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December 2, 2014 8:19 am

Jon Stewart’s Betrayal of Israel

avatar by Arik Elman

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Jon Stewart. Photo: Wikipedia

Jon “Stewart” Leibowitz (yes, the one from the fake news show) recently gave an interview to Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth. The reporter came to do a puff piece about his new movie, not to ask hard questions (do that and you won’t be asking any other client of this PR firm any questions ever again). So “Stewart” was at liberty to settle his scores with the Israelis and others who didn’t like his warm embrace of Hamas propaganda during the summer’s Gaza war.

“You won’t yell at me?” he asked the reporter, before proceeding with fake humility: “I don’t live in the Middle East and I’m sure things look different from there, but I love Israel and want it to be safe and democratic. I just think that the current path is wrong.” “Stewart” told the reporter that he was surprised by the strength of the negative response to his views, and after offering a vaguely racist comment, he demanded his critics repent.

“We may not agree on the way [to handle the Israeli-Palestinian conflict], but to compare me to the Jews who helped Nazis? More than it saddens me, it raises worries about the place Israel is in and the place it is going to. Since when does disagreement with the policies of the Israeli government makes you a lesser Jew? It is very rude for other Jews to say things like that.” “Stewart” then explained that “the policy of the Israeli government and the leeway that United States allows it to conduct this policy are not good for the Israel that I love.” Toward the end of the interview, he proudly promised to keep attacking Israel on air.

Here you have the American Jewish Liberal mindset in a nutshell. “Stewart,” who for some unfathomable reason commands the attention of millions of Americans, presents himself as a victim of those who want him to be loyal to the Israeli government – in essence, to betray his conscience and his country. If you happen to defend Israel’s actions, it’s you, not “Stewart,” who must be suspect.

In truth, of course, “Stewart” was not criticized for his disloyalty to “the Tribe.” Many Israelis and their supporters don’t consider him in any way a “Jewish” figure to begin with. “Stewart” hotly denies being a “self-hating Jew” – and it’s easy to believe him – to hate, one has to have a deep feeling for something. For “Stewart,” his Jewishness is mostly a source of light embarrassment.

As for Israel and Gaza, “Stewart”‘s position has crystallized long ago, and it is a one of studied moral equivalence. For each Palestinian atrocity (upon which “Stewart” usually glosses over anyway) he finds a reason to apportion equal blame to Israel, and since Israel is stronger and enjoys this “great American leeway,” Israel usually comes out as the guilty party.

“Stewart”‘s moral failure to condemn Hamas and defend Israel has nothing to do with his fickle Judaism and everything to do with his liberal dogma, which simply cannot stomach the fact that people in the Middle East can be guilty of anything. It is always the white man’s fault, and in this case – Israel’s. During one of his previous interviews, “Stewart” had no problem with his host Jonathan Dekel, another specimen of the same sort, denigrating Israeli democracy. Stewart never uttered a bad word about the Palestinians.

“Stewart” is correct on one thing. The Jews who “helped” the Nazis did so because, in their mortal peril, they’d abandoned their moral principles for the glimmer of hope of personal survival. “Stewart” – a pampered, self-centered, deluded king of his world – is nothing like those wretches in his attacks on the Jewish state and its defenders.

He is incomparably worse.

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  • Robennetto

    Stewart is a perverse aberration of a human being, the likes of which we will hopefully see less of. Good riddance!

  • I dont understand stewart giving so much tolerance to hamas…but i do have to ask, what criticism, if any, of israel IS acceptable?? This topic seems to only appeal to some extremestic instinct of zionists or anti-semites. Where is the nuance among liberals or conservatives or anyone? It feels as though both sides are asking for “with us or against us” mentality which just not fair to reasonable critics who are still far more favorable towards Israel. The UN attacks on Israel are absolutely insane and american leftists like Chomsy are too critical of Israel over the other sides but he does now and then make a fair analysis of certain policies. Can we please have a sincere attempt at objectivity from anyone who speaks of this?

