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November 3, 2014 5:54 pm

Obama Threatened Netanyahu With Dropping UNSC Veto Against Anti-Israel Moves: Report (VIDEO)

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Netanyahu, Obama meeting, Sept. 2014. Photo: GPO

Netanyahu, Obama meeting, Sept. 2014. Photo: GPO.

In a dramatic development, Israeli cabinet members are warning that US President Barack Obama threatened Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that the US may opt not to oppose future hostile UN Security Council votes, unless Israel accedes to American policy demands, Israel’s NRG News reported on Sunday.

“The prime minister told colleagues in recent days … that his office’s understanding of the issue and the government’s take on it is that the Americans will not cast a veto against a resolution that reaches the Security Council,” Ariel Kahana, diplomatic correspondent for the Makor Rishon and NRG dailies, told The Algemeiner on Monday, quoting ministerial-level sources.

The information was shared at a session of the Bayit Yehudi (Jewish Home) Party, led by Economy Minister Naftali Bennett, and at which party members Uri Ariel and Ze’ev Hever were present, according to Kahana.

The threat, at least as leaked, implies that the United States is prepared to abandon Israel in the dock of the world body, a step that could further destabilize relations between the two allies to an unprecedented degree, Kahana said.

The Palestinians, according to one version, are demanding Israeli pull backs to the pre-67′ war lines by 2016, while another version says the UNSC threat refers to halting any and all Israeli construction beyond those areas.

Palestinian Authority (PA) UN representative Riyad Mansour said on Friday that “The main option is to go with a vote.”

PA officials said a day earlier that they have seven out of a needed nine “yes” votes in the 15-member Security Council, and the resolution can be vetoed by one of the five permanent members – among the the US.

At the October 1 meeting at the White House between Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Obama, the latter noted that “Israel is obviously in a very turbulent neighborhood, and this gives us an opportunity once again to reaffirm the unbreakable bond between the United States and Israel, and our ironclad commitment to making sure that Israel is secure.”

In his response, Netanyahu said that he remains “committed to a vision of peace of two states for two peoples based on mutual recognition and rock solid security arrangements on the ground.”

Kahana, however, pointed to a recent article in The Atlantic by Jeffery Goldberg – who is commonly seen as reflecting the US administration’s views towards Israel – referencing the US pressure, but from the American point of view:

Citing what he called “red-hot” anger by the Obama administration “over Israel’s settlement policies,” and his view that “the Netanyahu government openly expresses contempt for Obama’s understanding of the Middle East,” Goldberg warned that “Profound changes in the relationship may be coming.”

“This is a precedent and a very dangerous step,” Kahana cautioned about the American threat, and said it was the most chilling thing he’d heard uttered in decades of Israel-US relations.

“Beyond the abandonment of Israel, it also flies in the face of previous agreements with the Americans, including vis a vis the Egyptian peace deal in which the US would hold the line against such maneuvers,” Kahana noted.

“The point is that one can’t trust anything the US says anymore, if the information is accurate,” according to Kahana.

“If the US is able to betray Israel like this – what do other allies and foes think?” Kahana wondered aloud.

And not just the Bayit Yehudi is aware of the threat: “I can tell you with absolute authority that it was said elsewhere, as well — but I can’t reveal the source,” Kahana said.

However, in stark contrast to the hostility emanating from the White House, the US delegation to the UN, led by Samantha Power, is, as far as Kahana can see, working “shoulder-to-shoulder” with Israel according to its representative, Ron Prosor.

As well, Power met two weeks ago with Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon on his visit to the States and stressed that the US was not planning or even considering such far-reaching moves.

Watch a video of the meeting between Netanyahu and Obama at the White House:

[iframe width=”640″ height=”360″ src=”//″ frameborder=”0” allowfullscreen>]

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  • dc batemn

    don’t you just know that Moscow and Beijing are grinning at Obama’s stupidity. his communist upbringing and his affinity for islam are getting the best of him. he tried to follow his programing and sell out to the first Russian he could, when he copped a feel on Medvedev’s knee and whispered sweet nothings of treason and treachery. all that did was convince the Russians he is as stupid as Putin said he is and totally untrustworthy. if you will sell out your own country, and its closest allies then you cannot be trusted in any way , shape , or form. his hoary jew-hate shows because Israelis are not American liberal jews who are lock-step drones of the democrat party and many are Bolshevik wannabes who have a world view like his and are fellow travelers. he doesn’t know how to deal with jews who tell him no. you let the Russians or Chinese, with their incredible increase in trade and technology deals and such as the Red-Med railroad and the gas fields and Israel’s strategic location, conclude he will betray Israel in the UN they may knock each other down using their veto , finding some “technicality” in order to maintain some surface credibility with their muslim trading partners and clients, while stealing Israel and all its assets from the us. to stick Obama in the eye they would vote that a cow pie tastes just like chocolate . they enjoy making him look impotent.

