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November 23, 2014 2:07 pm

Wellesley College Students Fear Rise in Anti-Semitism After Jewish Staffers’ Firings

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Wellesley College. Jewish students at Wellesley College, a Boston-area school for women, fear that anti-Semitism is growing on their campus following what they call the school administration’s lax response to the anti-Israel activities of Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP). Wellesley also decided to eliminate the staff positions of Hillel director and Jewish chaplain, a move some Jewish students describe as the removal of their support system.

Several posters have been plastered on walls around the Wellesley campus with images of Palestinian children who were killed or wounded during this summer’s war in Gaza. One poster in the student center asks, “What does Zionism mean to you?” Responses to that question that were subsequently written on the poster include “genocide,” “apartheid,” and “murder.” Haaretz reported that efforts by Jewish students to engage in dialogue have been rejected by SJP, which has a policy of “anti-normalization” of Jewish and pro-Israel groups.

Amid that backdrop of increased anti-Zionism, Wellesley fired Patti Scheinman, director of the school’s Hillel International chapter, and David Bernat, the Hillel-affiliated Jewish chaplain on campus. The school cited “restructuring” as the reason behind the move, and said an interim rabbi will be brought on before a permanent full-time rabbi is hired to perform the duties of both former part-time employees.

“Wellesley informed Hillels of New England on November 14 that it wanted to go in a new direction and replace the two part-time Hillel employees with a full-time rabbi in order to better serve its Jewish student population. Wellesley made the decision unilaterally to end the current relationship. The two Wellesley part-time employees, however, are still employed by Hillels of New England, but no longer serve Wellesley College,” David Eden, Hillel International’s chief administrative officer, told

About 10 percent of Wellesley’s student body of about 2,500 is Jewish. Some Jewish students said they had turned to the school’s Hillel branch for support in their fight against campus anti-Zionism—and its convergence with anti-Semitism—but that those efforts were undermined by the school’s decision to fire the two staff members.

“In a time when we really need that support, we don’t have it,” Wellesley senior Tali Marcus told the Boston Globe.

The events at Wellesley are demonstrative of a broader problem for Jewish students at U.S. campuses—not just the expression of views that are critical of the state of Israel or its policies by groups such as SJP, but the “delegitimization of the very notion of the existence of the Jewish state,”University of California, Santa Cruz lecturer Tammi Rossman-Benjamin told earlier this year.

Such activities by groups like SJP can also make Jewish students feel uncomfortable “about just expressing their Jewishness on their campus,”said Rossman-Benjamin, co-founder of the AMCHA Initiative, an organization addressing campus anti-Semitism across the U.S.

Miriam Berkowitz Blue, who graduated from Wellesley in 2001, told Haaretz that she “didn’t feel comfortable putting an Israeli flag” in the school’s Hillel lounge even “during peacetime.”

The school has received significant criticism from Jewish donors and alums for the decision to fire Hillel staffers as well as the timing of the move.

“I am absolutely dismayed with the messages being sent out—the timing and the language—from the college. To my mind they are grossly inadequate and a poor attempt to placate the alumnae,” said Rachel Mann Gould, class of 2000, who decided to stop contributing to the school.

“That said, their terminations are not rooted in anti-Semitism, and attempting to link the two together is counter-productive,” she told Haaretz.

On Sunday, Wellesley Dean of Students Debra DeMeis, who had made the decision to fire the two Hillel employees, sent an email letter to Wellesley alums that was co-signed by Nancy Kolodny, an emerita chemistry professor. The letter said that the university was “committed to a vibrant community for our Jewish students—and an inclusive and respectful community for all our students.” When contacted by, Wellesley would not comment on the issue beyond what was stated in the letter.

“We understand that without proper context and explanation, these administrative changes have raised some concerns. … The process of making staff changes is never easy and, as we are sure you are aware, can never be done with complete transparency. However, these changes have been made in the spirit of renewal,” the letter said.

Wellesley acknowledged that this summer’s war between Israel and Hamas “has contributed to a heightened sense of vulnerability among Jewish students, and others, and created a culture of fear and avoidance, rather than productive engagement.”