    • rulierose

      sure, that’s a good question. here’s how you tell if criticism of Israel is ok and not antisemitic:

      replace Israel with any other country in the world, and if it sounds ok then you can criticize Israel about it.

      that right there lets out 99.5% of all anti-Israel commentary, which usually goes like this: “the Zionist colonialist oppressors stole land and committed genocide against the indigenous peoples and the freedom fighters will continue the resistance until every Jew is dead,” which isn’t terribly helpful (in addition to being untrue).

  • earumamaadu .

    If you are a Jew you should just blindly support Israeli government no matter what it does.

    • truthseeker

      We living safely in America have no right to tell the Israelis, whose lives are on the line daily, what to do and how to live. They are pretty darn smart – and a lot closer to the reality of their situation than we are. Yes, we Jews SHOULD give them unconditional love and support-especially because they well-deserve it. Are they perfect? No, and neither are we in the US, but they have plenty of outside critics. Let us set the facts straight about the wonderful things they are doing and help debunk the outrageous llies against them.

    • frankiec_2005

      The issue, earumandaadu, is that Israel is pretty darn moral and correct in its policies and actions and that those making accusations are unable to defend their position, so those who “disagree with Israel’s policies” rather than attempting to defend their opinions, simply change the topic to, say, questioning the ethic of blind support, when the support isn’t blind in the first place, it is just.

      Israel’s critics, when confronted, are left only with the option of such ad-hominem attack and inuendo, as they have nothing more rational.

  • Jonas Mate

    Reading most of the comments here gives perfect answer to why there are more and more anti-semites in the world, again or still. The problem is, Israel is allowed to expand at any price and any means, the non-jews in the region are considered subhumans and waisting them does not matter. It seems as Israel’s interest matters only, nothing else, nothing, not even America. Perhaps this attitude explains why majority of the world turned away when the germans committed those horrible acts during WWII. Though historically, we pissed off every nation we lived in, since the dawn of time. There is a fundamental flaw in jewishness, I call it jewish exceptionalism, our firm belief that we are better than anything and our carelessness in being even slightly considerate.

  • yoelarry

    Stewart is ‘Leftish’ Not ‘Jewish’…there’s all the difference!

  • charly

    damn, I’m a Belgian not knowing a lot about the “situation” in the middle-east, but damn, this article. and the comment section, mad world. just letting you guys know, all the ignorance, ignorance to try understand each other… sad world.

  • Greg

    So your just mad he doesn’t act like a “good jew” and follow you lock step?

    • P. Nile Schwartz

      Don’t worry, he’s acting like a good, institutionally headpatted Jew–not the kind that you hate because they threaten you by actually supporting other Jews.

  • Leehpsl

    Jon Stewart is hardly the first Jew or ethnic in show business to change his name professionally. This is not the crime of the century. Get over yourself. People listen to him because he’s funny.he IS a comedian. also most american Jews tend to be liberal as is Stewart. Do I agree w/all of his cracks about Israel? No. i think some of them betray spectacular ignorance. that depresses me. still, for the most part, he’s highly entertaining on political subjects in general; excellent on skewering hypocrisy.

    • Lynne T

      Stewart’s mimimization of the assault Hamas carried out against Israel earlier this year hardly reflects the views of American liberals, Jewish or otherwise, but rather of the narcissitic “progressives” like Naomi Wolf who turn a blind eye and deaf ear to massive rocket attacks and inflitration tunnels meant to facilitate murderous attacks on children in schools etc., and Hamas’s own cynical use of human shields to make it as difficult as possible for Israel to respond.

  • Jack

    Well Jon, you sure can raise a brouhaha.
    I see all the kvetching from the whiners is the usual clap trap, based in emotional excess and delusion.
    Thank GOD for the first amendment of the Constitution.
    And I do still watch, tho I admit that some of the material has been a little edgy.
    Tho I do note that you are critical of many of the muslim nations leaders. Morsi, Assad, and many others.
    To bad they are all so unhappy.
    Say a prayer for them Jonny.
    So, does anyone remember the one about the farm boy, his duck, and the two nuns.
    ‘Aye, but its eating my popcorn!’

