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November 26, 2014 6:51 pm

Maureen Lipman: Why is Ed Miliband Pandering to Anti-Semitism Masking as Anti-Zionism

avatar by Maureen Lipman

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Ed Miliband. Photo: Wiki Commons.

The following statement from the British Jewish actress Maureen Lipman was read out tonight at a pro-Israel demonstration outside the conference center where Ed Miliband, the leader of Britain’s Labour Party, delivered a speech to the pro-boycott organization “Labour Friends of Palestine and the Middle East.” Ms. Lipman, a leading actress whose credits include the Holocaust film “The Pianist,” has sharply criticized Miliband for his stance on Israel, as previously reported by The Algemeiner.

Tonight Mr Miliband, the leader of the Labour party, my party, will address the audience at a fund-raising Gala for Palestinian solidarity.

Some weeks ago he authorized a three-line whip to endorse a back bench bill to recognize the State of Palestine. There will be wild applause from the unions, who put him in power and cries of ‘Result!’ from the left of his party and the cultural and media zealots – all of whom despise the democratic State of Israel.

Tonight a good deal of money will be raised for the Palestinian cause, which, experience tells us will go towards Hamas’s tunneling back into the heart of Israel, buying more armaments and keeping up the payments on Madam Arafat’s suites in a Paris Hotel.

It is doubtful that it will reach the people whom tonight’s fund-raisers care so much about.

Why are so much of Gaza and the West Bank in such pitiable conditions? Some years ago, my brother, a travel and tourism maven, remarked to Yasser Arafat that one afternoon of Saudi oil money would remove the problem of Palestinian refugee camps.

“But Mr. Lipman,” mused the wily old fox – who incidentally was born in Algeria — “Why would I want to remove the problem? Then I would have no issue to fight.”

If the Palestinians were forced out of their country, what were the borders of that country? Who was its president? What was its language, its currency?

When 850,000 Jews were kicked out of Egypt in 1956, and all their property, businesses and lands confiscated, did any demonstrations to repatriate them take place? Did the UN pass any resolution condemning them? Or did the Jewish people once again accept their loss and move on?

Very recently, Egypt razed 700 Palestinian houses to the ground and closed the borders to restrain Hamas. Where are the anti-Egyptian demonstrations? Can you point me in the direction of the comedians and movie stars who are irate because of that?

If a Palestinian state were recognized, would Jews be allowed to live and work there as Arabs are in Israel? Which, then, would be the Apartheid State? I have Israel on my passport, so I can’t even enter most Middle Eastern countries.

As I wrote in my Standpoint article, many people on the left and right would welcome a Palestinian State, me included.


1) It is UN policy not to negotiate with terrorists. Hamas are still terrorists.

2) A state was offered to and refused by the Arab States in 1937, 1948, 2000 and 2008.

3) The Palestinians have yet to recognize Israel’s right to exist and still extol its destruction in their constitution.

4) It is impractical to recognize a state until its borders are decided – in other words, when negotiations on settlements are completed.

5) If you recognize a state you can then arm it.

Mr. Miliband, in pandering to the left of his party without thinking through these points has shown weakness and lack of forethought – at best – and stupid opportunism at worst. He is vote-seeking and the Jewish vote is one and a half percent only. Our funding is far less important than that of the unions – and the unions have already voted for the new state.

Mr Miliband will be joining the Jon Snow, Alexei Sayle, Miriam Margolyes, Annie Lennox, Penelope Cruz, Xavier Bardem, Roger Waters, Kauffman, Warsi, Tonge brigade – all of who bleed for the Palestinians and refuse to recognize the impossible position that Israel has been placed in for the last six decades… four thousand rockets raining in on a country, countless lives lost, a nation’s psyche altered forever.

Shame on you Ed.

He is a second-generation immigrant Jew, whose father escaped Nazi death camps, and inadvertently or not, he is pandering to the antisemitism masking as anti-Zionism, which is once again sweeping across Europe.

I doubt that Mr. Miliband will get his bacon sandwich at tonight’s ‘do’.

But I hope in time and with reflection, he gets his just desserts.

Maureen Diane Lipman, CBE (born 10 May 1946) is a British film, theatre and television actress, columnist and comedienne.

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  • Barry Goodright

    The tone of most of these comments supporting Israel shows why a lot of people are anti Jewish.. As a young man in the fifties I supported the Jews and Israel. Reclaiming the desert kibbizes etc. however now in my seventies I am totally anti Zionist., and regard a lot of Jews in Britain as a fifth column.

