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November 25, 2014 6:17 pm

New York Times Israel Correspondent Jodi Rudoren Attacks Critics as ‘Noisy Group of Advocates’

avatar by Algemeiner Staff

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Office of The New York Times, in New York City. Photo: WikiCommons.

Office of The New York Times. Photo: Wiki Commons.

Jodi Rudoren, the New York Times bureau chief in Israel, has launched an unprecedented attack on pro-Israeli critics of her journalism, declaring that there “is a very active and very noisy group of advocates who has decided that tearing apart coverage of the conflict is a good tool of advocacy.”

Rudoren was speaking at a conference held at Israel’s Bar Ilan University last weekend which focused on media coverage of Operation Protective Edge, launched against the Hamas regime in Gaza by the IDF over the summer in response to thousands of rocket attacks on Israeli population centers.

Rudoren reserved special opprobrium for the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America (CAMERA,) a media watchdog that has regularly uncovered factual errors and editorial bias in her reporting. The organization’s name is “not accurate”, she claimed, because its members are “not for accuracy in Middle East reporting, but for promoting a pro-Israel message, which is absolutely their right, just as the Institute for Middle East Understanding is not for Middle East Understanding, but for promoting the Palestinian narrative.”

Rudoren sharply criticized Jewish politics and culture magazine Tablet for running an article on August 28 by Richard Block, a leading Reform rabbi, entitled “Why I’m Unsubscribing from the New York Times.” In that piece, Rabbi Block stated that his “chronic irritation” with the newspaper “finally morphed into alienation and then to visceral disgust this summer, after Hamas renewed its terrorist assaults upon Israel and the Times launched what can only be described as a campaign to delegitimize the Jewish State.”

“There’s a kind of myopia in which each side looks at articles or TV reports and focuses on the part that they think offends their narrative or their argument. There’s clearly this scorecard that people are using,” Rudoren said.

Rudoren’s comments drew a sharp response from her fellow panelist Ben Dror Yemini, a columnist with the Israeli newspaper Yediot Ahronot. “I don’t work for, or represent, CAMERA, but I follow its work closely,” Yemini said. “Most of CAMERA’s claims against The New York Times are factual and not political. Some of CAMERA’s members are right wing. Does this mean that if a right wing person makes a claim it is less trustworthy?  Perhaps not all their claims are true, but unfortunately I haven’t yet seen The Times try to disprove any of these claims. You say that they are biased, but you are biased, too.”

Echoing Rabbi Block’s criticisms, Yemini said that “the impression created by The Times is that Israel is the monster that hurts innocents.”

Rudoren’s work has courted controversy ever since she was appointed to her post in 2012. One of her first acts was to tweet Ali Abunimah, the founder of the viciously anti-Semitic website Electronic Intifada, saying she “would love a chat sometime.”

Just this week, Seth Mandel, an editor with Commentary magazine, slammed Rudoren for “making it clear she refuses to learn more, because she regards that learning process itself as a concession to her critics. Out of sheer pride, Rudoren will remain uninformed.” Mandel published a series of tweets in reaction to Rudoren’s reporting of last week’s massacre at a Jerusalem synagogue by Palestinian terrorists, asserting in one of them: “Yes Jodi. The spilling of Jewish blood in a shul by Palestinian terrorists deserves the mealy mouthed ‘on the one hand on the other’ garbage.”

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  • Rob

    Jodi’s at it again today with her anti-Israeli coverage. She uses the word apartheid when describing Isreali policies and puts Hamas and Gazans on a pedastol.

  • Rick Geiger

    And the thing is, this past week the NYT tells us they did not publish the satirical images about muhammed, but yet, Jodi and the NYTimes on regular basis and clearly without the least bit of hesitation publish most hate filled mocking of Zionism pretty much every day, and Zionism as as much a core part of Judaism as is muhammed to islam.

  • Dani

    Anybody who contacts Ali Abunimah to have a “chat” is clearly not in charge of the situation. She is out of depth which is sad. Remarkeble that the NYT has people like this on such a posting.

  • Jonathan Mishkin

    As is increasingly its wont, the anonymous Algemeiner staff pulls a number of quotes, no doubt out of context, and uses them to manufacture yet another set of accusations about the New York Times.

