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November 6, 2014 7:36 pm

Why Rejecting America’s Dictates is Crucial for Israel’s Security

avatar by Dovid Efune

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Barack Obama.

In a telling follow-up to his now famous report on an Obama Administration official referring to Israel’s Prime Minister as a ‘chickenshit,’ The Altantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg makes a curious argument.

Goldberg points to an editorial in the New York Jewish Week entitled Bibi Takes on the World, which implies that the PM is “disconnected from reality” and is “Jeopardizing Israel’s relationship with its most important allies” due to his continued insistence on Israel’s right to build in all of Jerusalem.

The editorial, Goldberg claims, amounts to “More proof, if more proof were needed, that there is a crisis in US-Israel relations.”

“When future historians write about this period in US-Israel relations, this editorial will warrant serious mention,” Goldberg asserts. “The unease felt by some American Jews about Israel’s direction is moving into the mainstream.”

But what both Goldberg and the editorial’s author, Gary Rosenblatt, fail to appreciate is that the US-Israel relationship is neither dependent on the Obama Administration, nor is it reliant on having the support of a majority of America’s Jews. Netanyahu, of course, is acutely aware of this.

(In fact, it is precisely this line of reasoning, which pegs the US-Israel alliance on the outsized influence of American Jewry, which feeds all manner of anti-Semitic conspiracy theories about Jewish power. It is for this reason that many will deem a reference to the “Jewish lobby” to be anti-Semitic, while the term “Israel lobby” is not considered offensive.)

It is true that Obama has done, and can continue to do, tremendous damage to the US-Israel relationship, and it is also true that many of the important pro-Israel groups are led by Jews. However, overall pro-Israel sentiment in the US remains in the mid 60s, and has not shown the slightest sign of slowing down according to major polls. Today the largest pro-Israel group in the country is Christians United for Israel. AIPAC, which is comprised of mostly Jewish members, is by far the best politically organized, but a politician’s primary goal remains getting re-elected and the extent of AIPAC’s influence is largely due to the fact that support for Israel in America is the popular position.

When Netanyahu addressed Congress in May 2011 it was for this reason, and the elected representatives of the American public reflected the majority opinion of their constituents in their multiple standing ovations.

In this context, the “chickenshit” comment will be seen by the general American public as yet another failure of American foreign policy under Obama. It will be seen as yet another instance of the Administration pushing away America’s closest allies and embracing the world’s most heinous regimes.

The Administration’s attitude towards Israel is an additional example of its willingness to act against what the American people want and has served as yet another straw on the camel’s back in the midterms this week that saw the president delivered a stunning rebuke.

As far as America’s Jews are concerned, it is true that the majority lean liberal by political affiliation. It is wrong, however, to characterize Israel’s actions as “illiberal” as Goldberg does based purely on its security policies. And, when it comes down to it, when the threats are real and imminent, American Jews flock to Israel’s corner.

One example is an August 1st Gallup poll taken during Israel’s Operation Protective Edge this summer which showed that a full 93% of American Jews supported Israel’s position in the conflict, despite repeated condemnations and calls for restraint by the Obama White House and State Department.

In addition, as a student of history, Prime Minister Netanyahu knows it is the dedication of the committed minority that guides the path of history. A small minority of Jews left slavery in Egypt, a minority returned to Israel from the first exile in Babylon to build the second temple, and the Zionist movement that pioneered the creation of the modern Jewish state was yet again a minority.

With the knowledge that Israel won’t “lose America” for sticking to its guns it becomes clearer why it is actually a security imperative for the Israeli government to reject the US demands.

Firstly, the US attacks must be viewed in their wider context. Namely that such harsh language is not used to address most any other country including such gross human rights violators and disturbers of international peace as Iran, Qatar, Turkey, Russia and, of course, the Palestinian Authority. There is no pointed condemnation of Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas’s ongoing and broad incitement and his support for terror.

In rejecting the US criticism, Israel is refusing to accept its one sided nature.

More importantly is the need for Israel to vigorously maintain its right to independence of action on all fronts. It will be very dangerous for Israel if the Palestinians, or Israel’s other enemies, believe that the Jewish state is not prepared to act alone and against the dictates of even its closest allies.

Israel’s proven willingness to act alone, whether in its past wars, its strikes on Iraqi and Syrian nuclear reactors, or its dogged insistence that a withdrawal to the pre-1967 lines will harm its security, serves as a supreme deterrent. It also serves as an antidote to Palestinian recalcitrance, demonstrating that there is no path to peace without engaging and recognizing the Jewish state.

If Israel is seen as being beholden to the Obama Administration’s bidding, its diplomatic currency will be weakened across the board. This is especially true at a time when American diplomatic influence is not what it once was.