“In response to this dynamic, Wellesley is reaffirming our commitment to fostering an inclusive and respectful environment in which students of all backgrounds are able to engage in meaningful conversations that advance their learning,” said the letter, which did not describe any plans by the school to address the activities of SJP.

Hillel International’s Eden, meanwhile, said the Jewish campus umbrella is helping Wellesley in its search for a full-time rabbi to replace the fired part-time employees.

“When I learned about [the firings] on November 19, I discussed the situation with the person in charge of Hillels of New England and then had a conversation with the Dean of Students at Wellesley College,” Eden told “The dean reiterated that the college wants to hire a full-time rabbi to lead and improve Jewish life and Hillel on campus. It is unusual for a college the size of Wellesley to hire a full-time professional.”

“I have had many conversations with the Wellesley administration… and take them at their word that they want to upgrade and improve the Jewish experience on campus,” he added. “Hillel International also committed to send resources to Wellesley during this time of transition.”

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  • Dave Pawson

    I suppose we can only recommend that every Jewish student at the dump transfer at the earliest opportunity.

  • victoria brandeis






  • If we cannot expect Truth, Honesty, Integrity from our Educational Institutions, we should expect but a poorly educated Student. If we learn from Hatred and Bigotry, we will educate the next generation of Intolerants.

  • Otto Schiff

    It is not the Jews, the anti semites are the problem.

    • Terry Boynton

      I agree we have much to be thankful for as our Christian Heritage is because of a Jew the Lord Jesus Christ. He came and died for our sins.
      Allah isnot god. He is a phony and has people that follow him brain washed. We have more Jewish people in America than we have in Israel. We need to support them. God will not abandan his people although they need to recognize the Lord Jesus and accept him before the die or they may not make it to heaven.
      thise are my immediate thoughts. The university must give the Jewish students equal rights. That is the law Freedom of Religion and they can’t take that away from us and neither can president you know who.

      • victoria brandeis







        • JOHN TRAIN

          @ victoria brandeis There are probably more Christians in the United States that are very supportive of Israel then there are left-wing Jews who are supportive of Israel.

          Choose your enemies. It is not Christians who want the street of Tel Aviv to run ankle-deep in Jewish blood. It is not the Christians who are developing nuclear weapons and missiles to destroy Israel.

        • Jon R.

          How comical. Poor Terry Boynton is just trying to be a groveling righteous gentile, but the repulsive victoria brandeis is having none of it. Sympathy from Christians is rejected by dear victoria. Total abasement and submission is what she wants.

          Wake up, Terry.

          And as for “Jesus the Jew,” the important point is this, as expressed in John 1:1:

          “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the word was God.”

          According to Christian belief–which perhaps you do not really grasp–Christ was with God out of all time. The ethnicity of the Christ, who was personified for the salvation of all human beings, could not be less important.

          Time for you to understand your faith more fully. Frankly, you are damaging Christianity with your ill-informed rambling.

  • Bryan

    Time to contact the top twenty funders of the College and shut the spigot of funds starting with the administration which fired these people

    • Terry Boynton


  • Max

    There was a time when Wellesley was a women’s college which had strict quotas making it very difficult for Jewish women to attend. It is therefore not surprising that this institution is returning to its anti-semitic roots and is in league with Arab and some other Muslim anti-semites making life difficult for Jewish students who unlike their anti-semitic counterparts are at school to study and get an education, not to spew hatred.

    The Jewish students at Wellesley have two choices. Either they transfer to another school or, preferably, they create their own organization and expose the anti-semites for what they are, propagate the true nature of the Israeli-Arab conflict, and act more pro-actively to defend themselves which they are entitled to do.

    • ted weiss

      yes the jewish students have to be willing to do that
      they should be willing to stand up to this vicious anti-Semites

  • Matthew Allen

    Is anyone truly surprised to see Wellesley College’s recent actions concerning it’s indifference to the propagandizing of SJP, and it’s firing of the Jewish chaplain and Hillel director ?
    I have been in the “academic world” for 38 years, and Wellesley’s actions are simply a reflection of what I have found repeatedly in my career!
    Students, professors, administrators, and university board members trumpet their open-mindedness, while in reality they are blatantly human in their inability to recognize their own biases and lack of objectivity.
    They will NEVER admit (in my experience) that perhaps they are influenced by the “herd mentality” and “political correctness” of their colleagues and coworkers in their insular, little world !
    In addition, these types of decisions are often driven by money and fear…
    The Board of Trustees of Wellesley College obviously has decided to “kow tow” to the same type of pressure tactics used by all extremist groups.
    These groups insist on being heard, and receiving more attention than their SMALL numbers deserve, but then these same groups do everything in their power to deny the SAME rights and privileges to others (while accusing the silenced group of being “racist” or of being “oppressors”, which a group like SJP uses as justification for practicing the same tactics they are accusing others of!)

