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November 10, 2014 12:14 am

Can the Political Left Tackle Anti-Semitism?

avatar by Ben Cohen /

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Ed Miliband, Jewish leader of Britain's opposition Labour Party, has been criticized by UK Jews over his stance on Israel. Photo: Wikimedia While I’ve never been a big fan of celebrity interventions in politics, I will concede that, on occasion, a big-screen actor or a rock star will achieve the kind of impact that mere mortals can only dream about.

Case in point: Maureen Lipman, a much-loved British Jewish actress whom American audiences will recognize from her role in Roman Polanski’s 2002 film about the Holocaust, “The Pianist,” in which she played the mother of the film’s main protagonist, Wladyslaw Szpilman.

Last week, Lipman wrote an article for Standpoint, a British political magazine, entitled “Labour has Lost Me.” (She’s referring to the current opposition party in a country where they spell ‘labor’ with a ‘u.’) In that piece, she did two things.

First, she relayed one of the best Jewish jokes I’ve encountered in a long time, about a rabbi so overcome with the desire to try a steamed pigs head that he ventures in secret to a distant restaurant famed for this dish, only to have a congregant walk in on him as he’s poised for his first bite. The rabbi exclaims, “Can you believe this farshtinkener place? You ask for an apple and this is how they serve it!”

Second, so disillusioned is Lipman with the stance on Israel of current Labour leader Ed Miliband, who is  also Jewish, that she will not, she wrote, vote for the Labour Party “for the first time in five generations.”

“Just when the virulence against a country defending itself, against 4,000 rockets and 32 tunnels inside its borders, as it has every right to do under the Geneva Convention, had been swept aside by the real pestilence of the Islamic State, in steps Mr. Miliband to demand that the government recognize the state of Palestine alongside the state of Israel,” Lipman thundered. She then told Miliband that his “timing sucked,” as he had turned on Israel when there were so many more pressing problems in the world, from the genocidal Islamist rampage to the machinations of Russian President Vladimir Putin. In her final flourish, Lipman declared that she’d only vote Labour once the party was again led by “mensches.”

(Oh yes, the pig joke—that followed an anecdote about Miliband eating a bacon sandwich shortly after meeting Lipman at a party in London, where he asked whether he might join her for a Shabbat dinner.)

Clearly stung by the mauling he received from Lipman, Miliband has now demanded a “zero tolerance” approach to anti-Semitism, citing the vile anti-Semitic attacks on social media upon his parliamentary colleagues Luciana Berger and Louise Ellman as an immediate cause. He also decried the “violent assaults, the desecration and damage of Jewish property, anti-Semitic graffiti, hate-mail, and online abuse,” and revealed that some Jewish parents have told him they are scared for their children.

All in all, it seems to have been much more personal for Miliband than for Prime Minister David Cameron, who issued an equally strong statement against anti-Semitism at the end of a summer stained by anti-Jewish violence. “I am deeply concerned by growing reports of anti-Semitism on our streets in Britain,” Cameron said. “Let me be clear, we must not tolerate this in our country. There can never be any excuse for anti-Semitism, and no disagreements on politics or policy should ever be allowed to justify racism, prejudice or extremism in any form.”

Beyond the specific personalities in this particular situation, the knotty question here for the left—whether in the U.K., in America, in Europe, in South Africa, or elsewhere – is whether it can adequately address the issue of anti-Semitism without also examining how the obsession with the Palestinian cause among progressives has contributed to its growth.

Certainly, Britain’s Labour Party is a pertinent example of how much the “Palestine” issue dominates discussion of wider foreign policy considerations. In his excellent book, “Blair, Labour and Palestine,” the British academic Toby Greene notes former Labour leader Tony Blair’s “refusal to criticize Israeli government policy” in the run-up to the Iraq war. “However,” Greene observes, “it is not clear that if Blair had been more critical of Israel, there would have been less of an opportunity for the far left to promote anti-Zionism”—which it duly did by aligning the slogan “Freedom for Palestine” alongside exhortations to oppose the war that toppled Saddam Hussein.