Netanyahu knows that vigorously maintaining Israel’s independence even from allies like the US is crucial to secure the Jewish state’s future. Surely the current friction is a relatively small price to pay.

The author is the Editor-in-Chief of The Algemeiner and director of the Gershon Jacobson Foundation. He can be e-mailed at

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  • Jewish right to live in peace throughout Israel must be enforced

    Why as a Jew does the world think it has a right to torture me? Israel was created to prevent this. Yet on my home soil someone thinks that he has a right to torture me because I am a Jew. Israel of all places in the world should be my sanctuary especially because its the Jewish official state for all Jews. Is it because I am a Jew that I deserve missiles to be thrown upon me? Is it because I am a Jew that another Jew has the right to prevent me from praying to my God on the Temple Mount?
    Many Jewish souls died in the Diaspora and continue to die including in Israel for the sole reason that they are Jews. Their fate was in the hand of their leaders. They deserved so much more then being murdered just because they were Jewish. We do no want to repeat the Holocaust again. Nor the expulsion of over a million Jews from Arab countries.
    Israel must learn to secure the safety of every citizen under its roof. Enough of trying to be the advocate for the these extremists evil people within the Arab-Palestinians. Israel is the home of the Jewish people. It is written in all of the holy books, the bible and history books, including archeological excavations in Israel, International treaties and laws.
    Enough of trying to accommodate the Arab-Palestinian people that thrive on hate and destruction towards me as a Jew. Israel must be strong and extremely strict in enforcing its laws and sovereignty. Hamas should have been destroyed, just like any other enemy of Israel who wants to destroy her. Order must be restored in the Gaza.
    The Arab-Palestinians in the west bank (Judea and Samaria) thinks they can torture me because I am a Jew. They commit daily terror and violence in Israel in the name of Islam. Enough is enough. The time is not for revenge but for law and order with a clear message to Mahmoud Abbas, aka Abu Mazen, and his P.A. that these terror and violence acts are his responsibility. If he cannot stop it, Israel will have no alternative, but to take appropriate action to stop terror and violence. Moreover, Hamas the terrorist organization must be eradicated once and for all.
    I am a Jew and I deserve to live in peace in my own country without threat and intimidation. I expect the respect and protection that is due to me especially by my Jewish leaders. All Jews must learn to respect each other no matter their religious practice or opinion. A unified Israel is a strong Israel.
    Among others, I blame the government of Israel for not taking a far, far stronger stand. There is no alternative but denial of citizenship, and deportation, of everyone who is an avowed enemy of the Jewish people and the Jewish state. People will say this is extreme. I say, the situation is extreme. Living with one million plus potential and actual murderers of our men, women and children is extreme.
    How do we know who is an enemy of the State? Anyone who has participated in any act of aggression against Israeli Jews (stone throwing, rioting, vandalizing Jewish cemeteries and holy places, attacks on Jews) is an enemy of the State. Furthermore, the families of these enemies of the State; the schools that teach hate and the destruction of Israel; and anyone who engages in anti-Israel hatred and violence in words or acts, must be treated as enemies of the State.
    I also blame, of course, the anti-Semitism of the rest of the world, including the US government (President, staff, and the State Dept), and certainly the EU and the UN, whose extremely biased condemnation and pressures have stopped Israel from taking the necessary steps to protect itself. Steps which any other State of the world would be obligated to take and has taken without criticism and condemnation.
    The never ending and continuance of violence against Israel and its’ citizens must come to an end. How many more of our beautiful people, young and old, must be sacrificed on the altar of the world’s anti-Semitism and our own fear of appearing too self-interested?
    If ever there was a time for self-interest, it is now.
    The Israeli government needs to learn from previous mistakes that ingratiating to the biased international media and to the Arabs only strengthens the Arab resolve and brings more bloodshed and bullying. No one has said a word about Egypt bombing Gazan houses and building a wall because Egypt doesn’t give a damn and everyone knows it. Israel needs to have the same attitude and do what is good for its’ people for a change. This will garner more respect, not less. Bullies prey on the weak.
    As for Gaza it will now become solely Israel’s problem and the government will probably be dumb enough to accept the problem as their own. Israel created the Arab-Palestinian people and an idea of an Arab-Palestinian state and now they will probably take responsibility for the people of Gaza to please the world. Makes you sick, does it not!
    The Arabs keep demanding the West Bank as their new State. They also fail to inform the world, that the Arab states expelled over a million Jews from their countries, confiscated all their assets and Real estate (5-6 times the size of Israel) most Jewish refugees from Arab countries were resettled in Greater Israel.
    The Arab-Palestinians have a state, it is called Jordan, which about 75% of its citizens are Arab-Palestinians citizens and possess a Jordanian citizenship. While the British as trustee for the Jewish people managed the Mandate for Palestine, the British violated the trust and created The State of Jordan for the Arabs in the early 1920’s. The British took about 80% of Jewish allocated land which included most of the east Bank of the Jordan river under the San Remo Treaty of 1920 which adopted the Balfour Declaration of 1917 and gave it to the Arabs, in violation of the treaty.
    The Arab-Palestinians do not want a state, they have to date and are only interested in the destruction of Israel. Their Charters, Schooling and Media (brainwash) educates and promotes hate, terror and violence towards the Jewish State. An Arab-Palestinian State would have to act responsibly and abide by world criteria of a responsible state, which they cannot adhere to.

