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November 18, 2014 7:56 pm

New Poll: 24% of Palestinian Arabs Support ISIS – Most in the World

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The chart shows poll results for support of ISIS. Photo: Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies.

Here are the results of a survey from the Doha-based Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies in answer to the question, “In general, do you have a positive or negative view of ISIS?”

24% of Palestinian Arabs answered that they thought positively about ISIS, significantly higher than Syrian refugees and Tunisians who tied for second place with 13%.

In previous polls we’ve seen that Palestinian Arabs have been consistently more sympathetic to Al Qaeda, to the Taliban, and to suicide bombing  than any other groups in the Middle East.

This is after billions of dollars of Western aid having been poured into the coffers of the PA, and hundreds of millions more have been spent in the territories by Western NGOs that espouse universal human rights. Keep in mind that Palestinian Arabs receive far more humanitarian aid per capita than any other people on Earth.

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The huge amounts of money spent on Palestinian Arabs by Westerners who are interested in creating a peace plan has not moderated the recipients – on the contrary, they are more radical by far than any other Arab people. (Pakistanis are in some ways more radical.) All the NGO programs meant to teach peace and tolerance have utterly and completely failed.

At what point do Western governments and NGOs look at the survey numbers and start to realize that perhaps, just perhaps, the cause and effect relationship is the exact opposite of what they intended? Perhaps some governments should free up a few hundred thousand dollars from a program to coordinate other programs to teach Palestinians how to raise livestock and instead take their own survey to see how Palestinian Arab attitudes towards terrorism are being affected by the many “peace” programs being lavishly funded?

Could it be that the influx of Western cash breeds contempt rather than appreciation? The evidence certainly seems to support that conclusion. Palestinian Arabs are not the most oppressed people in the Middle East; they aren’t under as crushing a regime as many other Arabs are; they aren’t as poor or hungry or needy. The one objective criterion that they are heads and shoulders above all other Arab peoples in is that they get way, way more aid. And the surveys show that they are way, way more supportive of radical Islamic terror.

There seems to be a connection. And there seems to be enough money sloshing around for western NGOs to test this hypothesis.

Unless they have ulterior motives that would make them not want to know the truth.

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