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December 2, 2014 5:20 pm

Israeli Think-Tank: Majority of Identified Gaza War Casualties Were Terrorists

avatar by Ben Cohen

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The Israel Defense Forces Artillery Corps fires shells at Gaza on July 18, 2014, after Israeli forces began a ground invasion into northern Gaza amid Operation Protective Edge. Photo: Miriam Alster/Flash90.

New research by a leading Israeli counter-terrorism think-tank indicates that during Operation Protective Edge, the six week long military conflict between Israel and the Hamas regime in Gaza, more terrorists were killed than civilians.

Out of  the 1,165 fatalities that have been examined by the Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center, 157 of them are not yet identified as civilian or terrorist. Out of the remaining 1017 names, 528 were terrorists and 480 were civilians, a 52 percent-48 percent ratio.

The Center’s report is the eighth in a series analyzing the extent of the death toll in Gaza, as well as the civilian-military ratio among the casualties. As previously reported by The Algemeiner, the Center’s calculations indicate that almost 50 percent of those killed in Gaza during the conflict were terrorist operatives.

The latest report examines the period between July 25-29, just over a week after Israel’s ground incursion into Gaza began. It was a period that included a 12 hour humanitarian ceasefire which was unilaterally extended by Israel for 24 hours, despite the decision of Hamas to reject it. On July 26, the Palestinian death toll was reported to have climbed above 1,000.

UN figures put the final Palestinian death toll at more than 2,100, with civilians making up 70 percent of the casualties. Israel counters that the UN numbers are inaccurate and biased, largely because the United Nations bases its reports on numbers generated by advocacy groups working in Gaza as well as on figures generated by the Hamas-controlled Health Ministry in Gaza.

During the war, 70 people were killed on the Israeli side, including 64 soldiers. Gaza health officials said more than 2,100 people were killed in the Strip in the fighting and many thousands more were wounded. Despite this toll, Israel’s Office of the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT), the body responsible for running the Israeli border crossings with Gaza, confirmed that after the operation began on July 8, 959 tons of medicine and 5,359 trucks carrying goods entered Gaza through the Kerem Shalom crossing.

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  • Donna

    How long do you think the world is gonna stand for your lies ? The masses are waking up & know exactly how you operate. We also know that you started bombing Gaza back in April. It was only in July that they got fed up with your bull**** & started to retaliate with rockets, which is when you cried wolf & blamed Hamas for starting this fake war… much like you’re doing now !! Yes, I know you haven’t stopped bombing them… you NEVER honoured the ceasefire then & you’re not honouring it now…

  • Jeff

    A majority of people in Gaza elected Hamas with a mandate to destroy Israel, so by that, a majority of the population are NOT innocent.

    It is sad for the others who did not support Hamas and would live in peace with Israel. People who criticise Israel should bear in mind that during WW2 all sides bombed cities regardless of innocents and children.

    What is Israel supposed to do when they are being bombarded with rockets, DIE quietly?

    • Donna

      First of all, Jeff, Hamas was NOT elected “with a mandate to destroy israel”, but to PROTECT Gaza from israel’s daily assaults !! Second of all, how is it even possible to “live in peace with israel” when Gaza is surrounded by a 50 ft. wall with check points at every turn ? These people have been kept like prisoners for many years now, without electricity or water for hours & sometimes days at a time, whenever the israeli government feels !! Many are arrested or murdered on a daily basis for something as petty as throwing a rock… ARE YOU ****ING KIDDING ME ?!!!! Also, maybe YOU “should bear in mind that” it was the Palestinians that accepted the Jews with open arms to live in Palestine when they turned up on Palestinian shores after WW2 while Jews were being turned away everywhere they went… which by the way, you do realize WW2 was NOT something the Arabs started & this is now the 21st. century. Oh & by the way, what the hell are rockets compared to 500 lb. bombs or White Phosphorous ? Do you know how many Palestinians were slaughtered compared to israelis during “protective edge” ? More than 2,300 compared to under 100 & maybe 5 of them were civilians !! I’m not saying I agree with what happened… what I AM saying IS that Palestinians, or any people for that matter, have a legal right to defend themselves. Let us not forget that Palestinians negotiated for 10 long years with israel & accepted many difficult & humiliating agreements & in the end only received authority over them & no authority over their land or sovereignty. It’s time for Palestine to become a free country for ALL who live there… NOT JUST JEWS !!!!