  • Leah B

    Milliband betrayed his own brother in a callous fashion, and look at the result: a bumbling superficial individual, a pretend leader, a school boy is now leading the party. We should not be surprised, therefore, that he is is behaving in this true to form way, using whatever, or whoever is in his sight to pursue his short term goal. His current use of Jews and Israel, is shameless and fills me with anger. We done Maureen. I wish that more prominently positioned Jews, in arts, science, education, academia and politics would speak out. We cannot be silent when we are under threat from all sides, as we are now.

  • BonniePrinceCharlie

    Now why can’t our elected and self-appointed communal leaders speak out so forcefully? Perhaps they don’t want to upset people. Perhaps they think that if we’re nice to the Palestinians / Arabs – if we do what they want us to do – then all will be peace and love. Or perhaps they think that if they don’t hit back, our enemies will go away.

    And why don’t more people attend these rallies and demonstrations to show that they care and that they take the situation seriously?

  • steven L

    It is a little disappointing that Ms. Lipman could not get correct information from a reliable historian before publishing her response to Miliband. Google may not be reliable source of info since so much DISINFORMATION is posted on the Webb.

  • steven L

    Miliband ambitions are far more important than his roots. Being a leftist is already a big problem and being a Jew adds insult to injury. He will have to chose unless he has already decided to be an antisemite.

  • Nitza Sarner

    Mrs Lipman made a few errors. Arafat was born in Egypt. the 850 000 Jewish refugees are from ALL the Arab states not just from Egypt.
    It is a bit too late to talk about the vote for Palestinian state. Soon the rest of Europe will ‘comply’.
    What did all these lefties actually DO for the Palestinians. NOthing really. Why not talk about the ‘real ‘ Aparthide against the Palestinians – perpetrated not by Israel (who has 20% Arab citizens) but by the other Arab states who discriminate and marginalise even attack the Palestinian Refugees in their midst – as a matter of policy.
    Nitza Sarner

  • Vivienne Leijonhufvud (goldie)

    Good for Ms. Lipman we are the same generation. Telling Miliband how it is is not before time. The UK has completely it’s senses assuming a palestinian state will bring peace. Why Miliband do you think the West Bank is Arab nations foot in Israel. The line needs to be drawn right down the middle of the Jordan valley — how else can Israel defend herself from Arab threat. As for Gaza same again a foot in the door to Israel from Egypt who right now cannot be trusted since it has taken on the political yoke of Islam — Muslim Brotherhood or not makes no difference.

  • Robert Davis

    If Israel was governed it could stop once and for all these endless arguments by EXPELLING all of these arabs into jordan and sinai in 3 days! But that coward netanyahou prefers to keep this issue for ever until it leads to 3rd ww!

  • Sam Harris

    Superb and very telling!

  • Martin Bookspan

    I hope this brilliant letter is read by its intended recipient, the shameless, self-hating, treacherous turncoat Miliband……..

  • victoria brandeis




  • Ros Goldfarb

    Shame on Ed Miliband – he who sups with the devil should use a very long spoon.

    The Labour Party, , for whom we have voted all our lives and worked hard for too has
    just lost our votes.

    Ros and Brian Goldfarb

  • Keep up the GOOD(GOD)work!You are a shining light in a world of predominately demonic darkness!We Born Again Christians Stand 100% behind The Chosen Jewish People and Israel.For thousands of years God’s enemies have tried unsuccessfully to destroy you?They never will!Shalom,Maureen,Shalom!

  • Tony Rice

    Miliband just panders to whatever cause he thinks is in the publics’ mind at the time, no great thought goes into his proposals, just cheap publicity/vote seeking. God help us if he becomes P M.

  • Adele Winston

    Is ‘desserts’ a joke because he was at a dinner?

    How to vote? The conservatives are selling off the NHS, so those of us who support Israel had better be sure we can afford private health insurance before we throw in our lot with them.

  • Moshe Sapper

    Well said.

  • It’s hart warming to know that there are articulate clearl thinking people like Ms.Lipman,willing to speak out. Where are the rest of the influential people willing to speak out ?????

  • Max

    The sight of Ed Miliband, a self-hating Jew dancing cheek-to-cheek with a bunch of anti-semites is enough to drive you into the arms of the Conservative Party, assuming they are still free of the disease!

  • Ian Cohen

    poignant and powerful words.

  • G Bern

    Dead right Maureen. So what if Milliband loses a few Jewish votes when there are far more Muslims to be placated? Morally bankrupt Labour will support the entity that hopes and plans to dominate the world through a caliphate and murder and rape its way to that end.