  • Kindergarten

    We are black, but this man and the way he hates Israel, do not represent the black community. The president should be allowed to go to Iraq, Iran, Gaza, Syria, Turkey, Saudi, Yemen etc without protection. Let him be the first to make peace with Hamas, and Islamists to test first Hand what Kind of beings they are. If he Comes back, then he can Report first Hand what he experienced.

    • Kindergarten

      If Bibi ever give’s in to this man’s pressure, many well wishers will be the first to shout death to Israel. You have to understand who you enemy is. Never accept the peace proposal of your enemy, the whole Thing is the working of Satan in all secrecy. They are allowed to lie to you to please their Allah.
      Bibi just smile and tell him NO. Let him come and go. His words are not for the of Americans. The recent election Shows what the Americans want. Some times it is hard to wait 2 more years till it is all over. But with the help of God we can through God. If Israel, ever agree with this enemy, they will pay dearly for it. They want you to go to bed with the strange Hamas. Why not let Hamas go and sleep in Washington? Why not send them to an Island in the Pacific.

  • al sheeber

    We should thank Naftali Bennet, Housing “Minister” Ariel and M.K Feiglin for this outcome. The united stream of “Meshoogenrs” is taking the country into a showdown. Bennet can return to the U.S but the rest have no place to go. This guys are real saboteurs, they have ideas in their heads and they are prepared to light up the joint with nut jobs like Mr. Glick, now recovering from a set of 4 bullets, discharged by a local Arab. What are this pyromaniacs trying to achieve? The veterans of the 6 days War-cannot figure out why these ideological nut-jobs, most of them were not even born when the war took place, what was it all about? It was a war of delf defense, not a war to continue into more wars, or for a three leveled condo with marble floors in Ofrah!

  • John James

    God is for everyone! Not just Isreal.New Testament anyone?

    • phillip

      yes thats true and your telling us this because ??

  • reason1984

    Obama’s administration suffered a shattering political defeat during the mid-term elections on 4Nov14. The people spoke and Obama’s policies(especially foreign policy)have been repudiated. The people have spoken.

    Obama has been consigned to the trash bin of irrelevance.

    • Peter Shalen

      Congress cannot control how the US votes in the UN. That decision is made solely by the executive branch, led by the President. If there is any truth in this report, it’s an extremely serious matter.

  • D. Himelfarb

    Now that the election is over, what can be done to prevent Obama and Kerry from handing the Iranians free passage to nuclear weapons, expanding control over the Middle East, and economic growth resulting from removed or reduced sanctions, as well as from abandoning Israel to the dogs of the UN???

  • Aram, Tel Aviv

    Most of the people who dismiss Obama as a Muslim are just insane Christian fanatics who believe the Jews should be “punished” for “killing Jesus” – all while holding their nose and “supporting” Israel because of the current Islamophobic government there. But if all Muslims were gone tomorrow or if a progressive Israeli government achieved peace with the Muslim world, all these Amerikan “pro-Israeli” Christofascists would immediately revert back to classic Jew-hatred.

    So to all the right-wing brownshirts that are infesting the comments’ section: You do NOT support the Jewish people. You only support who’s in charge in Israel today. If it wasn’t Bibi, you would immediately call for the death of Israel so that JESUS CAN COME BACK AND RAPTURE YOU.

    • Gene Nance

      You don’t know what you’re talking about.

    • Athena

      You are an idiot and you dont know what you are talking about. So Aram from Tel Aviv – shut up. And by the way: Jesus was a jew ! Idiot – In the west people actually evolve !

    • al sheeber

      Cool your jet, you are way off base!

    • phillip

      lets jesus was a jew so you need to know what your saying before you speak bibi has done all he can to protect israel and i ,we support that we dont care what people like you say so please spare me your crap!!!

  • Dont worry, GOD will show HIS RED HOT ANGER toward’s the United States because of the FOOL in the White House. He will bring GOD’s Judgment on this country.

    • Shirlee Rosenthal

      I can’t believe that O’Bama would do this or would I. Jeff is right G-d will protect Israel just like He always has. Shirlee

    • Alfred Miller,M.D.

      1) Did Egyptian President Mubarak attend Obama’s 2009 Cairo address ? No
      2) Were members of the Muslim Brotherhood specifically invited to Obama’s 2009 Cairo address ? Yes
      3) Was the Muslim Brotherhood outlawed in Egypt in 2009 ? Yes
      4) Was Mubarak ousted from office 3 months later ? Yes
      5) Did Obama insist that Mubarak resign ? Yes
      6) Did Obama support Morsi – the candidate of the Muslim Brotherhood – to replace Mubarak ? Yes
      7) Was Qaddafi a supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood ? No
      8) Did Obama support the over through of Qaddafi ? Yes
      9) Did Assad support the Muslim Brotherhood ? Yes
      10) Has Obama taken an active role in removing Assad ? No
      11) Does Turkey support the Muslim Brotherhood ? Yes
      12) Does Qatar support the Muslim Brotherhood ? Yes
      13) Does Obama support Turkey and Qatar ? Yes
      14) Does Iran support the Muslim Brotherhood ? Yes
      15) Aside from ineffective sanctions has Obama dealt firmly with Iran ? No
      16) Has Obama repeatedly extended deadlines when dealing with Iran ? Yes
      17) In the US are there spin off groups of the Muslim Brotherhood ? Yes
      18) Are the spin off groups in the US – CAIR, ISNA, MSA ? Yes
      19) Are members of CAIR, ISNA, MSA in the Obama administration ? Yes
      20) Did Valarie Jared give the keynote address at a recent convention of the ISNA ? Yes

