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November 30, 2014 10:13 am

ISIS Claims, Kurds Deny Capture of Canadian-Israeli Fighter

avatar by Dave Bender

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Gil Rosenberg. Photo Ch. 2.

Gil Rosenberg. Photo Ch. 2.

Jihadist websites on Sunday reported that Gila Rosenberg, the Canadian who served in the IDF and volunteered to help Kurdish forces fighting against ISIS in Syria, was abducted by ISIS militants, Israel’s Ch. 2 News reported. There has been no official confirmation of the report.

However, two Kurdish sources – one a senior member of the fighters – cast doubt on the report, according to Israel Radio. One said she was not even in the area of Kobane, along the Turkish border, where first reports claimed she was abducted.

“I decided to do my part in the Kurdish national effort,” Rosenberg, 31, and a former IDF soldier, said in a telephone interview with Israel Radio earlier this month.

“I’m on the Iraq-Syria border, and we’re currently about 3,000 meters from ISIS,” she told a radio interviewer during the call. “I was given an RPG by the Kurdish army.”

Rosenberg joined up with the Kurds via the internet, similar to hundreds of foreign fighters who opted to join ISIS’ ranks in recent months, including Israeli Arabs, some of whom are facing jail terms.

“I found them via Facebook, and told them I wanted to volunteer, and went to Iraq,” she said.

Rosenberg left Tel Aviv about a month ago, and made her way to Erbil, in northern Iraq. From there, she traveled to the Syrian border, where she began the training process prior to taking up arms in the battle.

ISIS soldiers in convoy in confiscated trucks in Iraq. Photo: Twitter / nayelshafei.

ISIS soldiers in convoy in confiscated trucks in Iraq. Photo: Twitter / nayelshafei.

She told Israel Radio that she decided to aid the Kurds because “they are our brothers, and are a good, life-affirming people – like us,” she said, and added that she felt she could contribute from her military experience in the Israeli army.

Rosenberg told well wishers on her Facebook page last month to “Remember, life is beautiful,” in what may have been the last sign of life from her.

She added that “In the [Israeli] army we say ‘Acharai – after me’ – let’s show ISIS what it means.”

Rosenberg, who in her previous life in Canada was a civil aviation pilot, emigrated to Israel in 2006.

In 2009, in an FBI sting operation with Israeli police, US authorities charged her with taking part in a $25 million international phone scam to bilk elderly Americans out of pension savings. She was extradited to the US, stood trial, was convicted and served four years, according to reports. She was later deported, and returned to Israel.

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  • Al Goltzman

    Al Goltzman

    It is interesting that some can lump ISIS, and Palestinians together and comment on Israel occupying land that they say doesn’t belong to them, even though the Balfour agreement promised a homeland for both in an area where neither previously (at least over the last 2000 years) had homelands, (if I am correct the areas were part of the British Empire, or the Turkish Empire before.) Of course, the Christian and Judaeo religions recognize the existence of the State of Israel in the past. I am happy to put my name here. I am American as well as one of the other commentators.

    • American

      The Palestinians were there when the European “Jews” started to immigrate. Go elsewhere with your lies.

  • steve kramer

    This is indeed a brave woman. Let us all hope and pray that God keeps her safe.

    For that “American” who refers to IDF as “jack booters”, I can see your point. A democracy where Arabs live with a higher standard of living than any Arab country and sit in parliament and have the right to vote, a country that voluntarily relinquished the Gaza Strip in the hopes of peace and in the hope that the Palestinians would turn it into another Singapore or Hong Kong but instead turned it into a rocket launching site. Yes, I see your point.

    • American

      Israel steals land, water and freedom from the Palestinians. Talk to me when the IDF storm troopers are no longer occupying Palestinian land and the racist, Jewish settlers have returned all the land they have stolen.

  • Lauren Goldman

    I hope that she indeed has not been captured because we know what the ISIS untermenschen do.

  • American

    Good another IDF storm trooper taken off the books.

  • Otto Schiff

    Quite a career.

  • Sam Harris

    A women of valor.May she be protected by the holy one.

    • Al Goltzman

      I agree. She is a woman of valor and I give her credit for doing what she feels is the right thing to do in her hear. Our blessings and prayers should be and are with her.

      • American

        She should be freeing the Palestinians from the Zionist occupiers.

  • Paul Cerar

    Mrs. Rosenberg was convicted of serious criminal offenses, which is a bad thing, but she has served her time in prison, and should be given a chance to redeem herself. If she sends to Hell a hundred Canadian ISIS terrorists, I would suggest she receive a pardon.

    Paul Cerar
    Toronto, Canada

  • allan massey

    Wow,an Israeali soldier in Syria,how dumb can she get,if caught by the Islamic State,she will be married twenty times every night,if caught by the Syrians where she is an Israeli she will never make it as Syria and Israel are at war,I guess she must pay for her crimes stealing money from the elders

  • James David

    In this instant her past is immaterial. If she has been abducted by ISIS she will need all the prayers we can offer up to the Lord G-d for her safety/return. Knowing ISIS they will try and make a show of her if she is alive and truly in their possession.
    May the Lord G-d intercede on her behalf to keep her safe. Our prayers and sympathy goes out to all the family and friends who love her.

  • art frank

    One of the very few not very bright Jews in the world. I’m sorry for this girl, especially if she’s captured by the savages. A woman and a Jew.Her fate would be worse than death.

  • Let us pray for her well being. – As this crisi unfolds, bothsides take on “volunteers”. History soemtimes repeats itself and maybe we are starting a “Christiuan Crusade” of ecumencical fighters to erase ISIS fighters.
    Its a pioty that I amnow 69,otherwise i would join to fight alongside Iraelis and Kurds to eliminate all jihadists.
    Youhave my moral support.

    • American

      How do you feel about the innocent Palestinians?

      • Bill

        As a Jew I pray also for the innocent Palistinians and for much of their leadership that care more to fight Israel keep their own children in poverty and ideological servitude loose wars and claim victory and murder anyone who disagrees with them I hope Allah judges them accordingly.

        • American

          Lets hope the respective Gods judge their followers accordingly.

  • Alan Asper

    The fact that they are concocting these false stories shows how desperate ISIS barbarians have become. They dare no longer roll out those convoys without being bombed to smithereens and they know it. May their end come swiftly.

  • art

    hopefully, she was not captured. We can imagine what horrors those monsters will do to her.

  • b anderson

    more like her needed.

  • b anderson

    need more her needed.