  • Seriously! As I did say that men’s minds are more “split mind” to day than ever before, we watch too much TV and read newspapers traps and forget to watch in mind reality not only in USA, but on the entire planet. Why making a big deal of a comedian who is not important. Actually this article do twist mans men’s into blindness not been able to see the cause of events and what is stands hiding behind them. This article does come up because of the situation of to day, Right? I did read an article in this news paper about a man who lost his daughter living in a mysterious unknown world of politics. Actually the entire world population is pushed entering gradually into dangerous space mind observation consumed by twisted reality round them who derives from “men’s fears” which man can see on men’s faces. See the face of the one who did write this article. He is not sure of what he is doing,he thinks that what is doing is on the spot, he is blind making things worst then they are, and therefore will all swallow what is not important and forget to respect mans private life.

  • Kal

    The compulsion the RW is under to attack anyone who criticizes Israel’s actions and behavior is about as disgusting as its sanctifying Ronald Reagan and going along with GW Bush’s lies and his approval of torture.

    • P. Nile Schwartz

      Who did Bush torture? The Jews that used to live in Gaza? It sure as heck wasn’t any Islamic supremacists.

      Surely you don’t rely on US intelligence press releases to arrive at your views of US policy, no?

    • Barry

      Ridiculous. He is attacked because of his ignorance and inability to identify reality from propaganda. If he was factually correct he might have some credence but given the large megaphone he carries, one cannot excuse a lamebrain who can’t discern truth from fiction.

  • P. Nile Schwartz

    Stewart is Western media celebrated dhimmi Jew, a prideless sort of Jew that Judeophobic governments and their Judeophobic media love trotting out to the masses, putting on a nice buckdancing show for the gentiles.

  • Elise Ronan

    1. Stewart stopped being funny years ago. His shtick is old and boring.It is his ilk that helped elect the mos antisemitic and anti-Israel in US history.
    2. Stewart’s attitude can be summed up in his latest interview where he called Judaism fascist. A religion that doesn’t allow decent. (I suppose he never had the opportunity to sit with more than one Jew to discuss any issue of any true import) The reality is that he married a Catholic and his children are not Jewish. He deserted the Jewish people and of course its our fault and Israel’s that we lost so glorious of a person as Stewart.
    3. The fact is Stewart is a dope, a betrayer of his people and quite frankly not all that bright when it comes to the realities of the world.Israel and the Jews don’t’ need him and quite frankly I wish here in the US he, and the other leftists, would simply shut up already and stop whining.He needs to do something productive with himself.Maybe he should give all his millions away to those in need. I mean it’s time he put his money where his mouth is. Maybe that will help.

  • Robert Davis

    Liberal american jews blame systematically Israel for being…the stronger party! should Israel strive to be the…weakest party? in this caser all Israelis and not even only Jews would be killed to the last! In which law is it stted it is a crime to be strong? If Israel was weak there would already have been a 3rd nuclear ww and among other problems the US and perhaps even europe would have had to send out military forces : IS THIS WHAT LIBERAL JEWS AND SOCIALISTS WANT?

    • Lynne T

      Stewart, Naomi Wolf, Lisa Goldman and the +972 set are not “liberals”. They are narcissists who flatter their own egos on a very shaky self-constructed ground of moral superiority.

  • Daniel Romischer

    When i saw the cheap shots John Stewart made against Israel during the gaza conflict, just to get a laugh from the audience, i immediately put him on my s&*t list. That was it for me.

    After thinking about it more and more though, he even jokes about ISIS beheading people. If hitler were alive today killing jews, he would probably make a cheap shot there as well about what gas to use.

    He has a captivated audience of 1 million daily totally left liberal progressives. (the daily show is rated pretty far far left), and he understands his audience.

    As a known jewish comedian, if he comes out against Israel, the audience thinks him trustworthy. the audience themselves are so far full of leftist islamized propaganda, they just don’t know any better. Most of his audience is also anti-american from what have seen. All he does for the most part is criticize fox news snippets.

    So he must stick to his anti-israel / and often anti-american narrative, to keep the 1 million viewers coming. Him as the funny ‘trust-worthy’ jew that speaks against evil pays his bills. If he were to stand up for Israel, in any meaningful way, he would quickly loose most of his audience. Cheap jokes, witty comments, criticism, and anti-american/anti-israel jokes is what his audience is looking for.

