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November 17, 2014 8:49 am

To Stop Terror, Israel Should Learn From the Palestinians

avatar by Abraham H. Miller

Dalia Lemkos, 25, terror victim. Photo: The Jewish Standard.

Dalia Lemkos, 25, terror victim. Photo: The Jewish Standard.

Twenty-five-year old Dalia Lemkos will not see her 26th birthday. Dalia Lemkos had her throat slashed by a Jihadi, one of the wanton terrorist attacks incited by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.

The Palestinian Authority and its apologists justify such acts as a consequence of Israeli policies. You can run over a young woman with a beautiful soul and then slit her throat because you were compelled to do so.

You had no choice.

Dalia Lemkos was on the cusp of life. She had not yet had children. She had not yet  married. She volunteered at Yad Sarah, a group that provides medical assistance to a half a million people a year. She was studying to be a physical therapist because she liked helping people.

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Her assailant was a thug who had been let out of jail because of American pressure brought on Israel to bring the Palestinians to the negotiating table – a policy that resulted in the freeing of murders to get Palestinians to sit before the cameras’ lenses and  pretend to seek peace.

Palestinians sing a popular refrain, “Run Them Over, Blow Them Up.” A billboard in Nazareth calls for killing Jews. A music video aired on Jordanian television glorifies running over Jewish pedestrians. This what and who the Palestinians really are.

Jews will be killed – for the unrelenting, unending war of attrition now has found a way to make every man or woman who can drive a car a terrorist.

And the beatification of murders goes on, even one who rammed his car into a crowd of pedestrians and killed a three-month-old baby, whom Hamas called a female settler.

The world is silent about this new blood letting. One can only imagine the flurry of activity at the United Nations if Jews were ramming cars into Palestinians, and Jewish leaders were calling for more atrocities.

The Obama Administration calls for calm, when it is not calling Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, chicken***t or contradicting General Martin Dempsey for going off script and announcing to the world that Israel worked tirelessly to avoid civilian casualties in the Gaza war.

Meanwhile, Europeans have found the answer to the conflict in a rush to recognize a Palestinian state, one that has neither boundaries nor a capital, as if what the entire world needs is another command and control center for Jihadis to launch attacks against Jews.

No boundary, no capital, no acquiescence of the holiest place in Judaism will give the Muslims what they want – the removal of the Jewish stain that blights their honor.

Nothing Israel does, short of not responding to the newest campaign in the war of Islamic attrition, will satisfy this administration – and even that might not do it.

As innocent Jewish blood is spilled and the Palestinians glorify it in song and through lionizing murders, what option does Israel have?

The answer lies in the mentality and ideology of the Palestinians themselves. The Palestinians have always said that Israel must look East rather than West.

So, why not think like a Palestinian? After all, the rest of the world seems to endorse such thinking.

Collective responsibility: an act of terrorism is no longer  an individual act. It is an act incited and rewarded by  political leaders. For every Israeli that falls to terrorism, build a settlement in his or her name. If an Arab community produces a series of terrorist attacks, hold it accountable. Replace it or surround it with settlements.

If the mere act of being a Jew makes one part of some wider “collective guilt,” then certainly an act of terrorism can be viewed in the same way. What’s good for the Palestinians can also be good for the Israelis!

People commit acts of terrorism for the same reason they sell something – there is a profit in it. Remove the profit by increasing the costs, and they go out of business.

If a street in East Jerusalem is blocked and becomes a staging ground for thugs seeking to kill innocent motorists, level the neighborhood. Pave it over and make the street wider.

Either the Israelis will be destroyed by attrition because their people will get tired of burying their young, living under a state of siege and leave, or they will make a drastic change in policy.

The international community, you say, will not tolerate a strong response, especially the Obama Administration. So, what will they do? They will call your prime minister, chicken***t; they will falsely accuse you of war crimes, demand that you release murders, and restrain you from avenging your dead? Or, perhaps, they will recognize a non-existent Palestinian state and shred every agreement you ever signed with your enemy? Maybe, they will withhold an arms resupply during the midst of a war? Or worse, they will cut a deal with Iran and make it a nuclear power, a threat to your very existence, and prevent you from taking action?

The international community has done all of this!

Arab intellectuals tell me Israel must accommodate itself to the local culture. Indeed, the local culture enshrines collective responsibility and collective guilt. It is time for Israel to learn from the Palestinians what that means.

Abraham H. Miller is an emeritus professor of political science, University of Cincinnati and a contributor to the Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity. He is the author of, Fourteenth Street, A Chicago Story, a work of political fiction.

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