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November 12, 2014 3:56 pm

From Field Trip to Nightmare: Kids Injured as Israeli Arabs Stone Religious School Outing

avatar by Dave Bender

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Palestinian youth throwing stones at Israeli forces (illustration)

Palestinian youth throwing stones at Israeli forces (illustration). Photo: Dave Bender.

Several Israeli sixth-graders and instructors on a school field trip in the Galilee were injured when they came under a hail of stones hurled by Arab teenagers, Israel’s NRG News reported Wednesday.

During a nature hike to the Arbel Cliffs overlooking the Sea of Galilee, the 16 to 17-year-olds, from Kfar Manda in the western Galilee, pelted the group of 10 and 11-year-olds from Kibbutz Sde Eliyahu, injuring several pupils and teachers, and hitting one of the kids in the head.

“The students were crying on the bus; there is no doubt that they are traumatized,” school officials said, and noted that at least one member of the group required hospitalization for their injuries.

“During the descent [from the cliff], the group of female students sat down for a break. Suddenly stones started flying,” in the words of one teacher.

The students panicked and the educational staff scrambled to try to find shelter. One of the students got hit in the head and a teacher who tried to protect the students was injured,” officials said.

The staff alerted the school, which summoned police and an ambulance.

Throughout the frightening event, the staff and security guard tried to keep the girls calm until help arrived. They, eventually, were evacuated to a hospital in nearby Afula, where a teacher was hospitalized for her injuries.

Arbel Cliffs, overlooking the Sea of Galilee. Photo: Wikipedia.

Arbel Cliffs, overlooking the Sea of Galilee. Photo: Wikipedia.

“The students had a very difficult experience,” an official said.

They were frightened and some even cried when the event was over. We are making every effort to help them,” the official said, noting, however, that the Arab students’ instructors “tried to calm them down, and spoke with us – but their teachers really did not respond and did not intervene.”

The school principal sent a letter to all the parents saying that “tomorrow we will talk with the class in order to process the experience and identify if there are children who need additional assistance. If your child reacts abnormally or in a worrisome manner, please let us know.”

Tiberias Police detained the Arab students’ guide for questioning, after which he was released, and launched an investigation into the circumstances of the case.

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  • msr

    Why does Israel allow this to happen. Why are these cowards not punished?!

  • Geldhorn

    That is clearly an oversimplification, stating they will possibly turn on their parents and injure / harm them! That will not happen., they hate the Jews, period! And want to,kill them, even when still young. They blame the Jews Everything, just as Hitler did. This will not end, only escalate. Remember what Jesus himself said, I will not return (to Jersusalem) until, you learn to cry! Start crying for your saviour before it’s too late! Getting angry at the Christ only makes your enemies more happy and encourages them to,kill. The german nazis wre NoT Christian, btw!! Everything always backwards in this world! Truth distorted. Hatred abounds. Ignorance everywhere, blindness, utter, complete blindness to the truth, pray your eyes be opened. Pray like never before. The hour is late. Chrsit isr erurning as a roaring Lion this time, every knee shall bow and every tongue confess. Think you know fear? This the Messiah was a wimp? Think again. No one needs to,kill for him or defend him. God and the Christ can and will punish this world for breaking of His commandments and total disrespect of even his very authority and his Throne. Learn to cry…

  • Arnold Handelman

    This incident is in the same genre as the murder of a Jewish 5-year old Israeli by Gazan rockets. Two or three rockets were sitting in Gaza in a densely civilian children’s area, aimed at an Israeli town. The IDF saw it and reported it. They were ordered not to shoot to destroy the Gazan rockets, because there might be Gazan civilians injured or killed. A few days later, the Palestinians of Gaza fired these rockets, and killed a 5 year old Israeli. So the IDF, yielding to international outrage at Palestinian deaths, especially Palestinian children, allowed an Israeli child to be killed. Israel is condemned regardless of what it does. It might as well give proper defence and protection to its own citizens. The IDF must not sacrifice Israelis to try to influence world public opinion. Otherwise, it’s doing the same thing that Hamas is doing.

  • DR Moses

    Train your child in the ways of God, when they grow they will not move from it .
    These stone throwing children may in turn become a problem even to their parents.since they are trained to hate and kill others , hatred has no boundaries it starts outside when it grows it returns home.

  • Sheila Wolfe

    Where was the armed soldier escorting these kids, with real bullets to retaliate. If I was a parent I would be furious, these religious flocks think G-d will protect them.

    • chanah

      really not on the money, sheila re: religious “flocks”. these kids are from a dati-leumi/ national-religious kibbutz. i have family at the kibbutz next door, and not only do they have a tradition of service, they tend to go to certain high-level combat units. and in general, the national religious crowd has the highest rate of service in army combat units.

      my guess is that the guards were shocked and stunned. also, probably afraid of provoking a bigger riot. they probably should carry tear gas and stun grenades in addition to bullets…

  • Rick

    The stone throwing scum needs to be removed from the face of the Earth.

