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November 4, 2014 12:31 pm

The Forward’s Moral Equivalence Between a 3-Month-Old Terror Victim and a Stone Thrower

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A Newsweek cover story about a terrorist and her victim. Photo: Elders of Ziyon.

The worst kind of moral equivalence can be seen in The Forward as they juxtapose the coldblooded  murder of a 3-month-old baby and the killing of an Arab stone thrower.

The title? “A Tale of Two American Tragedies.”

In October, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict claimed two American citizens over just three days. Three-month-old Chaya Zissel Braun and 14-year-old Orwa Hammad were born in Jerusalem and Ramallah, respectively, but both held citizenship in the United States.

Chaya’s parents were American Jews who immigrated to Israel. Orwa’s parents were Palestinian Muslims who immigrated to the United States and then returned to the Israeli-occupied West Bank to raise their children. Both families’ migrations reflected their desire to live lives steeped in their religious heritage. They then found themselves the inheritors of the conflict.

The Forward goes on to mention that Hammad was accused of preparing to throw a Molotov cocktail. It does note he was among a group of Arabs throwing stones at Israeli cars “at Highway 60, a West Bank thoroughfare used by settlers” – well, that’s an extenuating circumstance, isn’t it? It also mentions that Hammad had pro-terror photos on his Facebook page.

That same Highway 60 has been the scene of hundreds of terror attacks, including the shooting deaths of four Israelis – and a pregnant woman – in 2010.

But to The Forward, both deaths are “tragedies.” One person was a victim and one was an attacker; one was an innocent and one was a youthful criminal. But, hey, they are both American citizens, and their families are both sad, so that makes the terrorist-in-training and the terror victim part of the same moral universe – when your point of view is as skewed as that of The Forward.

We’ve seen this kind of lazy journalism before, this past summer in The New York Times and in an infamous Newsweek cover story that spawned an attempt to make a film juxtaposing the grieving parents of both the terrorist and the victim. Last week CNN made a similar equivalence between Chaya Zissel Braun and a Palestinian child killed by accident by a Jewish driver.

There is such a desire on the part of the media to turn the conflict into a “cycle of violence” where both sides have equivalent grievances. Yet scratching the surface only a little bit shows that one society raises their children to hate and to praise the murderers while the other one tries mightily to just live in peace.

These reporters, however, don’t want to show the reality. They want to create a shorthand for readers to agree with their own biases, and the “moral equivalence” meme is an easy, lazy way to get their point across without making readers think that maybe, just maybe, one side is right and the other side wrong.

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  • That Forward is an out and out Anti Israel paper.Sometimes i think they enlist ultra left wing writers to write ridiculously anti Israel articles.Sometimes i think they have their ridiculous articles just to get readers and hits.Thats the reason i won’t go to the site in order not to give them hits.I think many people who visit the site are similar to people who slow down at car accidents to gaze.

  • Dov meir

    Nothing new. The hatred toward jews is a long story of 2000 years of prosecutions pogroms biased “true” and heavy lies!!!
    our expeirience is that the majority of human kined are hating Jews for no logic reason.

  • Sue Deutsch

    The death of the 14 year old is still a tragedy. It is tragic that this child–yes–this 14 year old was still a child–was recruited to commit acts of terrorism. And it is tragic that he died as a result. CNN recently showed an excerpt of an ISIS film aimed at recruiting young boys to join ISIS and perform terrorist acts. That IS tragic. I don’t think “The Forward” is being anti-Semitic by acknowledging that the death of a child–any child–is a tragedy. Certainly we understandably have more anguish over the deliberate murder of little baby. I don’t think “The Forward” doesn’t share that anguish. And I don’t think it is fair to call “The Forward” “Der Sturmer”!

    • Dov meir

      14 years old “boy” is not a child. according the Bible he is adult for every aspect. 14 years old boy may be a father children.

  • Lauren Goldman

    The Forward is in the same league as Jewish Voice for ‘Palestine’ (I mean Peace, my bad). I’m surprised that they do not have a field office in Gaza.

  • What else can you expect from CNN??
    Shame on them.

  • steven L

    The Forward backwards fast towards the 7th century. It should join ISIS for it absolute lack of ethics. They are devoid of moral compass.
    Antisemitism renders their proponents irrational!

  • I think he was throwing Molotov cocktails, not stones!

  • Linda Rivera

    The Forward is evil. Consumed with venom and hate for an innocent three month old Jewish baby, murdered in cold blood and guilty of sympathizing with a hate-filled murderous muslim teenager who obeyed Quran commands to wage war against hated infidel Jews.

  • Gabrielle Grossman

    The Arab “terrorists-in-training” are also victims in a way–victims of their education to hate Jews and Israeli’s, of their training to “resist” the occupation, of heroes and martyrs made of terrorists, etc. (If you read the Palestinian Media Website or MEMRI you will see how tremendous is the bad influence on Palestinian youth).
    But I don’t feel sorry for them–they are criminals, of course, and moral equivalence with the true victims of their terrorism is disgusting. The Nazi-trained soldiers were also victims of Hitler, but in those days and in that great generation, the Judges of Nuremberg did not think of absurd equivalencies–they knew the Nazi’s were criminals if they killed people, any people.

  • Eve

    Isn’t it an interesting thing – – that the failure of liberal politics – – of which this is a shining example replete with “political correctness” – – to make the discernment between ‘initiator’ and ‘victim’ is the same sort of failure of discernment demonstrated by the retarded, who must be cared for, lest they harm themselves for lack of such judgement? Well; liberals are also very ‘into’ “rehabilitation”, so they should be familiar with the term, ‘ENABLER’. Maybe it’s just time to start consistantly calling things what they are. As for the “lazy” meme, of course, that reflects the lazy liberal aspiration: that of a narcissistic self-entitlement, and the idea that somehow the lazy can get things for free. “Everybody’s deserving”. Ultimately, that’s not about “everybody”, but about themselves, as unqualified participants, and in the end, gruesomely cruel to the “everybody” they posture as being so concerned about. Time to give it back and give them HELL!

  • The Forward is spelled Der Sturmer.

  • Fred

    Yes, morality but an abstract used as an weapon used as an excuse to murder. Hitler was a very moral person and his morality allowed him to murder millions whilst raising the flag of morality high. To day you have Islam also with the flag of morality raised high in its wake nothing but murder, rape , devastation & desert. Christianity also carried the flag high while oppressing, supressing singling out the Jews for special treatment, the flag of morality flew high. To day anti Israel Media also has a claim to morality with its perverse laying. I wonder if anybody who claims morality as his own does even know the meaning of morality.

  • Lucille Kaplan

    When The Forward recently sent me a solicitation for cash support, I replied that I follow the publication only in order to be sure I’m up to date on the harm that it does Israel’s standing in the world, through its moral-relativism approach to terrorism. For good measure, I added that I have to hold my nose while reading The Forward, as I wade through its endless and deeply patronizing depictions of modern Jews as apolitical shtetl dwellers who spend most of their time thinking up recipes and reminiscing about Borscht Belt summers. I have yet to see more offensive stereotypes of Jews than those I regularly witness in The Forward’s pages.

  • Steve

    This is scandalous