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November 28, 2014 12:57 pm

Why I Will Vote Against France’s Resolution to Recognize Palestine

avatar by Frédéric Lefebvre

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France's National Assembly. Photo: Wikipedia.

Because the honor of France is to stand side by side with minorities.

Because the greatness of France is to fight terrorism.

Because France’s history should lead us to support democracies.

Can we vote for such a resolution? Isn’t it as much opportunistic as inopportune?

Israel is a minority in the region of the world dominated by Arabic states and by the Muslim religion.

The jewish minority, such as the Christian minority, should have the right to live in peace in the birthplace of monotheist religions.

France should defend this right. France should not shy away from it. France cannot deviate from its history that has always placed it beside minorities.

Even if its duty is to require from the minority itself to also respect the weakest.

Israel is besieged and hit on a daily basis by blind terrorism.

The number of rockets and missiles launched at Israel from Gaza last summer was 3,356.

578 were intercepted.

2648 fell on Israeli territories.

The Miklat (bomb shelters) are part of the daily life of Israeli children. They have more or less time – 15, 20, 30 seconds, 1 minute – depending on the zone they live in, to run, to take shelter and more importantly to not forget to close the door of the Miklat…

Terror is a part of their daily lives.

Terror comes from the sky, but also from underground. Terror tunnels are flourishing.

I know it is politically incorrect to point out this reality. But Israeli children must also be protected.

Innocents on both sides know terror.

Is the force driven by blind terrorism not to be recognized?

Israel is a democracy, the only one in the region, and represents a strong culture of compromise and strength through unity. And this democracy learned how to resist rockets but more importantly, how to  reply to gusts of anti-Zionism (and blatant anti-Semitism.)

The hatred towards Jews always grows during a crisis.

The hatred against Israel is enormous.

Shouldn’t the place of France be next to the scapegoat, the minority, the besieged and the democratic?

At least as much as the Palestinian people who legitimately wish to live in peace with recognized boundaries with a legitimate, stable, and democratic government.

This is the reason why I will not vote for this resolution which forgets essential matters.

Because the recognition of a Palestinian state should not occur before there is a partner for peace.

Because we should not recognize a group of leaders that support terrorism.

Because recognizing a Palestinian state goes against the Oslo Accords – a treaty signed by both sides.

Voting yes will only increase extremism and terrorism.

By passing this resolution we are risking the igniting of a fire that could burn the whole region.

I will vote no. Let’s not damage peace.

Frédéric Lefebvre is a member of the French Parliament representing French citizens in North America (USA and Canada), former entrepreneur and Lawyer.

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  • littlesky

    Who has believed our report. Nothing causes more rage in the wicked than truth that is not politically correct. Follow now the path less traveled. Pride and fear may soon lead the majority and the majority will be deceived by the lie. It has been foretold.

    A Christian in the middle of America might well tremble at the future unless he has the blessed hope.

  • Picolino

    Jack Smith is sure no Englishman because of his butler English. Nevertheless he is worse than Jack the Ripper
    ripping at the truth.

  • Garth Randall

    I sorry. GOD Gave it to Israel and it can’t be taken back. God does not go back on his promises. prise the LORD GOD Almighty. True to his word

  • Renee Palmer

    This article is factually totally correct. Frédéric Lefebvre is a most courageous man to publicly articulate what others think but are afraid to speak out. It also takes a lawyer to be completely realistic and logical 🙂 Bravo!

  • Bernhard Rosenberg

    November 26 at 1:33pm ·


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    Rosenberg and Rabbi KEHANE . NOTHING HAS CHANGED

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  • Bruce Rubin

    France rounded up people of Romanian heritage some living in France for multiple generations and dumped them on the border. The EU claims lands and territories across the globe taken from native inhabitants 20 times the size of Israel and the inhabitants of the EU have zero heritage or past relationship to any of these territories or lands. The Arab Muslim Middle East somewhere around 3-4 million square miles most taken by force by expulsion of all other Religions has the nerve to claim Israel’s territory which is 1/5th its original size before destroyed by what is today’s EU. Both Hamas and Fatah have made it clear what the long term goals are and all the paper tiger resolutions mean little.

  • Pierre Elie Mamou

    words of wisdom noone listens

  • Markus E Brajtman

    Mazaltov to Captain Cohen
    I am sure that the entire Jewish community of Israel and the diaspora, wish you great success in your command post.
    May our enemies learn that Capt. Cohen is the commander of an INS and that they should always fear her.
    May the enemies only know how to swim.



  • Palestine was a province of the Ottoman Empire, never a political entity. As the Ottoman Empire was liquidated after WWI, at the Treaty of San Remo, the League of Nations within the frame work of that treaty gave the British the ‘Mandate for Palestine’ with the express injunction to facilitate Jewish immigration and settlement of the Land, an area which included today’s Jordan. But in 1923 that area was split up from Palestine as ‘Transjordania,’ comprising 77% of the area of the initial mandate. So the Palestinians have their state, it is called Jordan. Does anyone know another people who claim they need two states?

  • Ivan Gur-Arie

    The gentleman is totally correct. History shows that in modern times France is nothing but a cowardly lion pretending to greatness which died with its history.

  • PGB

    Bravo…so well said and so true

  • william rothlein


  • steven L

    Palestinians are a small piece of the Muslim Goliath.

  • You are so right. Another reason is that the enemy of Israel are the enemy of humanity. They have barbaric programs, as we can see in Egypt where the people courageously took back the militaries to protect them against such programs. It should be clear that Israel and Egypt resist to very dark forces. I appreciate you don’t sign that resolution which would be like given a price to the terrorists indeed. I worry a lot about Obama, also. The americans and the europeans seems to favor nazis and terrorism. It is frightening.

  • Jack smith

    Please spare me your bull ****
    Your article is a crap. No one is listening, and mistakenly, the impression Jews suffers from
    Battered-wife syndrome.
    Do you think 135 countries wrong, recognize State of Palestine and you Right.
    Every terrorist organization created on you watch.
    The more we wait recognizing State of Palestine the worse will get.

    • Dacia

      Hey Jack – learn how to speak English before you post a comment which is completely illiterate. The only thing that does peak through your gibberish is that you’re an anti-semite. Congratulations at least for making this part clear.

    • Suzy Kelly

      Any country who fights Israel fights the God of the universe..Dumb dumb dumb, just look at past, you can’t go against Israel, good lord look at France today, voting for Palestine, voting really for terrorism, bunch of fools…wake up stupid people!