    These same “decsionmakers” would NEVER admit that they aren’t really fully aware of the history behind the ongoing situation in the Middle East, nor would they admit that groups like the SJP keep them awake at night worried about the fact that SJP may resort to more than just verbal tactics !

    APPEASEMENT ( see the example of the European powers before WW 2 ) NEVER is a successful long term tactic, because those groups supposedly appeased see such a policy as confirmation of the WEAKNESS of those in charge …

    The tactic of Marginalizing a group of people, is one of the first steps in the process of denying a designated group the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness !
    These same tactics have been used frequently throughout history, and in many cases with great effect ! (One only has to look at the current Chinese, and Muslim, governments’ oppression of Christians and Jews, to see how easy it is to use the tactic of accusing a designated group of not being loyal to their country, or of causing division and disruption ).

    Have the Palestinians been treated perfectly fairly in many cases ?
    The answer, for any person with even a marginal knowledge of history and current events, would be “Probably not” . In this matter, they have MUCH in common with those of Jewish and Christian heritage, who have been driven from their homes, been denied schooling and economic opportunity, and been killed in LARGE numbers simply due to their ethnic and religious background . (For those people who missed their world history class, simply Google “Hitler”, “Stalin”, “Roman history at the time of Christ” or look at information readily available pertaining to the treatment of Jews and Christians in Marxist and Muslim countries, in just the last century ) .

    Furthermore, let’s examine how have their own Muslim “brethren” have treated them over time …
    Have countries such as Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, or Egypt offered them land now, or in the past ? Have wealthy energy economies such as Saudi Arabia, Iran, UAE, Oman, Qatar, Libya, and others offered the Palestinians more than a mere Pittance of assistance, in areas such as education, small business development, and infrastructure development ? For those of you only watching the evening news, and may have never looked back in history, the correct answer is NO!

    As several of the other responders already pointed out, you can’t expect spineless administrators, and board of trustee members, to do the Right thing, and protect ALL non-violent groups on their campuses, when the driving force behind virtually all of their decisions are the twin factors of Fear and Money !

    Vote with your feet , and your pocketbook, by withdrawing your students from any school who so obviously disregards the long history of academic achievement of their Jewish students (or any other group for that matter). In addition, don’t donate money to any of these institutions, or withdraw your support if you have given in the past ! Believe it or not, the old fashioned art of writing to specific administrators and board members CAN have an impact, especially if several people take the time to do so !
    Contact state and federal authorities, and any private foundation, that give aid to these institutions, and politely, but persistently, point out that their monies should not be made available to colleges that don’t teat ALL students equally, and who give in so readily to bullying tactics from small groups such as SJP.

  • Dorothy Seidel Wigod

    Waiting for a comment from Ms. H. Rodham, class of ’69

    • diana rosen

      don’t hold your breath

  • Jon R.

    It’s painful to see the world waking up to the supremecist evil of Zionism, isn’t it? From all the whining and ranting in this string, it certainly seems painful to the Chosen.

    • Terry Huffman

      It’s painful to hear ahistorical claptrap constantly pedalled and repeated over and over again. Painful to see the blind leading the blind: those who are immature and having no discernment skills. You are supporting Hamas in the end. You support evil.

      • Jon R.

        Bottom line:

        1. It’s good to see that freedom of speech at Wellesley has not (yet) been suppressed by the vicious baying of organized Jewry (as exemplified in this string).

        2. It’s also good to see Wellesley stop subsidizing a nakedly ethno-national pressure group like Hillel whose support for chosenist eliminationism in the Middle East is fully documented. Why did Wellesley pay Hillel salaries in the first place?

