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November 28, 2014 3:34 pm

Iranian Supreme Leader Threatens: With or Without Nuclear Deal, ‘Israel Will Get More Insecure on a Daily Basis’

avatar by Ben Cohen

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"Israel must be eliminated:" Iranian tyrant Ali Khamenei. Photo: Twitter.

Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has starkly contradicted American assurances that Israel’s security would not be damaged by a deal over Tehran’s nuclear program.

“US says that Israel’s security must be protected,” said a posting on Khamenei’s Twitter account. “Know that whether or not a deal is achieved,#Israel will get more insecure on a daily basis.”

Khamenei’s prediction that Israel’s security will decline was bolstered by two further anti-Semitic tweets. “US concerns abt #Israel‘s security aren’t genuine either,” said the first awkwardly-worded posting. “The goal is their interests by satisfying Zionist network that holds their lifeline.”

The next tweet explicitly mentioned the city of Ferguson, Missouri, where tensions between the local African-American community and the police over the shooting death of 18 year-old Michael Brown have been exploited by pro-Palestinian activists seeking to draw a link between American and Israeli “racism.”

“#Zionist network blackmail US officials &if they act agnst (sic) their will, they’re forced to resign, face defamation and death threats. #Ferguson,” Khamenei declared.

Earlier this month, Khamenei issued what his office described as “nine key questions” that justify Israel’s “elimination.” Khamenei proposed a referendum of the “original inhabitants of Palestine” to decide the country’s fate, making it clear that “the Jewish immigrants who have been persuaded into emigration to Palestine do not have the right to take part in this referendum.” The Iranian leader also called for Palestinians in the West Bank to be “armed” like their compatriots in Gaza.

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  • Rabbi Menashe Bovit

    If one gets their news from sources like yahoo that rely upon news services like AP and ATF you won’t find anything about this. Instead you will find a plethora of tilted anti-Israel articles quoting Palestinian “witnesses” and articles that make it appear as if Iran is a reasonable, moderate Muslim nation that seeks peace with the U.S.

  • DockyWocky

    Apparently, years of wearing rags on one’s head does have deleterious effects on one’s brain. Either that, or fundamental ignorance clouds any intelligent output.

    The problems with Iranians and islam in general have been well-explained by Britian’s Pat Condell and his seminal works at

  • george beacock

    When is someone going to tell this man that Israel is not alone because they have the support of All Mighty God the true God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob he is their security
    Sorry you have it wrong again ayatollah

  • Jonah

    Do you think Kerry reads these articles. As he plans his next camp David peace accord. I wonder when Kerry will tire of being a stooge for the Islamabomic administration.

  • Michael

    President Obama has crawled into bed with the devil that will result in a pitchfork up his ass.


    Time for this savage bastard to be destroyed
    HE is a danger to world peace.

    He sprouts the typical Jew hatred that is taught to Muslims in their mosques.
    They will be the cause of WW3 and I hope that if, GOD forbid it happend, that Iran will disappear

    We must all pray, Jews, Christians,, Druze, Bahai, Hindu, that the Muslims will be reduced from their 1.6 billion to at least half.
    Those evil avages must be destroyed, so that we can all live in peace.

  • Bill

    The US must understand in that making a deal with the Supreme thug of Iran is no deal at all. They do not have to honer a deal with the Infidels because we are non believers. They believe that we are as the Nazi’s would have that you are untermenchen and at the end of the day can be told what we want to hear then when the time comes they can do as they please. You can bet you lives on it. And if you trust them you will.

  • Billy Bumps

    Does Khomeini know what he is doing? He looks
    very old and much confused.perhaps it is the
    effects if alz’s dementia……who keeps his schedule
    and who writes his speeches?….Rohani?…this nuclear
    thing is all going downhill very fast and needs to be brought to an abrupt halt….WHY?….u should ask?
    Iran could lead the entire ME into a nuclear hot bed
    of one can live here for a hundred years due to
    the radiation levels…..kill hundreds of thousands in the
    process…….and disrupt their portion of the world’s oil
    reserves……plus more…..OK…..suppose Iran’s principal
    target Israel, all of an instant no longer existed??….just
    suppose Israel gave up and dispersed again into the
    general population of the world.would Iran be ready
    to stop their nuclear armaments ambitions? Of
    course not……there would be some other infidel
    on whom they would need to vent their ?religious?
    indignation on…….even if their new target were
    Muslim…….there is no word in the civilized language
    to describe such people………

  • art

    Good thing Obama/hillary/kerry have Israels’ back

  • zadimel

    Khamenei seems to be getting nervous concerning Israel’s possible response to Iran’s continuing nuclear weapons development and the reluctance by the West to severely limit it. A significant portion of the 200-400 nuclear devices of Israel could impose on the Islamic state a very large parking lot. Mmmm … he should be a somewhat concerned.

  • steven L

    Khamenei of all has a tremendous fear of Jews and Israel. His fanatical version of Islam will not survive and he knows it.

  • Julian Clovelley

    Why not consider, just for a moment, what the situation would be if all the Settlements were closed, the Occupation brought to an end, a well guarded road or rail corridor established between Gaza and the West Bank through Israeli terrotory, and a Palestinian State confirmed and ratified?

    Israel itself could establish a more secure frontier and set about evolving as a society. The security situation would not be radically different in that modern weapons range makes “buffer zones” less effective

    The Palestinians on their part would gain a large amount of modern housing – relieving social tensions and at leasy making life a little pleasanter. They would also have the opportunity of evolving as a nation. The Settlements could be handed over – fully equipped – as a source of income for the Palestinian State. Whilst the local State would have the right to change their status the suggestion would be that they be public rental housing. They could be gradually handed over to the new tenants themselves

    Such a settlement could be arrived at through peaceful negotiations establishing a peace treaty, for which the Palestinian State would be responsible on their side to police. At the same time the attraction of a fanatical Zionism, and its political domination of Israeli life might concurrently diminish

    Surely it is worth considering. But at the moment such a solution is not on the table and were there no other problems, that problem alone would suffice to ensure constant insecurity and the elusiveness of peace – generation after generation

    At least put it on the table. As it stands there will have to come a time when all the inhabitants of Palestine – including Settlers – come under the same administration. That circumstance is the core reason why what really is in conflict here is the concept of a Greater Israel with racist internal segregation, or another military confrontation – possibly with nuclear weapons waiting in the arsenals of both sides

    To sort this mess out requres that better relationships be restored with all the international bodies that can act as independent mediators.

    Two questions – ONE If such a path is unacceptable then where is the practical alternative? – and TWO Is the Iranian Supreme Leader really doing anything more in his statement than voicing the bleedingly obvious?

    Just asking.

  • Ronnie Zuckerman

    Israel should heat the ground in a 5 mile radius around the ruling Ayatollah group to a temperature of 3,000 degrees. The area should be habitable in less than 20 years.

  • Tony Rice

    Obama will turn out to be the worst President America has ever had, his legacy to the world will be one of disasterS, plural!

  • Sounds like Khamenei has developed senile dementia. Or maybe it’s a bit of opium overuse. Khamenei will be eliminated long before any Zionists endure harm.