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November 17, 2014 8:49 am

To Stop Terror, Israel Should Learn From the Palestinians

avatar by Abraham H. Miller

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Dalia Lemkos, 25, terror victim. Photo: The Jewish Standard.

Dalia Lemkos, 25, terror victim. Photo: The Jewish Standard.

Twenty-five-year old Dalia Lemkos will not see her 26th birthday. Dalia Lemkos had her throat slashed by a Jihadi, one of the wanton terrorist attacks incited by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.

The Palestinian Authority and its apologists justify such acts as a consequence of Israeli policies. You can run over a young woman with a beautiful soul and then slit her throat because you were compelled to do so.

You had no choice.

Dalia Lemkos was on the cusp of life. She had not yet had children. She had not yet  married. She volunteered at Yad Sarah, a group that provides medical assistance to a half a million people a year. She was studying to be a physical therapist because she liked helping people.

Her assailant was a thug who had been let out of jail because of American pressure brought on Israel to bring the Palestinians to the negotiating table – a policy that resulted in the freeing of murders to get Palestinians to sit before the cameras’ lenses and  pretend to seek peace.

Palestinians sing a popular refrain, “Run Them Over, Blow Them Up.” A billboard in Nazareth calls for killing Jews. A music video aired on Jordanian television glorifies running over Jewish pedestrians. This what and who the Palestinians really are.

Jews will be killed – for the unrelenting, unending war of attrition now has found a way to make every man or woman who can drive a car a terrorist.

And the beatification of murders goes on, even one who rammed his car into a crowd of pedestrians and killed a three-month-old baby, whom Hamas called a female settler.

The world is silent about this new blood letting. One can only imagine the flurry of activity at the United Nations if Jews were ramming cars into Palestinians, and Jewish leaders were calling for more atrocities.

The Obama Administration calls for calm, when it is not calling Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, chicken***t or contradicting General Martin Dempsey for going off script and announcing to the world that Israel worked tirelessly to avoid civilian casualties in the Gaza war.

Meanwhile, Europeans have found the answer to the conflict in a rush to recognize a Palestinian state, one that has neither boundaries nor a capital, as if what the entire world needs is another command and control center for Jihadis to launch attacks against Jews.

No boundary, no capital, no acquiescence of the holiest place in Judaism will give the Muslims what they want – the removal of the Jewish stain that blights their honor.

Nothing Israel does, short of not responding to the newest campaign in the war of Islamic attrition, will satisfy this administration – and even that might not do it.

As innocent Jewish blood is spilled and the Palestinians glorify it in song and through lionizing murders, what option does Israel have?

The answer lies in the mentality and ideology of the Palestinians themselves. The Palestinians have always said that Israel must look East rather than West.

So, why not think like a Palestinian? After all, the rest of the world seems to endorse such thinking.

Collective responsibility: an act of terrorism is no longer  an individual act. It is an act incited and rewarded by  political leaders. For every Israeli that falls to terrorism, build a settlement in his or her name. If an Arab community produces a series of terrorist attacks, hold it accountable. Replace it or surround it with settlements.

If the mere act of being a Jew makes one part of some wider “collective guilt,” then certainly an act of terrorism can be viewed in the same way. What’s good for the Palestinians can also be good for the Israelis!

People commit acts of terrorism for the same reason they sell something – there is a profit in it. Remove the profit by increasing the costs, and they go out of business.

If a street in East Jerusalem is blocked and becomes a staging ground for thugs seeking to kill innocent motorists, level the neighborhood. Pave it over and make the street wider.

Either the Israelis will be destroyed by attrition because their people will get tired of burying their young, living under a state of siege and leave, or they will make a drastic change in policy.

The international community, you say, will not tolerate a strong response, especially the Obama Administration. So, what will they do? They will call your prime minister, chicken***t; they will falsely accuse you of war crimes, demand that you release murders, and restrain you from avenging your dead? Or, perhaps, they will recognize a non-existent Palestinian state and shred every agreement you ever signed with your enemy? Maybe, they will withhold an arms resupply during the midst of a war? Or worse, they will cut a deal with Iran and make it a nuclear power, a threat to your very existence, and prevent you from taking action?