      Does the Muslim Brotherhood support Hamas ? Yes

      Name any group or Country that opposes the Muslim Brotherhood that Obama supports.

      Connect the dots !

      • Alfred Miller,M.D.

        cancel my comments

  • Estaben

    The POTUS is the best for Israel because he’ll help usher in the WW3 where the UN will try to force Israel to give up the West Bank in which Israel will fight to the core. Right as they almost losing, the Mesiah will come and aid them. This will usher in the 1000 year reign of the Messiah!!! JERUSALEM never be divided…..EVER!

  • Obama spent too much time in a madrassa.

    He is forever brainwashed by his Muslim indoctrination.

    Why else would he tell NASA “to find a way to reach out to the Muslim world and engage much more with dominantly Muslim nations to help them feel good about their historic contribution to science, math, and engineering”.

    Expect Obama in his last two years to move even further to the left, and support Muslims at the expense of US interests.

  • ron wolfe

    Ms. Fayga, I could not have said it better. Thank you

  • rob

    obama and the un {united nothings} have made a real mess of tho world, that only GOD can fix. Don’t these fools know their history. how ,and why each civilisation fell. The sooner that America gets a Godly president the better. Or is it to late. GOD bless America, and Israel. There is comfort in this , and that is God is still in control, HE will have HIS way in the end, no matter what men think they can do. .HALLELUJAH ,

  • Vivienne Leijonhufvud (goldie)

    I am curious to know how much connection Obama has with Saudi owned media station AL JAZEERA? My purpose of mentioning AL Jazeera is thus. On European (transmitted from DOHA)a report was screened concerning the USN Liberty? This incident occurred during the ’67 six day war. The exact date 8 July 1967. My intuition tells me Obama is stirring up an incident which both US and Israel felt was better to remain top secret? Is it not the case if a matter is TOP SECRET a period of at least minimum of 50 years must pass! It is 47 years since the ’67 war, a response to a threat from Egypt! This report by AL Jazeera accused Israel via a top Intnl lawyer at the time, Goldberg the exact words were “Israel blackmailed the Lyndon Johnson administration $5.4 million to Israel? I find it curious AL Jazeera is airing this incident at this time bearing in mind Obama is muslim and has consistently flouted the 1948 Agreement to give Israel back her nation. At the same time Obama flouts Israel’s right to exist! Obama/Kerry insist Israel is breaking International law by occupying so called palestine? This to me is using the filthiest tricks to influence the US in favor of re-nominating Obama for a third term. So called palestine is a legitimate state! How low will Obama sink to curry favor with Islam? How large are the bribes Obama/Kerry have taken?

  • William Sanoma

    Of course Obama is going to allow the UN to vote for the creation of a new Islamist terrorist state in the middle of Israel. Nothing will stop him from doing this. The mistake the government of Israel has made over and over again is to think there is something they can do to stop that. There is NOTHING they can do to stop Obama from his racist plan to plunge the Jews into a new war of genocide against them.

    What Israel can do is TODAY, formally annex all of Judea and Samaria and Gaza and tell the world that is the way it will be.

    The repercussions from the world will be harsh, at first, but then it will change because as we all know, when Iran or North Korea or Russia or the racist islamists went against world opinion, it is always the Western world that gives in eventually because they have no choice.

    Further, this will immediately substantively destroy the Democrat party in the US, not that the Repubs are all that great, but for now they are better than the overtly racist Jew hating Democrats in the White House and STate Dept

    • azmah

      All i read here is religious rhetoric, God save America and the Jews ,,,seriously for a so called first world country you huys are really backward thinking.

      The Jews have manipulated the world into thinking they are and always have been victims whilst plundering wealth and scheming ways of further world dominance, WAKE up like most of the US is nowadays, they see the jews for what they really are, scheming ,cowards who seem to think they Gods chosen people. There is a saying that if you lie to yourself enough you will eventually start believing your lies…..

  • M

    Cannot read your comments. They begin at 64. This is with three different browsers and two diff computers.

    • Sonia Willats

      I had the same problem. I appreciate the COMMENTS on Algemeiner more than any other on-line information I read about Israel.

  • I wonder,with President Obama appearing to be losing so much respect from other nations and world leaders, are these developments affecting his judgements in regards to Israel?

