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November 9, 2014 1:03 pm

As Germany Marks Kristallnacht Anniversary, Leading Berlin Theater Cancels Event With Anti-Semitic Son of Clinton Advisor

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Cold Bore: Max Blumenthal protests outside the Volksbühne theater in Berlin. Photo: Twitter

Following protests from German members of parliament, one of Berlin’s leading theaters has canceled a discussion scheduled for tonight featuring Max Blumenthal, an American anti-Semitic writer and activist of Jewish origin.

Blumenthal – the son of Sidney Blumenthal, a key confidante of potential Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton – had been due to speak at the famed Volksbühne theater in East Berlin on a weekend dominated by anniversaries resonant of Germany’s totalitarian past; both the anniversary of the Kristallnacht pogrom in 1938 and the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 are being marked around the country.

As The Algemeiner reported throughout this week, two of Germany’s most well-known left-wing members of parliament, Volker Beck of the Green Party and Petra Pau of Die Linke (“The Left,”) pointed to Blumenthal’s frequent “anti-Semitic” comparisons between Nazi Germany and Israel in a letter to the directors of the Volksbühne.

The letter, also signed by Reinhold Robbe, a prominent pro-Israel advocate in Germany, asserted that the meeting would allow Blumenthal and his cohort David Sheen, an anti-Zionist activist, “to promote anti-Semitic prejudice by comparing the terror of the Nazis with Israeli policies.” They would do so on the anniversary of an episode “that is recognized as the beginning of the persecution, the deportation, and the killing of over six million European Jews.”

As also reported by The Algemeiner, Gregor Gysi, the leader of Die Linke, canceled a discussion with Blumenthal at the Bundestag, Germany’s parliament, scheduled for Monday. Gysi reached his decision after Benjamin Weinthal, a Berlin-based journalist and political analyst, presented him with evidence of Blumenthal’s anti-Semitic activities and writings.

It was Weinthal who broke today’s news that the Volksbühne theater had reconsidered its agreement to host Blumenthal. Weinthal told The Algemeiner in an email that the theater had verbally confirmed the cancellation. On Twitter, Blumenthal posted a photo of a handful of supporters protesting outside the theater.

The fact that Blumenthal has been unmasked as an anti-Semite and  shunned by an important and influential sector of the German left demonstrates that his wild, demonizing rhetoric – Blumenthal compares Israel with Nazi Germany and the Islamic State terrorist organization, and advocates the destruction of Israel as a sovereign state – is starting to grate.

In December 2013, Blumenthal spoke at the leading liberal Democratic think-tank, the New America Foundation, an invitation that was widely understood as further evidence of the indifference, or even contempt, on the American left for Jewish concerns about anti-Semitism.

Blumenthal’s latest book “Goliath,” dismissed in Germany, along with its author, as anti-Semitic, was described in a New America Foundation press release as “an unflinching, unprecedented work of journalism which depicts a startling portrait of Israeli society under siege from increasingly authoritarian politics.”

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  • debrabellink

    how disappointing. is nothing sacred anymore? I quess not.

  • James

    Is there some way we can Blumenthal kidnapped by ISIS?

  • Good on the German Government.
    Good on the Berlin theatre.

    Be interesting to know what links, if any, Max Blumenthal has got with Judaism.
    So many Jews critical of the Jewish state, Israel, are personally ‘on the way out’. They have no Jewish children or grandchildren.
    Just wondered if Blumenthal ticks this box?

  • pierre mamou

    This Blumenthal should gave his conference in a place ruled by Isis. This would be fun!

  • Gray

    What a onesided account, omitting that Blumenthal has presented very good evidence to support his alarm call. At a time when Israeli prime minister Netanyahu unashamedly calls for Arab Israelis to “move to Palestine” or “move to Gaza” (Ha’aretz reported), such comparisons instantly pop up! In 1930s Germany, there had been the same calls of moving the Jewish minority out, to make the country “judenrein”. We know to which atrocities this lead! When even the Israeli prime minister publicly voices his interest in making the country araberrein, the conclusion is obvious: It can happen in Israel, too! Don’t let it happen, oppose racism!

    • steven L

      There are 1.2 Mil Muslims in Israel!!! And almost ZERO Jews in the whole Muslims land!!!!! So there are PLENTY of Judenrein places on this planet, 99% in the Muslim world. U are an shameless IGNORANT.


    Spineless Peter Gelb take note. The Germans have more courage than you!

  • Jonah

    It seems that Hilliary has strange bedfellows. Hummus? I hope the Clintons are not just a veiled form of the return of Carterism.

  • Craig

    More wonderful news out of Germany. If you have a moment, please check out the YouTube videos and write-up at Legal Insurrection which expose Blumenthal’s tactics and show him getting owned by Andrew Breitbart and Larry O’Connor. It shows what kind of a spineless coward Max Blumenthal is.

    • steven L

      With friends like he has, he can afford it.

  • Bravo!

  • Al Talena

    WOnder where Blumenthal got his anti-Semitic views? Perhaps a stone’s throw from his father’s anti-Israel views

  • Ivan Gur-Arie

    What an irony that even Germany, whose history we all know about, should turn its back on a Jewish anti semitic scumbag. Isn’t the twist of events just marvelous?

    • Dante

      It’s even more ironic that the Party The Left which is not known as a friend of Israel and also has members like Dieter Dehm (who doesn’t want to apply the word ‘anti-Semimitm’ to anything below mass murder of the Jews) turns it’s back on an anti-Semite.

  • art

    How disgustingly ugly and vicious of blumenthal to be this way. his parents must be so proud of the great job they did raising him. It also gives insight about the Jews in the whitehouse, R. Emanuel, indyk, etc

  • Efram

    Nothing is more disgusting or pathetic than a virulent self hating Jew. And nothing is more blatant than the core value of Antisemitism in the so-called liberal establishment. I am sure Obama loves the book.

  • Clinton…
    max Blumenthal
    no difference!

    • steven L

      There is a big diff. One is a Jew the other isn’t.

  • jbwillikers

    It’s very interesting that some Germans speak out strongly against against Blumenthal’s anti-Semitic kid while the left (re democrats) here praises his work. I had always thought as crazy as they are here, they are worse in Europe. Maybe the left here has been leading the parade.

  • steven L

    The Clinton’s tribe has an antisemitic son-in-law, a close friend and son who are antisemite, a close associate, Huma Abedin whose family is part and parcel of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood. To this we need to add the close knitted group of rich and powerful Jewish antisemites and the “Academia”!? Furthermore Bill has many very rich Islamists who have contributed $millions to his library!
    How much more do we need!!!
    Are the Republicans better?

  • Dita Gould

    Thanks for watching out for promoting hatred.We have had enough of it.