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November 28, 2014 3:43 pm

BDS Group Spreads Photoshopped Image of Concentration Camp Inmates Holding Anti-Israel Posters

avatar by Shiryn Solny

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The offensive image posted on the Facebook page "I Acknowledge Apartheid Exists." Photo: Facebook.

A Facebook page supporting the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement on Wednesday uploaded a Photoshopped image of Nazi concentration camp prisoners holding anti-Israel signs, William A. Jacobson of the popular Legal Insurrection blog reported.

The picture, posted by a page named “I Acknowledge Apartheid Exists”, shows skeletal survivors holding up signs that read “Israel Assassins,” “Break the Silence on Gaza,” “Stop the Holocaust in Gaza” and “Stop US Aid to Israel.” A sign in the far back of the image says Gaza is “the world’s biggest concentration camp,” while another poster shows a Palestinian flag along with the words “Free Palestine.”

A slogan at the bottom of the offensive image reads, “Whatever happened to ‘never again?'”

The Facebook page, which boasts over 91,000 members, captioned the post “Viva Palestine.” At the time of publication, the picture has been “liked” by 307 users and “shared” on the social media site by 110 users, including the Central NY Committee for Justice in Palestine.

Many Facebook users expressed disgust over the image, calling it “inappropriate,” “shameful” and asking for the picture to be taken down. One user said, “I find this really disturbing. It’s not a case of ‘not getting it’. How can exploiting and image of other people’s suffering be an acceptable thing to do? Is that not what we’re supposed to be against??”

Another commenter said the picture is not just distasteful but “outright anti-Semitic, incredibly unpleasant, inappropriate and sullies the name of everyone who is trying to oppose Israel’s actions on Palestine.”

Responding to the criticism, the Facebook page claimed the image is intended to teach a lesson. The page’s administrator said, “I am not going to stop posting something because some people do not get it. We have to teach them at some point. If people think we should not post because some people do not get it, we may as well not post anything at all.”

The page was created in March 2013. It claims its mission is to “promote the narrative that Palestinians deserve the same rights and liberties that Israeli’s enjoy.”

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  • Marco Curatola-Petrocchi

    No doubt: an unaccetable image. I fully agree with Anthony: It offend the memory of those concentration camp inmates and all the victims of the Nazis.

  • There can be only one truthful answer to such protests. ‘FREE GAZA . . . . from HAZMAS ! The Hamas charter calls for the destruction of the State of Israel and the worldwide genocide of Jews. See fuller details in Professor Alan Dershowitz, ‘The Case for Israel’, page 107.

  • Diane Hewitt

    YOU happened to Never Again!

  • Harvey

    This is beyond reprehensible! My f97 year old father was a world war 2 liberator .an absolute disgrace that any human would post this.

  • Rebecca Levin

    Get rid of this disgusting sign of hatred and Anti-Semitism!!

  • Betty

    This is a distortion of an historic photo used to promote a hateful cause. Your paper should print a retraction and apology for posting this message.

    • Ray Hill (changeagent)

      Not since the mid/late 1930s has a propaganda machine been as responsive as those who now justify the policies of Israel in their effortsa to eliminate the Palestinians

    • lana
  • Joel

    I wrote a complaint to Facebook which replied that the material did not contravene their rules
    We should all boycott this immoral site

    • dale

      Anti-Semitic garbage is a pile of DUNG. For F/B to allow such DUNG is their way of condoning anti-Semitism. F/B IS a Pile of DUNG anyway.

  • Maxime

    Awfull and disgusting.
    The concentration camps survivors would very much like to have had, a very tiny part of what the Gaza people get from all the world, and particularly from Israël: weapons, building materials, food, monney (which go directly to swiss banks)…..
    If I was a Gaza guy, I would say that this image is counter productive, but they are so stupid…;

  • fyodor

    Simply disgusting, and does nothing but show the authors up for what they are. Anti-Semitic



  • Dear FB,

    Please, please, please REMOVE THIS WEBSITE FROM FB IMMEDIATELY. These people are hoping to gain followers. It’s deplorable. We are a human community. There is NO humanity in photos and websites like this. It is a violation of free speech. With privilege comes responsibility. Freedom of Speech is a gift, as well as a privilege. FB uses enjoy this liberty to the utmost. Please take humanitarian responsibility and remove this horrific photograph and website. These people need to be stopped. Yes, they’ll spew their hate elsewhere, but they do not belong here.