    • AmyJo

      His judgment was flawed to begin with. He’s lost respect from nations and world leaders because of a lack of character, integrity, and judgment.

      His turning against Israel is only coming out of the closet. His pastor of 20 years back in Chicago, is extremely anti-Israel and has been ad infinitum. Obama only pandered to voters when running for office. Now that he has the Jewish vote, and is a lame duck president, he doesn’t care whose feet he steps on!

    • Fanfare

      Obama’s “judgements” re Israel have always been negative.

      WAKE UP.

    • msr

      It has no judgement …. and never did.

  • Michael Leo

    God help us if we turn our back on Israel. Israel is the ”APPLE of G_D’S EYE” The U.S. is doomed if we don’t stand behind Israel.

    • AmyJo

      Americans aren’t turning their backs. Obama doesn’t represent the status quo. He’s a lame duck president. Whatever steps he takes against Israel, as you say, he’ll be rewarded in kind.

  • Linda Bartlett

    God Bless Prime Minister Netanyahu and the people of Israel. I hope you understand that this sitting president does not echo the sentiments of all the American people. We love and support this great leader of Israel and his country. He’s a true warrior protecting his people against the likes of which we have not seen since the 1940’s. A true leader with integrity and honor. SheElohim yevarach otha!

    • Thomas

      Amen!!! I agree, President Obama does not speak for the Pro-Israel citizens of USA. My prayers go to the people of Israel.

  • Joseph Pendley

    POTUS should speak about the pledge of Islamic leaders to the extermination of Christians and Jews using murder and terror tactics. He conveniently steps over those facts and lays out a vision that ignores reality in the region. That’s sad. If he were to speak to the truth (the whole truth), he’d receive lots of support. Plus he’d receive the blessing promised in Bereshit/Genesis 12. Come on Mr. President, speak to reality. Please!

    • Sonia Willats

      Yet, I fear, his HEART is not for the TRUTH, but FOR THE ISLAMIST AGENDA. The bigger question is who, with power, in USA – which bodies – still support him????

  • Marvin Halsey

    Obama,and the State Dept are a continual embarrassment to the people of the United States. The majority here (US citizens) support Israel and their struggle to survive the continual attacks of the UN,the world and our chicken____ leader. We all know why the world demands pre 1967 borders. They know it cant be defended and want to see the total destruction of Israel. Antisemites they are the whole lot of them.

    • Sonia Willats

      Yes.Mad anti-semites. Yet this liberal agenda is clothed in chocolate and so palatable to people who want to see themselves as supporting JUSTICE and TRUTH and HUMAN RIGHTS and yet they often are supporting the very opposite.

  • z

    The US gov is becoming less and and less reliable as an ally and is more and more behaving as a foe. Interestingly, this isn’t just the case as it concerns Israel, but the same can be said regards US gov behavior towards all of its traditional allies.

    I don’t know why exactly, but what is certain, the US gov is determined to drive its traditional allies into a disastrous catastrophe. A disastrous catastrophe of the US gov making. And the scenario has been planned for a long time.

    US gov CIA propaganda incites for war:
    German Journalist Blows Whistle On How the CIA Controls The Media (

  • Bernard Ross

    the price of american jews voting democrats

  • Its said Obama could not even look at Bibi when he was talking to him. When someone wont look at you while you re speaking to them ,don’t trust them, That means they lie,God be with America she needs all our prayers.Stay strong MR. prime minister………….

  • Rafael

    The United States and Britain have fostered the survival of Israel and most likely gave it nuclear weapons as well as cheap surplus military equipment. The pact between these nations have somewhat come to a crossroads. The vision of the Western nations in the 1940’s was that Israel would represent Western interest both militarily and politically in the Middle East.
    The United States government would prefer that Israel declare war on its enemies without attaching American culpability . This way who ever wins will be amicable to negotiate new oil deals. The USA is trying to forge partnerships with current Islamic leaders while isolating the terrorist threat to Isis / Alqaeda.
    The Zionist wanted a nation and the USA/Britain wanted an outpost in the Middle East. This relationship may have out lived its usefulness an hence the reason for the muddled politics today. Freedom and Democracy is rhetoric thrown at the nations who do not play by our
    rules. We ARE and always have done business with Tyrants, Shahs, Kings and Amir’s .

    • Sonia Willats

      Good comment and well-considered.

      But it does not explain to me WHY THE WEST AND USA/BHO are happy to talk, and talk and talk whilst the turbines in IRAN TURN AND TURN AND TURN.

  • Mongoose

    A muslim turning against Israel, I’m shocked.

  • I usually vote for Conservatives about 5% of the time i might vote for a good Dem.From now on i will never vote dem even it’s a good Dem.

  • Fred

    Obama has turned out to be untrustworthy towards Israel.