While the far left miserably failed to turn the anti-war protests into an electorally successful political movement, it did succeed in exporting its anti-Zionist principles into much of the mainstream liberal left—which helps explain why one of the the first acts of Sweden’s new left-wing government was to recognize Palestine as an independent state.

If the left-wing Italian philosopher Gianni Vattimo is correct when he gushes that “anti-Zionism is synonymous with leftist world politics,” then responsible voices on the left need to consider where that will take them.

The fact is that, in the west, “Palestine” is now the primary cause of anti-Jewish violence and anti-Semitic sentiment. That is less shocking when you realize that incitement against Jews, demonization of Zionism, and terrorist violence against Israelis is what defines the present strategies of the main rival Palestinian groups, Fatah and Hamas.

But it would take a left-wing leader with guts to declare that there is no place for these politics in our societies, that neither civic, nor social, nor racial equality are advanced by their presence here, that it is time for progressives to give their solidarity to the Yazidis of Iraq and the Rohingya of Burma, and not just the Palestinians.

It would take guts to say that critics of Israeli policy need to dissociate themselves from anti-Zionist, eliminationist rhetoric if they want to be taken at face value. And it would take guts to defend Muslim minorities from bigotry and racism while, at the exact same time, urging their leaders to confront the anti-Semitism plaguing these same communities.

Yet if there does turn out to be a leader on the left who is willing to say these things, then he—or she—is fully deserving of the title “mensch.”

Ben Cohen is the Shillman Analyst for and a contributor to the Wall Street Journal, Commentary, Haaretz, and other publications. His book, “Some Of My Best Friends: A Journey Through Twenty-First Century Antisemitism” (Edition Critic, 2014), is now available through Amazon.

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  • E Pluribus Wombat

    No of course not. The political left IS antisemitism.

  • Jonah

    Can the political left deal with or eliminate its blatant antisemitic strategys? Can a snake swallow itself?

  • Julian Clovelley

    To me it is fascinating to see – despite the fact that I pointed the tactic out, that the basic argument used against me is that I must be “antisemitic” – and in a way that kind of rock throwing is the whole problem. Zionism is so wedded to its mythical worldview that it cannot, or rather refuses to view, or define, any opposition in any other way. It is a militancy that simply won’t talk. And yet there are very reasonable grounds for opposition. I’d remind critics by the way that my own family history by marriage contains both assimilated and practising Jews. As for me I’m with the secular – Gentile or Jew – I can’t for the life of me see any difference – and I never could.

    As for Algemeiner publishing my comments. as well as opposition to them. surely rigorous debate is the sign of a good newspaper and not a bad one. I’m happy to see all cards on the table – we might all get somewhere then.

    When I look at the proposed “remedies” to the situation vis a vis the Iranian nuclear project, I am stunned at how impractical they are. The whole technological issue is about the relatively simple – but expensive – process of enrichment. The technology of civilian uses of nuclear technology only really meet weapons technology in relation to enrichment – the rest of civilian nuclear technology is mainly about converting the heat of controlled fission into the means whereby a turbine is turned. I note today that Russia is planning on working with Iran on nuclear reactors. Is the fanatical individual Zionists dream perhaps to bomb those, thereby bringing on a confrontation with the worlds second biggest nuclear power? How daft can Zionism get! The only way the enrichment process can be halted is by persuading Iran it is simply not necessary, and that means an all out effort to get on with them in the international arena. That too may fail but surely it is better to fail with moderate bad feeling at worst than with all out militaristic antagonism and hatred. It is worth remembering that every nuclear weapons capability except those of America and Britain were built without the approval of those two, militarily powerful, pioneer nations. Some processes won’t be halted and this reality changes both self identity and diplomacy.

    Zionism is about not facing reality – it is about enmeshing oneself in a Worldview so out of phase with reality that rational analysis seems to be lost. That would be fine were it not seeking to run a whole nation, and a foreign policy. I ask myself, with the dangers of the Middle East, is Zionism a part of the solution or part of the problem?

