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November 14, 2014 4:46 pm

Abbas Adviser Issues Bloodcurdling Threat to ‘Palestinians Who Sell Land to Jews’ (VIDEO)

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Sultan Abu Al-'Einein, an adviser to Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas, says that Palestinians who sell land to Jews should be hung from electric poles. Image: MEMRI Screenshot

A prominent official of the Palestinian Fatah movement who is also an adviser to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has issued a bloodcurdling threat to “Palestinians who sell land to Jews” – and it’s far from being the first time that this same official has engaged in violent, incendiary rhetoric.

Sultan Abu Al-‘Einein, who advises Abbas on “civil society organizations,” told the Iranian Arabic-language channel Al-Alam TV that Palestinians who sell their land to Jews “should be be killed in the streets and hanged on electric poles.”

During the interview, translated by the Middle East Media and Research Institute (MEMRI,) a snarling Abu Al-‘Einein praised the man who attempted to murder Israeli activist Rabbi Yehuda Glick, saying that “the way to fight the Israeli occupation is the way of the martyr Mutaz Hijazi.”

As his voice reached fever pitch, Abu Al-‘Einein declared that any Palestinian “who sells even an inch of our Palestinian land must be killed in the streets and hung on an electric pole.”

Abu Al-‘Einein has made several similarly violent statements already this year.

In June, the Palestinian news agency Ma’an reported that the Palestinian Authority had rejected a call from five U.S. congressmen to fire Abu Al-‘Einein after he praised Salam Al-Zaghal, the murderer of Eviatar Borovsky, a 31 year old father of five from the Jewish community of Yitzhar in the West Bank. On that occasion, Abu Al-Einein also lauded the mother of  the murderer, with the words, “blessings to the breast that nursed him.”

In July, Abu Al-Einein called for an all-out war against Jewish residents of the West Bank. “Let every hour of the settlers’ presence on our land be a source of threat and terror for them. Let us deprive their lives of security, so that the Palestinian land becomes a minefield against the occupation,” he urged.

Watch Sultan Abu Al-‘Einein threaten Palestinians who sell land to Jews:

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  • RobiMac

    Why are the Israeli’s buying land that their God has the title deed to? Yeshua is the owner and He has given it to the Hebrews for an everlasting possession….all of Israel, not just the little sliver tat we see on today’s map.

    The day is fast coming when He will squash all the squatters on His land.

  • Dov meir

    This advisor became athreat to the “Palestinians” and the “Palestinians” accordingly have the right, Derived from the natural law, to defend their lives by doing the same him.

  • Michael

    Ah, the way of the Palestinian. Intimidation, extortion,threats of physical violence. These impotent blowhards are watching too many old mafia movies.

  • DockyWocky

    Imagine having to pretend to be “negotiating” with this blockhead.

  • Kris Kristian




  • Michael

    impotent rabid dog.

  • Aussie

    Sounds like apartheid rhetoric from South Africa. More double standards. When will the world wake up?

  • Paul

    Just try imagine how the world would react to a declaration by Israelis, that anyone selling Israeli property to Israeli Arabs would be punished by death by lynching.

  • Julian Clovelley

    Putting aside the extreme unpleasantness of the rhetoric, one should still examine the problem that is being raised here, for under the system referred to as “Free Trade” and under the present almost complete lack of proper regulation in many countries in relation to Foreign Investment and Real Estate purchase, there is indeed a colossal growing problem

    Forget Palestine for a moment, and look at an entirely peaceful country such as my own, Australia – or for that matter my birth country of Britain

    In Australia our children earning the national average wage, which is some 20 thousand dollars higher than the median wage, have no hope of buying their own homes without family capital. Worse still the rents in the capital cities, where many are bound by the nature of their university training, are so high that these too take up most of an average wage. In Sydney – for example – the rent of a small flat or house anywhere near the centre will cost you between thirty and forty thousand – or more, far more – a year. Even small house are often over a million dollars, in inner suburbs up to forty minutes from the centre by public transport. Those cheaper ones – if you can find them – are rubbish. The unavailability of decent housing, public or private, is the shatterer of dreams and of hope – and the cause of social and family breakdown – even mental illness and suicide. We almost all know such cases, often in our own families

    Let’s have some more actual figures – The median wage and average wage, when we include part time workers drops to around 47K and 56K before tax, and we have not even considered the registered and unregistered unemployed, non participant, and those on welfare. (2013 figures)

    The housing crisis has led to a government inquiry into overseas ownership – which is a little cynical in that it is Governments that have been encouraging it. Real Estate Auctions are flooded with overseas purchasers – especially Chinese – who outbid native Australians. Whilst investment rules, strictly speaking, only allow the foreign purchase of new property, such rules are easily circumvented by using local shelf companies or proxies.