    When he interviewed Hillary, he even was constantly trying to get her to admit that Israel is doing something wrong over there. anything. But Hillary wouldn’t budge/bite. She kept it neutral and mostly focused on Hamas from what i remember.

    So he is a capitalist. Then a ‘progressive’ liberal. Then a comedian. Then maybe a jew or not (who cares at that point).

    Good for him. He is making the big $.
    And that is the ‘jew’ in him.
    Just to bad he has to do this way.

    And when (hopefully never) the next pogroms come, he does have skin in the game.

    I don’t like him anymore and won’t watch his show.
    But it is called show business.
    He is witty and smart and can be funny.

    And he isn’t a dumb guy. I think he knows perfectly well what he is doing.

    • Daniel, you hit the nail on the head. The American liberal, college educated, open minded children of the sixties (many of whom are Jews) were raised to have compassionl for the disenfranchised . The Palestinians currently fit the bill, and they will bend over backwards to defend them. Liberals can’t bear to witness any perceived aggression against the powerless, and this is how the Gaza conflict appeared to those with a surface understanding of the situation.

  • TheYellowDart

    He’s a very funny guy, but I unfortunately stopped watching his show due to the Israel-bashing this summer. While he has broken many barriers in his satire, it’s simply too taboo to consider Arabs responsible for their own fate. If you make me choose between being liberal and being a jew, I’ll choose jew. All in all Colbert is much more talented.

  • BH in Iowa

    Not just JINO celebrities, but there are legions of real Jews in the real world with equally colonized minds. Where to even start?

  • `Bob J

    The reporter’s name is Matti Friedman.

  • `Bob J

    Veteran Associated Press Mideast reporter wrote in “Lancet” this summer that “The world is not reacting to events… but to the media’s description of them.” And AP (like most other media) see the Palestinians as the victims of the Israelis, no matter what happens on the ground. The piece should be required reading for all who get their news from the media, as opposed to being on the ground in Israel and the territories. For those of you with the strongest of opinions, why don’t you go there, become citizens and affect the process the democratic way – Jon Stewart included.

  • PJ

    Is there a new editorial policy to put in quote marks the surname of every Jewish person who uses a name other the one they were born with? You’ll have a lot of quote marks.

  • Bull Winkle

    ‘Betrayal’ of Israel? As if he’s supposed to be loyal to the foreign country. Stewart is an American, born & raised. If he’s loyal to any state, it should be his home country. This is the very problem I have with the likes of AIPAC. Why should Americans be spending so much time & money for the betterment of a foreign country, when their host country has issues and needs help? How can they stand by & watch us make cuts to education or health care whilst demanding we send billions to tiny, affluent Israel?

    • PJ

      “host country”?

      • rulierose

        glad you pointed that out. a little creepy, is our friend Bull Winkle.

    • Emanuel

      As an AMERICAN, I have a CHOICE to support ANY country I wish, not what YOU wish BULL. We support UAE, Qatar, Turkey and you have no issue; antisemitic scum. If you think we help Israel you are a fool; Israel helps us annually with intelligence valued at over the value of the CIA, the whole agency. If you don’t like domestic policy don’t blame Jews or Israel, blame YOUR leadership.

    • Lynne T

      Unlike money dished out to the PA and other countries, granting loans to Israel — which are paid back and yield income in the form of interes — is not “sending billions to tiny affluent Israel”.

    • Barry

      And why are you not complaining that 2/3 of all U.S. money going to other countries goes to Muslim countries?

      The money that goes to Israel us largely spent on US goods. The money that goes to Muslim countries is often not (think the $400,000,000) going to Palestinians.

  • Jon Stewart’s jokes about Eretz Yisroel show ignorance on his part. Even Hillary had to correct him. She’s not pro-Israel but she had more facts than he did.

  • Evan

    this article is a sad piece of reporting. oh its in the algemeiner! not shocked, the GLENN BECK of Jewish Reporting

  • D

    arik… go to hell…. stop bashing Jews you dont agree with.

    • Lorelei

      And what are you doing right now, exactly?


