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November 10, 2014 11:11 am

Israeli Woman Dead, Two Wounded, in 2nd Terror Stabbing in Israel (VIDEO/PHOTOS)

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Dalia Lemkos, 25, terror victim. Photo: The Jewish Standard.

Dalia Lemkos, 25, terror victim. Photo: The Jewish Standard.

An Israeli is dead, and two others are wounded, after a stabbing attack at the Gush Etzion Junction, south of Jerusalem, Monday afternoon, Israel Radio reported.

Officials identified the victim as Dalia Lemkos, 25, of the community of Tekoa, also in Gush Etzion. Her family, South African immigrants to Israel, were notified of her death, police said.

Lemkos was wounded in a similar stabbing attack at the nearby Gush Etzion junction nine years ago, according to Ynet News.

“The Palestinian attacker was shot and wounded by a nearby security guard,” police spokesman Mickey Rosenfeld confirmed to The Algemeiner, adding that he had been taken to an Israeli hospital, along with the wounded.

The terrorist, Maher Hamdi Hashalamun, 30, of Hebron, was a Palestinian Islamic Jihad member, and served five years in an Israeli prison for a firebombing attack on an IDF patrol, according to the Shin Bet security services.

Initial reports said Hashalamun, who was released as part of a prisoner exchange, died in hospital of his wounds.

Gush Etzion stabbing 1. Photo: Twitter

Gush Etzion stabbing. Photo: Twitter

Hashalamun drove up to the bus stop in a small van, and at first tried, unsuccessfully, to ram the lightweight structure.  He then got out of the vehicle, and ran up to the pedestrians and began stabbing them, according to Israel Radio.

Meanwhile, an Israeli soldier is fighting for his life after another stabbing attack at a train station in Tel Aviv, reportedly by a Hamas member from Nablus.

In reaction to the initial attack, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the “terrorists are inciting, and want to kick us out of here. I promise they won’t be successful,” according to Israel’s Ynet news site.

Netanyahu convened a security update Monday night to weigh further responses to the wave of attacks.

US Ambassador Dan Shapiro condemned both attacks.

Gush Etzion stabbing suspect. Photo: Hatzolah.

Gush Etzion stabbing suspect. Photo: Hatzolah.

“There is no justification for violence and for terrorism,” Shapiro said, according to Ynet News, and offered his hopes for the wounded soldier’s recovery.

“I’ve only heard about it in the last few minutes at my desk,” a local resident told The Algemeiner in the wake of the Gush Etzion attack.

“I’m sad and angry and tired of waiting for one of my children or neighbors to be among the attacked, wounded or dead, God forbid,” Ruti Eastman said.

“I’m wondering when we will work to solve the problem, rather than just waiting patiently for some magical ‘quiet,'” Eastman, an American immigrant, said.

Watch a security camera video of the attack:
[iframe width=”640″ height=”360″ src=”//″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>]

Gush Etzion stabbing suspect. Photo: Twitter

Gush Etzion stabbing suspect. Photo: Twitter.

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  • Crazy Arabs!

  • Max Cohen

    Announce that any terrorist will be chopped-up, mixed with pork and sold as dog food.

  • Elyse Y.

    And the time has come to stop treating Arabs like welcome brothers.
    Time to stop giving them Ulpan classes in Hebrew in the same Beit Haam where Eichmann was tried. Time to stop giving them University classes. Time to stop treating them like honored citizens and send them away, once and for all.

  • Eric R.

    I bet Herr Clovelly is also celebrating the death of this young woman, just as he believes the IDDF soldier deserved to die, as he does not believe Jews have a right to defend ourselves against his beloved Pali-Nazi heroes.

    So tell me, Herr Julian — are you starting a defense fund for the murderer?

  • shosh

    That is a great idea for every Israeli to have a gun to
    protect him or her self, but they have to go and practise in a gun range to perfect themselves.

  • shosh

    I am so angry at what is happening to the Jews in their
    own land. Why doesn’t Israel expel all the Arabs from
    the State of Israel and make It Arab free. Abbas wants to
    make Arab land Jew free. Doesn’t he?

  • Rabbi Yakov Lazaros

    The time has come for all Israeli citizens to be issued guns to protect their lives.