  • Monty Pogoda

    May all stone throwers rot starting now!

  • Linda B

    I stand with Israel and her kind gentle people. This hateful disgusting behavior comes from cowardly boys who will NEVER grow into honorable men. Shame on the parents, and the sick twisted society who grows this evil hate in their children!

  • sander

    When a Muslim throws rocks at another Muslim in order to kill one convicted of a crime it is a religious act.Therefore when rocks are thrown at Jews by Muslims it is an act of their religion and not a criminal act.In order to defeat the Islamic enemy the Israelis has to understand what motivates them,to date the have not understood.

    • Billy Bumps

      Let me understand this statement u made?
      If an enemy throws an object at you that hits
      you, let’s say in the head… ddoesn’t hurt so
      if you the victim understands that the thrower
      do because his/hher god said do it…..or,why
      did the cow cross the 8 lane super highway..
      or what is the best way to prop up a flatulent
      tooth fairy????? Good question!

    • Penny

      And now that you opened our eyes,and we understand. What happens ow. Do they stop throwing rocks, like the cowards that they are.? Is that what you see happening, now that we “understand?”
      You are delusional.

  • Bernard Ross

    give the police and army the license to kill!

  • Bernard Ross

    jewish children being stoned in Israel and the world calls for restraint. It is important that arab children are stoned in the same manner in order for that collective to have a meaningful learning experience. jewish restraint gives encouragement to murder jewish children. Jewish parents are sacrifiicng their children to absurd double standards which indicate a form of anti semitism towards oneself. Jews are sitl in the Stockholm syndrome of the Shtetl. I would seek to liquidate any one who threw stones at my child whoever they are.

  • Irwin Graulich

    Every single Arab teenager who participated in this “massacre,” should go to prison for 5 years and his parents home should be blown up. We need a new prime minister with the “Kadoorim” to do that!!!

  • 20 YEARS+ for rock throwers, deport their families OUT OF ISRAEL IMMEDIATELY, and after 20 years send them packing. Their modus operendi is to MURDER and MAIM JEWISH innocents.

  • Yoel Nitzarim

    There is no greater, more power hatred, more preposterous trauma than that delivered by one child on another. This turn of events I find most distressing!

  • Larry

    It’s time Israel passed a law making rioting and throwing stones or any other object to harm people a felony crime.

  • Alizah Hochstead

    When will we act as proud Jews? My husband risks being pelted by stones every day when he travels to his kollel in Beitar (from Efrat). Here in my community we continue to hire them, treat them medically, give them clothes etc. We need to increase in Torah Study, Mitzvot, Tsedakkah and let our neighbors know that this is our country given to us by the one above.

  • `Bob J

    It’s a good thing we now have a Jewish State where Jewish kids can come and be protected from attacks like this, and where the perpetrators will be brought to brought to justice.

  • Vivarto

    Co-exist my ass!

  • Vivarto

    Muhammedan Arabs know that Jews are their enemy.
    Deluded and hypocritical Jews pretend that Muhammedan Arabs are not their enemy.

    Now the children are paying the price for this hypocrisy.

  • SHmuel HaLevi

    Entirely the intentional doing of the Peresites since Oslo and presently by Netanyahu and his gruesome gangs.
    We live for decades in the Galilee and periodically informed the “authorities” of the nightly machine gun practices in the Islamic-Arab villages in the region. Stone throwing, car and truck road aggression, our Synagogue was marked with Nazi symbols, dummy bombs, yellow MD’s.etc.
    Not a one ever detained or found.
    Yesterday the “israeli demkgkgkratiahh” members made into law preventing free distribution of the only Jewish national interest newspaper.
    Naturally the Islamic beasts partners of Rabin-Peres et all see the opening and attack.
    Actually the unJewish deviants still support the bestial murderers and attack Jews.

  • This is another instance of how locked-in Muslims are to their “religion” and ideology, and their inculcated hatred of Jews. There is no unlocking it. Muslims are addicted to Jew-hatred. Anti-Semitism even sounds like a mild term for the psychotic obsession of Jew-hatred among Muslims.

  • Andrew

    Why wasn’t the group detained? You have the culprits there, why let them go. Throwing rocks is attempted murder of the least an aggravated battery.

  • Jeffrey Modell

    Detained the Arab students’ guide? How about arresting the rock throwers, requiring them to pay restitution for the injured victims, and giving them some hard labor so they understand actions have consequences? I do not understand why the security guard for the Israeli kids did not use “appropriate” legally justified force to run off the attackers. Did someone order him not to?

  • 16 and 17 year old Israeli Arab boys throwing rocks at 10 and 11 year old Israeli Jewish girls. What heroes! Almost as great as their Arab teachers who did not respond or intervene.