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December 2, 2014 8:30 am

‘Palestine’: The Real Apartheid State

avatar by Jerold Auerbach

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Mahmoud Abbas and Barack Obama meet in the Oval Office. Photo: White House.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, now serving the tenth year of his four-year term, recently defamed Israel’s “apartheid government.” Speaking in Cairo last weekend at an emergency session of the Arab League, he announced: “We will never recognize the Jewishness of the state of Israel.”

Abbas seemed especially riled by the “Jewish state” bill currently under Knesset consideration. Proposed by Prime Minister Netanyahu, it would appropriately identify Israel as “the Nation-State of the Jewish people.” Israel, Netanyahu asserted, is “a Jewish democratic state. . . . Both principles are equal and must be given equal consideration.” National rights for Jews, he emphasized, embrace equal rights for every citizen – Muslims, Christians, Druze and Bedouin alike, who collectively comprise more than 20% of the Israeli population.

No Middle Eastern Arab nation would even imagine, no less implement, such sweeping guarantees of equality for all its citizens within such a multi-religious, multi-cultural nation. By now, to be sure, there would be no need even to include Jews, nearly all of whom were cruelly driven out of their homes and deprived of their livelihoods and assets many decades ago by raging Arab mobs and their oppressively anti-Semitic rulers.

Indeed, Abbas is hardly qualified to identify an apartheid regime until he is prepared to scrutinize his own Palestinian Authority in a mirror. His published Ph.D. thesis notoriously asserted that Zionists were the “basic partner in crime” with Nazi Germany. He has played duplicitous word games with the Holocaust. Ostensibly labeling it a “heinous crime,” he nonetheless blamed Zionists for helping to perpetrate the deaths of (merely) one million – not six million – Jews. On more than one occasion the Palestinian leader has proclaimed his determination that not a single Jew would ever be permitted to inhabit the (blatantly racist) Palestinian state that he yearns to establish. He still avidly embraces the notorious United Nations canard (1975) that Zionism is “racism,” which even that morally compromised body revoked sixteen years later.

Perhaps it is time to finally abort the charade of peace-loving Palestinians. Mahmoud Abbas is inspired by such stellar exemplars of co-existence as the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem (who fled to his promised land of Nazi Germany and the warm embrace of Adolph Hitler); and Yasser Arafat, who refined terrorist attacks against innocent civilians into an art form of horror. Abbas is their worthy successor, explicitly yearning for an apartheid state of Palestine that is judenrein. Unlike his predecessors, because he is politically and personally weaker than both, Abbas knows how to present the soft face of Palestinian terrorism. But he surfs on the rising tide of anti-Semitism, masquerading as anti-Zionism, that is propelled by radical Islamists and their beguiled fellow travelers worldwide. Politicians, journalists and professors – and legions of gullible students – employ every despicable trope of anti-Semitism to support their zealous determination to delegitimize the world’s solitary Jewish state.

If Israeli politicians were not so ambivalent about asserting legitimate Zionist claims to the biblical homeland of the Jewish people, such Abbasian nonsense could at least be challenged, if not quashed. Under the original international Mandate for Palestine, the Jewish National Home was to be reconstituted in what now comprises Israel, Jordan and its former West Bank. But to provide a kingdom for the Hashemite Prince Abdullah, British Secretary of State for the Colonies Winston Churchill unilaterally lopped off the land east of the Jordan River for Britain’s wartime ally. But Jews were guaranteed the right of “close settlement” between the Jordan and Mediterranean. That right has never been rescinded under international law.

At the very least, the Israeli government should challenge wildly falsified Palestinian “refugee” claims that provide UNRWA with its phony life support system. The actual number of refugees in 1947-48 (including those urged by their own leaders to depart) was between 590,000-625,000. But because all descendants of Palestinian refugees, now numbering close to 5 million, are also identified as “refugees” that number will continue to increase exponentially. UNRWA, after all, wants to stay in business, nurture hatred of Israel, and provide jobs for Palestinians. Best estimates indicate that between 30,000-50,000 actual Palestinian refugees are still alive. They could easily be absorbed by Israel. Presto! Palestinian “refugee” problem solved.