    Many investors use their purchases as capital investment chips – well over 100 thousand flats are believed to be empty in Sydney alone, at least one third owned by overseas investors. These untenanted apartments are virtually untaxed in that they have no rental income – and they add to the housing crisis. Rents and house prices are forced up by the use of paper money printed in Shanghai to outbid Australians, such as our own children, many of whom have worked hard through years of University education, and hold down steady, tax paying jobs. It is grossly unfair. Overseas purchased commercial properties force up commercial rents too, the cost trickling down to the nation as a whole in prices to pay for them

    So I can understand the desperation of people who see their land bought up underneath them, using in many cases money that is even “overseas finance” as far as Israel is concerned. I can understand that they too perceive it as tantamount to an “invasion”. The possession of money should not give you sole right to the dignity of adequate accommodation in any nation you choose.

    Part of the problem here is the confusion between ownership and title, which leads to the belief that if you have “title” you should be allowed to do with the property what you damn please, wherever it is. I could write mountains more on all this, but I am sure you get the picture. Look at the attitude of Settlers to any suggestion of a Palestinian State having jurisdiction over Jewish Settlements

    What can a people do when Governments and Authorities either refuse to act, or are unable to act to protect their populations? Isn’t this the point when extremists – sometimes as in Palestine, violent extremists – gain credibility and power

    Foreign purchase can be used as de facto invasion, and such invasion is not only not a “human right” – it can actually be a source of repression as military and police force becomes needed to protect unpopular foreign investment – in some cases occupation.

    Sometimes it helps to understand a situation by comparing it with a similar event elsewhere. I am sure that at a purely emotional level – Australians are the least violent of people – many disappointed would-be first home buyers, the children of generations of hard working Australians and migrants, would cheerfully, but only in fantasy, string up a few Estate Agents and foreign investors.

    But what they really want is a ban on foreign investment, protection of their own and their children’s right to own or rent affordably a home – and I wonder, in this, are the Palestinians so different

    We lose homes and farms and commercial property to foreign investors. We watch helplessly as overseas money buys our industry and closes it, shifting production to the repressed workforces of totalitarian and repressive states. The imagined prosperity of my country is, for more than half its population, a cruel lie. Even our minerals are mined by overseas based companies

    In desperation other nations have had to stop foreign investment, especially in land and real estate, by legislation – But where there is NO nation state- as in the case of Occupied Palestine – is even that an option?

    Is that perhaps also why there is no State? – Just asking – For maybe peaceful solutions can only arisas options when there is one

  • No lasting solution of the Palestine problem is to be hoped for until the injustice is removed. The fact must be faced that the violence of the Palestinian Arabs in occupied Palestin is the inevitable corollary of the Zionist Israeli moral violence(occupation, dentention, deportation, and demolishing homes)done to them, and that it is not likely to cease, whatever the brutality of the repression, unless the moral violence itself were to cease.There is no room for the Zionisation and colonization by the erection of para military Jewish settlemnts in a land which is already inhabited, and inhqabited by a people whose national consciousness is fully awakened and whose affection for their homes and countryside is obviosly unconquerable.

  • Sofia B

    When will Israel stop treating these murderers in their hospitals, and their extended families. Let them go to Egypt, Lebanon, Turkey, or other places, furthermore, if Hamas didn’t destroy their own hospitals, well, perhaps they could be treated there.
    You can’t deal with the devil. Stop being Nice Guy, and keep your backs to the wall and carry a big stick.

  • Sofia B

    I don’t want to watch Sultan? Al-einein threaten Palestinians who sell land to the Jewish people. Sultan?
    SOB is more like it!! Furthermore, the poor Palestinians are just pawns in the dirty work of the higher-ups who control all aspects of their lives. Glorifying murders of the Jewish People, is plain dirty murder, and furthermore, to glorify the mothers, well, I could have another answer, but its enough to say, if a mother is proud of her son the murderer, she is not far removed from him.

    Sofia B

  • Joel

    The Palestinian Arabs are the squatters and the Prophets tell us what the LORD thinks of people that try to wrest the Land of Israel from its rightful owners. The Palestinians that sell land to Israelis should be given asylum and praised for their willingness to relinquish the Land to its true owners.

  • art

    Obama/Hillary/Kerry obviously think this is constructive and conducive to peace and it dove tails perfectly with their position that Jewish home building is destructive to the chances of peace. Good to know Obama/Hillary/ Kerry have Israels back

  • Que se le haga a el lo que quiere para otros, asi de facil,