  • Realistic from south Israel

    You can’t expect logic & truth from Muslims & there supporters…
    First they deny that the Jew holocaust ever happen, then they use false & Photoshoped evidence from it to there cause…

  • Thomas Walther

    The most perfidious over-photoshopped changing of the photo are not the “signs”, which they manipulated in the hands of the liberated prisoners of the KZ Mauthausen subcamp in Ebensee. Look at the original under the ARC Identifier (National Archives Identifier) 531271.
    It is the changing in the faces and the bodies of starving prisoners. On May 5, 1945 the “liberated prisoners” looked like prisoners who are just liberated from torture and death.
    So the BDS-group changed the faces and the bodies of Jewish liberated prisoners for “GAZA – the “Worlds biggest Concentration Camp” by OVER-PHOTOSHOPPING the Fotos as well in faces and bodies.
    So the answer to their antisemitic question on the manipulated foto: “Whatever happened to ‘Never again’?”
    is simpel: Antisemitism never ends: ‘Ever again’!”

    Thomas Walther, Germany, retired Judge and practising Lawyer.
    Read this:

  • Joe

    I totally agree that they should be treated equally. So, when do we open the concentration camps for The BDS and Palestinians?

  • Nitsevet

    What a shame! How can they exploit such a photo? Gaza has nothing to do with the Nazi concentration camps. I find it absolutely scandalous! How could be made the peace with Palestinians who use the most unrefined lies to arrive at their end? These people have no morality, no consciousness. They make me vomit!

  • Pierre Elie Mamou

    people who need other’s pain to beg for money

  • Naomi Lesser

    Appalling – propaganda equal to Dr Goebbels!

  • Naomi Lesser

    An appalling disgrace.

    Propaganda equal to Dr Goebbels!

  • The difference between war victims and the Palestinians, in Gaza or elsewhere in “Palestine” is that they are receiving vasts sums of money for their “suffering”. Billions of dollars have been raised for Gaza, enough money to rebuild it many times over. If real pictures of Gazans were to be shown, we would see well-dressed, well-fed citizens, some of whom live in palatial residences (especially the Hamas officials who occupy luxurious villas on the beachfront). I challenge journalists to take photos of the magnificent shopping malls and other public buildings in Gaza and the West Bank and contrast them with the photos of concentration camp survivors. Of course the picture is antisemitic, but so is everything the BDS people do, this is no worse than most of their activities.

  • Carla Kaplan-Gobitz

    It is so painful for me, while I mis still my sisters, brother and most of my family who where murdered in WW II, Carla

  • Stephen Green

    This just shows the Hate filled mind set of these ignorant and base members of BDS!!! Will there be outrage? I am afraid not as the world slips further into the abyss anti-Semetism will just grow worse as the base media outlets fuel this anti Israel rhetoric and the ignorant just believe the drivel they see with out doing any research. Shabbat Shalom Israel

  • Ivan Gur-Arie

    The BDS is obviously a left wing organization and there is nothing too low for the leftists to do to get its hypocritical aqenda through. I thought the right wing was bad, but at least there is no hypocracy. They hate and let you know they hate. The left hates in the name of justice, liberty, equality, peace and understanding. The left fouls the air they breath.

  • Florence

    The so called “Palestians” are a bunch of creative, lying, hateful people. Their people put them in the predicament they are in now and continue to isolate them and hold them down. They blame Israel when Israel had given them a nice productive place to stay and live. I do have to say, however, that they sure are creative. I wish they could use their creativity in a useful positive way.

  • Khalidi

    The lowest of all Muslim terrorists (and their supporters) are Palestinians. Is this surprising to anyone?

  • Doug Craig

    I believe we should share this “photo?” with as many people as possible: To cement in people’s minds the pathetic depths to which these “pro-Palestinian desperates” will stoop to promote their own agenda.

  • art

    It is hard to imagine a more ugly, dehumanizing, exploitative thing to do to the memory of these people. The BDS people have to be one of the most vicious disgusting groups. But, the enemies of the Jews have co opted our history claiming diaspora, holocaust, the Temple Mount, etc

  • Billy Bumps

    In regard to my comment earlier..please do not throw
    stastics, Balfour, blah, blah, blah at me….just as the sun
    sets and rises, today is a NEW day…not to look BACK
    on old injustices but a day in which to look forward
    to new opportunities for peace and cooperation…
    I can feel the positive impact of a new cooperation
    even as I sit here typing this… is incredible…
    is possible…I believe….but ONLY….if the present
    ?leadership?…in Palestine is replaced with people
    who SINCERLY seek peace through cooperation
    and EQUALITY……..I hope that it will happen soon..
    to replace all the death, suffering, destruction on
    both sides…….