The international community has done all of this!

Arab intellectuals tell me Israel must accommodate itself to the local culture. Indeed, the local culture enshrines collective responsibility and collective guilt. It is time for Israel to learn from the Palestinians what that means.

Abraham H. Miller is an emeritus professor of political science, University of Cincinnati and a contributor to the Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity. He is the author of, Fourteenth Street, A Chicago Story, a work of political fiction.

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  • Pierre Herve Bocquee

    I hope the stupid Israeli Government does not release anymore terrorist from Jail. Say NO to the EU, UN, USA and anyone else.Satan is in control of these. Submit to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.Recognise that your messiah (YESHUA) has already come and die on a cross for the whole world. Because of you Israel we (gentile) have been grafted on to the true vine.You have given us not just the word of God but also the promises.The true believers in Yeshua loves you and pray for your salvation everyday.We stand with you till the very end.May God bless you and may his face shine upon you. Shalom.

  • Vivarto wrote on Nov. 18:
    “Arab intellectuals tell me Israel must accommodate itself to the local culture.”
    The Arabs have waged five wars and several intifadas against Israel. They lost every one of them. Please ask the Arab intellectuals you quote to cite ONE instance in recorded history when the vanquished dictated the terms of peace to the victors?

  • Netanyahu1,Hamas0

    Just slam a missile into Gaza everytime the step outa line! Simples…

  • Lauren Goldman

    Anyone caught in an act of terrorism should be shot dead, and if it survives; life in prison with no parole, in strict isolation. Immediately strip the family of citizenship, give them 30 minutes to collect their things, and drive them to the border. No more prisoners released unless they are in bags.

    This is war and needs to be dealt with accordingly. As usual, we are on our own, and since no matter what we do we will be blamed and condemned, just get down to the business at hand.

    Europe is disappearing, having rolled over to muslim demands for years, the UN is merely a mouthpiece for the arab world, and President Hussein showed his true colors by delaying contracted weapons deliveries to Israel in the middle of this summer’s war with hamas.

    The only consideration is Israel’s safety and survival. Never forget. Never forgive. Never again.

  • Jeffrey Justin

    so you want us to become them,if so whats the point

    • Janice Kenner

      Then the rest of the wold will love us.

  • Shalom-Hillel

    Israel knows how to deal with the fanatical Arabs who murder, and there is the will, but it is the western media narrative spin, together with an Islamic-dominated UN, that cause the hesitation we see; their incitement takes place on the international level. We need a solid, serious US president whose voice is strong and who knows the difference between good and evil.

    • Good luck – we sure haven’t got one. We’ve elected a besotted Arabist who does NOT KNOW right from wrong, whose power vastly exceeds his judgment – he should be impeached on the grounds that he endangers the physical security of this country, discriminates against its Jewish citizens; sits by aimlessly while Iran gets the nuclear bomb they have been craving so they can dictate to the Unites States what we can or cannot do or say.
      It is the ultimate treason.
      Inept at foreign policy he also endangers Israel whom he tries to pressure into giving up ‘land for peace’ to an entity that teaches the children in their madrase that they will go to paradise for murdering Jews – very promising partner for peace!!
      Israel is a peaceful and peace-loving nation; the proof: whenever she had a serious partner for peace, she was willing to give up land for peace. She gave up the entire Sinai peninsula, because Anwar el-Sadat was a man of honor, and so was Begin; they came to trust each other, which is the only basis for peace. Who could trust Mahmud Abbas? the two-faced crook who speaks peace in English and ‘Death to the Jews’in Arabic.

  • Vivarto

    “Arab intellectuals tell me Israel must accommodate itself to the local culture. Indeed, the local culture enshrines collective responsibility and collective guilt. It is time for Israel to learn from the Palestinians what that means.”

    That’s true.
    But building “settlements” in response to terror is wrong.
    The so called settlements are perfectly legal. Jews have the right to live and build in Judea and Samaria and don’t need Arabs to murder them in order to build some homes.