    • Ally

      Spoken like a true anti-Semite. Every group can have a home except the Jews. You’re not even trying to sound balanced. That much is appreciated.

      • Jon R.

        “Every group can have a home except the Jews.”

        And of course the Canaanites. Its seems that some psychotic cult genocided them and stole their home. Don’t you just hate it when that happens?

  • Alice Sadoun

    america the beautiful knows only money!!! Jews : give this college what it wants … Send your children to other more liberal colleges and stop funding them … They will be in bankruptcy in no time. Remind them of 9/11 and of the Boston Marathon!

  • Jose Duran

    These are despicable acts indeed.
    Israel,does not practice apartheid, Israel does not war on defenseless civilians, theIDF does not attack women and children as their favorite targets, Israel is not perfect, but is altogether a better nation than all the primitive Arab countries put together. This is sad to say that so many people, are not a match for just under ten million Jews, if they were to disappear, from our reality, the world would be a sader place to be, a lesser place. Sadly, hate and ignorance, have a home in this college, we should fight antisemitism, and if does not work cut off the college at its knees.

  • Lauren Goldman

    The reason the Jewish students feel like they are on their own is because they are. All Jewish funding for Wellesley needs to stop, immediately. If our children are made to feel unsafe because of the university’s obvious pro-‘palestinian’ bias, they should receive no monetary support from our community.

    This is a trend in university systems nation-wide. I have yet to see anyone arrested, much less prosecuted, for any of the many anti-Semitic acts committed on campuses. Of course, if an anti-muslim act were committed, it would be all over the news (New York Times, CNN) in banner headlines.

  • Janet Clare

    OMG, girls, TRANSFER! Wellesley is going down. HaShem has notified the world repeatedly in His Book that those who bless Israel will themselves be blessed. And those who curse the Nation, He will curse.

    Transfer to an Israeli university. However, perhaps not Tel Aviv University as the Arab who heads the international BDS movement is a student there!?!

  • ronit

    Israelies/Jewish people did not bomb the Boston marathon. Think of that before you surrender to Islamic anti Israeli propaganda.

  • Monty Pogoda

    I would find another non antisemitic college.

    • Jose Duran

      Yes, do not go where they do not want you, but when are we stop running? Is better to fight and stand against these political pressure group of students, if we dig a little we found the hateful, the ignorant and the stupid behind all the time, they may even be terrorist sympathizers among them, let’s stand strong here!

  • chanah

    There is no justification for academia supporting the latest permutation of Jew-hatred. However, the other side to this is that there is even less justification for parents to economically support these institutions, or for their children to acquire large amounts of debt in order to obtain degrees of questionable financial worth.

    It is time to produce a shame list and provide it to all prospective college students and their families. It is also time to lobby Jewish donors to these schools, and get them to remove their support as well.

    • Jo-Ann Silverstein

      Dear Chanah,

      I think you are quite correct by telling our Jewish
      parents and financial supporters that lists of anti-Semitic Colleges and Universities will soon be published. Meanwhile they should pull their financial support. This is happening in Canada too. Please contact B’nai B’rith or National Council of Jewish Women. They will help you in this cause.
      We all should be sick and tired of all these evil spirited anti-Semitic’s. They don’t even know of what they speak. Jo-Ann Silverstein, Toronto

  • sarah

    “RESTRUCTURING”????? This is shameful! Would have expected better from Wellesley. …absolutely disgusted.

  • Eric R.

    Yet, left wing rich Jews will continue to contribute money to this Islamist-Nazi excuse of a college.

    • Ellen Benz

      They will no longer receive a dime from me! I graduated in 1997 and while I was there felt a lot of anti-Israeli sentiment. This disgusts me.

  • Robert Davis

    All of this harassing is meant to prevent Israelis defend their country as all nations do. Since arabs cannot prevail against Israel they are using this “technique” harassing Israel systematically thinking that will stop Israel defending its land! Those students should look for another school this one is rotten!

  • Leybl Botwinik

    The students at Wellesly should put up counter-posters of positive things Israel does for Arabs: Doctors saving Hamas’ PM Haniyeh’s granddaughter, or saving lives of wounded Syrians, life-saving medical hi-tech, Israeli doctors in Africa and elsewhere (e.g. field hospital after Haiti earthquake) etc.

