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November 10, 2014 3:38 pm

UPDATED: Israeli Soldier Dies After Tel Aviv Terror Attack; Twin Brother Tells Gov’t ‘Wake Up!’ (PHOTOS/VIDEO, GRAPHIC)

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The attack weapon. Photo: Barak Sharabi/Tazpit News Agency.

With reporting by Tazpit News Agency

IDF soldier, Sgt. Almog Shiloni, 20, died of wounds sustained in a terror stabbing attack on Monday morning in Tel Aviv, according to the Israel Police.

Police apprehended the Palestinian suspect, a Nablus resident, shortly afterwards and said the assailant attempted to steal Shiloni’s gun, but failed.

The stabbing took place at  the city’s southern HaHaganah train station on Levinsky Street.

Shiloni received first aid at the scene, and was then transported to nearby Tel Hashomer Hospital. A man in his 50s chased down the attacker, and was wounded in the process.

Shiloni sustained “numerous stabbing wounds, too many to count,” Magen David Adom paramedic Nachum Bernstein told the Tatzpit News Agency.

Bernstein was among the first on the scene, and provided first aid to the soldier before the victim was evacuated to the hospital.

“To the government, we say: ‘wake up!'” Shiloni’s twin brother, Sahar said, according to Israel’s Maariv.

“Your soldiers are defending the country, and see what’s going on here. My family is all soldiers – we can’t watch the blood that is being spilled here. What is happening in this country is catastrophic; terrifying,” Sahar said.

“He was my twin brother, my soul, I hope he comes out of it,” Sahar said before his brother died.

“He’s a person that helps everyone, everyone – he’s outstanding; I just want to know what’s happening to him,” Sahar said.

The suspect, Nur al-Din, 18, is a resident of the Askar refugee camp, and was in Israel illegally, according to police.

Palestinian sources said al-Din was a Hamas member, Israel Radio said.

Bernstein described how al-Din was able to break away from those who tried to immediately apprehend him at the scene, and was captured by the police further down the street. Bernstein also administered first aid to al-Din, who sustained minor injuries after struggling with the pedestrians and police, and is now being questioned by authorities.

Nur al-Din, Hamas FB page. Photo: Facebook.

Nur al-Din, Hamas FB page. Photo: Facebook.

A crowd of furious pedestrians heckled Interior Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovitch, as he arrived at the scene of the attack a short time later for a police briefing.

“Our blood is not cheap,” angry residents shouted at Aharonovitch. “Go comfort mourners at the terrorists’ homes!” one woman shouted at him as he walked by.

“Death to terrorists,” several dozen passersby began shouting at the minister, outside the entrance to the heavily-trafficked train station.

“The leftists are responsible for all this. They’re the ones shedding our blood; our blood is not cheap,” one man shouted at the minister, who did not respond, according to Israel’s Ch. 2 News.

Police and security guards kept the crowds away from the minister as he received a briefing from senior police officials.

Tel Aviv District Commander Benzi Sau said at the scene, that, “a soldier was attacked by a member of a minority who lives in Nablus. He stabbed him with a knife several times.”

Sau stressed that “bystanders came to the aid of the soldier and called the police.

“The terrorist escaped and was caught just 200 meters away, and was identified by the police, who conducted a search of the four-story building. The police spotted the terrorist on the top floor and arrested him.”

Economy Minister, Naftali Bennett said in comment, “This is a terrible terror attack which proves that the concept of hiding behind barriers is bankrupt.”

“It is not possible to barricade people in the streets, but rather we must put those responsible for incitement, fireworks and the rioters in jail. This is correct security policy” said Bennett, who opposed the emplacement of large concrete blocks at bus and train stations in Jerusalem in the wake of two vehicular ramming attacks in recent weeks.

Finance Minister Yair Lapid, in comment, called on the public to exercise restraint in the face of the terror wave.

“We stand with our security forces and we call upon all of Israel’s citizens to let the IDF, Shin Bet and police force do their jobs,” he said at the opening of a Yesh Atid Party faction session, according to his office.

Lapid cautioned that “There is no place for calls for revenge in a country which values life just as there is no place for chants of ‘Death to the Arabs.’ Instead of strengthening us at this difficult time, it weakens us.”

Lapid said he “spoke with leaders from the Arab sector yesterday about the need to restore quiet to Israel’s streets,” and called upon “politicians, including ministers, to stop their irresponsible behavior and rhetoric, and to help the police and Shin Bet reduce the flames.”

Watch a video clip of the angry crowd at the scene of the attack:

The scene of the stabbing attack. Photo: Barak Sharabi/Tazpit News Agency.