  • Yoel Nitzarim

    This is a low blow, President Obama. One would hope that the US President would respect its closest ally enough to allow its prime minister and his cabinet and Knesset to determine what is best for the direction of Israel. Perhaps–and hopefully–the results of today’s mid-term election will help t stabilize the US stance on Israeli internal affairs.

  • Nelson Ulloa whitte

    Todo esto indica para mi que “” el Tiempo de la semana 70 ” se esta allegando y que “”el Programa de Dios para la humanidad “” esta llegando a su consolidacion.Aun asi hay una parte asegurada de supervivencia para Su Pueblo de Israel.Nelson ( Chino )

  • No Jew should vote for Obama. I realize the Dems are better with the economy but grin and bear it because there is a lot more at stake.

  • Jonah

    Openly expresses contempt For obamas view on the Middle East. At least someone is coming out from under the ether. His view is akin to the Koran and we all know what it’s dictates are for Israel. First they insinuate what they are secretly planning then they send in the minion to deny it. It’s a convoluted form of a hoodna, with each lie the leviathon is tightening its grip on Israel. Well God is tightening its grip on the U.S. We now have a sink hole under a dam threatening nuclear reactors. Once america shows its true colors regarding israel administratively and those intentions cannot be thwarted by congress….America will face the wrath of God.

    • Sonia Willats

      AND on the mountains of Jerusalem, after they attack Israel. It’s all lining up.

  • Eric R.

    Yet 70% of American Jews blindly and fanatically voted for this pro-Islamist Jew-hater.

    Go figure.

  • I don’t know what America he’s talking about, but it’s not the America I live in. My country stands with Israel and there’s no man on this planet earth that will stay the hand of God in backing me up on this one.

    It’s just like Ted Cruz of Texas said, “If you don’t stand with Israel, I don’t stand with you”.

    • Sonia Willats

      Amen, Wendy and Ted Cruz!

  • Luigi Rosolin

    Till Obama is with the Clinton in power Israel is facing a very antagonist administration. Obama-Clinton and co connection with Muslim like Morsi, Qatar, Iran regime and other policy that are ignoring the danger of the ideology or better Obama is supporting secretly Islam. USA with UN had in practice support Hamas and other terrorist Islamic oriented.

  • Efram

    Obama has been working his way towards this for a long time. It has never been a question of if but when our terrorist-in-chief would abandon Israel. Everything he has done, accelerating since the 2012 election, has been towards openly supporting terrorist entities and putting unrelenting pressure, including threats, against Israel. I would like to say that this is a surprise, but, in fact, it was Obama’s plan all along.

  • SHmuel HaLevi

    Perhaps, no, certainly it is high time to sternly convey some realities to the blackmailing Muslim in question. It is the US voter’s responsibility as they elected the specimen. Israel is legally the owner of all of Eretz Israel, lock stock and barrel. No foreign Islamic of unknown origin will change that.
    We will make sure that if the US supports the Land of Israel theft, millions of Islamic beasts will be removed from our Land by any and all means required.

  • Michael

    Obama is sickening and makes me want to puke! I hope the American people wise up and vote the Democrats out of congress and impeach Obama. I never saw such an arrogant, racist, and dishonest president in my life like Obama. God says about Israel that “I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you.” Does Obama think that the Lord God Almighty was joking what He said in His word? God is NOT man that He should lie.

  • Arnest Mekvan PhD

    If Obama administration pressurize N’Yahu for withdraw from the pre 1967 line and ceasing the construction of settlements in the West bank but Can Obama guarantee for peace and stability from Palestinians working under Hamas. Hamas is not trust worthy,and Palestinians also not giving any guarantee to peace and live in coexistence.Under such circumstances why USA forcing Israel to acknowledge the conditions of the two states concept? This is very ridiculous.

    • I think he’s buying time until Iran becomes nuclear. At that time he’ll reveal his true intent and the America we know and love will be no more. If he were sincere about protecting Americans, he wouldn’t allow Islamic activists to set their camp in the United States (CAIR) nor would he fund/arm terrorists. He has yet to call the be-headings that have occurred in America acts of terror. Islamic jihad is what they are.

  • debbyfayga

    Not once could Obama look into Bibi’s eyes. I can understand that, he is abandoning Israel. He is a coward.

    • Michael Fox

      A coward and betrayer of those who voted for him based on what he said in his campaigns. He is a master of manipulation and deception.

      I knew he was a coward watching him play basketball. He always played it safe, only taking outside shots. He never drove to the hoop where he might have physical contact and risk getting hurt.

      Tonight, the American people spoke. A major defeat for Obama and he took the Democrat party down with him.

  • Paul

    I just want to make sure I have understood the rules we claim to be in force here:
    The US MUST support Israel no matter what Israel may do. This includes vetoing any EVERY UNSC ruling against Israel – even if the decision is completely in keeping with the deeply-felt and clearly stated US policy and moral stand. To do otherwise is abandoning us, which could only be explained by anti-Israel bias.