  • Vivarto

    Find a different college

  • Isaac Rubinson

    The only Jews SJP will speak to are quislings such as the misnamed “Jewish Voice for Peace.” The time is long overdue that our pro-Israel students toughen up and stop trying to dialogue with our people’s enemies. They don’t want to “normalize” in any event, they want us dead and out of “Palestine” which they define as “from the river to the sea.” So the only response to them is to fight, fight hard and fight to win.

  • The answer? Aliyah!

  • Donald Krausz

    Such acts are not new, but these days you can do something about them, through the media, the courts and public pressure. Who fund Wellesley,how many Jews vote in the area,
    what political and social pressure can be applied?

    Have Jewish organisations such as ADL been notified?

    Act! Fight! Try not to let them get away with it!!

    • Donald Krausz

      Where are the 38 comments? I don’t see them displayed!

  • Howie Subnick

    When crap like this happens, it ALWAYS comes from the top!
    Most of those at the top are ASS KISSERS who have a spine like a wet noodle. Why would they fire David Bernat, ask them that. I can only say this, stand strong, don’t be afraid to voice your opinion. If you stay silent, they will have the upper hand. Obama put his nose where it shouldn’t have been, Ferguson. Maybe he’ll help you. HA, HA, HA, HA!
    He is such a putz, just like your dean. God Bless You all! Shalom

  • Jon R.

    Total nonsense.

    Wellesley did not “fire” the two Hillel staffers. They decided to re-allocated the funds from the two part-time positions to one full time Rabbi who will fulfill the role of Jewish chaplain.

    The real question here is why Wellesley ever paid the salaries of a staffers for a Jewish ethnic organization. It is also highly focused on Israel and pro-Israel advocacy. Does Wellesley do that for any other comparable group? I doubt it.

    I’m sure that Hillel can continue to have a presence on campus but Hillel will have to pay for Hillel salaries.

    Wellesley is doing what it should have done long ago–stop subsidizing a Jewish advocacy organization (that has shown considerable unwillingness to entertain any but intensely pro-Israel views) and simply provide religious support for Jewish students. It’s good to see that the college is rectifying its past inappropriate policy in this matter.

    • Ellen Benz

      Not so – I am a Wellesley grad and there was NEVER any pro-Israel sentiment, just lots of pro-Palestinian propaganda and no Jewish leadership for the students.
      There was always lots of anti-Israel talk on campus.

      • Jon R.

        Your reply does not address the point of my comment–Wellesley’s subsidizing of the Hillel presences on campus.

    • corrne Schlessel

      Jm R
      No matter how many times you post your disgusting anti semetic lies they remain what they are. You’re a Jew hating bastard
      Issa needs scum line you….go there

      • Jon R.

        Stop whining and address the substance of my post: Why did Wellesley ever feel obligated to pay the salaries of Hillel employees?

  • Sonia Willats

    Sounds ominous, from the staff firings… to the hate posters. One could put up posters of German children hurt by Brits and Americans during WW2. The news is that, in war, innocent people are hurt. And when they are used by their leaders as human shields; more so.

    Warning bells.

  • Mark Kozlovsky

    Use your brain for a change. Tell your parents to withdraw any financial support from this institution and please stop being naive by treating those anti-Semites with white gloves. Eye for eye, tooth for tooth!

  • EthelCarol

    The more things change, the more they remain the same. Or, there is nothing new under the sun.
    The Seven Sisters schools were always known as antiJewish–why should they have changed now?
    And so the real question is why do these students attend these schools, remain there?
    Plus a few more–why even degrade yourself by “dialoguing” with SJP? Why not control the narrative and sue the school for racism? For not providing a safe atmosphere?
    Certainly those many mainstream Jewish civil rights groups out there and maybe a few mainstream general ones–imbued with tikkun olam–will step up and volunteer its services. Oh. Try a few non mainstream ones and use the judicial award for tuition at a more receptive school–and yes, there are some out there.

