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December 1, 2014 8:27 am

How Some Jews Really Fared Under Muslim Rule: The Misery of the Jews of Morocco, 1805

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Rabbi Moshe Ohayon Casablanca, Morocco (Photo: Alyaexpress)

Rabbi Moshe Ohayon Casablanca, Morocco. Photo: Alyaexpress.

Sunday was Israel’s national day of commemorating Jewish refugees from Arab lands and Iran.

Muslims like to pretend that they treated Jews in their lands well throughout history. As we have shown number of times, that is not at all true. In some cases the Jews were treated reasonably, in others they were treated horribly.

Ali Bey al Abbasi was a pseudonym of a European traveler who disguised himself as a Muslim prince in order to explore the Muslim world from Morocco to Mecca between 1803 and 1807.

Here is his account of the Jews of Morocco, from Travels of Ali Bey: In Morocco, Tripoli, Cyprus, Egypt, Arabia, Syria and Turkey : Between the Years 1803 and 1807:

THE Jews in Morocco are in the most abject state of slavery; but at Tangier it is remarkable that they live intermingled with the Moors, without having any separate quarter, which is the case in all other places where the Mahometan religion prevails. This distinction occasions perpetual disagreements; it excites disputes, in which, if the Jew is wrong, the Moor takes his own satisfaction; and if the Jew is right, he lodges a complaint with the judge, who always decides in favour of the Mussulman. This shocking partiality in the dispensation of justice between individuals of different sects begins from the cradle; so that a Mussulman child will insult and strike a Jew, whatever be his age and infirmities, without his being allowed to complain, or even to defend himself. This inequality prevails even among the children of these different religions; so that I have seen the Mahometan children amuse themselves with beating little Jews, without these daring to defend themselves.

The Jews are obliged, by order of the Government, to wear a particular dress – composed of large drawers, of a tunic, which descends to their knees, Of a kind of burnous or cloak thrown on one side, slippers, and a very small cap; every part of their dress is black except the shirt, of which the sleeves are extremely wide, open, and hanging down very low.

When a Jew passes before a mosque, he is obliged to take off his slippers, or sandals; he must do the same when he passes before the house of the Kaid, the Kadi, or of any Mussulman of distinction. At Fezami [and] in some other towns they are obliged to walk barefoot.

When they meet a Mussulman of high rank they are obliged to turn away hastily to a certain distance on the left of the road, to leave their sandals on the ground several paces off, and to put themselves into a most humble posture, their body intirely bent forward, till the Mussulman has passed to a great distance; if they hesitate to do this, or to dismount from their horse when they meet a Mahometan, they are severely punished. I have often been obliged to restrain my soldiers or servants from beating these poor wretches, when they were not active enough in placing themselves in the humble attitude prescribed on them by the Mahometan tyranny.

Notwithstanding these inconveniencies, the Jews carry on a considerable trade at Morocco, and have even several times farmed the custom-house; but it happens almost always that in the end they are plundered by the Moors, or by the Government. On my arrival, I had two Jews amongst my servants: when I saw that they were so ill treated and vexed in different ways, I asked them why they did not go to another country; they answered me, that they could not do so because they were slaves of the sultan.

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  • king salomon

    this is the reason of this hate article 🙂

    we are as jew as moroccan

  • king salomon

    Your low cost article (full of lies) will not make Israel Jews hate their roots country Morocco!

    We are Moroccan originally you like it or not! we have our own Jew berber traditions (you don’t Ashkenazim) we are proud to hold Abraham genes in our DNA not like you!

    Our ancestors told us everything about the good memories they had in Morocco, and the king Mohammed V stood against vichy Nazis to defend us!

    Screw you

  • memonidis

    france recognised the palestinian state,and it´s not an islamic state,so cheers cousins !!

  • Ibn Mohammed

    Humm, interesting… I wonder if that’s the reason why many moroccan israelis would love to have the chance to return to Morocco.

    Moreover, I do not believe any Muslim country, including Morocco, has incinerated Jews by the millions, even though Jews have been conspiring to destroy Islam from day one and continue to do so to this day. Last time I checked the nazis were christians.

    cheers cousins…

    • erica

      Why do you say Israeli Moroccans want to return? Nothing suggests this. And they haven’t incinerated Jews only because they haven’t had the opportunity. Arabs tried to kill all the Jews via wars, they just weren’t successful.

  • de

    This is simply not true. Propaganda at its worst. I advise anyone who wants to know why, to investigate the way of life of Jews in Morocco. To this date, Morocco is the only country where Muslims, Christians and Jews can live in peace with each other. How many Israelis today dream to return to Morocco? The country of which they have very fond memories?

    • erica

      WHY if they are dreaming of it hasn’t it happened???

  • As a moroccan of the city of Meknes, grew up in Mellah, all our neighbours were and are still small numbe,Jews, grow up with respect to all faiths, wagging hatred, ommitting facts and playing with history is wrong, I thought Rabbis are holly man preaching for peace.

  • ba585

    we are still talking about 1803 right?

  • Eric R.

    And this, mind you, is Morocco, considered one of the more tolerant Islamic states.

    • king salomon

      this is a bunch of lies article, I am genuine real Semite, born in tel aviv but my parents always remember morocco as their real homeland were they were happy.

      my uncle moved back for business, there’s more than 1 million jews with moroccan roots in Israel, and this lair author want these jew to hate morocco as they are so attached to their moroccan jews traditions.

  • Radical Islam is the scourge of the world and this must be cried out from every synagogue . ISIS MUST BE DESTROYED. Iran is our enemy. They are the new Nazis.
    These murderers, these barbarian…s are radical Islamists.

    This is all out war. Show no mercy on them. They must be utterly destroyed.. . They want to murder Jews and we must destroy them first. WHY ARE PEOPLE AFRAID TO STATE THIS. MOST OF THE WORLD HATES US JEWS for no reason. We should stop appeasing the world and protect ourselves and Israel. Yes we have a few countries such as the U.S.A. to turn to and we have some friends from different religions, yet another holocaust is coming if we Jews remain silent and a third intifada has begun. Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg, never again, never forget, never forgive. I am a son of holocaust survivors.

    Video is on

    • gingersnap_

      unfortunately, our president is one of them as he refuses to declare muslim brotherhood a terrorist org. we are in for a very sad trial of our values as a nation while he remains in office.