    As a creed without a country it would be a harmless eccentricity – no one would care about it any more than Mormonism, or perhaps Scientology. But when its ideology decides borders, social divisions within nations and the existence of Occupations, blockades and Settlements – all with a blanket refusal to adopt a viable negotiating position, and all accompanied by screams that opponents are antisemitic – then it is at best – “a bit of a worry.”

    It is not so long ago that despite the difficulties of its foundation, and the international chaos left by the Second World War, Israel was seen as a shining light that would, through negotiation and adjustment, and the simple passage of time, be a shining light in a progressively evolving region. But it is all a total mess made worse by what can only be viewed as expansionist aims on the part of artificially self-created “nationalists” – and I include “Palestinians” in this

    Small wonder the world throws its hands in the air and says of all ideological sides – they just don’t want peace. What is left is concern for the civilian innocent of the conflicts – whichever territory they try to live in and whatever “nationality” they think, or are told, they are.

    When the militants of all sides have exhaused themselves and caused enough collateral damage maybe they will finally be forced to the conference table, maybe then too their populations will see through all their invented ideologies, mythologies, psdeudo histories and invented lands and peoples.

    Till then the suffering will continue – but sadly it need not be so.. The cure can only start when the sufferer knows who he really is – only then can he grasp what is really wrong and what can be done to stabilise his condition and effect a lasting cure. A false persona is the first thing you must eradicate if you don’t want to continue suffering – and for anyone who has been through it, that essential enlightenment is scarey and it hurts.

    • Eric R.

      Herr Clovely,

      Nobody here is reading your bigoted Jew-hating screeds.

      Go to Stormfront, where they will eat up your rantings.

      Again to the moderators – why let this POS post?

    • Elliot J Stamler

      Mr. Clovelly, if you want to make a point..or two..learn the meaning of the word “brevity.” If you want to write a tome, establish your own blog.

  • ken brownsher

    What is so strange? As Muslim populations overrun Eurabia Palestine will always be the hot topic. The left will sell its soul to get the needed votes.The right has no need for the Muslim vote.Import the hate and Jews are the easy target!

    It is time for the Jewish brain drain to occur in Europe. Then the Europeans can wait for their Muslim populations to invent something of value other than new ways to blow them up!!

    As ISIS spreads all Europe can dwell upon are the poor Palestinians who could have had a state at least 4 times. Piss on them.If Muslims can kill Muslims with impunity where do Non Muslims fit? The answer is convert or die. Sleep well Europe your are a Dead Man walking!The Muslim cancer is killing you.

  • Emmett

    The leftist is and always has been Judaism’s worst enemy & biggest threat to Israel’s survival. Why do you think they are called “the enemy within” in The Land of Israel & the primary source of Israel’s problems?

  • Eric R.

    By the way, can someone tell me why Algemeiner continues to let that despicable Jew-hating bigot Mr. Clovelly post here?

    His posts belong over at Guardian’s comment-is-free, at electronicintafada, or a Stormfront – all places where his Israel-hating, Jew-hating views are mainstream.

  • steven L

    This is a NO-BRAINER and the answer is across the Atlantic.
    Jews have been expelled from every “lefty organizations/parties they helped to create or after they joined them. And it happened on both sides of the Iron fence.
    Even in the US their were kicked out by the democrats although many won’t recognize this fact.

  • Julian Clovelley

    The problem with Zionism is not so much some imagined evil but rather that it is hopelessly wrong and is seen as a significant factor in our sleepwalking into what may well become the worlds most dangerous nuclear standoff, one that is seen to threaten as much as defend Israel’s people.

    Recognising such realities is rational thinking rather than “antisemitism”. It is Zionism that is demonising opposition to it, rather than Left wing opposition to it demonising the “Jewish people” per se (if there is such a thing) in a manner that can be labelled as “antisemitism” – The Right may be stuck in such antiquated concepts – the Left has left them behind. What you are perceiving from the Left is not “antisemitism” – where there is antisemitism it comes from Right wing bodies such as the KKK or Golden Dawn and their supporters. Don’t confuse them.