      As a  Christian who has been deeply involved in the Islamic world for many years it is my sad observation that Jews are hated, BECAUSE THEY ARE JEWS.  This hatred existed for before Israel and has nothing to do with what Israel does or does not do. This is a very  difficult  and very painful concept for many liberals, like John Stewart is an to accept.
      Israel is a nation that is constantly threatened with annihilation. Many years ago, one of my Syrian military Associates gave me a Syrian Army  training manual which showed the streets in Tel Aviv flowing knee-deep in Jewish blood. Very little has changed since then.
      John, t ell your Associates who are unceasing  critical  of Israel that their choice is to give 100% unconditional support to Israel, a nation  which they bash publicly and  give a D minus average or  risk the annihilation of Israel by groups with F  double  minus averages.

       I know that this is a difficult choice for a smug (my secretary typed schmuck on the 1st draft) pseudo- intellectual like you to make to make, but it is really simple. There is good and  there is evil. CHOOSE THE GOOD.

  • The Left licks Islamic a$$.

    • Robert Davis

      Jochnowitz : each dollar this scum gets will result in a 3rd ww! such a profit!

  • mika

    Jon Stewart is just another victim of the Vatican/CIA propaganda machine. Instead of attacking Jon Stewart for being feeble minded (Jon Stewart cannot help it. It is what it is), the author needs to look at and address who are the sponsors of anti-Israel propaganda along with their propaganda outlets.

    Another issue that needs to be addressed is why Israel has such weak propaganda of its own. Propaganda that is always on the defensive and is always reactive, and why are the vectors of its dissemination (Algemeiner being a rare exception) so feeble.

    • Robert Davis

      Mika : I agree with you. The responsible are the governments in particular left governments and the french one who is pushing anti-Israel propaganda since 50 years. Now with hollande it is worse than ever and he bears responsibility for next ww. I really hope hollande will get what he deserves sooner or later. As to terrible Israel’s counter propaganda first with labour governments they did NOT want it and now Netanyahou has probably problems with some of his cabinet and he himself is a WEAK MAN.I am not sure if a new stronger govt.will change his arch “moderate” stance.

      • mika

        If you’re looking at the French, you’re looking at the wrong place. Don’t believe for a second that ANY government or media outlet in Europe is independent. They are ALL muppets. Same for the Israeli gov and media. Our government is not our government. The script for this theater is written by the Vatican/CIA mafia.

  • isaac kraiem

    I will like to see Jon Steward to go to gaza to see hou they teach there to hate the jews. also the tunnels they build going to israel I was born in Egypt and came to America in 1957 I was refugie in Greece for 11.50 months. Go to gaza and see what they built after Ariel Sharon left and what Israel built I don’t agree with some of Israel policies but I agree with them about security that they need.Hamas want all the land from east to west and noth to south

  • Emanuel

    Since when does disagreement with the policies of the Israeli government makes you a lesser Jew? Since BDS hijacked all logical debate. Wake up clown, as of today, you as a celebrity embracing Hamas is unjewish period, nobody will mistake you for a real jew, real jews don’t change their name to sound less jewish, THAT is how jewish you are; enough to be ashamed but that’s it, no jewish identity and no pride in your roots just a half-baked sellout who changed his name so people would accept him.

  • curtis crimmins

    and btw Stewart is one of the most popular TV shows because of his questioning of everyone, and humorous mocking of all politicians…on all sides, with biting criticism, funny jokes and more than a little insight. if you can’t see why his show is so funny you should start drinking heavily or smoking pot…might lighten you up.

  • curtis crimmins

    You have it wrong, typical right wing Isreali extremism…to equate all criticism of Isreal with the Nazi’s. Stewart has condemned Hamas, he also made fun of the overreaction of Isreal in the latest Gaza action, to kill 2000 and wound 10,000 to get at a few terrorists? and to question this is Nazism? pull your head out Stewart loves Isreal…so do I, I want to see it free but on a higher moral ground.

    • Lorelei

      Sure, I´d like to see what your goverment would do if every part of its country was being attacked like Israel. They would have razed Gaza to the ground, kill everybody. BTW, how many civilians have the US army killed so far this year with their drones?

    • Lynne T

      Most of the 2,000 dead Gazans were armed combatants. Most of the bona fide civilian casualties were cynically used by Hamas as human shields.