    WOW !!
    This is terrific set of rules, from Israel’s point of view ! How did we ever get a super power to agree to support us unconditionally, no matter what we do, even against their own conscience ?!?! I would like to set up such agreements with everyone I have dealings with !!!

    (I have been under the apparently misplaced idea that the USA doesn’t actually owe us a thing, that they support us because they believe we share ethical and moral values. And if that is true, our persistence in actions they perceive to be unethical and immoral will destroy this special relationship).

    If they do NOT support us, it must be clearly an anti-semitic or anti-Israel bias. Could there possibly be any other explanation !?!?! And it is unfortunate, that all our friends in the world and about 50% of Israelis feel that building over across the green line IS actually against international law (Go check !!). And not even the persons who ALWAYS announce such new building at the MOST DAMAGING TIMING will deny how destructive this is to the peace negotiations (which the religious nationalists are actually very much against. I am talking of those who coin the term Peace Criminals – Posh’ei Hashalom).

    The Israeli right wing appears to have taken over the country, have hijacked the ethos on which this country was founded, and are leading us to a very bad place. Spearheaded by the Religious-Nationalists (Led by Bayit Hayehudi) who are guided by a messianic idea that God is on our side no matter what, and condones everything done to protect Holy Ground. (They seem to ignore those bible passages where God has punished us for arrogance). If anybody objects to right wing nationalism, they are called traitors. LEFTIST traitors. (Without mentioning names, there are other groups currently active in the middle East who believe that anyone who does not share their views is a traitor).

    I seem to have another misconception: My thoughts were that when the Lord stopped Abraham from sacrificing his son Jacob, the message to humanity was that human life and dignity were more important than Holy rituals. So I infer that He prefers decent, honorable, just peace between nations, to war over Holy ground.

    Maybe someone should explain to Kahana: If the guy behind your vehicle honks at you and tells you lack air in your tire – that is not a threat, that is a warning.

    • Sonia Willats

      1. Firstly, Abraham’s son was ISAAC not JACOB. You start off on a v. bad footing of ignorance. Kids know that one!!! Where have you been?

      2. 75% of Israelis ARE AGAINST DIVIDING JERUSALEM. Read Channel 2 news (though I guess you can’t.)

      3. JUDEA & SAMARIA have, at the lowest possible international status “disputed territory” status, but I think MUCH MORE LEGITIMACY THAN THAT!


      And then there are the niceties. Has anybody who doesn’t like you ever called you names? So what if they don’t like you. Who are they to call you names? Even on the street, this current Whitehouse regimes manners are despicable. Would you serve MEAT TO A VEGETRAIAN IN YOUR HOME??? NO!!!! Yet BHO did that to Bibi, to Israel! Would you dine by yourself and let your guest in by a side door??? I think not!

      EVEN BY STREET RULES OF COMMON DECENCY B.H.O. HAS SET THESE ASIDE A LONG TIME AGO. SEE HIM FOR WHO HE IS, even if you know nothing about the bible and don’t care a fig for Israel, mate!

  • Michael

    About time we rid ourselves of this troublesome “ally” in the Middle East. It only cost us billions of dollars in treasury and many young lives, but the hatred of other countries.
    We need Israel like an iron parachute

    • It is time for the world to rid itself of nasty Anti-Semites like this writer.
      Israel is the hope and dream of all religions:
      Jewish, Christian, Muslim etc. It is our responsibility as civilized humans to protect Israel for all time on this earth.

    • Sonia Willats

      Micheal. NEWS FOR YOU!


      Furthermore, at a time of USA Regime’s choosing, they will declare the dollar insolvent AND PULL THE CARPET FROM THE WORLD’S ECONOMY, thereby causing international chaos, for which they are preparing.

      This is pure, logical fact, not conspiracy theory.

      You could look at Peter Schiff on internet, GoldSilver has some excellent youtube tutorials.

      Don’t for a moment think that USA is the benevolent one, except in terms of the “Godfather.” The greater question is who in USA is behind Obama. That is where the real sinister agenda lies.

  • howiej

    Let the U.S. refuse to use it’s veto in the UNSC to protect Israel and see what the fallout will be. Netanyahu should call Obama’s bluff. While the Obama administration can do what it wants, the U.S. Congress will really act against his policies.

  • Robert B Geller

    Any why does this surprise anyone? Obama should thank all of the American Jews who continue to support him and his policies towards Israel. American Jews need to wake up regarding this current administration and start to show their support towards Israel.

  • Sandy

    “Obama’s understanding of the Middle East” is an oxymoronic phrase.

  • Vivarto

    Too bad that Bibi cannot say the truth:
    “There is not point talking with Hussein Obama; he is an imbecile and an antisemite”.