    The correct punishment should be expulsion of the whole community from where the terrorist came.
    The neighborhood, where they lived.

    It is important to remember that Arab life is cheap, while Jewish life is expensive.
    This is by no means a “racist” statement.
    Rather it is the statement of fact.
    Arabs wanted 1000 terrorist in exchange for one half-ass corporal Shallit.
    SO they themselves agree.
    For Muhammadan parents to lose a child is not a big deal either, they bread fast and can make 10 more any time.
    They are celebrating their kids being killed because they go to Paradise, and the mothers get brownie points with Allah.
    If Arabs kill 6 million Jews, there will be no more Jews left in Israel. But if Jews kill 6 million Arabs, there will still be 98.5% of them left. Nothing to worry about.

    So the proportionality must be very different.
    At lest 100 dead Arab for each dead Jew, is a beginning.

  • Many times the only way to maintain peace is found through wielding the sword over despots. Otherwise the despots run rampant as is currently the case. Miller doesn’t call for Zionism to rule the world as does Islam. He doesn’t call for “Jihad” and for death to anyone who doesn’t believe his religious views as does Islam. We live in a fallen world and military action is often needed to keep tyrants in check.

  • Yale

    It really comes down to a simple question: Which is more likely to bring peace sooner: Assuring the Palestinians that if they reject the current offer from Israel the rest of the world will force Israel to offer them something better OR Telling the Palestinians that the offer on the table now is the best they will ever get. Reject it, and the next one will be for less.

    You get two tries, and the first one doesn’t necessarily count.

  • felix



  • Myron Robinson

    It is about time that Israel stops this nonsense from Hamas once & for all. If Hamas do not want to come to the negotiating table with intent to make peace, as Israel must do then the only way to fight these terrorists is with an iron fist. If they come with a knife use a gun. If they use a gun use a bazooka. If they use a bazooka use a tank. If they use a tank use a missile. If they use a missile use a plane. If they use a plane use a nuke

  • carol

    This is a BRILLIANT idea:

    “Collective responsibility: an act of terrorism is no longer an individual act. It is an act incited and rewarded by political leaders. For every Israeli that falls to terrorism, build a settlement in his or her name. If an Arab community produces a series of terrorist attacks, hold it accountable. Replace it or surround it with settlements.”

    I hope to Israel implements it as soon as possible!

  • Haile Stressor

    Mr. Skeini,

    What would would be your policy to stop these heinous acts of violence? Mr. Miller’s starting point is what the British did during their reign as a Mandatory power: Destroy the home of the perpetrator, even though other people live there who were not participants in the murder.
    If your answer is, as I suspect it will be, a claim that the perpetrators are only responding to Israeli “crimes and oppression” then you are attempting to justify the unjustifiable. Israeli Arabs are citizens: They vote, they elect representatives to the Knesset, an Arab judge sits on the Supreme court, their longevity, standard of living and freedom to criticize the government are the envy of their brethren in neighboring countries, they are well represented in the professions. They are free to emigrate, but no one does. They don’t even have to do national service in the IDF, protecting the nation and their own communities.

    Nonetheless, when Abbas urges them to murder Jews, some do. The question is how to respond to those acts and their incitation.

  • Selina Owen

    Palestine is not yet ready to rule itself. It is divided amongst itself, no boarders no city and a terrorist in nature.

  • steven L

    When push comes to shove, the West will have to decide if they want one more Islamo-fascist state or a Jewish state.
    IL must put the West against the wall and stop making insane concessions to a non-existent people. Concessions after a while shows weakness and becomes insanity. IL cannot concede to devils who glorify other people(their own children) death. If you do not respect your children you do not deserve a country.

  • steven L

    When push comes to shove, the West will have to decide if they want one more Islamo-fascist state or a Jewish state.
    IL must put the West against the wall and stop making insane concessions to a non-existent people. Concessions after a while shows weakness and becomes insanity. IL cannot concede to devils who glorify other people(their own children) lives. If you do not respect your children you do not deserve a country.


  • Paul Winter

    Abe Miller puts the situation well, but it is all theory.