The scene of the stabbing attack. Photo: Barak Sharabi/Tazpit News Agency.

The scene of the stabbing attack. Photo: Barak Sharabi/Tazpit News Agency.

The scene of the stabbing attack. Photo: Barak Sharabi/Tazpit News Agency.

The aftermath of the attack. Photo: Yifa Segal/Tazpit News Agency.

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  • Estie Ash

    The Israeli government needs to learn from previous mistakes that kowtowing to the international media and to the arabs only strengthens the arab resolve and brings more bloodshed and bullying. No one has said a word about egypt bombing gazan houses and building a wall because egypt doesnt give a damn and everyone knows it. We need to have the same attitude and do what is good for us for a change. This will garner more respect, not less. Bullies prey on the weak. as for gaza it will now become solely Israel’s problem and the government will probably be dumb enough to accept the problem as their own. Israel created the palestinian people and an idea of a palestinian state and now they will probably take responsibility for the people of gaza to please the world. makes you sick, doesn’t it!!!!!

  • es indescriptible la sensacion de ver esa sangre derramada, impotencia ante un enemigo salvaje, es obligacion deshacerse de los palestinos, actuar con extrema dureza, utilizar el sistema judicial,para reprimirlos, y extra jududicial, es mejor que ellos lloren y festejen sus muertos el mundo siempre criticara, hay que
    capturar a Abbas responsable, sacra trabajadores palestinos

  • Those who have incited are guilty of aiding and abetting these murders. They should be arrested. I’m talking about
    Abu Mazen (aka Abbas)! As for the cat’s paws for such
    an Arafat doppelgänger, take no prisoners!

    • Sonia Willats

      I agree. Abbas is also guilty of incitement to murder i.r.o. the attempted assassination of Rabbi Yehuda Glick. He is no peace partner. Anyone who pays salaries to murderers in prison should not be entertained by the Western powers and the United Nations as a peace partner; nevertheless they are.

      We all know that Iran constantly incites for the murder of Jews and the obliteration of the Jewish State. The West merrily talks to Iran and Qatar; knowing this.

      I do believe that the G-d of Israel will, in the end, save her from the ‘raging of the nations’ whilst the West will pay the price for fraterizing with evil.

  • Those who have incited are guilty of aiding and abetting these murders. They should be arrested. I talking about
    Abu Mazen (aka Abbas)! As for the cat’s paws for such
    an Arafat doppelgänger, take no prisoners!

  • Ido Sarrell

    Is Israel becoming the most dangerous place for Jews.This softly softly touch isn’t working.You throw rocks, you stab, you throw fire bombs,and you get shot.No ifs or buts.Put an end to these riots with an iron fist.Bibi needs to wake up…

  • Max Cohen

    There will be no peace in the Middle East until Academia discovers that the Arab nations are responsible for the plight of so-called Palestinians. The conscience of Western civilization can not rest after the holocaust until Jews are are allowed to live in peace in their ancient home land. Arab peoples should be resettled in Jordan and the vast open areas of Arabia, there to build a nation they can take pride in. Bibi should negotiate with the New York Times.

    • Alison Weston

      Wonderful suggestion – it’s time the pussy-footing around these thugs stopped. I hope Bibi is not conferring with Obama and the rest before he takes decisive action.

  • H. Givon

    Those who have called for the creation of a ‘Palestinian’
    state for people who have not earned it have only encouraged the terrorism that has become the way of life of criminals. It is time for Israel to reject the call for another terrorist/apartheid entity to be added to those that already exist in the chaotic Middle East. Intimidation and threats to Israel must be denounced; Israel is a sovereign nation and outside interference must stop!!

  • Luigi Rosolin

    My deep sorrow for another victim of the hate that is the son of years of ideological brain wash. I hope that is some way the terrorism will be stopped but in long term are only two way: war that will not resolve as is impossible to eliminate all Jesus God himself intervention. Jews in any case should not hate and accuse all Arab, the Jews should show more godly character and keep work for the only option forgive and peace. Live the revenge to Jesus.

    • Sonia Willats

      There is no other nation on earth that “turns the other cheek” as Israel does. She treats her enemies in her own hospitals, even as Hamas throws rockets on her citizens etc. and supplies electricity to Gaza as Gaza tries to kill civilians through terror tunnels.

  • Luigi Rosolin

    Terrorism cannot be fought with only force, Israel is facing an Islamic not only Palestinians attach and USA Obama policy with ever EU are giving to much support to the Palestinian’s that are now embolden to push for the two state solution. The western world had not yet understood the danger of Islam and that after Israel we will be next. Obama-Clinton democrat had with EU socialist-ex communist undermine our security by supporting Hamas and Palestinian’s that receive support from Qatar and other Islamic country interested in take control.