    To the Leftist thinker, Zionism belongs to the mistaken and inventive era of creative nationalism. It is a remnant of the nineteenth century, having little rational place in the twenty first. This is what the Left perceives. That is the perception that is needed to be addressed. But the Left sees it cannot be because Zionism’s foundations are in sand

    Zionism was concocted almost a century before mankind created the ability to totally destroy his planet. Even then, when one looks back, one must retrospectively congratulate the far sighted Jewish leaders of the time who saw it as a dangerous and potentially destructive distortion. But even that past Zionist ideology has itself changed. Zionism is seen as an ideology less now of defense than of confrontation – and it is felt that it utilises the confrontation to further distort the Jewish identity. Once again it is not “antisemitism” to be – as many are, particluarly on the left – deeply disturbed by the creation of a Zionist false identity

    You see for many of us – as for many Jewish people to this day, the Zionist identity isn’t perceived as “Jewish” and its screams of antisemitism, when it is opposed, are perceived as an attempt to hide the truth. The Left agonises over the horrors of the present mess. It sheds genuine tears as the children of all sides die or are mutilated for life. The Left wants peace in the Middle East even more than the Right. It sees innocent people drawn into the most stupid and unnecessary of confrontations. It sees all parties as to blame, and wishes mostly that each would individually put its own house in order, rather in the manner of the Christian parable of the beam and the splinter in the eyes of antagonists.

    Zionism, with its extremist claims of actual historical D-vine donation, and its confusion between myth and actual historical events, is viewed by the Left as an inflammatory false persona. As the Left works towards multiculturalism, Zionism clings to a backward nationalism – and a particularly unconvincing one at that. Zionism seems to seek an impossible balance of violence. The Left seeks peace and stability through understanding, and the forging of new identities for the peoples of the region, that are based on a will to accept and forgive what has been inherited from an appalling past, combining that forgiveness with a common desire for better futures. the Left is optimistic – it believes it can be done.

    Ben – walk away from Zionism yourself for a moment – think yourself outside of it looking in. Maybe you might just see what the Left sees – how the concept is so hopelessy wrong – forgivable perhaps, even understandable. But still wrong! Zionist has tried to turn a religion that exists in diverse groups into an actual discreet and unique Genealogy, and a combination of pseudo history and geography. Zionism is excluding rather than embracing.

    It is not a matter of being antisemitic to reject that particular mythical construct. A genuine Leftist will reject his own myths of origin too. It goes with the territory so to speak.

    • Linda Golden

      What planet have you laned from? Anti-semistism has little to do, if anything, with Zionism. The church and every other paranoid, wack job has persecuted and hated Jews from very early on…oh yeah, spare me your chosen people rant. The left used to be peopled by Jewish intellectuals until they notuced where the “movement” was headed. Jews basically helped create the “left” Your leftist psycho-babble, passing for intelluctualism would be a joke, if it were not so destructive. Finklestein, Bienart, Chomsky, Blumenthal, Kushner…it’s their their Jewish genes gave them intellect, but not much else. “Genuine” leftist? There is no such thing.

    • David Levy

      Fascinating comments. No mention of the murderous anti-semitism of the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries that finally led progressive thinkers to agree that the Jews must have a national home. That was created on less than 20% of the area of Ottoman Palestine, so the local Arabs got all the territory the need. Yes, Iran threatens a nuclear holocaust, so your solution is to eliminate their first proposed victim, Israel, as if that will somehow remove Iran’s rabid anti-west position. Are you totally or only selectively blind?

    • steven L

      Where is your Kool-Aid? Everybody is in title to his or her system of believe as long as it is a left-leaning notion. But apparently the Jews must give-up their system for what? The believe in what? Your notion of multiculturalism is a proven aberration demonstrated every day in Europe. You must be blinded by your own poorly educated biases.