      • Ali

        Dona The so called arabs of mandate palestine did not accept jews with open arms but started a campaign of genocide with the help of Syrian cleric qasem and attacked UN sanction jewish partition with thousands of fighters from stranding arab countries ur version of history is skewed

      • Carol

        Donna, the fact that Hamas is a terrorist organization aimed at destroying Israel is almost universally agreed upon. Good luck arguing that point. Also, I am interested to see some sources of Palestinians welcoming Jews to the British Mandate of Palestine during World War II. As a history student, that is news to me…Perhaps you are under the archaic impression that Palestinians ruled the land and graciously allowed Jews to enter? How, pray tell, does one welcome Jews to a land that the Jewish people are indigenous to? Not to mention that the land was under control of the British Mandate during the time. It was the British who gave legitimacy to Jewish immigration and it was the British that turned around and sent ships of innocent Jews away to a fate of certain death in an effort to please the Palestinians after the Arab Revolt of 1936-1939. Dear Donna, on what basis do you make such unfounded and ignorant allegations? Please, stop reading the Huffington Post and Human Rights Watch, two extremely unreliable sources of information. More importantly, do not spread false information about a conflict where so many lives are at stake. You are part of the problem.

  • Sue Rees

    Do you really believe in this propaganda? Please don’t patronise, most of us eyes and a brain and really can’t be bothered reading rubbish! Wake up to reality Israel the world is watching you!

  • Vivarto

    Perhaps if they had 50,000 dead, they’d wait a bit longer before starting another war.
    F. them!

  • Julian Clovelley

    which list did they enter the women and children on – the civilians or the terrorists?

    Just asking.

    • Herb Grossman

      Probably, all were classified as civilians, even those teenagers and women firing rockets.

    • len

      the women and children casualties should be on the list of “innocent victims” of gaza who perihed while the hamas army hid behind them terrorizing with rockets and rpg,s a country who they knew could not allow itself to be under seige and be able to survive.the brazen callousness of hamas for its civilian population using them as a tool to fight a pointless battle with a superior force is another example of irresposibility and evil to which many sadly have turned a blind eye.

    • Cymbalak

      And what do you suggest that women can not pull the trigger?
      And at what age do you think children become adults?
      And those children who are regularly seen trowing stones at Israeli soldiers are not capable of becoming terrorists.
      Just asking

      • Donna

        So throwing a stone makes you a potential terrorist ? Is that why so many children were slaughtered ? Even today they are still being arrested or murdered on a daily basis. You people are pathetic… you will NEVER evolve into what God put you here for…. oh I forgot, you don’t believe in God.

        • An American Jew

          Since many of the “Children” as you refer to them are recruited by Hamas at the age of 10, I would hope that a good percentage of these were entered on the terrorist list as terrorists.

          At least 50% of the population of Gaza is female according to UN records. About 1/2 way through the war I personally analyzed the “official” Al Jazeera fatality list and found that less than 15% of the dead were females. Given the fact that 50% of Gaza is female but only approximately 15% of the dead were female, either this was a great miracle or Israel was indeed specially targeting terrorists with some unfortunate civilian casualties mixed in–which is the case in every single conflict ever conducted in the history of warfare.

          The same numbers can be extracted when you figure the death rate amongst children–depending of course on how you define children. For my research I defined a child as anyone under 15 years of age even though I know for a fact that Hamas recruits boys as young as 10 and over 100 of these boys were killed digging the Hamas terror tunnels into Israel. The percentage of children under the age of 15 who were killed was under 20%—again another miracle given the fact that the median age of Gaza is reported to be 18.2 years.

          The same can be said for the elderly (men and woman above 60). The percentage of dead amongst this demographic group was also very low.

          If Israel was guilty of indiscriminately killing Gazan civilians, the fatality rate would more closely represent the demographics for Gaza.

