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November 7, 2014 8:34 am

Jewish Group Lauds Federal Judge’s Decision on New York School District Anti-Semitism

avatar by Shiryn Solny

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Jewish children in the Pine Bush school district have suffered from anti-Semitic bullying. Photo: Twitter

A major American Jewish group voiced support on Wednesday for a federal judge’s ruling against New York’s Pine Bush school district, which sought to dismiss a lawsuit regarding children who suffered anti-Semitic bullying.

“The families of children traumatized by rampant anti-Semitism at Pine Bush schools waited far too long for relief from systematic religious harassment,” said American Jewish Committee General Counsel Marc Stern. “The Pine Bush school district must be held accountable for a longstanding pattern of hatred targeting Jewish students. Even now monetary relief can only provide partial relief for the trauma these students suffered at the hands of their classmates and, worse yet, from indifferent school administrators.”

The parents of five Jewish students filed the lawsuit against the school district last year. They said their children were traumatized psychologically, and harmed physically, by other students.

Swastikas were daubed on school property such as walls, desks and computers, which led to complaints to teachers and school administrators, according to the AJC. The lawsuit cited one incident in which a sixth grader was held by a student while another drew a swastika on her face. Coins were also tossed at students, and, in another case, an eighth grader “attempted to shove a quarter down [the throat of a Jewish student]” while another “held [her] arms so that she could not move.”

Judge Kenneth M. Kara ruled a jury could reasonably find that the students had “suffered severe and discriminatory harassment, that the district had actual knowledge of the harassment, and that the district was deliberately indifferent to the harassment.”

School officials did little or nothing to stop the bullying despite repeated attempts by parents to get teachers and administrators to act against the hate, AJC noted.

“Your expectations for changing inbred prejudice may be a bit unrealistic,” Philip C. Steinberg, superintendent of the Pine Bush Central School District, wrote to a parent of one Jewish student who had complained about the harassment.

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  • Robin

    ANTI SEMITIC JUDGE Jeremiah Cassidy
    Chief Administrative Judge MSPB
    Washington DC Regional Office
    1901 S. Bell Street, Suite 950
    Arlington, Virginia 22202
    (703) 756-6250 – telephone
    (703) 756-7112 – fax

    CHIEF ADMINISTRATIVE LAW JUDGE JEREMIAH CASSIDY MUST be FIRED SINCE HE refused recuse himself or be disqualified to rule on a case when said judge approves nearly all of the government attorneys motions and approves of all of the government agency’s attorney’s witnesses and denies nearly all of the former government employee’s witnesses, allowing only about 6 witnesses of the 35 submitted, and half of those witnesses were the same as the governments? Also, is it legal for a judge to order an appellant to choose one witness from a choice of two witnesses selected by the judge to have as witnesses? The judge did this several times to me and I was not allowed to select for example two witnesses from colomn A, it had to be one from column a and one from column b? Did this deny my right to a fair hearing? Did this deny my right to due process and other fundamental rights?
    Issue 3: Should a judge be disqualified in the following situation (since the judge refused to recuse himself): appellant notifies the judge in court a few weeks before that she will be unavailable for hearings, etc. due to major Jewish holidays of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.Judge Jeremiah Cassidy says, “oh I understand, my wife is Jewish, I lived in New York City and attended college there…not a problem.” Then this judge sends the appellant a hearing notice on Rosh Hashanah for a telephonic hearing scheduled to take place less than 24 hours later. The main purpose of this hearing was so that the appellant could interrogate a witness on the other coast of the U.S. This notice was sent via email from the judges own personal email, not a computer generated court notice. I, the appellant thought that this was just an error on the judge’s part and that he would just apologize and reschedule, but that is not what happened, instead the judge (with the opposing attorney in the 3 way call) chastised me stating, …”don’t you check your email every day?” and then the judge attempted to try to hold the telephonic hearing. After arguing for several minutes, the judge finally relented and the hearing was held a few days later.
    At this telephonic hearing the judge did not have a court reporter and instead said he was using his computer to record the hearing. At some point unknown to the appellant, the judge’s computer failed to work properly. The judge refused to play back the part of the recording to show appellant where the recording stopped. The judge then said he would record the rest using an old mini tape recorder. The judge seemed upset when I broke this witness for my case. Should this judge be disqualified?

  • Steven Wenick

    Open anti-Semitism is so commonplace today that it is treated as nothing exceptional except by those who suffer the brunt of it or are sympathetic with the thug like behavior of the perpetrators.

  • It’s odd that these hysterical tales of playground pogroms began after a fraudulent Hasidim property development began to draw fire from locals. Now most of New York’s power bloc has gone Churchill all over these backwater brown shirts. There is, though, a simpler explanation for why the local school administrators did so little to address these specious ‘horrors’: None took place on any discernible level of reality.

    • Emanuel

      Really clown? Next time someone shoves something down your daughters throat I hope you feel the same sense of surrealism idiot.

    • robert affinity

      Right… So, you think that some alleged Hassidic (orthodox) property development project is related with Jews who are so non-religious that they send their kids to public school? Tin foil hat time.

  • Jonah

    Wilthbthe present justice department it is open season on Jews and the crazes know that. Could the anti defamation league warn the newly elected congress that in all probability islam will do a biological attack on congress while it is in cession. They should have there successors chosen in advance and another safe location for congressional meetings in place, such as, Kansas or Texas. Their are covert terrorists operating in the white house, this attack is in my opinion a certainty because the congress is now an absolute threat to the caliphate and according to islam they must be dealt with before they smarten up and prepare themselves in advance for the attack. This attack in my opinion will be fast and furious leaving the country in dismay and leaderless at the mercy of the present administration. Heads up!!!

    • Cynthia

      Can you possibly be referring to obama and the muslim brotherhood which is all over DC?