    YJ Draiman

  • Bernhard Rosenberg · Top Commenter

    I have begged the reading public not to listen to Obama and the liberal Rabbis. You can not negotiate with savages. When I served as chairman of Rabbis for Romney, I was attacked by the liberal Jewish establishment. I have repeated my message over and over, never again, never, forgive , never forget.

    HILLARY = OBAM 3, and 4

    . Where is our President Obama as our foreign policy has turned into a complete disaster.

    Video of Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg SAYS: President Obama, You Have Some Nerve:.

    Video is on

    Another holocaust is possible. If it happened once it can happen again. Thank G-d we have Israel. We need to do everything possible to keep Israel militarily strong. Jews get out of Europe. There can be no compromise regarding Israel nor can we depend on the good will of others. This unfortunately is a lesson that many Jews have never learned. Never forget, never forgive never again. Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg

    • Cynthia

      I agree with you, Obama is not American’s friend nor is he reflecting he is the friend of Israel. Rest assured, the American people are with you, we all support you because we are you. It is unfortunate that the ones that get all of the attention are feeble and narcissistic in their nature. It is our hope that the new Congress when it is seated in January will be able to reflect the American peoples love of our brothers and sisters in Israel. God be with you all.

    • Jon R.

      “Why Rejecting America’s Dictates is Critical for Israel’s Security”

      I have no problem with Israel rejecting “America’s Dictates.” But they have to give up all our subsidies, aid, and political and diplomatic cover as well. They can exist as an island unto themselves without our having to bother about them. There is no reason for us to subsidize a state so fundamentally uncongenial to our long-term interests. Let the two countries distance themselves from each other. God knows the US would be much better off under this arrangement.

  • Larry A. Singleton

    My government in no way, shape or form represents the American people or their interests. I urge everybody to get the book I’m kicking myself in the ass for not having gotten earlier; Caroline Glick’s The Israeli Solution. I’m only to chapter six but I’ve been spreading the name of that book around like a religious tract.

    I keep praying to God that Vince Flynn’s book Term Limits will become reality. I mean it. I literally pray that the traitors in our government who are inflicting a war of economic genocide against the American people while making themselves filthy rich, like that scag Nancy Pelosi and her Insider Trading, will start dropping like bucks during hunting season. I mean that sincerely. If there were ever a “wish I had it to do all over again” moment, this is it. Caroline Glick exposes things about that piece of trash Bush even I didn’t know about. The Traitor in Chief and his crones infesting the government mow have actually collaborated with terrorists and declared war on our ally Israel. As a construction worker I has to sit by while “my government” sold me out to illegals and opened out border to millions of job stealing Mexicans. We’re seeing the same type of attitude with the jihadis infesting our government and universities. It’s completely insane. I’m 57. Not in my wildest nightmares did I ever imagine my government or even the media degenerating to the point it has today. It just makes me sick.

  • Michael Garfinkel

    Regarding “Paul’s” comment:

    He writes: “It is not a matter of Israel having the historic right to build. It is a question whether this is the time or the place or the way to build?”

    One presumes then that Paul concedes the Israelis have a right to build in their capital city, east or west.

    Of course, Israel does have this right, whether John Kerry, Susan Rice, Desmond Tutu – or anyone else likes it or not.

    There is no historic, legal, or ethical reason to sustain the argument that Jerusalem ought to be divided into parts, one part of which is to be “Judenrein.”

    As for considerations of timeliness, I would only add, if not now, when?

    But here is where the writer goes off the rails:

    “The continued colonization of the West Bank by our belligerent settlers is morally indefensible in the eyes of every modern person looking for justice.”

    I love the use of the term “modern” here, which suggests that a person who is inclined to view favorably the return of the Jewish people to their ancient homeland is somehow a retrograde, knuckle-dragging dimwit. Really?

    Of course, the use of the term “belligerent settlers” is contemptible, but it does make evident the bias of the writer.