    By doing so it avoids addressing important articles that the Times writes about its own coverage of the Middle East situation, such as last week’s almost full page article by its Public Editor, Margaret Sullivan. (See link above.) Her point was that the Times gets criticism from both sides, the ultra left and the ultra right. Equally to the point, she defended Isabel Kirshner from criticism from the Palestinian sides that she was biased because her son serves in the IDF. I would bet that very few of the posters here have children who serve in the IDF. Or themselves served in the IDF.

    I am waiting for the Algemeiner commentary on that article. I suspect for a long time. The fact is that no general news source outside of Israel dedicates as much space to Israel as the NYT. And they don’t always write about the conflict. Remember the article that ran during the height of the summer’s Gaza war about how Israel fashion week went on during the height of the missiles? Or the article about how Israeli doctors were treating Syrian children who had been injured in the fighting there? Or the articles about Maccabi Tel Aviv when its former coach, David Blatt was named head coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers?

    I would wager a lot of money that you would never find those articles in Der Stermer.

    The best proof that the posters here have no coherent point is their fixation on Ms. Rudoren’s weight. Of what possible relevance is that?

    • Craig

      Rudoren and Robert Mackey have no idea what factual accuracy is. She calls the “advocates” Pro-Israel because she cannot bring herself to admit her many mistakes. If she didn’t have an open bias and make so many errors, we intellectuals wouldn’t need to correct her.

      The Times also relies on professional liars like Max Blumenthal who was recently banned from speaking to German lawmakers because of his extremist views.

    • I realize that I’m late to the party, but saying that the New York Times is better than Der Stermer is hardly a compliment.

  • Dani

    If you think she is bad. Have a look at the NYT’s Robert Mackey. That guy is buddies with Ali Abunimah and Joseph Dana. He truly is obsessed with Israel,

  • ken brownsher

    I would not even put the Times in my bird cage because it is so full of CRAP!If you ever read Fouad Ajami he said the Muslims lie so often that they
    believe their own lies.By the way he was a Muslim who saw the light.

    She would be a great fit for CNN.

    Israel for all it`s faults outshines the Darkness which engulfs the area.The Dark Ages reside in the Arab mind! There are too many of them to overcome.

  • al sheeber

    Beastly girl got no shame.
    She take chutzpah to a new level.
    She has the talent to run Al Jazzerah
    her contempt for Israel is so demonstrable
    its is surprising how she enjoys her
    questionable tour!
    One of many objectionable reporters
    from the New York Times, whose tenure
    was a quick way to nowhere, most
    players will not speak to these wretched
    meaty creatures, last time Bibi spoke
    to one of these turds was 1996-they cannot contain themselves. They cannot believe that they could run a shop in Israel and be so universally hated.
    I canceled my deliveries over 10 years ago (+,-)
    and never missed this crappy drekk ever since.

  • Ken Kelso

    To really see how pro Arab terrorist Jodi Rudoren is, she tries to be sympathetic to a Palestinian terrorist who slaughtered a Israeli holocaust survivor in Israel.
    In NYT, a terrorist gets more sympathy than victims
    Jodi Rudoren’s latest dispatch in the New York Times painstakingly attempts to give equal weight to a terrorist murderer and the the Holocaust survivor victim’s family.
    March 30, 2014

  • Ken Kelso

    A Year of Biased Reporting against Israel: Why the New York Times Won.
    This is a must read article which exposes the Times and Ruderen’s lies about Israel.

  • Ayatollah Ghilmeini

    I think Rudoren is right about her picture but that is about it.

    From the moment I first began reading her reporting it was clear to me that she came with an agenda and it is not pro-israel, nor is it evenhanded and fair, it is a daily deliberate one sided reporting without regard to Israel’s unique history and situation. She deliberately uses her reporting to hurt Israel and she uses her position to benefit people that wish to destroy Israel all the while denying that it is their intention to do so.

    Hamas is an openly genocidal group which opposes gay and women’s rights. Rudoren’s failure to remind people of this is a black stain on her integrity. I am glad she was able to fix her weight issues, now all she has to do is grow her integrity. The Times knew exactly where she was coming from and turned her loose on Israel to damage Israel at every turn. She is biased in the extreme.

    I have nothing but contempt for her and the times.