    • Leo Toystory

      No doubt Julian, you reject the formation of Pakistan, the theft of your own continent from the still mistreated aboriginals and the really cheesy non-culture of the bunch of criminals from which you are all descended.

    • anon

      Replace every occurance of the word Zionism in your ridiculously long screed with any other nationalism in the world. Criticizing Jews for doing what every other nation does is antisemitism.

      Why is Pakistan a state? It was formed at the same time as Israel for the same reason – religious determination. Pakistan might just be the worst country in the world. No one has any rights and ethnic minorities are treated miserably. Maybe you heard that a Christian couple was burned alive for heresy. Yes heresy is actually on the books as a crime in Pakistan.

      When the left starts questioning Pakistan’s right to self-determination and statehood than you can question Israel’s.

    • Your pseudo intellectualism disguises your own patent anti semitism that is obfuscated in a sea of unintelligible reasoning.

      I guess it’s better than Julius Streichers virulent direct antisemitic trash although both you and the nazis strive for the same objective. THE ANNIHILATION OF THE JEWISH PEOPLE.

    • Hard to imagine a comment on Zionism more devoid of factual truths!

      Zionism’s raison d’être is to establish a nation-state for the Jewish people. It succeeded to do so by RIGHT, and the legality of it has been entrenched in international law since 1920. I would have thought that 94 years is a long enough period for the Left to understand this reality.

      If, on the other hand, the so called “enlightened” Left opposes nation-states as a rule and favours instead multiculturalism, it should do two things:

      1) Consider the sad fate of multicultural societies in countries such as Lebanon, Iraq, the former Yugoslavia and, more imminently, in the European Union where multiculturalism is now decried by Angela Merkel and other prominent European leaders.

      2) Expand their selective focus on the nation-state of Israel and oppose equally all the other successful nation-states of the world. Hint: start with Japan.

    • Paul

      This comment is a condescending attempt by an extreme leftist, to try explain that his prejudices are in fact based on a ridiculous claim that the extreme left seeks fairness and peace. Perhaps the writer should use his own parable and see the beam in his own eye.
      To use the write’s phrasing: The problem with Mr Clovelly is not so much an imagined evil but rather that he is hopelessly wrong, and his mistaken prejudices are a significant example of the sleepwalking of the West into what may well become the world’s most dangerous nuclear standoff. Iranian nuclear progress is masquerading as a threat against Israel to disarm a gullible West, seeking “Peace in our Time”, but is actually a far larger threat.
      Be honest, Mr. Clovelly – your anti Zionist stance did not result from the Iranian nuclear threat, it is part of a tradition that is thousands of years old. Your stance is actually anti-semite, but that is not a politically correct thing to say. “Some of my best friends are Jews” No, you prefer “many Jews do not etc”. You are busy seeking new justifications to an ages-old hatred. We know all about it.
      Israel appears to be the only country that is NOT sleepwalking – the western world prefers to see this as a problem “out there” in the Middle East, between Iran and the ($%#&^*) Jewish state. It does not require considerable intelligence to give credit to Iran’s stated goals of Empire – which can be achieved immediately upon development of Nuclear Arms by merely THREATENING their use against the oil-producing countries in the Middle East. They will instantly achieve immense wealth and influence, and control over the economies of most of the Western world.
      (Why should Iran make a nuclear attack against Israel, whose alleged Nuclear Power could wipe Iran off the map in retaliation? Are they concerned for the Palestinians ? They long ago issued a Fatwa explaining that if they nuke Israel, many Palestinians will die too – but that is OK by them !!).
      The writer calls his prejudiced opinions realities.
      When an argument is presented based on facts and logic, it has integrity, even for those who disagree. When an argument is presented using subterfuge, mispresentation and verbal tricks, based on prejudice – it arouses derision – as in this case.
      Let’s pick some cherries:
      Mr Clovelly has stated that anti-semitism is a product of the extreme right, while the extreme left bases its arguments on fairness etc. Well, I think the bad guys are the extremists, from the right and the left. The good guys are moderate – without prejudice, open to hearing and fairly judging both sides of the argument. The difference between rightist extremism and leftist extremism is that the right state their prejudices openly, while the left tries to disguise them using (faulty) logical presentation.
      The writer has called Zionism a concoction. He bashes Jewish Nationalism as archaic, while fully supporting Palestinian Natioanlism. He lets the cat out of the bag with the snide comment about the existence of a “Jewish People (if there is such a thing)”.
      WOW – what a giveaway.
      Not only is Zionism a concoction, but there is actually no Jewish people !! With this a-priori belief, there is little wonder you are so rabidly anti-Israel. And not anti-Jewish, althoughthe Jewish people are a fake entity too ? Well, regarding the existence of a Jewish People – you can relax, Mr Clovelly. Throughout our history, during the crusades, the middle ages the Russian Pogroms, , in Nazi Germany, and more recently here in Israel, those people who came to murder Jews because they are Jews have had NO diffuculty in recognizing the Jewish people.
      The reason we have a Jewish state ifs not because of historic promises based on religious beliefs. Israel is the solution to the world’s largest, longest refugee problem. The United Nations voted to give the Jews a country where they could live because that was just, not because they were all devout Jews. Israel is the place where Jew haters who wish to bash Jews must come well armed, because this is where we shoot back. Zionism is about enabling the Jews to live in dignity, in a world filled with hatred. To protect Jews from people like you.
      You try to make distinction between Jews and Zionists. When rabid Muslims call for our blood, they scream “Itbach Al Yahud” This means, butcher the Jews. They don’t hide behind false claims of differentiating, as you do. There have been Jews throughout history who have turned their backs on Judiasm and became the most rabid anti-semites.
      The Extreme left is totally one-sided – against the Jews and their state, supporting anyone who is against us. And this blind support of the inhuman values and actions of the jihadists helps ensure more and more innocents will die.