  • It hurts my heart to see what evil Israeli’s have to put up Hashem judges his people as a nation so Israel. So as an outsider, l would say, profile, kick out all Palestinians.
    Where they end up its their problem..God have mercy on your people, allow them to defend themselves,… if their leaders can’t

  • The unrelenting obstacles to peace between Israel and the Arab-Palestinians

    At the core of the Arab-Israeli conflict is the Arab world’s refusal to accept a non-Muslim political entity in the Middle East.
    Peace requires an Arab world that recognizes Israel as a legitimate political entity. Legitimacy means a State with viable and defendable borders where the Jews can exercise their own rights of self-determination (as stated in the Treaty of San Remo 1920) by virtue of demographics (i.e., a Jewish majority) – dominion that is reflected in the cultural and the political life of the Jewish nation.
    The Arab’s refusal to recognize Israel and their attempts to destroy the Jewish state are among the defining characteristics of Arab-Palestinian society. Measures designed to destroy Israel vary from use of force (through wars, Intifada’s, suicide bombing of the population including women and children, violent riots, fabricating events and history, revolts and terrorism) to use the economic and demographic forces (economic boycotts, demands for jobs in Israel, causing intentional sabotage in the workplace while working in Israel, Palestinian infiltration into Israel without visas or other permits, and demands that Palestinian refugees from 1948 and their descendants be allowed to return to Israel). Absolute antipathy and intolerance towards non-Muslim political entities is a fate Jews shared with the Christians in Lebanon, even though Israel inhabits no more than 0.01 percent of the Middle Eastern landscape.
    For over 99 years, Palestinian behavior has been based on total rejection of the Jewish State and political violence. The Palestinian refugee problem created in 1948 did not spark those strategies, nor did the “Occupation” (Liberalization of Jewish ancestral land) of the Territories in the wake of the 1967 Six-Day War, which brought back Israeli control over the West Bank (Judea and Samaria – which historically has been a Jewish entity) and Gaza .
    Arabs have rejected the presence of Jews with political aspirations to rebuild their ancient homeland since the advent of political Zionism. When in 1890 the number of Jewish immigrants leaving the country equaled the number of new arrivals, and ten years of Zionist endeavor, had produced barely a dozen struggling and insolvent Jewish agricultural settlements. Arab notables from Jerusalem called upon the Ottoman administration to ban Jewish immigration and the sale of land to Jews.
    At each juncture when attempts to reach a ‘live-and-let-live’ solution have been advanced, Arab responses have boiled down to a two-pronged offensive that dovetails diplomacy with violence. In short, the Arabs, and particularly the Arab-Palestinians, have refused to recognize Israel as a legitimate entity or to negotiate a genuine compromise. Instead, they have tried to drive the Jews out through violence and terror and educating their children to hate and commit atrocities against the Jews.
    After numerous attempts at reaching a peace agreement with the Arab-Palestinians, Israel has no choice but to utilize all its resources to quell the Arab-Palestinians violence and bring about security and safety to its citizens.
    No limit should be set to Israel’s response to subdue the perpetrators and bring about peace and tranquility to the masses.
    The world at large must keep its meddling out of the Israeli and Arab Palestinians conflict. Their meddling only inflames and prolongs the conflict and hostilities.

  • Mati

    “He was my twin brother, my soul” said his brother Sahar. I have twin grandsons – so I know what he feels… My grandsons will one day serve proudly in the Israeli army. They will believe- as I do- that ‘Peace is something that – you sometimes have to fight for’ We have no choice. Punishments for terrorists and their families is appallingly light. Needs urgent updating. Like capital punishment for terrorist, relocation of his family (Why not try Syria etc.) We the civilians of Israel demand changes. Listen to us. It is our blood that is being wasted. Deep condolences to Almog’s family. Shahar, Almog’s spirit will remain with you. Kadima!