  • Meyer Muschel

    JR clearly strives for neutrality….Unfortunately, in the face of unquestionable moral depravity, neutrality is not acceptable. Objectivity is warranted. The problem: JR and the NYTimes dont believe in morality….they think its outside their world and for the writer to determine. But in any moral society, there are situations where no reasonable person would differ. To suggest that certain despicable conduct is open to understanding is to give it credence

  • Cora Nott

    Jodi Rudoren seems to be an employed nitwit. Nitwits have to earn a living too.

    • shimshun

      hahha.. best comment!

  • Phil N

    It is much easier to attack your critics than to defend biased and false reporting.

  • Vicki Trachten Schwartz

    She bas morphed info the ultimate Blood libel
    Put on your burkha and move to any Islamist nation
    And then find freedom of journalism. You are a cool fool

  • Sue Deutsch

    I disagree with her comments. But I don’t think that it is worthy of the “Algemeiner’ to publish a comment about her personal appearance. This is a typical way to attack the opinions or actions of a woman. Rather than attacking what she says–or does–she is attacked for her personal appearance. I don’t recall ever seeing any criticism of Jewish men, who are anti-Israel, based on how they look!There are plenty of good reasons to condemn what she has said–but one of those reasons is not her personal appearance!

    • RiverKing

      Where and how did the Algemeiner attack Rudoren based on her appearance? I returned to the article when I saw your comment and found nothing about her appearance.

      • RiverKing

        Oops. Now I see the following comment and noted the word ‘comment’ in yours. My apologies.

  • victoria brandeis

    firstly the NEW YORK TIMES does not stand for Israel and therefore without a college degree either are you…..your words statements match your huge frame and both filled with blubber…..yes,….instead of being
    proud of who you are and the losses a jew suffers through time should melt your heart….no, you are ice….and , without more to say…….have another donut

  • Robert Geller

    Once again, very simple solution – Jews should STOP their subscription to the NYTimes and Jewish businesses should stop advertising. Jews are always accused of using their pocket books to promote their interests, so lets start using these pocket books.

  • This person had no experience at all about Israel or any other country for that matter.She was a reporter for metro sections and campaigns.She complains due to the fact she has no experience in the Mid East,i wonder if she can read write and speak Hebrew and Arabic.

  • Havital Miltz

    Israel should take her visa and kick her out
    Screw her.

  • Jodi Rudoren

    I wonder why you used a years-old picture of me when I was quite overweight, rather than more recent — and more readily available — ones after I lost 75 pounds?

    • Allan Muller

      All you have to say is that they used an old picture? Says volumes about you.

    • Allan Muller

      Found your pic on twitter, yes congrats on losing 75 lbs. But it’s not about your weight really.

    • elaine braffman

      and why do you care? I don’t care what you look like, I care what you say. And frankly, what you say and how you say it, makes me question-not your looks-but your intelligence.

    • asherpat

      Ms Rudoren,

      I always wonder what is the origin of your given name – is it Judy or Judith or maybe it is Jody from the beginning? Could you clarify please?

    • Ron

      Perhaps you should resign your position from the NY Slimes and take a job modeling for Weight Watchers. Of course, you’d have to put a bag over your head so that people interested in the program won’t think that in addition to losing weight they’ll become as ugly as face full of bee stings.

    • Sol S. Shalit

      I am not a pro-Israel right-wing activist, nor an Israeli religious fanatic. I’ve been a New York Times reader for 45 years. I had great hopes when Judi became NYT’s Jerusalem Bureau Chief, and I’ve been reading her reports daily. It is my considered judgment that Judi’s reports have a consistent and pronounced leftist bias, reflecting her own personal views on Israel. She appears to be very concerned, almost insecure, about her image and bona fides with the American leftist Jewish establishment, and is excessively eager to please her liberal bosses at the New York Times.

  • Elisheva Lahav

    Oh-ho! Well, isn’t THIS interesting? I’d still like to hear/read how she justifies some – or many – of the articles she and/or Isabel Kershner wrote during Operation Protective Edge, with scathing headlines about the horrible things we did, and then 4 or 5 paragraphs later, you read something like what we did was in direct retaliation to something that THEY did. Sorry – with headlines like those, you’ve done the damage and made the newspaper’s point. By the same token, I’d love to hear/read how she justifies the “daily tally” on the front page of the NYTimes every day during the war, listing how many were killed on their side vs. how many were killed on our side, how many rockets from them vs. how many air strikes by us, etc., ad nauseam. In other words, what was the point of it? If that’s not an “agenda,” then I don’t know what is.