    If Israel had leaders instead of a pack of quibbling ghetto faction heads, it would clear the Temple Mount of Qatar paid Hamas thugs, it would demolish Hamasland and Fatahland antisemitic terror inciting media outlets, it would jail seditious Arab MKs, it would build in E1 and all of Jerusalem, it would demolish Arab buildings in Area C and take over the town of Rabawi. It would also ban the immoral “Purity of Arms” doctrine that endangers life and limb of IDF and police.

    And as far as the EU is concerned, Israel should cut off electricity (for which they refuse to pay) and limit water to allow no more than for the Arabs of Judea, Gaza and Samaria to drink in retaliation for any action that that gang of Jew-hating slaves to mohammedans that prey on them, might take against the only nation in the ME that has Western values.

  • Angela Amor

    Why do Israel have to kowtow to the policies and restrictions of UN? Does the Israel constitution provides that UN agreement or international agreements between nations become part of the law of the land of Israel? Even if there is such a provision and Israel did sign a treaty with the moron nations member of the UN, the highest concern for Israel is the survival of its nation. Its aggressive defense against the genocidal conspiracy of the leaders of these moron nations would be warranted. Whatever Israel does, it will be dammed if it does and dammed if it doesn’t. So go, go, go Israel…you have our blessings. Fear not! What can man do to you? God is on your side.

  • I believe still innocent going to perish both side becouse ofsuper arms or or why persons are killed the trueth is this individual devil billioneers and their devil scientist who came with this idea of super bombs fast planes when they succeed. They take their dirty money to charity so that can blind peopls and continue with their devil work

  • Jack Smith

    The thug you called, he is native of Palestinian, and Israel has no borders either, keeps on stealing the Palestinian land. Palestinian have capital is called Jerusalem tell you stole it from the Native. Believe you have no business in Middle East, and you will be smoked once again.
    Concerning, lady you did not mention innocent, 2,300 Palestinians were slaughtered two months ago.

    • Jeanne

      You are delusional if you think it is Israel’s fault for the Palestinians deaths. Look to your Arab terrorist leaders – who hid missiles behind children, schools and mosques. Focus on building a cleaner, safer environment instead of blaming Jews because the Arab terrorist leaders do NOT care about the “useful idiots” who live in Gaza.

  • in reply to mr. skeini:

    actually, mr. miller is a rather mild mannered college professor.

    he simply is not of a habit to turn away from truth, and the ultimate truth in this matter is that islam wishes to destroy israel, and if a few jews have to be murdered in the process, that poses no hindrance to the aims of islam.

    on the other hand, i am a bit of a fanatic, and i firmly believe in an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth, e.g., a simple policy of retribution at every outrage would serve israel best. i also do not believe in “proportionality.” my objection to israel’s war policy for years has been that israel does not exact the revenge upon palestine and the west bank as she should, and that she is prone to stop fighting wars, and killing muslims, before the job is properly done.

    in my view, israel’s policies in the past have made warfare on the part of muslims, waging and inciting it, a thing for which israel does not exact a proper price. israel should make warfare hurt, and it should wage war savagely, and whenever the palestinians goad israel into it, israel should make them regret it.

    right now, when palestine goes to war, it looses some few casualties and some buildings and war materiel, the death being of relatively little consequence demographically as the palestinians have fighters to give, and whatever damage they suffer in buildings and supplies is rapidly replenished by the united nations and the euro leftists who finance and promote palestines policies.

    the next time israel goes to war, it should kill its adversaries in the same way that its adversaries kill israelis, and it should utterly destroy its opponent.

    back in the old days, when the west still had a backbone, this was called unlimited war. (look no further than world war ii, and the devastation levied upon germany and japan for initiating warfare on a global scale.) if palestine goads war, then palestine should suffer war, and israel should not stop the killing and destruction until palestine sues and begs for peace.

    john jay
    milton freewater, oregon usa

  • Esses Bandidos não tem nada de bom para ensinar, devem sim ser Eliminados!

  • Barbara

    Absolutely brilliant. The only thing Palestinians understand is violence and death. The time has more than passed to treat them in kind

  • BH in Iowa

    Islamic culture MUST be respected.

