ABOUT THE LAST THING ISRAEL NEEDS, AFTER THE U.N. FARCE CONDEMNING ISRAEL FOR OPERATION TSUK EITAN / PROTECTIVE EDGE. And the truth being again that Israel was the one who reluctantly defended her citizens, and kept accepting cease-fires; whilst Hamas kept refusing cease-fires, except for the one when they broke the cease-fire and killed two soldiers who were destroying tunnels.

      HaAretz has become a curse. It is interesting to note below in the comments that it is German-owned. I thought Adelson owned it?

  • Gertrude Stein..Biderman..No Difference!

  • Dafna Yee

    Ha’aretz is known to be an anti-Israel paper but that cartoon is on the level of blaming the Jews for poisoning the wells of Europe and causing the bubonic plague in the Middle Ages — a mixture of ignorance and blatant prejudice being used as political propaganda!!! As for Biderman saying that he wasn’t aware of the great sensitivity that 9/11 held for Americans — that either makes him the most unfeeling bastard around or a complete liar!!! That cartoon was meant to feed into the false anti-Israel belief that 9/11 was a Jewish conspiracy just like all the other anti-Semitic cartoons throughout history!!! Frankly, Biderman, you are vile and disgusting and you don’t deserve the privilege of living in the Jewish State of Israel!!! And the thought that people consider that Ha’aretz represents the people of Israel makes me thoroughly nauseated; that miserable excuse for a paper certainly does NOT represent me!!!!

    • Sonia Willats

      I so agree with you! Spot on! He cannot plead ignorance. HE SHOULD BE SENT TO LIVE IN GAZA.

  • Bernard Ross

    Haaretz is German owned

    • lucifer69

      Yes but Jews and not Germans write in Ha aretz. Some jews….

  • NCS

    That Haaretz would publish the cartoon is unbelievable. Why don’t people just let the PM do his job?

  • Fred

    It is a sad indictment that some Jewish media acts as Judas goats and join the enemies of Israel & Jews at large by providing fuel for anti Semitic – anti Israel consumption.

  • yehudit rose

    Too many people in the world already believe that Israel was responsible for the WTC attack. This cartoon seems to confirm that belief by showing an Israeli plane flying into a skyscraper. After all, an Israeli newspaper has admitted it by publishing the drawing.

  • Maybe Biderman is on the payroll of Iran. Or, Hamas!

    • lucifer69

      Or both

      • Markus E Brajtman

        George Bernard

        Probably on the payroll of Abbas as well.

    • racy

      Just my frame of thought. I believe Biderman should live in Marseilles, France, convert to Islam, be part of Jihad. He is a Jewish traitor, no different than many of the Jewish Kapos who tortured the Jews. Haaretz
      should be held responsible for letting Biderman’s
      cartoon to be printed.

  • Jewish leftists are scariest stuff in the world.

    • racy

      Jewish leftists, Communists, Socialist will lead to the destruction of the universe. They are at the forefront of BDS, many get money from Arab countries
      to protest and spew anti Jewish hatred on campuses.
      Their day of retribution will come and it won’t be

    • YES!!

    • Miri

      Amen to that!!!

  • Ruth Dodziuk’s-Justitz

    “…. In one of my recent cartoons, which poked fun at the so-called Milky protest, I even referenced the Gestapo. I never imagined that by using an image that evoked 9/11 I would cause such a storm” – and you even brag about the Gestapo “cartoon”? How sick is both of it! How disgraceful can one get? This is pure anti-Semitism. No protests to either one from Haaretz readers? Biedermann seems to know it and mainly understand it all. OY.

  • Ron Levin

    The lack of integrity and simple common sense of these left wing zealots like Gidon Levy,Amira Hass and now Biderman bring shame to the State of Israel and to the global Jewish community.
    If anyone needs the moniker chickenshit in Israel it is the editorial staff of Haaretz who cannot accept the fact that left wing politics in Israel is dead and buried forever so with one finger sticking out of the grave they are doing their very best to discredit a country that has given them everything.
    Biderman is an unmitigated moron
    He will be better suited to being being in house cartoonist for Al Jazeera but he is a Jew so they would not employ him.