          Instead what we saw in Gaza was a civilian population that was forced to stay in their homes under acting as human shields under threat of death by Hamas terrorists (as widely reported) and a civilian population that was deprived of any bomb shelters since their leadership siphoned off billions of dollars in international aid and building materials to build tunnels of terror into Israel and command and control bunkers for the terrorist leadership.

          Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorist organizations routinely flaunt every international convention on warfare, purposely choosing conducting military operations from the densely populated areas of Gaza (a simple search of Google maps reveals that not all of Gaza is densely populated) effectively using the civilian population of Gaza as human shields while specifically targeting another civilian population–a DOUBLE WAR CRIME. The reason why this is expressly outlawed by the Geneva Conventions is because the civilian population (in this case the one Hamas is using as a human shield) legally becomes a target for reprisal until the warring party is removed. In other words, Hamas knowingly and willingly turned it’s own civilian population into a legitimate military target by using them as human shields while attacking Israeli civilians. Therefor according the Geneva Conventions (which Hamas does not uphold to) 100% of all fatalities in the conflict are the responsibility of the waring party that illegally used that population as human shields–i.e. Hamas.

        • An American Jew

          Donna, I guess you have never seen the “stones” being hurled at cars by Palestinian “children”. I have pictures of Palestinian “children” (many of whom look older than the soldiers and civilians they are attacking) hurling concrete “stones” the size of their head at passing vehicles.

          In the us this crime can prosecuted as a felony with intent to cause great bodily harm and potentially manslaughter. A “stone” can not only makes you a terrorist, it can make you a murderer too.

          I bet you would be a little less sympathetic of these monsters if it was your car that was stoned as you drove home with your entire family and that “stone” (the size of your head) went crashing through your windshield.

          • Dianne

            Donna also wouldn’t be so sympathetic if the stone crashed through one of the other windows and hit her child. Nor would she be sympathetic if the stone caused her to veer out of her lane or off the road and cause it to crash, ESPECIALLY if the crash killed or permanently maimed one or more of its occupants!

        • Cymbalak

          Yes Donna that is how it starts.And yes again even today,those children are slaughtered but by the very people who were elected to protect them ,that is Hamas
          Yes we believe in God,but obviously it is not the God you believe in.

    • that is a stupid thing to say Julian. The think tank that produced the list isn’t one of the reflexive, racist media organizations or NGO’s that support every cause against Jews ro Israel. It examines every name, against the available evidence. If you were not being obtuse (at best) and racist (at worse?) you would not have asked that idiotic question because you have been around Israeli news long enough to know the answer from the start. What I would have asked is where did the NGO place the people killed by HAMAS’s own forces either accidentally or deliberately?

    • there are plenty of women terrorists, and that’s how they train their children.

  • About the headline:

    ..And it took a Think Tank to come up with this piece of genius?

    Let’s see……….twenty arabs are admitted to a Gaza hospital or morgue. All in similar attire. Civilian. Maybe a bit shabby. Average for the area. Eighteen have just been launching rockets at Israel The other two were “poor innocent civilians”. The “head counters” have no way of knowing the difference, nor do they care. So they all get entered as “poor innocent civilians”. Gimme a $%#& break. From Day One, I and many others knew that the casualty count would be skewed.

    And as for “poor innocent civilians”. as General Davidi told a group of Sar-El volunteers a few years ago (I’ll try to remember his exact words), “Terrorism cannon exist unless there is a climate of support around them. They need food, shelter, information and more. And this has to come from the general population.” He felt, and I agree, that there are no “poor innocent civilians”.

  • Billy Bumps

    Everybody know that…only the pals didn’t….cause everybody there is a terrorist……..

    • TheAZCowBoy, Tombstone, AZ

      Tis interesting reading the comments of a parasite eace of Kahzarian interlopers that try and justify their very excitence ar every turn whem they know the world dispises the bastards now, and going back for some 3,000 years, and 125 nations or more.

      • AZ my butt

        I see you’re having issues with Google translate.

      • Trevor Martin

        Disgusting comment. Have you taken your medicine, Cowboy?

      • Lestibournes

        You just conyradicted yourself, which means you don’t believe in your own words.