  • CGG

    This is institutionalized racism. Wellesley’s Jewish students should transfer elsewhere where there is protection built into the school’s system. Here it appears that such protections are being dismantled. The school’s administrators are either anti-Semites or are conformist chickens. Let them learn what they lose by not facing the or owning up to this growing problem.

  • rachel robinson

    What a disgrace this is!! This is what the Nazi’s did in the 1930’s, this school is a bit late, and obviously did not learn a thing. If I were a parent in that school, Jewish or not, I would pull my child out of that school so fast that their heads would spin.

  • Thomasson

    As much as I can make out of of it, I understand one thing: Jews can better leave Wellesley College and find a more suitable place to study. There is no reason to pay thousands of dollars for semesters in a College like this one. Wellesley College can be compared to a College where the administration consists of members of “White Power Movement”, KKK or ‘Blood and Honour’. It should be normal that students who believe in white supremacy, will like to study in their own environment. The rise of anti-Jewish feelings is due to deep involvement of Arab OIL MONEY in that college. I deliberately use the word anti-Jewish and not Anti-Semitic as I see the word Semites an offending for white Jews. They have nothing to do with this inferior group of folks who’s only contribution is bringing terror, evil, primitive customs and death. However, the same money that finance terror and mass destruction (see ISIS) finance also the anti Jewish sentiments of students and College administration. Bribing universities and Colleges in order to get involvement is not new. Here are some links: Arab Money in the US and a Vibrant 5th Column [incl. Middle East Studies Association], SAUDI & ARAB INFLUENCE ON AMERICAN EDUCATION. It seems the practice of bribing is going on for a very long time. See this one from 1979
    The same is happening also in the UK

  • nelson marans

    That eliminates Wellesley as a school for Jewish students. Anyway the school’s academic rating in recent years has gone downhill despite its location in a prime college area. Why would anyone spend nearly $60,000 per year to hear ant-Semitic rhetoric, and be subject to constant verbal and pictorial attacks.

  • E Pluribus Wombat

    The school will expel all Jews be they students or staff in a year or two. You DO realize that?

  • Noel Herasfield

    Any Jews that support this institution,and the mnay others that tolerate this behaviour,financed by Saudis,should withdraw any financial support.Boycott them!

  • Emily f. Korzenik

    Alums of Wellesley, non- Jewish as well as Jewish need to weigh in on this. I shall seek out a few that I know

    • Ellen Benz

      I am a Jewish Wellesley alum – based on my recollections, this doesn’t surprise me one bit. There was plenty of pro-Palestinian sentiments on campus and no Israel advocacy. I found it very difficult to be a Jewish student with Israeli connections during my time on campus – I graduated in 1997.
      I will no longer support them,

      • Jon R.

        “I will no longer support them,”

        This is exactly what Americans should be saying about Israel.

  • nole82

    It seems clear that the Wellesley administration is gutless and apologetic to palestinian supporters while throwing Jewish students under a bus.

  • Leo Toystory

    Jews keep treating others with civility and reasonableness and expecting the same in return.
    But the troglodytes of the left are neither civil
    nor reasonable. Until Jews take an active part in
    the conservative right’s stand against all the evils
    the illiberal left stands for they can expect things
    to keep getting worse and worse. Liberal academic institutions are the enemy of the Jews and the enemy
    of everything decent, truthful and free.

  • Jim Washington

    Anti-Semitism is rampant throughout academia – damn fools are supporting jihadism completely oblivious to the fact that should Islamism take over they would be the first with heads rolling around the floor.

    • Jo-Ann Silverstein

      Love you Jim Washington !
      Jo-Ann Silverstein, Toronto

  • Leah

    Jewish students should boycott Wellesley in the future.
    Brandeis is a great alternative.

  • Dr. Martin Luther King Jr predicted this antisemitic result in March 1968 when with great prescience he said: “When people criticize Zionists, they mean Jews. You’re talking antisemitism.”

  • Disgusting! Restructuring Jews, only! Something smells rotten!
    Contact Camera!

  • Why do Jews always “fear”? Why aren’t Jews OUTRAGED? OFFENDED! FURIOUS!

    Jews have simply got to stop using the word “fear” in reaction to the antics of Wellesley’s barnyard animals behaving badly because doing so is regarded as the universal indicia of weakness, inferiority or understood that the bullied class is aware of its own impotence/ Howling in fear invariably invites more bashing and bullying and disrespect.