    As “People of the Book” Muslims should be given the choice: Conversion, Death, or life under “Protection”

  • Adam

    In a place where there are no men, strive to be a man.

  • Hillel

    I couldn’t agree more. Mutih Skeini’s response is so typical of the global attitude in support of anti-semetic currency. It’s all good to cane the Jew, the “Zionist” but we can’t reciprocate because that would be morally reprehensible. Well, when my grandmother and my four aunts, their husbands and children where burned alive in the Warsaw ghetto uprising by Nazi flame throwers these moralists represented by Jerusalem sheikh Husseini in particular was providing tens of thousands of troops to Hitler’s SS to find and send to their deaths more Jews/Zionists.
    I reiterate my complete support for this article and remind you of a WWII Soviet saying my father taught me ” kill him first because if you don’t, he’ll kill you”. It held true with the war against the Nazi and it holds true now. You want to be liked, by whom, the rest of this wretched world which, in one way or another, has been hell bent on destroying the Jew for over 3,000 year and in particular the last 2,000. As King Solomon said, “there is nothing new under the sun” and “he who does not remember the past is bound to repeat it”.

  • Jake

    I am a supporter of Israel, and of PM Netanyahu, but I have a sad truth to share with everyone. The blood of Dalia Lamkus is on his head (as well as Abbas and his heinous government, of course). Israel needs a leader that would never dare release terrorists as a “gesture” to another terrorist. This is a heinous miscarriage of justice that has already resulted in deaths, and could result in more, G-d forbid.


  • M McL



    As Defense Secretary Melvin R. Laird wrote in March 1969, these “developments were not in the United States’ interests and should, if at all possible, be stopped.”

    8th paragraph ‘last wire’>same accusation Iran is dealing with

  • correction to the word in previous comment “challenge”, not challeng.

  • If the horrific act is committed against the beautiful young girl featured above, it is condemned by every decent one of mankind. But the author of the story Abraham Miller’s journalistic credibility is highly questionable! Mr. Miller is a fanatic Zionist who, not only revels in maligned physical and moral terror and violence, but is also bent on sowing death and destruction, just as the barbaric, brutal Isis thugs are. Terror, vengeance, arrogance, hate, destruction, mean spirited, lust for blood, intoxication with power, might makes right, the end justifies the means. Every word and phrase applies, but no words are adequate to convey the utter depravity of this fanatic, rabid Zionist.Having said that, I challeng the Algemeiner to publish this comment.

    • shloime

      he is a “fanatic zionist” because he believes in a jewish homeland in israel.

      this is no different than a “fanatic greek” who believes that greece is the homeland of the greeks, or a “fanatic saudi” who believes that arabia is the homeland of the arabs. jews have no less of a right to their homeland, the biblical and historical zion, than anybody else.

      so check your prejudices, and just deal with it!

    • Jake

      Care to provide evidence for any of your outrageous allegations?

    • Abraham Miller

      The problem is there is no decency on the other side. Israelis are dealing with pure evil, a culture that lionizes the man who killed a three-month-old child as a hero, names public squares after murderers, and incites violence. Where are the decent Palestinians or Muslims for that matter? This week we saw more Muslims come to pray in the National Cathedral that ever came forward to denounce ISIS or brutality in the name of Islam. If Muslims can pray in a church, why can’t Jews pray on the Temple Mount? No decent person wants bloodshed, but then no decent person wants to see their people continually slaughtered in a war of attrition. When a mad dog gets loose in the neighborhood, it is necessary to stop it. But in Israel, there are a lot of mad dogs. They are trained to be that way and rewarded and praised for aggressive behavior. It is an untenable situation. The Palestinians have demonstrated repeatedly that they are incapable of joining the civilized world through self-government, whether in Gaza or with their president in the PA now serving the 10th year of his four-year term. Save your outrage for the acts of violence, for apparently Mahmoud Abbas is incapable of doing so as are the Hamas spokesmen who praise murderers.