    Finally, Paul is hostile to the notion that Jews are to be allowed prayer at of the site of their ancient temple; here again we have a view that is unworthy of a response.

    On a lighter note, Paul’s remarks do remind me of an old joke:

    ” Two Jews are dragged off by anti-Semites before a firing squad. The first one cries, “Stop! Stop! You’re murdering an innocent man.”

    “Sh … Sh…,” say the second Jew. “Don’t cause trouble”

  • Jonah

    Someone will need to talk some sense into John McCain. His hearts in the right place but he understands nothing about scripture. John will have a smile on his face as long as someone is being bombed regardless who it is. It seems our tactic for going to war is to arm our enemy’s and shoot the good guys. McCain unbeknownst to him could easily facilitate the caliphate by arming the wrong people. He could carry out obamas dirty work thinking he was doing the world a favor.

  • j francis

    “I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you.”
    Dennis Prager cites a reason that many Americans support Israel which many Israelis will find hard to believe: The Bible.
    There is a fifth reason tens of millions of Americans, including many conservative commentators, support Israel and worry about America as American support for Israel wanes. To the Left in America and around the world, this reason is dangerous nonsense. But for a vast number of America’s Christians, for many Jews, and even many non-religious conservatives, it is deeper than any military or political reason. The reason is based on a verse in Genesis in which God, referring to the Jewish people, says to Abraham: “I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you.”

    One need not be a Jew or Christian or even believe in God to appreciate that this verse is as accurate a prediction as humanity has ever been given by the ancient world. The Jewish people have suffered longer and more horribly than any other living people. But they are still around. Its historic enemies are all gone. Those that cursed the Jews were indeed cursed.

    And those who blessed the Jews were indeed blessed. The most blessed country for over 200 years has been the United States. It has also been the most blessed place Jews have ever lived in. Is this a coincidence? Many of us think not.

    Those who curse the Jews still seem to be cursed. The most benighted civilization today is the Arab world. One could make a plausible case that the Arab world’s preoccupation with Jew-hatred and destroying Israel is a decisive factor in its failure to progress. The day the Arab world makes peace with the existence of the tiny Jewish state in its midst, the Arab world will begin its ascent.

    The converse is what worries tens of millions of Americans — the day America abandons Israel, America will begin its descent.

  • Edward J . Alweis

    I have been a Democrat since childhood. I can no longer be. The party has been taken over by the Left driving out rational voters. A prime example is the new mayor of NYC who supported the anti-Semitic opera recently presented. At the last convention the party rejected calling Jerusalem the capital of Israel and they did boo at the mention of Israel. We have a large amount of Jewish decendants of the Communists and Socialists of the 20th Century who are self-hating Jews. My father would tell me stories of the Communists who would hold parties on Yom Kippur Eve. They don’t change.

  • DockyWocky

    Rather than criticizing Netanyahu as being “disconnected from reality” and is “Jeopardizing Israel’s relationship with its most important allies,” due to his continued insistence on Israel’s right to build in all of Jerusalem,” how about some criticism of al-Obama for being so pro-Palestinian that distant lightning flashes and thunder rumbles every time he claims to be a Christian, or not anti-semetic?

    • M. Ross

      The establishment of the “Jewish National Home” by The Mandate for Palestine, the Balfour Declaration and the subsequent ratification by the San Remo Peace Conference in 1922, permits Israel to build anywhere it chooses under international law. The U.S. has no standing to disregard these documents in favor its appeasement of Islam and the Arab world. The year “1967” is not the operative year to determine what Israel’s rights and/or obligations are or should be.

      • Cynthia

        Bravo M.Ross, you tell the real truth about Israel and their right to build. One more thing: If Israel were to reclaim the land that God gave to Abraham, much of the middle east would look very different. All the 12 tribes lands should still be in the hands of the Israelis. So in my book, they can build anywhere that they want within their borders, and Palestine’s nomads can go back to being nomads.

  • David Goshen

    Iran unbeknown to Obama is just waiting to get its nuclear weapons so as to establish its hegemony on the whole Arab World in ME.Iran is very happy that Is is being attacked with air raids after all it is one of the forces that Iran will act to subject.It is a great pity that Obama does not realise that his actions will in the end ignite the whole Middle East.Getting nuclear weapons is exactly what Iran needs as the Sheites are no match for the Sunnis in traditional warfare as the display in Iraq of a huge army at the cost of billions just ran away!The final confrontation between Sheites and Sunnis is at hand after hundreds of years.

    • Michael Garfinkel

      Dear David,

      They already have their bomb.

      They’re just working on the extras, i.e. miniaturization, delivery systems etc.

      And Obama knows it.

      Why do you think “an unnamed” administration official gloated that it was now “too late” for Netanyahu to act?