  • Joel

    Another example of a self-loathing Jew.
    Never mind suggesting Biderman be fired, the newspaper itself stands condemned!
    Talk about taking antagonism to a whole new level!

  • Daphna

    Israelis should stop buying HAARETZ!!
    Shame on the cartoonist and even more shame on the editor .

  • Howie Subnick

    You always hear things like, “the Israeles did this”, “the Israeles did that”, the Israeles are going to do this”, “the Israeles are going to do that”. I think it is time to BLOW THE BASTARDS OUT OF THE WATER WHEN THEY LEAST EXPECT IT! Show them what the IDF can really do so they REALLY HAVE SOMETHING TO TALK ABOUT! Continue to bomb and shoot them until there is nothing left in the desert but glass. THEY DO NOT UNDERSTAND ANYTHING ELSE. Israel can make the six day war look like a boy scout outing. ISIS is gaining more weapons and money than any other terrorist group. They must be stopped now! Let the desert run red with the blood of those that behead innocent people. GOD BLESS EVERY JEW IN THE WORLD!

  • Larry

    What a complete Tool and Fool Biderman is. He should be fired.

    • Sonia Willats

      But he is in sync with the whole HaAretz newspaper, so he won’t be fired. The whole troop of them should be sent to Gaza, or Iran, where they would be amongst their true colours. IF YOU LOOK AT THE STORY OF THE ‘SPIES’ who came back to Moses with a bad report of the Land, then surely that is an example of how they should be judged for deliberately twisting the truth! (At least the spies spoke truth but failed to trust G-d. This is worse, by far!!)

  • Aimee

    Shameful! Don’t we Jews have enough people out there spreading lies about us and wanting to kill us without having our own brethren create such trash?!

    • Jeremy Swanson

      Disgraceful; Shameful indeed. I know Israel is a fully democratic state but should those editors and the cartoonist not be arrested ? I mean that is almost treasonous.

  • Disgusted

    Biderman, like most of his colleges in the antisemitic rag
    is simply a liar.
    “I wasn’t sufficiently aware of the great sensitivity that 9/11 holds for Americans.” – my foot.
    For him and the rest5 of the gang , all is allowed to
    insult Israel.

    • eduardoN

      One of the things Christian says about Jews is that they betrayed, Jesus. I think people who make a cartoon that suggest Jews were responsible for 9/11
      are demonstrating that perhaps Christian have a right to that feeling.

  • Tony Oliver

    “I wasn’t sufficiently aware of the great sensitivity that 9/11 holds for Americans.”

    How is that even possible? If Biderman is serious then he is unfit to be a political cartoonist.

    • Lee

      what in the name of the god is biderman’s issue? “was not sufficiently aware of the great sensitivity that 9/11 holds for Americans”/ Really, be’emet biderman, really. btw, do you have any sensitivity to the pain of holocaust survivors and their children, or is that also, for you, beyond the pale? I must say, you should find a new occupation. you are not evil, evidently, just fn brain dead. Go write a book about the wonderful Moslems, and their ISIS brethren. Get it published. try, for your sake and ours,
      please don’t write it based on the elders of zion protocols. That would end up putting you on permanent public media blacklist, where, probably you do belong, but i am offering you a way to do teshuva. if you cared, in the slightest.

    • susan staehs

      I wasn’t sufficiently aware of the great
      Sensitivity that 9/11 holds for Americans.
      Well sir I do not know what planet you have and are living on! To disrespect every American
      Of this majestic country is an absolute crime.
      Free speech and the written word is one thing
      but your lack of spirit and soul is highly
      Offensive. I suggest sir, you are unfit to
      serve your country well.

    • zeev abraham

      The only thing worse than the crass insensitivity and ignorance of Biderman is the editorial board of Haaretz who agreed to publish this loaded, unsubtle blood-libel cartoon