  • Yussi

    I am ashamed to say I voted for this president twice…shame on him for this stance…

  • joel

    if this is true Obama will be consigned to a footnote in history

  • Howie Subnick

    Mr. Dershowitz, you ask why? BECAUSE OBAMA IS A SHMUCK!
    End of story! Shalom

  • art

    Obam,a leaked info on the RFP for the Arrow 2 installation see Times of Israel June 4, 2013

  • art

    After the mid term election there will be no political restraints on Obama he will impose the saudi plan. He has already shielded irans nuclear program. He has undermined all US credibility any assurance of a US guarantee is less than useless He has guaranteed war against Israel. This is the Presd. that refuted President Bushs’ letter to Sharon, and voided other guarantees and understandings and leaked security info including Israeli missile defense info

  • drkilishek

    By what authority or measure of reason does Obama attempt to dictate the policies of another nation and determine the location of it’s capital? I believe he is a devout muslim.

    • Sonia Willats

      YES. A presumptuous one at that. Yet this pride is as nothing before the one true G-d.

  • steven L

    The Pr. playing with fire decides to ignore the congress.
    Next move depends on what happens in the next 2-3 days! Bibi can’t give in. This is blackmail.

  • rulierose

    you think you’ve heard everything…

    and then you find out that the general WH opinion of the leader of an allied country is that he’s a chickensh*t.

    and you think well NOW you’ve really heard everything…

    and then you find out that the US is going to leave Israel to the wolves at the UN.

    I shudder to think what’s next.

  • Selina Owen

    It is written. ” Fear not for I am with thee. Be not dismayed for I am thy God. I will strengthen thee ye, I will help thee ye, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness” Isaiah 41:9. God will deliver you from the hands of your enemies so be stedfast.

    • Selina Owen

      Things will happen the way the Bible has forewarned. And by God’s grace I can comfort the people of Israel only with this scripture and it is a promise for all promises of God in Christ Jesus are yes and amen. It is written. ” Fear not for I am with thee. Be not dismayed for I am thy God. I will strengthen thee ye, I will help thee ye, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness” Isaiah 41:9. God will deliver you from the hands of your enemies so be steadfast.

    • Selina Owen

      We pray that the Lord will help Israel in this turbulence times now and immediately ahead of us.

      • Ulu. B. Crawley

        We ask Israel, all nations and all people, to humble before the Lord, God almighty through prayers, for he will be there for those who believe in him.

      • Ate Dege

        I got to know Alan Dershowitz thru his book “The case for Israel”: a brilliantly argued book that I liked very much.
        This article is in the same vein and I congratulate the author for his stance and his intellectual honesty, especially in a time of merciless Israel-bashing by the usual hypocrites.

      • Rick

        Giving in to Obama is giving in to the enemy. Obama is not Israel’s friend. Better to hold on to God’s chosen land and trust in Him, than to trust Obama.

      • God has and will always be with Israel.Any nation who has ever gone against Israel has fallen.Please people read your Bibles.Pray and most of all believe in what you pray for.

      • Susan Tovey

        This is a most disturbing event, not only for Israel and the United States, but for the world.
        Clearly, the United States has compromised its’ values by allowing a chief of state in America to behave in such a manner. His utterances do not reflect the opinion of the American people.Rather,this commander in chief has taken it upon himself to play politics with the lives of those in the middle east,the United States and the world. Whether he does not understand the possible outcome of his actions or it is a part of his political agenda to behave in such a manner,the time has come for leaders in this nation to stand up against the action taken here at a most critical time in the history of the United States and the world.
        Regardless of the motive, this administrative blunder could have disastrous consequences for everyone involved…….including you and me!

  • MartyNYC

    I have read that the recent fighting in Gaza has severely compromised its sewage system such that untreated waste is being dumped into the Mediterranean. This waste can cause problems in the functioning of Israel’s nearby desalination equipment.
    Also, the Gazan aquifers are no longer able to provide potable water which may cause contagious diseases that might be carried
    into nearby Israeli communities.
    What, if anything, is the Israeli government doing to protect Israeli citizens?

  • Lucille Kaplan

    Now widely condemned as a failure by both his Democratic base and conservative opponents, President Obama seems finally to be shedding his pretense of supporting the time-honored U.S.-Israel alliance. He is yielding to his ideological roots, and releasing similar knee-jerk left-leaners in his Administration to do the dirty work of destroying decades of carefully maintained bonds between U.S. and Israel, regardless of the effects on U.S. security interests.

    Jimmy Carter did the same thing. Disgraced out of office, after a single term, Carter ultimately could find comfort only in making a post-Presidential career out of bashing and name-callng Israel. . .These are not, of course, novel instances of Jewish interests being scapegoated.

    It may take a while, but the American electorate will eventually come to realize that throwing Israel under a bus will only come to haunt Americans, as they watch the ravages of Islamist terror and genocide overtake growing swaths of the Earth’s territory. North American soil is already under threat, as we have seen in recent bloody weeks, in Oklahoma, New York, and Ontario. . .and it is no coincidence that this comes at a time when Israel is being demonized by the current U.S. Administration.