    • judorebbe

      There are a lot of Jews who feel that we have been too tolerant, too forgiving, too peaceful, and too sold out by our “friends” (most notably, the US), for too long.

      Perhaps it is time to fight back, without regard for what our EU and US “friends” think. Not just to survive, but to win.

      Rabid Zionist? – Just wait.

    • Joe Honick

      The tone of the Skeini comment in response to the article speaks volumes in a few lines of their own hatred…and Skeini’s challenge to have his or her words published are well met by the Algemeiner, a publisher far more mature than the writer.

    • robert sklar

      Rabid:extreme, fanatical, overzealous, extremist, maniacal, passionate, fervent, overkeen, diehard, uncompromising

      Zionist: The national movement for the return of the Jewish people to their homeland and the resumption of Jewish sovereignty in the Land of Israel.

      Mr. Miller: Shame on you: I know that you are abducting Palestinian girls and either selling them at the slave market in Beersheva or sending them to serve depraved IDF soldiers in the hills of the occupied Galilee. We know that you single-handedly massacred one hundred Arab school children who refused to put on tefillin. Were watching you Miller. You are not fooling anyone.

    • Kerry Berger

      And they published your anti-semitic and inflammatory comments regarding Professor Miller’s opinion piece thus proving once again that where as there is no freedom of speech among Palestinians, there is a functioning democratic nation operating in Israel and among Jewish publications. So what have you proven Mutih Skeini? You are not interested in peace. You are as prejudiced as the Nazi’s were. Not all Jews who are Zionists are racist as you try to imply. It’s a lie and you know it. By the way, you don’t even use spell check to check the spelling our your remarks? What does that imply about your level of education? Why don’t you take yourself off of this site and go troll somewhere else.

    • Simon

      Hey there Mutty,

      I assume you are not a fanatic Zionist from your comments, but most probably a fanatic Palestinian wannabe terrorist/Jew hater.

      On that basis, your comments are neutralized. I challenge Algemeiner to publish this.

    • David Levy

      You describe yourself and policies of the Palis perfectly. You want your mob to be free to incite and murder with impunity, and any suggestions of a response to your unbridled thuggery results in crazed invective.

      Well, the wars all failed, the intifadas all failed and this round of brutality will fail as well. Time to open your eyes, accept that Israel is here to stay and is growing stronger, so make peace, just like Egypt and Jordan did. The alternative is the Palis will convince themselves through blind rhetoric that more attacks will somehow succeed, and this will result in more death, destruction and failure for the Palis and their assorted terrorist rabble. Make the choice for peace and growth instead of the current madness.

    • mh8169

      Well, Mutih, your comment was published. You got your platform and if you are conscious of the culture of this part of the world, turning one’s cheek does not intimidate or make friends. Turning one cheek is perceived as weak, being a coward. Do you hear me? To change the equation of thugery, there has to be a real change within Muslim culture of seeing Jews, Christians, and other minorities with rights. But the Koran is filled with hate and deception as demonstrated by the prophet Mohammed. With Muslim theologians still calling for death to the infidels i.e., Jews, Christians, and other minorities, then we have a problem. What are your suggestions? I suspect you have nothing to offer. Dr. Miller is no fanatic but for a lot of people, he articulates thoughts and feelings for many that the PLO, Hamas does not want peace but want death of every Jew in Israel and in the world. He is frustrated, as I, that the Arab nations refused to recognize Israel and its right to exist.

    • Sonia Willats

      The writer, if you re-read the article, is not a RABID Zionist (though a Zionist, no doubt.) READ the article!

      He was pointing out that there is not even a whisper of horror from the West about the glorification of murder by Palastinians and Hezbollah and Hamas etc. (Iran’s “Supreme Leader” – supposedly a cleric) has listed 9 ways and reasons for killing Jews / Israelis etc. Is the world shouting him down as a mass-murderer (which he is within his own country anyway) or is the world negotiating “peace” with him – HOW ABSURD!

      The writer merely points out that perhaps Israel must give back to the world it’s own logic, and respond to evil with evil; whereas Israel’s general reaction is to respond to evil with good, like treating Hananieh’s family in their hospitals whilst he’s instructing terror and raining down rockets on them.