Not so fast. Mahmoud Abbas knows the perfect charade to flaunt before a world audience avid to demonize the democratic nation state of the Jewish people. Sadly, whether Israeli leaders can get their own act together to assert the rightful historical and moral claims of the Jewish people to their ancient homeland remains uncertain.

Jerold S. Auerbach is a frequent contributor to The Algemeiner

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  • Julian Clovelley

    It does not matter which religion we are speaking of – in a democracy religion cannot be the defining characteristic of class

    It is not about Hiduism, Islam, Christianity, or Judaism,Buddhism or Tree worship – it is about separation between religious adherence and political administration

    To the secular all state religions, and special status for particular religions, are manifestations of backwardness, and of unacceptable interference in peoples lives at every level

    Religion is the personal business of each individual and no more. No one gains, through his religion, the right to define another person, or to dominate their lives

    Religion is the complex of delusions and myths that the religious use as their excuse to press their personal advantage. The varieties of these delusionary complexes compete with each other in such a violent manner that the innocent are drawn into their battles and neuroses and their triggering of psychosis.

    Would we be better off without all of them – That too is an individuals personal spiritual conclusion

  • Rony

    What no one seems to remember is that the land Abbas claimed was won in a war from Egypt and Jordan. How is it that neither country wanted these lands back in the negotiated peace settlements? Even now with Gaza having not one Jewish citizen and in total control of their lands, there no peace with Israel or Egypt. Palestinians take with one hand and slap you with the other.

  • Vivarto

    Palestinian “PSEUDO_NATIONALITY” was constructed with only one purpose; to destroy Israel.

    These who support “Palestinians” (as “nation”) are against the Jewish state. This includes the Israeli politicians who engage in the 2-state charade.

  • robert sklar

    If Zionism is a form of Jewish nationalism, then what do we call Palestinian nationalism? What do we call Kurdish nationalism? The middle east is a very diverse place; not just Arabs, Turks, and Persians. There are Berber, Saharawi, Fur, Chaldean, Assyrian, Taureg, and numerous other peoples that have aspirations of nationhood. Shouldn’t they all be acknowledged and honored in some fashion. The US asked China to exercise restraint in the South China Sea. China’s response was to built a naval and air base in the Spratley’s, 1500 miles from the Chinese coast and in the Philippines back yard. I am not concerned with what Abbas says or does, only with what Israel does!!!! It is time to build in E-1 without delay.

  • Maxime

    It Is obvious that thé Palestinian leaders havé nô intérest in thé solution Two states for two peoples. this solution Is probably over and that Is why nethanyahou is Willing to change the law to Israel is thé country of Jewish people in ordre to avoid that when including Judea Samarie in Israel, thé country Stays thé conutry of the Jewish People

  • Aussie

    Watching Abbas is like watching an octopus do a thimble and pea trick. One message in English to the world. The opposite message in Arabic to the Arab world. The one constant is that there is place for a Jewish Israel in the Middle East.

    • Julian Clovelley

      No Aussie you are quite wrong there. There is no place for states that define themselves through religious adherence anywhere. That is the only valid point. To single out, in an isolated manner, those pressing for a “Jewish State” is unfair. Islamic States are equally unacceptable. Religion has to be finally forced out of its position of dominance in inter personal political relationships. It is a stage in the development of human consciousness that we need to overcome if we are to survive – let alone advance. Religion needs to be forced out of its role of deciding our power and prosperity in this world, and our entry into any imagined Paradise. Even at the level of transcendance, religion is only a view, an opinion, an attempt to put into words that which can really only be felt.

      Religious obsession of all kinds has decimated the Middle East. The present violence heralds the closing of the Age of Religions. The connection between all religions is finally being perceived, bringing with it the recognition that they are all manifestations of the same complexes in human consciousness – their differences dictated largely initially by the historical locations and particular circumstances of their origins – and their development largely through the perception of advantage.

      There is neither Gentile nor Jew – they are delusions of non existent difference. As such “Jews” have a perfect right to be in the Middle East, but not to dominate it. In Australia, I find it very disturbing that all too often those who press for greater acceptance of asylum seekers and refugees are often people who take a rather one sided view in the problems of the Middle East – as if the Jews had never been asylum seekers or refugees themselves – in this it is almost as if the six million victims of regime persecution have no value. I have visited the remains of camps like Dachau. I too have grown up with the ruins left by the miltary actions of that regime. I cannot accept the downgrading of the Jewish experience of horror merely because it was less recent. To do that would be to downgrade the experiences of a modern escapee from terror, to make me -even in my sympathy for them – into a hypocrite..