  • Jerry (Yitzhak) McBeth

    I warned my friends in Israel that before his first election Obama would be an enemy of Israel. He has shown his true colors. My friends you simply cannot vote for a political party that does not stand by Israel.
    הזהרתי את הידידים שלי בישראל זה לפני הבחירה הראשונה שלו ובאמה תהיה אויבה של ישראל. הוא הראה את הצבעים האמתיים שלו. הידידים שלי שאתה פשוט לא יכול להצביע למפלגה פוליטית שלא עומדת על ידי ישראל.

  • Elliott

    The image that is most telling for me in this picture is the fireplace between Obama and Bibi – so emblematic of Obama – there’a a fireplace, there’s wood – but there ain’t no fire…just cold and bloodless, virtually lifeless, no spark at all.
    As for “the Netanyahu government openly expresses contempt for Obama’s understanding of the Middle East,” all I can say is “Obama” and “understanding of the Middle East” is an oxymoron. He’s been so wrong, so many times, from his mea culpa speech in Cairo, to abandoning and betraying the Green Revolution in Iran, to wimping out on his Red Line for Assad, to Putin laughing at him, when he’s even paying attention to him at all, etc. etc. ad nauseum.

    All hail to the Chief, Commander in Chief of the Peshmerga Air Force.

  • rachel robinson

    I believe that if that happens and the President does not cast a veto vote in the UN Israel should tell him that in this case no agreement with PA is possible and it will be his doing if Abbas will not get to negotiate with Israel and Israel will not leave any of the so called settlements, and if Abbas wants them he should go to war against Israel. He of course has no army and this is why he does not threaten a war with Israel, unlike Hamas in Gaza that does have fighters, as we have seen. In all the years that Abbas was President not once did he threatened to take those areas by force because he has none, he threatens with gong to the UN to declare some area in who knows where is his state. He is a joke, and Obama is a sick joke anyway.

  • Valery

    no friends in politics – there are national interests

  • Nabuquduriuzhur

    More evidence that Obama is the classic fool of the old testament.

    Fortunately, Congress and the Senate can do something about that.

    Blackmail should not be rewarded.

    While the younger members of the Democrat Party are antisemitic, most of the oldest ones in office are not. Indeed, they’ve frequently voted for Israel, to the surprise of the rest of the nation. (It’s surprising because the Democrats have become the defacto Nazi Party, having some 47 of 53 characteristics of the national socialists. Read “Side by Side Comparison of Democrat, Nazi, and Minor Axis”. It’s pretty scary.)

    The U.S. has supported Israel since 1948 militarily, with nuclear technology in the 1970s, and humanitarian aid.

    Most in America support Israel because 1. The Bible says to bless Israel, and/or 2. It makes sense to support the only true democracy in the region, and/or 3. Israel’s intrinsic value to the world, and/or 4. We’ve traditionally supported the little guy against tyranny.

    The person who believes in right and wrong will support Israel, but recent elections prove that at least a third of the U.S. no longer has such morals, much as the UN no longer has any morality to guide them.

    That group has experienced explosive growth since being a few protestors in the 1960s. Despite being a minority of the public, they’ve entirely taken over the Democrat Party. That is the danger: the people who have no morals running the show.

    This was seen in the Oct 6, 2014 decision by the Supreme Court to let stand the violations of 2 Articles and 10 Amendments of the U.S. Constitution.

    It’s been seen in the sheer amount of voting fraud in 2012 that changed many races, from President to local elections.

    If they take over completely, the U.S. will not be of any value to anyone.

  • John

    Ignore Obama and the UN Security Council’s decisions and statements. They are ignorant of divine realities and that God has given Israel it’s territory as a permanent possession. Obama and company are only bringing judgment on themselves with their actions. Iran and other countries and terrorists entities do as they please with impunity. God is your hope, deliverer, and salvation, not the United States. Don’t give up one inch of Israel’s territory for any reason.

  • George Otten

    It is a fact: the US, the UN etc. is interested in only one thing: that Israel is standing in the way of the Elites’ New World Order, and thus, must be gotten rid of. Anyone can see this unless they are blind or politically stupid. The New World Order is set to be put in place, but there is a huge problem with a very small country the size of New Jersey. Israel will not go along with this plan, since it has it’s own values, that will not, or can not, be a part of this scenario in contrast to the world as we know up to now, with its personal freedoms and laws, in exchange to a world where these God given freedoms are only for a chosen minute few: the elite New World Order and their off shore banker cronies. Therefore, in their eyes, Israel must go- one way or another.

  • mika

    “If the US is able to betray Israel like this”

    Betray Israel for whom? Who is the WH and US State Department so adamant to betray Israel for, the Palis? Why?

  • Mickey Oberman

    Obama is determined to destroy Israel.
    Now he is going to use the UN to aid and abet his efforts.

    Israel must quit the UN NOW.
    It has been many years since that vile, anti Semitic Arab country club did anything but harm the Jewish state.

    Mickey Oberman