    Jews should be OFFENDED and FURIOUS and they really ought to take a page from the arab propaganda mills playbook that speaks only about their virility and arab powerfulness and their power to strike fear in the hearts of “pigs and apes” and anyone who dares defy them.

    If Jews are not pigs and apes, they must stand up like equals and do a hella lot more than complain. They must express how OFFENDED and ANGRY and FURIOUS they are when they are insulted.

    Viva to the Patriots of Israel who do not whine about fear and who stand, bravely, like boulders on the path of Islamic imperialism.

  • Efram

    Another Ivy League school returns to its pro-Nazi sympathies.

    • Leah

      never, a seven sister school. academics down the drain. The thought that Jewish parents would pay gladly, the 60K a year.
      crap, Brandeis has lots of scholarships for our kids, with sat’s etc over the top. mine had full tuition scholarship. a mechaya. and, ok, listen carefully,
      became observant there, despite the stats. of observant vs non, that was an anomaly, for sure.

  • Linda Rivera

    Col. Richard Kemp, a British commander in Bosnia and Afghanistan
    stated: “The Israel Defense Forces did more to safeguard the rights of civilians in a combat zone than any other army in the history of warfare. ” (Guardian-UK)

    “Hamas is Expert at Driving Media Agenda,” British Commander Tells U.N. Debate

    America’s second president, John Adam: “The Jews have done more to civilize men than any other Nation. They are the most glorious Nation that ever inhabited the earth.

    • Marc G


      As a Jew myself, I’m asking you to please stop trying to help.

      First, you have written about the Koran is patently untrue. The Koran shares many attributes with the Torah and there is nothing, I repeat, nothing in the Koran that calls for Satanic atrocities, beheadings, kidnappings, etc. You are simply wrong. It is only Muslim Extremists who call for those things.

      Secondly, while the second president of the United States did in fact say those things, his name was not John Adam, it was John Adams. Please get your facts straight before posting such inflammatory remarks.

  • Linda Rivera

    Utterly vile God-haters. The Quran calls for satanic atrocities, beheadings, kidnappings, forced conversions, gang rapes, mass barbaric murders of ALL NON-Muslims and the mass sex-slave taking of non-Muslim women and girls.

    You wicked non-Muslim Jew-haters. COWARDS and TRAITORS. You are included in the evil, satanic, murderous Quran commands.

  • truth

    why does this article smell like a mossad smear job masquerading as a complaint against the campus administration.

    reality: certain zionist operatives want to convert any criticism of israheili war crimes into claimed antisemitism. fortunately this attempt to suppress truth and the free flow of information is a democratic society did not even fool the kids at Wellesley.

    to identify the truly sick racists google: chief rabbi of
    Israel says goyim exist only to serve jews, goyim life worth same as a
    donkey. netanyahu says this chief rabbi was the greatest mind of this generation.

  • Wm. J. Levy

    Either fight now or surrender to Arab terror tactics.

    If this was a black chaplain all the black students along with the white students would hold a sit-in and force the administration to rescind their decision.

    You have to be tough. Stop being so weak and pathetic.

    You are Jews who knew God, Abraham, Pharoah, David, fought the Egyptians, Greeks and the Romans, slew Goliath.

    You descend from fighters not cowards.

    Be strong and be brave and be proud.

    “Never Again”? “Why Not if you act so weak. Show them Jewish strength and contact me.

  • Kerry Berger

    What do you expect from a WASP elitist school. The Administration is in bed with the Palestinian cause, not necessarily because they believe it, but to be politically correct. It’s genuinely pathetic. It’s time for universities to stand up to the revisionist narrative that calls Zionism, racism, apartheid, ad nauseam. Anyone with a semblance of history training knows that Zionism was the movement that led to the formation of a Jewish State that was supported by both the British Colonists and the Arab Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Hajj Amin al-Husseini who supported Jews coming to the region while he simultaneously brought in Arab migrants in an ineffective move to counter European Jewish resettlement, and was the biggest profiteer of legitimate sales of land to Jews, though his methods of expropriating land from small Arab landowners included threats of violence and death if owners did not comply with him. Husseini was also complicit in the Nazi genocide of the Jews but escaped to Egypt to avoid prosecution as a war criminal. This is the same man who influenced Yassir Arafat and the PLO movement with the same antisemitic and anti-Jewish hatred that has NO PLACE in today’s society. It’s time as Americans to recognize the lies being told and press the Palestinians into accepting a political settlement for two independent nations — Israel and Palestine — and stop with the inflammatory blame game that has gone on way too long. Enough already.

