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October 31, 2014 5:31 pm

Jewish Group to Kerry’s Wife’s Foundation: Disavow Grant to Anti-Israel Eatery

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Conflict Kitchen while it featured Iranian cuisine. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

JNS.orgThe head of Heinz Endowments, a foundation chaired by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry’s wife Teresa Heinz, wrote a letter to a Jewish organization that criticized the anti-Israel activity of one of the foundation’s recently revealed grant recipients.

In an Oct. 31 statement on the correspondence, B’nai B’rith International called on Heinz Endowments to go further by issuing a “public disavowal” of its $50,000 grant to Pittsburgh-based snack bar Conflict Kitchen, which sells sandwiches wrapped in paper bearing anti-Israel slogans. B’nai B’rith leaders had contacted Heinz to express concern over the grant.

In a letter responding to B’nai B’rith, Heinz Endowments President Grant Oliphant attempted to disassociate the foundation from the anti-Israel messages promoted by Conflict Kitchen.

“I want to be especially clear that [Conflict Kitchen’s] current program on Palestine was not funded by the endowments and we would not fund such a program, precisely because it appears to be terribly at odds with the mission of promoting understanding. … [Heinz Endowments] emphatically does not agree with or support either the anti-Israel sentiments quoted on Conflict Kitchen’s food wrappers or the program’s refusal to incorporate Israeli or Jewish voices in its material,” Oliphant wrote.

Conflict Kitchen, located near Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh, says it aims to use its menu to teach students about conflict between the U.S. and the countries it features in its cuisine selection. The information spread via the anti-Israel food wrappers includes quotes defending terrorism against Israel. One wrapper reads, “How can you compare Israeli F-16s, which are some of the best military planes in the world, to a few hundred homemade rockets?”

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  • karenc

    Go to the web site of Heinz Endowments. You will see that it is NOT chaired by Teresa Heinz Kerry. There are many Heinz foundations — and this is NOT the one Teresa heads. She heads the Heinz Family Foundation. (In fact, if you read the FAQs on the Heinz Endowments site they explain that they are NOT linked to the Heinz Family Foundation.)

  • al sheeber

    Church lady Theresa, used to attend Catholic mass in J’HB, she was very”religiosa”! This was the 60’s, she was a student at Witswatersrand University, SAF, one of her mates a renowned entertainment success story-told us so. After becoming a “translator” in a convention in grenobel, france, she meets the heir of the Heintz Fortunes (Ketschup), she marries the fellow, some years later his private plane crashed, she ends up with the Hientz fortunes, meets the dashing flip-flopping gigolo Senator Kerry, a divorcee (1988), who needs money for campaigns, and they marry! She is a Limo Liberal, he is a typical American ‘schnorer”, a tax cheater, a yes,no kind a guy of the Left. She has a foundation to run, hands money like a Monarch all over the place, and her sympathy with the “oppressed” is so typical of a do good guilty rich Liberal, it is so fasionable to champion the cause of those who danced when the towers collapsed, 911, when 3000 American died, yest, when they hand a little bakshish to some Arab cause, they buy an insurance that no one will say anything that could be untoward, they proved that they are good people. So once again, devout Theresa, now with an advance medical condition that is likely to have put her out of commission, is doing the “right thing”, feeding the crocodile while he is young! Kerry, as usual is out of the picture, after all, it is her money-he has nothing to do with it, he could never tell a richer women what to do with her money-so here she gets dragged with him into another sequence in which both will eventually declare that they did not mean what happened, make a U Turn, do the usual Flip-Flop, and it will all be forgotten.

  • Carl

    Conflict of interest, Mr. Kerry?

  • Thorn

    Why hasn’t this Muslim den of iniquity been bulldozed? Why is this Muslim hate group allowed to get by with their crap? When are y’all going to wake up to the threat these scum pose? How many more heads have to roll before you run these vermin out of the country?

  • HILLARY = OBAM 3, and 4


    . Where is our President Obama as our foreign policy has turned into a complete disaster.

    Video is on

    Another holocaust is possible. If it happened once it can happen again. Thank G-d we have Israel. We need to do everything possible to keep Israel militarily strong. Jews get out of Europe. There can be no compromise regarding Israel nor can we depend on the good will of others. This unfortunately is a lesson that many Jews have never learned. Never forget, never forgive never again. Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg

  • Scott Adler

    Of course it doesn’t fund the propaganda.

    It merely funds the food in which the propaganda is wrapped.

  • Jeff Blankfort

    “How can you compare Israeli F-16s, which are some of the best military planes in the world, to a few hundred homemade rockets?”

    That’s a very appropriate question.