  • Yoel Nitzarim

    I very strongly agree with what Rabbi Dovid Efune has stated here. A posteriori, I wish to add two principles with which I would like to see the Netanyahu administration act towards the United States and others who would dictate to Israel what her foreign and domestic policies should be.

    First, Israel must honour the lives of her citizens as being sacrosanct everywhere in her sovereign territory as well as in the disputed territories where her citizens reside. There must not be a distinction between a so-called “citizen” and a so-called “settler” citizen. I live in so-called West jerusalem, and yet the vast majority of Palestinians consider me as much a settler as someone living in Tekoa, Otniel, Ariel, Maale Adumim. The charter of Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and Fatah calls for the eradication of Jews living in Israel and the absolute replacement of Israel with the state of Palestine.

    Secondly, I fervently disagree with Mr. Netanyahu’s views about the Temple Mount. The lives of Jews who ascend to the Temple Mount must be protected and honoured as if they were walking in the streets of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa, Lod, Ramle, Yaffo, etc. Every place in Israel and its environs should be safe and free from physical harm, emotional and psychological intimidation, in addition to religious restrictions because there is freedom of religion in the State of Israel for everyone. The Temple Mount is not a political flashpoint. It is the holiest place for world Jewry in concrete, archaeologically verifiable, authentic terms as well as the third holiest place for Muslims according to their tradition and faith, although Jerusalem is never once mentioned in the Qur’an.

    Israel is a sovereign nation–the only Jewish nation among some twenty-two Muslim and Arab countries in the Middle East and North Africa. In my view, this very special singular property which Israel maintains must never be compromised to appease any other country or nation state anywhere in the world.

  • T.C.

    When I was young I longed to move to America with all its fun loving freedoms and new ideas. Now I’m glad I stayed put. Obama has brought America to it’s knees with his Sinister dithering. Where is that American spirit that the rest of the world all used to love? Get back to being that Godly nation that you used to be and show us all again what you are made of. Mr. Obama remember this. “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil. Who put darkness for light and light for darkness who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.” Isaiah 5. 20. How dare you call Prime Minister Netenyahu rude names. He stands alone in a hostile world and deserves the respect of his people. I remember him daily in my prayers and know God will give him protection and wisdom.

  • Jay

    Can we just stop publishing anything the J.J.Goldberg publishes. We all know where he is coming from, as the “spokesperson” for the current American administration.

    I don’t understand why we continue to give this individual any more of our time and space.

  • Emily f. Korzenik

    What happened to my comment/

  • Emily f. Korzenik

    Dovid Efine wisdom is greatly appreciated. However as i read the comments I felt that some were too extreme in assessing the Obama Administration responses to Israel’s very difficult situation. And Sec. of State Kerry is a part of the problem. After witnessing Kerry’s performance as a presidential candidate it is hard to understand why Obama would have chosen him for such a demanding diplomatic post. Just for openers we know who paid for the Iron Dome. Israel’s PM is saying and doing what he must say and do. But let’s not paste Obama into a defensive corner. The now more powerful Republicans will see that Israel gets what it needs. I somehow feel confident that neither Kerry nor Obama will abandon Israel to the UN.

    • Michael Garfinkel

      Good luck with that.

      Let us know how that worked out for you.

  • I couldn’t read all the article,but enough to see that its a bunch of crock!! Israel’s survival does not depend on America, if anything, America’s future hinges on how we treat Israel and the Jewish people.. and right now it doesn’t look good for this country,the truth is that this country is already under God’s divine judgment… As of 911,maybe even before then, but were too spiritually to see it coming.. So hear O Israel… Seek Hashem face for guidance and direction. Don’t trust America’s commander in chief Dumbass. Who has no idea what the hell he’s doing, except sending us to hell in a hand basket.. Be strong and courageous, May Hashem be with
    you.. And he is ,He will never leave you nor forsake you…

  • The problem within the Democratic party runs deeper than POTUS’ attitude. Recall the debate that took place during the 2008 Democratic Party Convention. When the name Israel was spoken from the podium the crowd of delegates booed loudly.

    The Chair had to bang his gavel and shift to another subject to avoid even more embarrassment. It was at that moment that I realized how far this Party had strayed from reason.

    In the years that have followed it is POTUS who has led the shift towards even more extreme Leftist attitudes. Pendulums change direction as will the direction of US foreign policy when Obama returns to Community Organizing in Chicago!

  • Robert Weintraub

    What a breath of fresh air this article is. However, it is wrong to think that the current strife is between the US and Israel. It is a fight between Israel and Obama. Fortunately after Tuesday’s shellacking Obama will be even less relevant than he was before. It will be interesting to see whether Democratic aspirants for the 2016 Presidential nomination will follow Obama’s stance or adopt policies more favorable toward Israel. I’m betting on the latter.