  • Helene

    This photo is beyond disgusting. I’d like to know why Face book didn’t remove it. BDS is an anti Semitic organization. And it prints lies. When you keep allowing lie after lie, some ignorant people start believing them. That’s what BDS wants. Take this photo down!!!!!!!

  • judithg

    this faux picture is no different from the other filth and blood libels spread by the cretinous cowards aka muslims aka fakenstinians.

  • Billy Bumps

    The children who post this image and others simply do not understand……what do they think about WHO it
    is that keeps the troubles going?…suppose there had
    never been any disagreement between the Arabs and
    the Jews?.Suppose that the two people’s had joined
    together in developing a Nation that held them both
    equal in the sight of God……a Nation where cooperation
    and not violence was the way of life?….OK… it
    still possible? … with those still in power who
    have sworn as a way of life..death to Israel and the Jews.
    They are who it is that must change…who must recognize
    the rights of Jews to live in the land…..they are the ones
    who must lay down death as a way of life..and come
    to the table of reconciliation in sincerity seeking peace
    and cooperation……can ALL in Palestine do this?

  • rachel robinson

    This is such a disgrace. This is nothing but a desecration of the victims of Nazi Germany, who are used in a ugly fight to denigrate Israel. I hope that God will properly pay back those who did this.

    • rachel robinson

      I think this message that my comments await moderation is permanently placed after any comment, no matter how benign. A shame on Algemeiner.

  • Jacqualine Vajda

    Has nothing to do with the fictitious Palestinian people. This is simply racism and hatred towards the Jewish people. Where are the pictures of the millions if Jews expelled from today’s Arab states? Guess that’s acceptable behaviour in the eyes of Jew haters is it?.

  • aall55

    The issue here is how should we handle a group of mentally ill people , with vivid , nonsense imagination ? we should not publish any of this garbage ,and we should just ignore them .

  • Sammy Eppel

    This is just another proof that BDS is simply another another hate filled antisem!itic organization! !

  • steven L

    The vast majority of Muslim states practice systematic absolute Apartheid. They are so brainwashed that they don’t even know it. Abysmal ignorance and stupidity is promoted by Islamists and the Western left.
    The Western world condones and promotes further demonization of Jews.

  • Reform School

    BSers can be spotted by their forked tongues. BDSers (like the rats they are) also can be spotted by their BDSed eyes!

  • Donald Krausz

    I recognise such images. Is that for what my and their families died? It is desecration, exploitation, but does tell us a great deal about BDS.

  • as a holocaust survivors this is a shame thanks to israel
    iam a live. this people have no idea what is a
    concentration camp was. if you where not there can not
    image. do not ever compare anything is happen in the history

  • anon

    Everyone deserves the same rights and liberties that Israeli’s enjoy – unfortunately 99% of the world doesn’t. If Israel vanished tomorrow the Palestinians would have the same life that all the other Arabs have but these BDS-ers will not care.

  • Mickey Oberman

    There is nothing in the world that is too low to which a Muslim will not stoop.

    Now I am waiting to hear the ‘good’ Muslims voice their objections to this obscenity.

    Mickey Oberman

    P.S. I am still waiting.


  • Shalom-Hillel

    The Nazis thought they also had something to teach the world. The arrogance of BDS supporters knows no bounds.

    When I hear comparisons of Israeli actions to the Holocaust I think, if only the Nazis had treated the Jews the way the Israelis treat the “Palestinians”. Their population has grown enormously since Israel’s founding, and the Jews of Europe who had the misfortune to remain were all killed. There is absolutely no comparison. Every person who values truth should redouble their efforts to fight the Big Lie of the 21st century.

  • They are anti semite and racists

  • Anthony Dayton

    So the “Facebook page claimed the image is intended to teach a lesson.” Well, here’s what I learned: the people who conceived of this, who did the Photoshop work, who posted and administer it have descended to the pit of human depravity. Those prisoners of the Nazis have now been killed twice. Too bad they couldn’t, like some ghost of Christmas past, come back to tell you what they think of you for the signs you forced them to carry, these dead, defenseless souls with only their images remaining, and you couldn’t leave that little peace for them. You discredit yourselves and in doing so, you discredit your message. How can anyone with a shred of decency look at your inhumanity and think that your cause is just.

  • A Shanda!