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November 24, 2014 12:56 pm

As Nuclear Talks End in Stalemate, Iranian Commander Threatens to ‘Conquer Palestine’

avatar by Ben Cohen

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Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari has threatened to "conquer Palestine." Photo: Twitter

As international negotiators departed Vienna today with a final deal on Iran’s nuclear program still elusive, the commander of the widely-feared Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) threatened to eliminate the State of Israel by “conquering Palestine.”

Fars news agency, an official mouthpiece of the Iranian regime, reported that Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari, the Commander of the IRGC, declared in Tehran that “Americans have very clearly surrendered to Iran’s might and this is obvious in their behavior in the region and in the negotiations, and the enemies’ reservations vis-a-vis Iran are completely felt.”

Jafari warned “that if the US and its allies dare to launch a military attack on Iran, then our war will end by conquering Palestine,” Fars said.

Jafari asserted that “the entire region is within the range of  resistance groups’ missiles,” a clear reference to Lebanese Islamist terrorist organization Hezbollah, which is, along with the Syrian regime of Bashar al Assad, a key Iranian ally and the beneficiary of extensive Iranian military aid.

This last claim is consistent with reports that the Iranians have supplied Hezbollah with “a new missile of great destructive capabilities… that can reach the Dimona nuclear reactor in southern Israel.” The missile in question is the Fateh, or “conqueror,” “with a range between 250 and 350 kilometers, that is fitted with 500 kg warhead, and that travels at a speed of 1.5 kilometers per second or 5400 kilometer per hour ( 3375 miles per hour.)”

Last week, Brigadier General Amir Ali Hajizadeh of the IRGC revealed that Iran had provided missile-production plants and training for Hezbollah and Hamas, the Palestinian terrorist group that controls the Gaza Strip. Hajizadeh also said that missile manufacturing plants in Syria were designed and built by Iran.

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  • Moshe Sapper

    “I will plant Israel in their own land, never again to be uprooted from the land I have given them,” says the LORD your God.”

    Read and obey the Word and don’t mess with Jehovah!

  • Pinchos Woolstone

    these men are so banal, talking stupidity never able to seek peace.
    Iran would be destroyed if they ever place their finger of the nuclear war button.
    Its most sad for the ordinary Iranian man in the street.
    Empty vacuous threats, quite pathetic.

  • Lauren Goldman

    Along with Syria and Lebanon. Might as well clean all of the garbage out of the neighborhood.

  • Helena

    It sounds absolutely terrible but do not forget that a big part of it could be bluff. This is also a psychological war.

  • Para luego estar de para aplicarle lo que desea, mandarlos al paraíso

  • steven L

    Just like Hamas wants to eliminate Israel, Iran want nuke at any cost!
    B oth ar insane and the West insists on condoning insanity.
    There are no “meds” for this type of psychotic behavior.

  • The only way to stop this cycle of stupidity is to get leaders in place of athority that want to live in peace with their neighbors in this case I don’t see that as a possibility. No matter how this turns out the first mushroom cloud that comes on the horizon will only lead to more. From 1945 to the 1970s us and russia set of more and powerful weapons to see who got the bigger bang for the money. That lead us to where we are now. Its true what is said about padoras box. Once opened it can not be closed

  • art

    One of Obamas’ diplomatic triumphs. He successfully bluffed (blocked) Israel from acting against Irans’ nukes. The long delayed talks bought iran precious time to hide, protect and expand their program. Obama has shielded the iranians. Obama has ignored every threat made against Israel by the iranians. Is there anyone with an iota of intelligence that still doubts that Obama hates Israel??

  • A preemptive war on Iran with all feasible weapons , atomic included, is the only solution to this problem. Accumulating since Khomeneis islamic revolution in 1979.

  • no wonder why the US Secretary of Defence has resigned. A war is coming up but the US is not ready for it.

  • Bongo

    Mr Obama: are you listening? Was it a good idea to kowtow to the mullahs? Are you listening to these Iranian statements?

    Obama = worst president in history. History will see him as the 21st century’s Neville Chamberlin.

    Lord, please send us another Ronald Regan. The USA is in trouble and nobody in Washington seems to care.

    • James Bruce

      Bongo, I hate to break the news to you, but, Ronald Reagan died some time ago. I believe that he had the onset of Alzheimers, during the end of his Presidency.

  • Dr.M.Otero

    With four new, German supplied, roving submarines with atomic warheads outfitted by Israel, Iran is running a great risk. No doubt that Iran has enough regional enemies to cooperate with the US and Israel in delivering their own surprises.

  • Billy Bumps

    U know the Muslim world has no regard, no respect,
    no fear of the USA….to them we are just a third rate
    nation of evil ……all that matters to them about us
    is getting their hands on our weapons and bleeding us
    dry at the pump. I do believe that we should get our
    s— together and deal those camel jockeys a meal
    of fresh fried chittlins….and make em eat them….
    I am so angry at what they are getting away with
    HERE in our country….and in the Natl. Church in
    DC calling to throw the name of Jesus out of the
    Church…..I for one do believe that there are enough
    good old boys left in the USA that could kick some
    rag head ass but good……and I mean it! Enough is
    enough! Its time to say bring it on you twisted
    sand baron…..bring it on!

  • Billy Bumps

    There is NO reasoning with the Muslim….their mind
    does not interpret words the same as westerners…
    even if you cut off their head they say that they are
    “winning”….. Uneducated, gullible, hyper-emotional,
    irrational, are just a few of the words that come to mind
    that describes them…..and they want nuclear abilities?
    The WORLD should be stepping up to the plate on
    this one…the sane world, as much as remains, should
    block all inward migration of muslums! No more
    hardship visas none!from Muslim countries.

    • James Bruce

      Billy Bumps, Are you talking about muslims, or, women?.
      It’s hard to tell with your diatribe that is interchangeable. A white supremist, bigot, uninformed, mouthy, just a few descriptions, I see in you !.

  • steve

    Its time to turn these Iranian savages into glass.

    • Noellsq

      Are you kidding if only that could be true. They are the center of all are troubles sand into glass great idea

    • Julian Clovelley

      What a thoroughly stupid thing to say, Steve.

      Irresponsible sabre rattling comments such as this get us nowhere.

      The suggestion that Iranians are “savages” is outrageous racism unjustifiable by any action of its Government

      The call for what is quite clearly, in speaking in terms of turning people into glass, a nuclear attack, is inflammatory and unhelpful – particularly bearing in mind that one muslim country already has nuclear weapons. Any nuclear war in the region will result in the contamination of the whole of the region. Painful deaths traceable to the nuclear attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki continued for decades after those very limited attacks. Long after the mushroom clouds disperse and the fallout has stopped descending like snow and dust, or oantained within raindrops or in the air we all breathe, the poison eats away in the bodies of survivors – even the unborn.

      There can be no restricted tactical use of nuclear weapons. All too easily such conflict could create a rapid domino effect, cascading into conflicts that involved India, Pakistan, China and North Korea – it would be a relatively small step then for the two superpowers to become regionally involved

      I know that some people find the prospect repugnant to their own imperialist agendas, but there is actually no alternative to peace. You embrace it or it will be enforced on you, perhaps in an environment of ashes and silence, that are what is left of both innocence and guilt

      Grow up …

      • James Bruce

        Syria, has not been stopped by Pres., Obama. Nor. the Iranians been stopped with their nuclear program. Iran, supplies weapons to all the hot spots in Africa. Sanctions, just don’t cut it, from supplying arms and money to other countries terrorists.