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November 11, 2014 6:05 pm

Girlfriend of Slain IDF Soldier: ‘We Wanted to Get Married’ (VIDEO)

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IDF Sgt. Almog Shiloni. Photo: family.

IDF Sgt. Almog Shiloni. Photo: family.

With reporting by Tazpit News Agency

Over a thousand people crowded into Jerusalem’s Mount Herzl military cemetery on Tuesday to escort St.-Sgt. Almog Shiloni to his final resting place. Among them was Noi, his girlfriend.

“We wanted to get married; you brought me back to our faith; you did a great mitzvah (meritorious deed). Apparently, it was your final one,” Noi said.

Shiloni, 20, who was murdered on Monday in a terror attack in Tel Aviv, was buried with full military honors, and was promoted one rank posthumously.

“You angel. I have no words to describe you. I will never forget you,” she vowed.

His twin brother, Sahar, said in his eulogy, “They told me to prepare a few words, but I said no, you [Almog] will tell me what to say… for us it’s hard. Just help us from Above, strengthen us.

“I had one heart, and now I have half of a broken one. I love you, my brother,” Sahar said.

Almog’s family and friends all spoke of his deep desire to help others, and how he put everyone before himself. Despite poor vision which disqualified him from a combat position, Shiloni fought and was accepted to a post with Air Force base security.

IDF St.-Sgt. Almog Shiloni funeral. Photo: Tazpit News Agency.

IDF St.-Sgt. Almog Shiloni funeral. Photo: Tazpit News Agency.

“Our beloved, what a precious gift we have received,” his father wept over his son’s open grave. “This month you reached your 20th year. A devoted, motivated, kind child, with bright eyes and a winning smile. A scholar with good character. You were loyal and devoted to Sahar, your twin brother; to Tehila, Lidor and Eliran.”

His father said Almog used to ask to bring home lone soldiers (new immigrants serving in the IDF, without family in Israel).

“‘I have meetings with donors for the unit,’ he’d say, ‘maybe I can get shoes for the soldiers,'” his father cried. “What a child you were to us; you treated us like kings. Who taught you to behave so?

“You were always about everyone else except yourself,” Sahar cried.

Watch a video clip of the funeral below:

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  • American

    IDF storm troopers murdered many Palestinian women and children.

    • Your cold indifference to the chopping to death men at prayer should astonish me but it does not.

      Couple this with your lies that IDF are storm troopers and that these IDF soldiers kill noncombatants deliberately show your willful disregard for the truth.

      You are not worth the time to merit debate.

      How do you justify the killing of three Jewish teenagers by terrorists as the teenagers leave school?

      How do you explain the throat slitting of the Vogel family while they sleep, the youngest child being under three years of age?

      You are a waste of breath. Then again, I imagine you support the many beheadings [i.e., the sawing off of heads] of volunteer caregivers in Syria/Iraq.

      • American

        Do you have any sympathy for the innocent Palestinians? See how idiotic and hypocritical you sound?

  • Sonia Willats

    Truly Israel has lost many precious young people this year. There is comfort that so many youth have such wonderful devotion to duty, the nation and their faith. And there is comfort in the life to come. He was clearly a precious young man, of blessed memory.

  • Emmett

    The longer that corrupt leftist occupier of the PM’s office stays in power, the higher the Jewish body count gets. All unnecessarilly.

  • Alexander Forsyth

    You were, are and always will be a hero to your people and a loving brother and son to your family whose loss can never be calculated, you are with Hashem now and it is a comfort to know that the journey has some way still to go and that we all will come together in his glory, so until then you will be in my prayers, shalom and Amen.