  • Cynthia

    Mr.E Miliband ought to be ashamed of himself.He is
    a traiter and should be hung for treason.No decent
    person should ever vote for him. I certainly would not.
    He is a disgrace to the memory of his family who suffered a terrible ordeal. He obviously has no respect for them, How can any decent person respect him.

  • As Churchill said, courage is the most important virtue. Thank you Ms. Lipman.

  • Menahem

    Vote seeking whore. British Jews are without balls, when it relates to Israel. Ms. Lipman, over 850,000 were from throughout the Middle East but also from Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan when we were deported. My family comes from Afghanistan. The whole Jewish Sefardi Community is from Iran, Afghanistan, Yemen (Aden), And other Muslim/Arab States.

    Mr Abbas is on record saying, no Jew will remain in his philistine state. It will be Judenrein!

    He has labelled Jews in Israel as settlers who contaminate the Temple Mount? No whisper from WesternnLeaders against him.

    99% of British Jewry are without faith, without religion, without fear of Hashem, sheer double faced pandering to their non-Jewish friends.

    Labour is dead. Opposition leader is dead. His children will deal with him. In time, these monkeys will get their due, no bananas for them.

    Today he believes he is securing the Muslim votes, but next year he is out with a thrashing from. Others, the light of which he never saw coming. Look at his performance at PM Q&A in the House. I saw it yesterday. Diabolical.

    His brother David would have been more experience in this but he is now in New York,, away from these parasites.

    Great stuff Ms Lioman, endorse the Conservative party for now because they will win the next election next year.

    Forget Labour for the next generation.

  • Markus Goeldi

    thank you for the great article Maureen !Ed Milliband : an opportunist and a traitor may he wake up in time and understand the history of Israel and the “Palestinians”
    well they are the unruly brothers of the Jews(Esau’s and Ishmaels descendants to some extent)and further more the Bible is clear that the “Older must serve the Younger” the hatred goes back such a long time ,no wonder Muhammed had to twist everything in the Quran to make us believe Islam is the leading and true religion.
    But here is Mr Milliband what you need to be reminded of;Ezekiel 36:20
    And wherever they went among the nations they profaned my holy name, for it was said of them, ‘These are the LORD’s people, and yet they had to leave his land.Ezekiel 36:23
    I will show the holiness of my great name, which has been profaned among the nations, the name you have profaned among them. Then the nations will know that I am the LORD, declares the Sovereign LORD, when I am proved holy through you before their eyes. Shalom Aleichem Maureen

  • AlanB

    Terrific Maureen!

    Thank you

  • manley

    Political expediency reigns and takes precedence over morality.

  • Ivor

    Maureen Lipman needs to revise her facts and there are inaccuracies which can torpedo her argument. For example:
    1.Yasser Arafat was born in Egypt not Algeria.
    2. In the period, 1947-1956, there were never more than 90,000 Jews in Egypt. The figure of 850,000 quoted was in fact the total number of Jews displaced from all the Arab countries since 1947.
    3.The modern exodus of Jews from Egypt was not limited to 1956, but commenced after 1947 with significant numbers leaving after 1948, 1956, 1967 and even 1973. There were expulsions. There were refugees. But many left on their own accord in all those periods and in particularly, in the earlier emigrations, as many Jews rightly predicted the glum future in Egypt.Not all expulsion of Jews was necessarily antisemitic in nature, as some were encouraged to leave during the Nasser-ist period, as part and parcel of the anti-western fervour aimed also at all Europeans and even at non-Arab Muslims who were of the Turco-Circassian-Albanian stock(the backbone of the former ruling class of Egypt)

  • Shalom-Hillel

    Bravo, Ms. Lipman. And let all Jews who can do so step up and speak out for Israel in the face of the ignorant and often malicious bashers. It is getting to be that time and at least we have a state to fight for this time around.

  • Naomi Silver

    Yes, Ed is the greatest opportunist ever, selling his soul for the sake of Muslim votes. He is illiterate on Jewish religion and history and modern Israel. In this sense, he is not in a minority. Yet he is a Jew, which means that another wise Jew, like Rabbi Tatz of JLE for example, has to sit down with him for an entire day and re-educate him on truth and facts. We must not give up on him even when we give up on his party because of him. After all, many of us were blind before we came to an understanding of our tradition. If it happened to Melanie Philips – there is hope for Ed as well.

  • Thank you so very much Maureen for expressing so well my feelings on this matter. Israel was given in perpetuity to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob by Adonai – The Most High Creator of the Universe. It should never ever be divided by anyone. Woe to them who would be so foolish as to try it!