    • Mr Clovelley, you don’t seem to be a fan of Zionism, so why oh why do you read this publication? So you can slam the Jews and show how much of an antisemite you really are? We survived Haman and Hilter, we will survive Julian Clovelley!

      • Julian Clovelley

        Tobias, I read Algemeiner because I think it is a rather good publication that for the most part achieves its aim of open information and debate

        I do get concerned when I see what appears to be an extreme Zionist faction seeking to present their comments as actual news and their opinions as absolute truth. I see Algemeiner as one voice coming from a community I have known well and loved and which by marriage is a part of my own children

        I think Algemeiner serves a purpose almost entirely lost on much of Zionist influenced Jewish leadership – it helps transform what might be violent opposition between parties into open intellectual debate that takes place with the cards on the table

        We might strongly disagree on many points but I hope we agree on the most important one – that children and innocent civilians should not have rockets fired at them or have bombs dropped on them. That driving into crowds of innocent people or suicide bombing is evil and not rewarded in any recognisable paradise

        I hope we agree that what is similar in all people is greater than real of imagined difference

        And that it is very sad that co-operation can land a probe on a comet, millions of miles away, but somehow cannot be constructed and employed to bring peace.

        If I have a hope relating to Algemeiner it is perhaps that they have a look at this Zionist claim of ownership of the paper – is that really what you want – was that really your founder and patron’s dream?

    • ron herstik

      Mr. Clovelley, you write that the left aspires to multiculturalism. Let me point out that it hasn’t succeeded in England, Germany and France. These countries are contorting with great pain as they grapple with unsuccessful attempts of multiculturalism. Perhaps to your dismay, after all is said and done, ethnic/religious groups desire to remain distinct and your version of universalism is a chimera, unwanted and unloved. As for your argument that the left is not the owner of Antisemitism, you are intellectually blind and in a state of deep denial. Yes, Mr. Cloverlley, Antisemitism does exist on the left for all you pseudo intellectual argumentation.