  • Michael Abramowitz

    Time to leave the Blue States but better yet, move to Israel.

  • judithg

    transfer out immediately and finish your studies in Israel. Jewish organizations should be suing the school for tuition reimbursement and compensation to Jewish students for the stress caused by the anti-semitic school administrators. sue the administrators individually for creating an atmosphere of lawless incitement against Jewish students.
    pull out any monies earmarked for the school in trusts and wills. sue for return of any monies already donated. insist on intensive audits of endowment. insist on audits of administrators personal expenditures that for certain will be traced back to school funds. cripple these anti-semitic bastards in every possible way and in every manner.

  • HaroldT38

    I hope all Jewish students as well as all Jewish donors boycott Wellesley.
    Will American’s have the guts ?

  • C Mitachet

    Young college students that haven’t as yet really experienced the outside world and they have already taken up anti-Semitism as a position, must have been poisoned by their mother’s milk.

  • Libby A. Adams

    If they want to cater to the Palestinians then find another school to spend your money at. A school should be neutral on social issues when it involves the students and their home countries.

  • Anti Semitism is so typical of people who lack any kind of history to speak of but who simply react to what feels and sounds good. They are so afraid of the Truth they’re willing to let mere propaganda be touted as truth. How sad and pathetic this is. They should be ashamed of themselves for their hatred of Jews based upon their low information and their readiness to grasp at any lie just so they can feel like they are loving and caring. This is amazing self deception and arrogance on top of that. Wow!!!

  • Mickey Oberman

    All my sympathy is with the Jewish students who are engaged in an uphill battle.

    If these posters can be displayed –“Several posters have been plastered on walls around the campus “with images of Palestinian children who were killed or wounded during the Gaza war.” can the Jewish students not put up posters showing the horrors and brutality being committed by the pseudo Palestinians?

    Without fighting back in some manner your cause is futile.
    Where are the Jewish graduates of whom some at least contribute to Wellesley’s coffers?

    Mickey Oberman

  • Fred

    US Institutions of Learning & Enlightenment are becoming tools of dark Arab propaganda supported not by reason but by Arab oil money. Shame, shame….

  • Kenneth D Hegler

    All federal funding for Wellesley should be a response to this racism!

    All students should feel safe and secure at one of America’s foremost centres of education, not subject to a vicious and vocal minority.

  • Look, Jewish or not, people pay a lot of money to attend Ivy League Schools like Wellesley College. If it were me, and I did not like the way they acted, I would vote with my feet. In other words, transfer out of there. If you are smart enough to get into a school like that, you can go anywhere you want to go. If they start loosing students to other schools they are going to wonder why.
    Any way, that fight ought to be left off the campus. It is occurring half a world away and has nothing to do with Higher learning of the three r’s. reading riting and rithmatic. So, suck it up and get your moneys worth for however long you are paid up for, and make tracks to friendlier schools next semester. If you have non students coming on to campus and causing trouble, call the police. They have no business there, especially if they are making trouble, and the cops are duty bound to shew them away as they are trouble making trespassers. You should consider your selves lucky to be able to afford to attend such a prestigious school. Me, I was lucky to be able to get in to a State University. They had to let me in because I am a veteran. State Law. Any way, Good Luck. Semper Fi and Good Night Chesty Puller Where Ever You Are!!!

  • I am sure President Obama’s policy in relation to Israel and the Middle East is r together with International bias against Israel have boosted this anti-semitic attitude in the USA.

  • Judges will reap a world of Judgement of thier own doing resulting from thier gambling through thier own stints of judgementation.

    A brutal game which separates them from the servants of the FatherLord of the Government

    Gentiles and Jews of the Earth were not born on Earth to be Judges of the Judges of the world of the self-betrayer.