      Stewart, like most narcissists, loves himself. And his popularity doesn’t prove a whole lot. In a nation of over 300,000,000 people who aren’t particularly well informed about the USA let alone the world, finding a following among similarly pretentious people who need to be entertained ain’t terribly hard.

    • Elmo Glick

      A thousand terrorists killed is not a “few.” It’s unfortunate that there were civilian casualties in addition, but that is the fault of Hamas and Islamic Jihad that embedded themselves, their command posts and weapons among civilians, in addition to using civilians as human shields.

  • Jon Stewart is being vilified because of the Zionist agenda. They don’t like the truth. 1967 borders is where Israel has to be. This occupation is illegal and will ultimately destroy israel.

    This is not the Israel of God. This is a secular nation that has hijacked the name “Israel”

    Praise I AM,
    Michael Idarecis

    • Emanuel

      The truth is, mike, you are not god, if you were maybe you could see into the future, but you aren’t. You also have no idea with whom the name Israel belongs. I feel like I’m going to sign your name since you don’t get the idea of things belonging to people names and such.

      Michael Idarecis

    • Barry

      Ignorance Michael. Israel beyond the 67 lines is not illegal. Read the 1920 San Remo
      Resolutions. That is the current law. Everything else said and issued has just been opinions.

      • Elmo Glick

        A good deal of the land beyond the 1948 ceasefire lands were Jewish communities from which Jews were expelled in that year. When Jews returned in 1967, they were simply recovering communities and land which they had owned but from which they had been displaced for only 19 years.

  • You seem more focused that he’s not equally pointing out what they do wrong than you do on the facts of what Israel is doing wrong. Making another race second class citizens is not what a fair and democratic nation does. Israel is at equal fault with the aggressive Palestinians in this case.

  • E Pluribus Wombat

    I don’t understand the roil and churn. He’s not really Jewish in any meaningful way. He’s got a shiksa wife and non-Jewish kids. He’s ‘Jewish’ like I’m Beylorussian which is to say, I’m not but I have Beylorussian ancestry. Once you understand that, his check-box liberalism that hates Israel is no different than Greta Berlin or Hamas or anyone else. Not really a big deal either way.

    • Miriam

      That’s the smartest comment I’ve read so far.

  • Robert Weintraub

    Unfortunately Stewart speaks for the majority of American Jews. The author of the article does not. The great fear of American Jews was and is to be considered guilty of “dual loyalty”. A visit to the annual Israel Independence Day parade demonstrates that vast majority of marchers come from the Orthodox day schools. The Orthodox are a small though growing percentage of the American Jewish population. The more educated and assimilated the Jew the less likely he/she is to be a supporter of Israel.

    • LouA

      The more educated and assimilated the Jew the less likely he/she is to be a supporter of Israel.

      I wouldn’t say more educated, after all most colleges today are propaganda arms of the genocidal Arabs in their desire to destroy Israel. Sounds to me like you were in the front row learning those lessons.
      I might say assimilated much like the German Jews who were so assimilated as Germans all the way to the ovens, but then that can’t happen on the streets of France or Belgium or Sweden or here.
      67 borders, you mean the armistice lines the one’s the entire Arab world never recognized along with not recognizing Israels right to exist. Since the PLO was founded in 1964, while Israel was still behind those lines, and Arabs were crossing the line to attack and murder Jewish children I am sure you will understand Israelis know they would have to be insane to think returning to those lines would bring peace

  • Nancy Hall

    Spot on. A talent grievously misused, but his reach and influence is troubling.

  • MIke

    Such terrible bitterness! Millions of us love Jon Stewart because he makes us laugh, loudly, and for decades now. We live on this planet to love and laugh. Let us. You do know he’s a comedian, right? Being upset at good jokes only shows that you’re uncomfortable because you probably agree with his sentiments and that bothers you. If you don’t like it, don’t watch, but don’t try to ruin it for the rest of us because there is no way your obscure and hateful words ever would. It’s a silly and wasted effort.

    • MIke

      PS I’ve been watching Jon for a dozen years and he’s NEVER and I mean EVER attacked the “Jewish State”. Making jokes about politics is not attacking, it’s making jokes. You don’t need to laugh at them sourpuss.