  • Robert Davis

    I heard the NYT is on the brink of bankruptcy and could only advise those who still read their rubbish not to buy this toilet paper any longer! I do not buy it since YEARS!

  • Jodi, for a long time I’ve had to endure your endless bias against Israel, and I’m asking you to please cease from that entirely. And by the way this Arab-Israel conflict is not at all mostly about “settlements,” instead it’s mostly about jihad. This conflict was going on for decades before there were any “West Bank settlements,” and going on for decades before there was even a state of Israel. Stop trying to curry favor with the haters of Israel, and be wiser and more courageous.

  • Robert Davis

    That fat anti Israel woman is just as arrogant as she is biaised and cannot stand people who do not agree with her communist anti Israel opinions. Pro Israel people will surely not change their minds just to please a fat and horrible looking woman like her! Like most left wing people she cannot accept pro Israel do not join the deligimizing band to force into Israel’s throat it should not defend itself just because they cannot defeat Israel!

  • Eric R.

    Throw the NY Slimes out of Israel, and throw Frau Rodoren into prison. I’m sure they can find some legitimate reason to do it – I would hope that Mossad and Shin Bet have been tailing her and have got something on her.

  • Haifadiarist

    After the confrontation, perhaps the “best news” from a member of the audience was the NYT is that it is close to bankruptcy. Looks like “bankruptcy” in reporting could be followed by financial bankruptcy. That is justice.

  • Woman

    She is an ugly frustrated fat old woman who trying to gain some kind of attention by pushing the leftist NYT agenda…

  • Lauren Goldman

    She is just representative of the NYT’s rule; no matter what Israel does, it is wrong.

  • Jodi Rudoren

    Why did you publish a years-old photograph of me at my fattest stage when more current photos are far more readily available, on my Facebook and Twitter among other places?

    • mark smilovitz


      Perhaps too many fat cells floating around have clouded
      your thinking. 75 pounds not nearly enough

    • louis appleman

      dear Jodi,i thought it was rather a nice picture of you.
      but since you are uptight about it i can understand your may also take into account your stress as influencing your overreaction to the criticism of your reporting.I,WONDER IF YOU CAN APPRECIATE THE IRONY OF YOUR SENSITIVITY OF REPORTING AN ACCURATE {If OLD) PICTURE OF


  • Nanushka

    Does she speak ANY Arabic?
    I mean, even if she for some reason wanted to… can Rudoren tell when she is being fed a bucket full of horse manure?

  • The New York Times, with its distortions of the conflict (remember when they showed a young Jew being protected from Palestinian rioters by an Israeli policeman and captioned it to say that he was a Palestinian being molested by an Israeli policeman?) has become a publicity rag for the Arabs. It is probably getting funding from Qatar, the Emirates and Saudi Arabia, like the rest of the biaised media and the NGOs such as Oxfam and Amnesty International. How low it has sunk.

  • Yakov Leschen

    It is time that Israel revokes all the visa’s of people that work for the NY Times

  • Abbushuki

    She is hired Capo of the NY TIMES editorial board which explicitly states that it is protecting the Palestinians from criticism until Israel accepts them as the Palestinian state. She supports that political position with yellow journalism promoting Arabs and blaming Israel. It’s the old: “Heads, I win; Tails, you lose” game. She’s pissing on Israel’s back, and calling it ‘rain’.

  • David Goshen

    It is most surprising that Jody Rudorin the N Y Times Bureau Chief in Israel has not diswcovered that the Gaza population is in desperate need for an investigation into their serious human rights suffering at the hands of Hamas Malitias and their Hamas Government who they dare not critize for fear of death or serious injury.This information is is avavailable from clandistine radio interviews and is most urgent.Their suffering during the last war was blatent not being allowed to take shelter in tunnel and underground areas during prewarned air raids,forcing men women & children to be human sheilds and the executions of Fatah supporters alledging they were Israeli Spies!!

  • Reform School

    It appears that in addition to swallowing too much Muslim propaganda, Rudoren has swallowed many of its authors.