  • A Jewish right to live in peace in Israel must be enforced

    Why as a Jew does the world think it has a right to torture me? Israel was created to prevent this and yet on my home soil someone thinks that he has a right to torture me because I am a Jew. Israel of all places in the world should be my sanctuary especially because its the Jewish official state for all Jews. Is it because I am a Jew that I deserve missiles to be thrown upon me? Is it because I am a Jew that another Jew has the right to prevent me from praying to my God on the Temple Mount? Many Jewish souls died and continue dying in Israel for the sole reason that they are Jews. Their fate was in the hand of their leaders. They deserved so much more then being murdered just because they were Jewish. We do no want to repeat the Holocaust again. Israel must learn to secure the safety of every citizen under its roof. Enough of trying to be the advocate for the these evil people called Arab-Palestinians. Israel is the home of the Jewish people. It is written in all of the holly books, the bible and history books, including archeological excavations in Israel. Enough of trying to accommodate the Arab-Palestinian people that thrive on hate and destruction towards me as a Jew. Israel must be strong and extremely strict in enforcing its laws and sovereignty. Hamas should have been destroyed, just like any other enemy of Israel who wants to destroy her. Order must be restored in the Gaza. Now the west bank (Judea and Samaria) thinks that they can torture me a Jew. Enough is enough. The time is not for revenge but for law and order with a clear message to Abbas and his P.A. that these terror and violence acts are his responsibility. If he cannot stop it, Israel will have no alternative, but to take appropriate action to stop terror and violence. Moreover, Hamas the terrorist organization must be shut down once and for all. I am a Jew and I deserve to live in peace in my own country without threat and intimidation, I expect the respect and protection that is due to me especially by my Jewish leaders.

  • Shalom-Hillel

    We can’t have militias roaming around exacting revenge. The Israeli government needs a coherent policy to deal with this new style of terrorist attack. It is certainly within their power to eliminate these outrages. I am very disappointed, again, in Yair Lapid. People are angry and they have every right to be.

  • V. Gates

    Among others, I blame the government of Israel for not taking a far, far stronger stand. There is no alternative but denial of citizenship, and deportation, of everyone who is an avowed enemy of the Jewish people and the Jewish state. People will say this is extreme. I say, the situation is extreme. Living with 1 million+ potential and actual murderers of our men, women and children is extreme.

    How do we know who is an enemy of the State? Anyone who has participated in any act of aggression against its people (stone throwing, rioting, vandalizing Jewish cemeteries and holy places, attacks on Jews); the families of these; the schools that teach the anti-Israel myth of the “naqba”; and anyone who is a follower of Islam and will not renounce this, in words matched by their actions.

    I also blame, of course, the anti-Semitism of the rest of the world, including the US government (President, staff, and State Dept), and certainly the EU and the UN, whose extremely biased condemnation and pressures have stopped Israel from doing what it must to take care of itself.

    This all has to change. How many more of our beautiful people, young and old, must be sacrificed on the altar of the world’s anti-Semitism and our own fear of appearing too self-interested?

    If ever there was a time for self-interest, it is now.

  • Say kids what time is it? It’s expulsion time.

  • martin

    Why doesn’t Netanyahu act?or does he still take orders from Obama?

  • aall55

    Israeli -Arabs are an oxymoron .

  • susan staehs

    A democracy of civilized people
    are being killed by TERRORIST
    The heinous crimes being done to
    Innocent civilians is unfathomable.
    How our president is allowing this
    all to happen is unthinkable.
    This is the same man who is in
    negotiations with a known TERRORIST
    country as is IRAN. Discussing nuclear
    issues is pure INSANITY.

  • Eric R.

    I bet Herr Clovelly is celebrating the death of this soldier, as the despicable little commie Jew-hater seems to think that any attempt by Jews to defend themselves is a war crime and we should all just walk into ovens again.

  • Wm. J. Levy

    Wouldn’t it be terrible if suddenly a 100 bombs went off in this refugee camp killing hundreds?

    Wouldn’t it be terrible if Unit 101 suddenly was reactivated and the terrorists and their families suddenly disappeared?

    It should happen. No Jew should die at the hands of an Arab in our own country. Make them pay dearly for every death and I mean dearly; not a house blown up but their families. Remember they outproduce the Israelis, except for the Herudim, who don’t fight,, contribute or count.





  • Tone Lechtzier


    • aall55

      thank you .

  • NCS

    Something must be done to stop this. No Jew is going to feel safe in his own land.

  • Zbigniew

    Do something about it…that it will not happen ever again.Do it.Talk is cheap.

  • Israeli Mother

    Why on earth is this scumbag’s photo illustrating the article? I can’t imagine – it surely isn’t because you believe he deserves the publicity!

  • Chris Rettenmoser

    Those Arab ZOMBIES must be put down without mercy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • death to terrorists, jail his family, for crying out loud, how much do we have to put up with-jewish blood not cheap-Palestinian blood, cheap!!

  • z

    The only hope for Israelis is to take matters into their own hands. Form militias independent of this CIA-“Israeli” gov mafia and do what’s needed.