    • Kris




  • NCS

    Israel has the intelligence, power and history to go it alone if need be. The U.S. will suffer far more consequences from the Obama Administration than Israel ever will. Surely even the most liberal American Jews are wising up to Obama’s presidency.
    As complicated as America is to govern, Israel has many more obstacles. To be the PM of Israel has got to be the most difficult task on earth.
    Much gratitude to The Algemeiner for on-target editorials.

  • jill schaeffer

    Firstly, whatever Obama’s crowd does to sideswipe Israel is “not in my name.” Secondly, I am not certain what the context of “chickenshit” looks like and would very much like to know. It seems to me that such a slur or one similar to it can be applied appropriately to Obama and his crowd, siding as they do with thugs, murderers, hypocrites and the like. Actually, the Administration’s actions resemble the Stockholm Syndrome big time, with the Obama administration holding the nation hostage to a foreign policy (if there is one, not sure) platform aimed at hating the West at all costs and for any reason whatsoever. Putin must be a very happy man.

    But as for me, I ask the same question of myself and others who would obliterate Israel: “Where would you raise your girl child: Tehran or New York City, Damascus or Tel Aviv?, Dubai or Paris? Lahore or Melbourne? Baghdad or Berlin? Riyadh or Haifa?” If your son were homosexual, where would you prefer him to live: Amman or Stockholm? Maputo or Athens? Gaza or San Francisco? Kampala or Beersheva?

    Israel can and should hold its own. I don’t worry about Israel, I worry about us.

  • z

    Though I greatly share its sentiments, my problem with the analysis is that it assumes that Netanyahu and his allies as well as the so-called “Israeli” media are not agents of the US. I don’t believe one can make this assumption given the evidence. (See: Barry Chamish on Netanyahu – youtube). This theater we are seeing is just propaganda cover to allow these US agents their empty words and empty gestures. In the end, we will see the same decades upon decades long policy of acquiesce to Jihadistani sponsorship, with the excuse that we are acting under “pressure”.

    What we need to understand is, these people are where they are not by accident. They’ve been selected by the Vatican/CIA mafia and placed where they are through CIA sponsorship. They’ve been placed in their position because it is known that they will act as expected to act by the US. The cards have been stacked. To expect different and independent action from this cast of characters is unrealistic.

    The only hope for Israel and Israelis is to act independent of the US-“Israeli” gov. We need to enact our own independent militias outside of the US-“Israeli” gov control and start taking things into our own hands.

  • The American public was appalled at the scurrilous personal attack against Israel’s PM by the Obama Administration.

    It is a component of the American public’s widespread lack of confidence in the Obama Administration’s foreign policy.

    American support of Israel is rock solid.

    Fortunately, the Republican Party took control of the Senate this week and will oppose any attempt by Obama to strike a Chamberlain-like appeasement deal with Iran.

    Obama detests Israel and his administration’s recent comments are just the latest reflection of that animus. On the other hand, the vast majority American public knows that Israel is one of our strongest allies.

  • Martk_NYC

    Putting aside the merits of the arguments given by David Efune(most of which I happen to agree with), the question remains: what would be the consequences to Israel of overt hostility by the Obama administration? And how would Israel (and American Jews for that matter) deal with actions taken that harm, potentially even fatally, Israel survival? For example, what would be done if America supports U.N.Security Council resolutions that impose draconian economic sanctions on Israel, particularly given the dependence of the latter on trade with the West? And what if the U.S. imposes military embargoes that could be very destructive in the event of another conflagration? Or the U.S. Air Force acts to prevent Israeli bombers from trying to take out Iran’s nuclear capabilities? Realistically, Israel doesn’t have other powerful friends who could come to their assistance in lieu of America. Congress, particularly one controlled by Republicans would certainly make a stink, perhaps the American public as well, but how would this prevent the Obama administration from doing great damage to the security of the state of Israel in their final two years in office? This is not to suggest that one should adopt a defeatist attitude on these issues, but if Mr. Efune is going to tell American Jews and Israelis that they should be prepared to aggressively challenge U.S. policy, he owes us an explanation as to how Israel should then respond if and when America acts in the manner suggested above (or perhaps he believes that Obama is really a “chicken____” who wouldn’t dare to take such actions against Israel).

    • Nate

      Here’s one more to consider: Suppose Obama is actively seeking a military confrontation between US forces and the IDF for the purpose of fomenting pogroms in the US, and the purpose of doing this is to enable him to declare martial law: i.e., enabling him to claim dictatorial powers.