  • Ben Tzur

    I must commiserate with poor Jodi Rudoren – she is right about CAMERA keeping a scorecard, and it must be very irritating to have the NYT’s nose rubbed in it. It is a smelly deposit of bile, after all. For example, in a fairly recent example of the several periodic CAMERA long-term surveys of NYT articles, editorials, and opinion pieces dealing with the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, this time covering the last six months of 2011, entitled Indicting Israel: New York Times Coverage of the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict, CAMERA found that criticisms of Israel were presented more than twice as often as of the Palestinian side, 187 to 88 in all. 30 of these criticisms were merely those of the journalists rather than of actual news sources, thus intruding editorial content into news articles: of these, 21 comments were hostile to Israel, only 9 critical of Palestinians. In regard to the peace process and the PA unilateral declaration of statehood, 106 passages reflected the mainstream Palestinian view, but only 59 the mainstream Israeli view. In regard to the Mavi Marmara incident, 37 articles stressed Israel’s use of force on the ship, but only 8 mentioned the activists’ violence that required forceful IDF response. Even in referring to a roughly evenhanded U.N. report, the NYT mentioned the criticism of Israel 12 times, but of the activists only 4 times.

    In regard to violent incidents generally, 12 headlines highlighted Palestinian fatalities, but none highlighted Israeli fatalities arising from Palestinian terrorism, although 14 occurred during that period. 11 articles focussed on radical Israelis vandalising or burning Palestinian properties, causing no fatalities, but there were only 4 articles on Palestinian stoning attacks that killed Israelis.

    The NYT simply did not report on the antisemitic hate incitement in the Palestinian media and from political and religious leaders. Only the much less rabid Israeli statements were presented as obstacles to peace. On the opinion pages, over the 9 months from July 2011 to March 2012, 6 of 7 editorials, 5 of 6 columns, and 4 of 7 Op-Eds predominantly criticised Israel. None predominantly criticised the Palestinians.

    Yes, Jodi, it is just unfair to keep such scorecards. It is too irrefutable a proof of what you refuse to admit.

  • Ed Clark

    I’m pleased to finally have seen a photo of Jodi Rudoren, as it illustrates that her grotesque, porcine ugliness is physical as well as intellectual, spiritual & moral. Her ideas & writing are well suited to her physical repugnance; Hashem did well to concentrate so many negative attributes in a single hominid organism, rather than share those vile characteristics among multiple targets of His scorn.

  • Ms Rudoren’s criticism might have merit if she would cite factual errors in Cameras’ analysis. Omission of factual references speak to her lack of CREDIBILITY.

  • art

    A closed minded anti Jewish bigot. Don’t bother me with the facts I may have to think. Her reporting abilities are shown by the fact that instead of refuting CAMERa she can only call them names. By the way she is little more than an advocate for the pa/plo/hamas her job is to be a reporter and present the truth

  • her comments clearly display that the worse than a bigot is a bigot who doesn’t know he/she is a bigot.

    • the worse thing about a bigot is that the bigot doesn’t know he/she is a bigot.

  • Efram

    Self hating Jews are the absolute worst.

  • Shalom-Hillel

    She has gone overboard, swinging at anyone who calls attention to her deftly crafted defamations of Israel. Too many readers have started to notice. The reputation of the NY Times has taken a hit, and they’re not used to that.

    • TheAZCowBoy

      How do you ‘defame’ a nation of predator Aztec bloody cut-throat Jews that gave the world the CNN photos and video’s of the 08/2008 and 07-08/2014 IDF/IAF Gaza massacre of innocent civilian Palestinians fathers, mothers and (580)innocent babies murdered by the ‘baby kill’n’ IDF hoodlums that discovered that “The Hamas ‘Freedom Fighters’ could (((kick))) ass on the IDF with the proper weapond and Hezbollah training?”

  • Herb Glatter

    For an ideologue to change course would be apostasy. Arrogant , smug typifies this despicable group.

  • Marta Mikey Frid

    No religion can emerge without ignorance. And Rudoren is crusading for a most vicious campaign to appease only the oil magnates. Why would she want to learn anything? Political agendas of her type are not acquired overnight.
    Only simple people like Michelangelo might have confessed in his old age that: “I am still learning”

  • Tsirash

    That lady has eaten too much chazir.

    • Both levels

      On a spiritual level as well as physical level.

  • Mickey Oberman

    Why is she allowed to stay in Israel?