      We all need to get over the business of blaming, and of trying to rationalise our opinions with reference to disputed factional pseudo histories. We need to be more existential in our thinking because there is no alternative – no single common past experience to guide us

      To do this requires setting our sights on the future and making our path to it through reconciliation and cooperation. This will require the use of all humanity’s sources of media and entertainment and of all our local and international political forums. Peace and the act of sharing has to become our ideal, not competition and dominance

      It is for such reason that I cannot support a campaign structure of individual boycott – any more than I can accept the Zionist attacks on organisations such as the Red Cross Geneva Conventions, Oxfam, and the United Nations and the International Criminal Court.

      We need to develop a framework of respected International Law – and we need to accept that the path towards it is fraught with difficulty. But the United Nations, the ICC ,and the Geneva Conventions, and even the European Union, have been a good start to a process which needs to be accelerated. We need to get disputes off the battlefield and into the negotiation chambers

      We need to create a world in which there is room for all.

  • rachel robinson

    There are millions of Palestinians (sic) who live in the surrounding states of Israel and are not allowed to become residents or citizens in those Arab countries, are kept in camps in horrible conditions, are not allowed to settle and become legal residents or citizens in those countries, and yet Abbas does not define those countries as Apartheid. They are the real apartheid states while Israel has a good number of Arab citizens who live, work, vote and are even members of the Knesset. So why is Abbas saying nothing about those countries? he is nothing buy a hypocrite. Obama, of course will not correct him, he despises Israel and wishes it to just cease to exist, it creates too many “problems”.

  • Bernard Ross

    Every square inch of the former Palestine mandate territory that is today controlled by Arabs in JEW FREE…..(Gaza, PA west bank and Jordan)

  • Billy Bumps

    Can we ever get past he said she said…its their fault……not my fault……over and over it goes….

    • Jk

      Sure. What’s your ingenious solution? Land for peace? Gaza proved that strategy is a failure. Negotiations? They Arab nations have made it pretty clear that the only negotiations that matter are those that involve Jews being killed or driven out. Hamas on Campus’s Students for Justice in Palestine have a strategy (widely circulated) of no negotiations, no cooperation, no recognition of Jewish groups on campus, making civil discourse (not the mention balanced academic settings) impossible. So again…what’s your solution?

  • Rael Eluchans

    The fact that Abbas has been 10 years+ as “president” of PA shows the corruption of the PA and Abbas. In addition, is Abbas the one who has been blocking the peace process as he has continued to called “heroes’ to the terrorist murderers of civilians in Israel, and continues to incite violence against the Jews, and continues to teach hatred to their children and therefore to push their children to be killers. Abbas PA it is the apartheid/killer regime…no different from Hamas. My question is …why USA President is so silent about this…and just pressure Israel…to give concessions knowing that the Palestinians goal is to destroy Israel/….

  • Mickey Segal

    A concrete example of the principles discussed in this article is the fact that in the Palestinian Authority, selling land to Jews is officially a crime punishable by the death penalty. It would be good to get a detailed history of this law. Was it begun by the Palestinian Authority? Does it come from Jordanian law? It such a law in effect in Jordan now?

    The New York Times has announced that it maintains a different standard for judging Israel and the Palestinian Authority since the Palestinian authority is not really in control of territory (though the lack of control doesn’t stop European countries from recognizing a “State of Palestine”). Are there similar “different standard” policies among European news outlets? With French recognition of the “State of Palestine”, will French newspapers now do articles on the Palestinian death penalty for selling land to Jews?

    Reasonable people can disagree as to whether any good changes in law will result from legislation explicitly declaring Israel to be a Jewish state. But as Prof. Auerbach points out, for Palestinian Authority leaders to make this argument is hypocrisy. Or it is supremacism, which explicitly ignores concerns about hypocrisy.

  • Mandrake

    Who could disagree with any of Auerbach’s statements?