      Obama’s conduct of the prediency is best understood, indeed can only be understood, as a manifestation of his profoundly dysfunctional psychological make-up (having been abandoned first by his father, then step-father, and finally mother). He craves power and the prospect of losing power, whether to a hostile Congres or at the end of his term is something he simply cannot allow. It follows almost immediately that he will seek to do something that will enable him to claim dictatorial powers. A war with Israel should serve his purposes just fine.

      • judithg

        this obama guy is haman. it’s a testament to Bibi Netanyahu that Bibi hasn’t smacked him in the face until his mouth bleeds. in any case, that twerp and the UN will be rubble and Israel will still be here along with the Choos who keep inventing and discovering ways to save, feed, and bring enlightenment to a world that would otherwise be stumbling around in darkness.

    • Mark_NYC

      As a follow up to my comments, I’m printing an excerpt from C4ISR and Networks, a U.S. (or perhaps English speaking Israeli) Defense Blog that discusses the critical importance of U.S. assistance to Israel in connection with the Iron Dome system. The author is Barbara Opall-Rome who writes from Tel Aviv):

      “‘US funding is literally a life saver for us,’ Druker said (note* Drucker is the key manager of the Iron Dome program at Rafael, the Israeli owned defense manufacturer.)

      Without nearly $1 billion in multiyear US procurement funding, officials here said they would never have been able to ultimately deploy nine Iron Dome batteries.

      And without an additional $175 million requested for 2015, Israel would be hard-pressed to reconstitute its inventory of Iron Dome interceptors, severely depleted from the 50-day war.

      Israel used a $70 million advance on a $680 million funding package pledged in 2012 to fund the radar and interceptors needed for battery No. 7, program officials here said. It took another two radars built under the joint David’s Sling program to support emergency fielding of batteries No. 8 and 9.

      Another $271 million in US-approved bridge payments — money ostensibly to be repaid with pledged outyear funding — expedited deliveries of other critical elements needed to augment Protective Edge defenses, officials here said.

      “In the Middle East, timing is of the essence. If we had to wait another month or two, the radars wouldn’t have been ready to support our needs in Protective Edge,” Ramati said.

      Meanwhile, Israel is advancing pre-Protective Edge plans to ramp up to more than a dozen operational Iron Dome batteries as it mulls continuous block upgrades to meet future threats.

      In parallel, it is racing to reconstitute its arsenal of Iron Dome’s Tamir interceptors through US-funded, US-based builds of critical components.

      A government-to-government agreement concluded in March will share work with US contractors in exchange for US largesse.

      Under the US-based production plan, Raytheon, as subcontractor to Rafael, will provide components for final assembly in Israel. Raytheon announced its first major contract with Rafael on Sept. 30, valued at $149 million for interceptor-related builds.

      “Iron Dome has proven itself time and again by protecting Israel’s population from rockets, artillery and mortars,” said Taylor Lawrence, Raytheon Missile Systems president. “The sourcing of Tamir interceptor components in the US will go a long way to ensuring sufficient volumes of available Tamir missiles for Israel’s defense.”

      Eventually, Ramati expects 50 percent of interceptor components to be produced in the US. â–  ”

      So for those who wonder why Israeli officials try to be very judicious in their criticism of the U.S. government, perhaps its because they recognize the important benefits that they get from this relationship

  • Israel must never again compromise the safety of its people to satisfy America or any other country! Most people in this country are not with the Obama administration’s disregard and disrespect of Israel! You have many friends in this country, PM Netanyahu, that are not Jewish! I admire the way you have presented yourself and how you’ve done what is right for Israel-no matter who approves! No other country in the world would allow another country to do to them what hamas has done to Israel, to them! It’s outrageous to think otherwise!

    • Mireille Mechoullsm

      Thank Mrs Mahoney and all the Christians lovers of Israel for your support for the people of Israel. We need you because we know you will defend our actions that meant to protect the people of Israel.

  • Irving D. Cohen

    Mr.Efune is absolutely correct. It would be ridiculous and self-defeating for Israel to appear to be a spineless lackey of this USA administration.

  • If I forget thee Jerusalem
    If I forget thee, O Jerusalem, let my right hand forget her cunning.
    Let my tongue cleave to the roof of my mouth, if I remember thee not;
    if I set not Jerusalem above my chiefest joy.