    Why is any representative of the anti Semitic New York TImes permitted to enter Israel

    Surely “Freedom of the Press” does not mean allowing enemy aliens the right to enter a country at war or under permanent siege that they persistently denigrate and support the enemy.

    Rudoren is an alien and her writings attest to her enmity against Israel.

    Mickey Oberman

  • Rick K

    How does the NYT’s find such trash? It is really incredible that every time we think they hit bottom, the NYT’s manages to find more trash in their slime pit.

    This time, the NYT’s correspondent actually acknowledge that she does not want to know the story, just write whatever is in her head, regardless of the facts. Credibility is not one of the criteria to write stories, fiction is a better description.

    There is no point to give an additional forum to discuss the fictional stories written in the NYT’s.

  • Khalidi

    That’s a face only a Palestinian could love.

    • Harvey

      That’s asking a bit much of the Palestinians

    • Mickey Oberman

      That is why they wear burkas.

      Mickey Oberman

  • Bernard Ross

    Rudoren putting cheap makeup on a pig

  • Rabbi Yakov Lazaros

    She is a traitor to the Jewish people.
    Pushing the NY Times leftist agenda to forward her career.

  • nelson marans

    When Jodi Rudoren was given a favorable and fawning interview this year in Hadassah magazine, readers of the magazine were appalled. Letters condemned this action and justifiably so. Reading her propaganda news columns that absolve Palestinian terrorists of any blame and criticizes every action of Israel gives journalism a bad name and certainly her employer the always anti-Israel New York Times

  • Dov

    Its about to time we go after Jews who hate being Jews.

  • Arthurf Fliegenhaeimer

    They should rename this fish wrap newspaper ,”Die Sturmer”!

  • Those who work for Der Sturmer will defend Der Sturmer.

  • Sol Bleiweis

    That the NYT ia anti-Israel is no longer debatable. And her reporting supports that conclusion. I have written many letters to the editors criticizing hwer and Thomas Friedman’s reporting which were never published. I think the only option available to me is stop my subscription.

  • z

    The NYT and the rest of the Vatican/CIA mafia propaganda outlets are there to incite conflict and war via a false scripted narrative. They are propaganda liars and active conspirators to the promotion and promulgation of mass murder. In other words, they are pure blood vultures.

    They also use their obscene amount of “coverage” for idiots as a tool to not cover issues that relate to the US gov mafia crime operations. A sort of propaganda sleight of hand so that that ignorant dupes who subscribe to their nonsense propaganda lies are focused on Israel while the real news goes unreported. Issues like the mass poisoning of the population via vaccines carrying cancer viruses and other auto-immune viruses goes completely unreported. The poisoning and mass murder of the population via the pharma controlled “health care” system. The poisoning of the population via gov mafia approved poison “foods”. The trafficking of drugs and sex slaves by the gov mafia. The transfer of technology including weapons to our so-called enemies so as to promote war. The transfer of money to our so-called enemies so as to promote war. The mass swindle that is the banking system. And on and on. The whole system of media propaganda is designed to keep people misinformed, ignorant, and trapped in a false propaganda “reality” created to disenfranchise them and mass murder them.

  • snag

    “its members are “not for accuracy in Middle East reporting, but for promoting a pro-Israel message”

    I would go even further a zionist-firsters and Likud a$$-kissers no matter what. Enough to take look who’s founding and who’s running this show to get a picture what’s their agenda.

    They demonize or ridicule anyone who does not dance to a drum beat of pro-Israel right-wingers.

    They’re pro-Israel pressure goons not non-profit media-monitoring group as they claim.

  • Arthurf Fliegenhaeimer

    She is about as homely as Catherine Ashton and as dangerous to the Jewish state and people.I used to read the Times routinely until I noticed how it is a mouthpiece for Hussein Obama.To the social justice crowd the 3 worst crimes are: racism, colonialism ,and militarism. In their eyes Israel is guilty of these by its mere existence.I don’t buy the times any more,but I glance at the headlines in the market, usually they will have a picture of Palestinan children and you can guess the headlines

    • snag

      ‘She is about as homely as Catherine Ashton’

      This crap comes from a mouth of a pinhead that was represented abroad by beauty called Golda 😉 ,…

      This is about character assassination (to which you added your share) not a beauty contest, idiot.