    • Alan Bly

      You’re simply beating an intellectual horse to death. Your finding Zionism to be somehow out of tune with 21st Century thinking and as such a cause of ant-Zionism is akin to making water in a laboratory as opposed to just turning on the faucet. You overthink this issue to a fare-thee-well and so your conclusions drop like a rock. Your analysis ignores the peculiar vehemence of the very anti-Zionism that you pretend to understand so well and find good reason for. You ignore the reality of how not only are Israeli civilians the chief targets of Arab terrorism…you also ignore the anti-Jewish overt manifestations from Paris, France to Seattle…ALL coming from the Left. There is an obsession and messianic compulsion underlying the Left’s blind embrace of the Palestinian cause, with relative if not utter disregard for the plight of so many oppressed Peoples across the globe. It is as if those other People’s don’t deserve a homeland while the Palestinians, who are hardly a discrete culturally identifiable lot deserve one at the expense of Israel’s right to exist and at the expense of embracing terrorism and defending it so long as Israelis and Jews are the victims. I’m afraid that one needs to suspend their intellect if one doesn’t recognize that there is plain ole’ anti-Semitism in the equation and that it ranks high in it. I think there’s an good portion of it in your overworked “explanation” of this matter. History has shown that there need not be a “good explanation” for anti-Semitism…it will exist. You ought to be a lot more honest than to say that no one wants peace with understanding more than the Left because that’s so ridiculous that it doesn’t warrant even so much as consideration in an honest discussion. College campuses do not want to hear so much as a word in defense of Israel….Synagogues and community centers are under siege in cosmopolitan hubs of liberalism and leftism. And this is all enthusiastically supported by Israel’s detractors. Israel exists because historically, Jews have been singled out for oppression of the worst kind. Yet in the face of all that, they continued to not only remain a cultural and national entity, without ever forgetting their proper historical homeland. They did so while other cultures withered…other cultures disappeared. And, with that they gathered the means to finally return. It has little or nothing to do with the attributes that you believe underpins Zionism in it’s practical manifestation. You’re just looking under rocks to find reasons to hate Israel and defend the Left’s disgusting dance with terrorism and Jew-hatred.

  • Larry A. Singleton

    Oh yeah; you want to know about this “right of return” crap? Read The Haj by Leon Uris and Because They Hate by Brigitte Gabriel along with Glick’s book.

  • Larry A. Singleton

    David Cameron is probably the worst thing to happen to Britain since Neville Chamberlain.

    When it comes to the US I thought that nothing compared to the chronic liar now squatting in the White House but Caroline Glick has showed me that Bush runs a close second when it comes to Obummer and betraying Israel.

    Let me say that “my government” in no way, shape or form represents me or the American people or our interests. I urge everybody to get the book I’m kicking myself in the ass for not having gotten earlier; Caroline Glick’s The Israeli Solution. I’m only to chapter six but I’ve been spreading the name of that book around like a religious tract.

    I keep praying to God that Vince Flynn’s book Term Limits will become reality. I mean it. I literally pray that the traitors in our government who are inflicting a war of economic genocide against the American people while making themselves filthy rich, like that scag Nancy Pelosi and her Insider Trading, will start dropping like bucks during hunting season. I mean that sincerely. If there were ever a “wish I had it to do all over again” moment, this is it. Caroline Glick exposes things about that piece of trash Bush even I didn’t know about. The Traitor in Chief and his crones infesting the government mow have actually collaborated with terrorists and declared war on our ally Israel. As a construction worker I has to sit by while “my government” sold me out to illegals and opened out border to millions of job stealing Mexicans. We’re seeing the same type of attitude with the jihadis infesting our government and universities. It’s completely insane. I’m 57. Not in my wildest nightmares did I ever imagine my government or even the media degenerating to the point it has today. It just makes me sick.

    • judithg

      it makes you “sick” because you are sane. this is the era of the deranged and the cretinous, the malevolent and mendacious. it is, in a weird way just like the walking dead movies to which the kids are addicted. they have recognized something we have only now allowed ourselves to see as a matter of life and death. this is no movie. and the few who are still fully alive are walking about with the dead.