    One must convey Jewish feelings and passions about Jerusalem with un-minced words.
    When it comes to JERUSALEM’S sovereignty there is a line drawn in the sand. For the Jews, Jerusalem is their heart, aspirations, their holy city, devotion, ideals, symbol of being a nation with history, a nation with prophets, justice, fairness, rich Jewish history and the Jewish soul. When a Jew conveys his feeling about Jerusalem, he must not worry about offending anybody, or hurt feelings. We cannot make an omelet without cracking eggs, and a Jew cannot and must not be apologetic about Jewish’ feelings concerning Jerusalem. it is clear to me even if I were not a Jew, just from a pragmatic consideration of running a city, that any division of Jerusalem will lead eventually to immense unbearable friction and sooner-or-later to another war. We must present and make the analogy, that dividing Jerusalem is like dividing the baby in King Solomon’s verdict. Jews do not divide babies, only those who do not feel and care for the baby are prepared to take half. This is what every Jew must say.
    I hope that we all have the opportunity to say these tough words for Jerusalem and the Jewish people.

    • Paul

      This entire article is a red herring.
      If Obama was trying to force Israel to act against its vital interest in a life-threatening situation, then all the rhetoric above would be quite appropriate.
      This is not the case.
      Although Obama is doing many problematic things, the REAL threat to Israel is from the decisions of the current Israeli government behavior – actions that are alienating us from our allies. Obama is (clumsily) trying to save us from vital mistakes that CAN threaten our survival. It is OK to criticize Obama’s actions – and it is OK to criticize the actions of the Israeli Government too – blind support of any Israeli Government actions is not mandatory. One can feel support for Israel without necessarily supporting every single action or decision. Looking back, we can see that many wrong decisions were made in the past by Israeli governments.
      Building more housing across the ’67 border AT THIS TIME is possibly the most self-destructive action Israel could choose. Even in Jerusalem. It comes at the same time that certain extreme right wing politicians have chosen to alter the status quo on the Temple Mount – inciting what is now beginning to be called a religious war, and the third Intifada.
      After Israel’s latest round of fighting with Hamas, it was again made clear to us what has been made clear to every Army facing foreign civilian insurgency (like the US army in Iraq and Afghanistan): that the superior military force of regular armies is severely limited when fighting civilian population uprisings, harboring or ruled by terrorists. (The exception being, when the army can resort to unbridled violence to cow the enemy into submission, which is not an option for armies with Western ethics).
      Our existential problems can only be solved at the negotiating table (As Begin, Rabin and Sharon realised,and even BIBI has supported in his two-state stance – despite his actions which are opposed to the realization of this solution).
      After the cease fire with Hamas, at TERRIBLE cost to Israel’s political situation (with the Hamas deciding when it would begin, and when it wold stop) BIBI spoke of new possibilities. Everyone understood he was referring to the openness of the moderate Arab states to now enter the picture, and force Hamas out of the picture by empowering the moderate Palestinian leadership and reaching a regional solution.(Moderate Palestinian leadership – not Zionistic. Better than Hamas). With such a solution in place, Israel could build wherever it wanted within it undisputed territory.
      Instead, BIBI has chosen THIS TIME to build across the green line in Jerusalem. Is there any current, urgent reason to push his finger into the eye of all our allies, the moderate Arba states, and the moderate Palestinians? Is there anything that could be more effective in swinging more Palestinians to support of Hamas ?
      The only reason this timing has been chosen is to appease his extreme right-wing coalition partners. This timing does NOT serve any urgent Israeli interest. It only serves the agenda of those religious Israeli zealot who do NOT want a peace solution because that would entail returning Holy Ground – a sin punishable by death according to their belief. It is NOT in Israel’s best interest to sacrifice the possibility of a regional solution to Israel’s TRUE EXISTENTIAL NEEDS, by shooting down this possibility of a peace agreement.

      It is not a matter of Israel having the historic right to build. It is a question whether this is the time or the place or the way to build ? Is this specific building plan in Jerusalem, which has been on hold for 6 years, SO URGENT ?
      In Israel we have a saying, rather be wise than right. I may have the right to decide to jump off my balcony, but that may not be wise.
      To sum up: Obama is really problematic. But he is reacting to Israeli actions which no US or other Western Leader can support. The continued colonization of the West Bank by our belligerent settlers is morally indefensible in the eyes of every modern person looking for justice. Our defense of the indefensible wish to settle the entire West Bank with Jews, by force of arms, jeopardizes our legitimate, moral quest for security and survival. No objective observer would justify Israel’s settlement policy.

      • M. Ross

        Please tell us “who” and what constitutes the “moderate” Palestinian leadership?

      • Piet-Hein

        What’s wrong with your proposal is that it is essentially inspired by an intimidated stance. That blurs your judgment. The last few sentences show that you are, historically, ill- Informed. You cling to the myths that lead to the Left’s, and Obama’s, opportunistisch policy. Those who are prepared to study the ME history know better. The time has come for slander and deceit, islam’s hall mark strategy, to be unveiled for the world to see. In a few years – yes we have that time – you, too, will Understand what it was all about.