      • robert sklar

        The article does not suggest evil for evil. It suggests that an implied “mea culpa, we have to do more” approach is not working. It suggests that the true response is no response and the Jewish people have to get on with their lives, have children, and build communities, under Israeli law, without restraint.

    • Myron Robinson

      I suppose that Islam is innocent in all these attacks. When Imams condone this behaviour the Muslims react. Why do you not condemn Islam for its barbarity in a Muslim publication & see how far you get. As Long as Islam’s representatives preach hatred there will be no peace. Wake up & smell the roses. You will not wish Israel away. Unless both parties are committed to peace there will be no change in the status quo so direct your rabid remarks at both sides.

    • Dear Mutih,

      Arab’s suspect that a driver who apparently committed suicide was actually murdered – a valid claim they can demand of the authorities to investigate – no. They strike and riot.

      Some unknown person paints graffiti on the walls of a mosque. Perhaps a Jew, perhaps a provocateur. Arabs riot and Israel is censured because of an action that in any modern western country would be a criminal misdemeanor. Yet when two Arabs enter a Jerusalem synagogue with hatchets and a pistol murdering five “civilian” Jews simply because they are Jews praying to the G-d of Abraham – the Palestine Authority, Hamas, Hezbollah and the Arab media extol the virtues of the perpetrators.

      I didn’t see Mr. Miller call for collective revenge by physically harming anyone. He didn’t call for violence or physical harm to person. He did call for a change in perspective from the Western emphasis of individuals to the Middle Eastern perception of family, tribe and “chamulah”.

      I think you read into Mr. Miller’s suggestions things that are not actually written there. But it has been my experience, especially here in the Middle East, that ‘people’ accuse you of intended crimes, not because you intend them or are even capable of perpetrating them, but because given the opportunity that is exactly what they would do to you. I suggest that your complaint against Mr. Miller has less to do with what he really suggested and far more to do with what you would like to see happen to the Jews living in Israel.

      Ponder that if you are capable of introspection,
      An Israeli Jew

    • Helena

      Why are you only saying that it is like ISIS? All the other islamist groups have the exact same ideology as ISIS and what ISIS is doing is exactly the same as Mohammad was doing 1400 years ago. A “holy prophet” who fought 65 battles and won ALL of them . Not because of courage but because of the terror that was sown (like ISIS does). Decapitating the men and enslaving the women.
      Please realize who has the monopoly on evil, terror, lust for blood, intoxication for power etc.
      After Mohammad’s death , the party continued on ….

      • John J

        absolutely correct– If anyone in government thinks otherwise I would look for a money trail

    • Dante

      Mr. Miller is a fanatic Zionist who, not only revels in maligned physical and moral terror and violence, but is also bent on sowing death and destruction, just as the barbaric, brutal Isis thugs are.

      Sowing death and destruction is not only IS’ issue but Hamas’ as well. If you call Mr Miller a fanatic, because of his article – which no one will take as an encouragement to arbitrarily murder Arab civilians – what then about all these propaganda which does encourage Arabs to arbitrarily Israeli civilians just because they are Jews made under the watch of the Palestinian authorities – who, at the other hand, want to be recognized as respectable statesmen ready to lead a Palestinian state of their own?
      No, Mr Miller is by no means rabid. He is Zionist, of course, but Zionism is about freedom and safety of a people whos survival previously depended on the fickle goodwill of alien masters and majority societies, not about a people’s supremacy.
      And Mr. Miller’s article, as I understood it, is to needle the Western Israel-critics and not about really introducing collective guilt. Measured by its situation, Israel does not act harshly at all, let alone it being a “child murderer” as its enemies slandered – even less than you could say about Palestinian leaders and society.

  • Good article. Please read also from the Jewish Press.

  • Abraham H, Miller has written here one of the most rational accurate prescriptions that I have seen in long time ! Would that most of us would take it to heart… and yell and announce to our friends and family that ‘we must treat people’ as they treat us.
    Would we suffer from a neighbor next door like this?