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November 10, 2014 10:38 am

Canadian-Israeli Woman Fighting With Kurds Against ISIS (AUDIO)

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Kurdish women fighters take oath of allegiance in training. Photo: Gateway Pundit.

Kurdish women fighters take oath of allegiance in training. Photo: Gateway Pundit.

A Canadian-Israeli has recently joined Kurdistanis fighting against ISIS in northern Syria, Israel Radio said Monday.

“I decided to do my part in the Kurdish national effort,” the 31-year-old woman, a former IDF soldier, said in a telephone interview.

“I’m on the Iraq-Syria border, and we’re currently about 3,000 meters from ISIS,” she told the interviewer during the call. “I was given an RPG by the Kurdish army.”

The woman joined up with the Kurds via the internet, similar to hundreds of foreign fighters who opted to join ISIS’ ranks in recent months, including Israeli Arabs, some of whom are facing jail terms.

“I found them via Facebook, and told them I wanted to volunteer, and went to Iraq,” she said.

The woman left Tel Aviv a few days ago, and made her way to Erbil, in northern Iraq. From there, she traveled to the Syrian border, and on Sunday, began the training process prior to taking up arms in the battle.

She told Israel Radio that she decided to aid the Kurds because “they are our brothers, and are a good, life-affirming people – like us,” she said, and added that she felt she could contribute from her military experience in the Israeli army.

An Israeli Orthodox Jew protesting in front of the U.S. Embassy, in Tel Aviv, for Kurdish independence and more support for the embattled Yazidi. Photo: Twitter / Screenshot.

An Israeli Orthodox Jew protesting in front of the U.S. Embassy, in Tel Aviv, for Kurdish independence and more support for the embattled Yazidi people. Photo: Twitter / Screenshot.

In recent weeks, a small minority of Jewish Kurdistanis called upon Israel to provide them with aid and allow them to emigrate to the Jewish state.

Sami, a Jewish resident of Erbil shared his uncertainty of the future, as many of his countrymen have fled.

ISIS is about 20 kilometers from Erbil, and all the Israelis – the Jews who were here – they fled their homes and headed for the mountains,” he told the network.

Those who had ever visited Israel, they were afraid for their safety, and they got out,” according to Sami.

He represents a young generation of Kurdish Jews that want to emigrate to Israel, since they see no future in the ancient area, believed to have hosted Jews since the Prophet Nahum.

Before the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948, an estimated 20,000 to 30,000 Jews lived in the area.

Kurdistan was actually the core of the old Assyrian Empire, the one that carried off the Ten Lost Tribes. Indeed there is quite a lot of literature to suggest that the Kurds are descended from Israelites, according to Algemeiner columnist Jeremy Rosen.

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  • maziar shirazi

    respekt. I love israel and kurdistan

  • allan massey

    This tells me that a Israeli IDF soldier fighting in Syria that Israel has a hand in what is going on in Syria from the beginning,and how many IDF soldiers are in Syria now,as the world knows that no Israeli is allowed in Syria

    • Zvi

      Allan Massey
      Either you wake from your nigtmare or you join your neighborhoud kindergarden for you intelectual level


    We should all support the Kurds. They share the same values and have shown amazing courage and humanity. Even while struggling against ISIS and Erdogan, they still managed to save Ezidis fleeing from ISIS. Erdogan has taken the Ezidis’ passports so they are stranded in the camps.

    Take a look at Amy L. Beam’s Facebook page to see her reports on the Ezidi refugee camps in Turkey, and the Kurds who are coming to their aid. She writes,”Every family drives up in a car and drops off food and goods for the Ezidi camps. There is no Kurdish family that does not donate. — in Batman, Turkey.”
    If anyone wants to help the Ezidis, who are stranded in Turkey, you can contact Amy L. Beam@ Facebook or

  • Paul

    I stand wit u and by u my sweet sister. God bless u and give u more wisdom to do great work. For de people of Kurds. Pls always watch ur back.

  • J.R.

    Putin sees the problem, and is willing to kill the bastards

  • Azad Miran

    Jewish people had better life in Kurdistan after the exiles since 2600 Yeats ago in compaire to Jews in Arab lands and Eurpe, till 1973 Jews leftie Iraq through Kurdistan wit#help of it is time to help Kurds by Israel because we will have same fate, same enemies..I said in Radio kol Israel in 2009 that Israel has not long term plan for its future, it call its enemies, friend same as Turkey and Egypt. And ignoring Kurd the best friend to Israel, and in future Kurdistan and Israel will have no country between us and we will be next to each other…

  • Bill

    As a Jew I am so proud of this young Israeli. Her heart and her head are in the right place. I hope Israel and the west and those who fear whats happening right now follow her leed.

  • Onyema Pekah

    I’m a Nigerian currently serving in the army with large operational experience and would also willing to join the Kurds and fight off these evil men and women who are trying to exterminate the Kurds….

    • Zagros Hiwa

      How are you?
      If you want to join the fighting against ISIS you can write to my address.

  • art

    the Kurds are legitimately a people with a true history culture, language and heritage yet they are denied their own homeland because of oil and moral cowardice of the west

  • Shalom

    We should really support the Kurdish people ! As she said, they share a lot of values with us. This girl is a true hero. Pray for Hashem to bring her back soon in good health. With love.

    • Israeli Mother


  • John

    All Israelis should join the fight!

  • Linda Rivera

    It’s fascinating that the Kurds might be descended from Israelites.

    Several weeks ago the UK Daily Mail reported that Kurd leaders begged European and American leaders for arms to defend their people. Our wicked leaders refused their desperate pleas. I hope Israel and Russia will arm the Kurds.

    Evil Erdogan/Turkey is a close terrorist partner with ISIS barbarians. Having accomplished a barbaric genocide of millions of Armenian Christians and other Christians not that long ago, Muslim Turkey now craves another huge genocide.

    UK Prime Minister, traitor Cameron, works day and night to get Turkey membership into the EU which would result in the immediate flooding of Britain and Europe with mega millions of Turkish muslims ecstatic to live off hated infidels with free infidel money, social housing and all benefits and the opportunity to wage major jihad at a future time.

    My deepest respect and admiration for the strong, courageous Israeli woman who has joined the Kurds to fight against the dirty, demonic inhuman sex-slaver muslim monsters – the Spawn of Satan – ISIS. May Hashem grant protection and great victory to the Kurds and keep the Israeli woman safe.

    • Peshtiwan

      Well said … Your comments are so precise … Western political leaders are so worried about Mid Est order…. It seems like the the status- que has provided and certinity for their security.

    • Lynne T

      I agree with everything except the help from Putin. He is one big piece of slime.

      • Israeli Mother

        I agree.

    • alexander

      Linda, You really know what is going on with the Turks. In fact Isis leaders recently referred to Turks as “their brothers” . I wonder how many Westerners caught that one? Keep up the good work of letting the truth be told about the dire situation in Western Europe with the Islamic Invasion. The foolish western leaders seem to be completely ignorant of the Pandora’s box they are opening. If this madness continues, Western civilization will surely be lost.