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November 12, 2014 12:01 pm

Prosor: Why is the UN Siding With Terrorism and Incitement?

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The United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva, Switzerland. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Below is the full transcript of Israeli Permanent Representative to the UN Ron Prosor’s remarks at the United Nations on November 10th, 2014.

Ladies and gentlemen,

I have asked you here today to address the direct effects of ignoring the daily incitement by the Palestinian Authority coupled with statements calling for the destruction of the State of Israel by Iran – a so-called reformed regime.

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I will be perfectly clear – ignoring incitement and terrorism is similar to supporting terrorism.

In two and half weeks, Israel has seen 5 terror attacks, 5 people killed, and dozens of others have been seriously injured.

Just hours ago, a young soldier was stabbed in Tel Aviv and a young woman was stabbed just south of Jerusalem.

Every day Israelis are coming under attack. Every day the crowds of violent Palestinian rioters grow larger. And yet, this institution has not uttered a word to denounce attacks against Israelis.

Unsurprisingly, we have also not heard anything constructive from some of my European colleagues. To them, I say:

Yes, continue to co-sponsor one-sided resolutions.

Yes, continue to encourage unilateral actions.

And yes, by all means, prematurely recognize a Palestinian State.

This has clearly been a resounding success that has brought us that much closer to peace.

And what about the Palestinian leadership? They can [be called] the academy for arsonists because they add fuel to the fire on a daily basis.

A person doesn’t just wake up one day and decide to stab someone or ram his car into a crowd of people. These attacks are the results of years of anti-Israel indoctrination and the glorification of so-called martyrs.

The incitement is everywhere. In schools, mosques, and media, the Palestinian Authority is glorifying terrorists and celebrating attacks on Jews and Israelis.

And where is the Palestinian delegate? Has he found the time to condemn these attacks?

Of course not. You see he has a very important function to attend this evening – a fashion show taking place in this institution to recognize the UN’s international year of solidarity with the Palestinian people.

Now let me understand this. Solidarity with the Palestinian people? Solidarity with incitement? Solidarity with terror and extremism?

But I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that the Palestinian delegation is off to a fashion show. After all, they are experts in dressing up and disguising the truth.

And the truth is, ladies and gentlemen:

Israel is on the frontline fighting terrorism and radical extremism. We have no other choice but to stand up and defend our people in the only democracy in a region plagued by tyranny and terror.

I call on every responsible member of this institution to stand united with us in this fight. Stand with us as we fight terrorism. Stand with us as we fight incitement. And stand with us as we fight for the values that we all hold dear.

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