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December 3, 2014 4:39 pm

Months After Calling for Expulsion of Israel’s Ambassador from Dublin, Irish Republican Leader Gerry Adams Flies To Tel Aviv

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Irish Republican leader Gerry Adams is visiting Israel and the Palestinian areas. Photo: Twitter

Gerry Adams, the president of the Irish Republican Sinn Fein party and a member of the Irish parliament, is on his way to Tel Aviv to begin a three-day visit to Israel and the Palestinian areas.

Irish website Newstalk reported that Adams will meet with Israeli Labor Party leader Isaac Herzog as well as Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. Adams has also been invited to visit Gaza by UNRWA, the UN agency dedicated solely to Palestinian refugees and their descendants.

Adams’ visit to the region is significant given the historic support of Sinn Fein for the Palestinian cause. The military wing of Sinn Fein, the Irish Republican Army (IRA)  – which Adams has repeatedly denied being a member of, despite claims to the contrary from several leading journalists as well as Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny – was backed by, among others, Colonel Gadhafi’s regime in Libya. The IRA formally ended its terrorist campaign against Britain in 2005, when the Northern Ireland conflict was resolved by a power-sharing agreement.

Adams has been a visceral critic of Israel. During Israel’s war against the Hamas regime in Gaza over the summer, the Sinn Fein leader called for the expulsion of Israel’s Ambassador from Dublin.

Addressing the Irish parliament in July, Adams declared:  “The Israeli assault on this besieged community is an act of collective punishment against a civilian population which has left 200 people, mostly civilians and children, dead and many more injured. The Palestinian people have been robbed of their land, imprisoned by separation walls and borders into ghettoes, Gaza has been under siege for seven years and they have little power or influence. Israel by comparison is a first world, highly developed, rich and heavily armed super-state with nuclear weapons.”

Prior to leaving Dublin, Adams revived a set of proposals from his last visit to the region, after the 2008-09 war in Gaza between Israel and Hamas. Among the measures he advocates is the “demolition” of the security barrier separating Israel from the West Bank and an end to what he describes as the “ongoing Israeli colonization of the West Bank.”

Eamonn MacDonagh, an Irish journalist who has written extensively on what he regards as the flawed analogy between the ‘Troubles’ in Northern Ireland and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, told The Algemeiner that it would be hard for Israelis to regard Adams as an honest broker, given his past statements.

“It’s interesting to see Gerry Adams being attacked on social media as a ‘Zionist’ simply for setting foot in Israel,” MacDonagh said. “However, his message isn’t new, and he’s using the situation of the Palestinians to make political capital at home.”

MacDonagh added that “Israelis have no reason to take Adams at face value, given his continual depictions of Israel as a colonizing power and his lack of sympathy for Israeli victims of terrorism.”

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  • Jeff

    Another busy body anti-semite wanting to do some sight seeing in Israel, rather than tackle the real monsterous regimes such as Iran and North Korea, and the many other countries who incarcerate, torture and kill those with a different political/religious view or sexual inclination.

    • Melinn

      Like the United States, for example…

  • Jonah

    It’s the old good cop bad cop strategy. Send in the irish whiskey to insult you, then you will all run back to kerry/Heinz catchup and be saved. Either way the only road for israel in these peace negotiations is the road to hell. The question is who is smart enough to coax you to get on it. I would say the little horn Spoken of by Daniel is making the beast effort. They must eliminate the only negotiating point which is a true game changer and the only ace Israel has in its deck…that would be your nuclear weapons…then their will be a massive slaughter of Jews. It seems the peace negotiators overlook this absolute reality. So just what kind of peace are they negotiating?…..that would be a hoodna. Put a smile on their face until you can get a knife in their back. The road to hell is paved with puppy dog eyes or Irish Whisky…let’s hope your nuclear salve will stay the inevitable. Don’t Give It Up!!!

  • E Pluribus Wombat

    Why is this Jew hating terrorist not barred from entry?

    • Tom McCann

      How do you know Adams hates Jews? He is critical of the actions of the Israeli government; that’s not the same thing at all. I could find you a dozen ultra-orthodox rabbis who also disagree with the actions of Israel. Does that make them Jew-haters also?

      Also, the definition of terrorist depends on who controls the media. Gerry Adams was the democratically elected Member of (UK) Parliament for West Belfast for 14 years and is now the democratically elected president of a political party in Ireland.

      • Jeff

        The views of the vast majority of Jews is that those who engage in persistent anti-Israel policies are anti-semites .The reason is straightforward. Firstly,the World is full of people who hate Jews.Paranoia? Not really. historically,and therefore factually and beyond dispute . the Jews have been unmercifully persecuted be it from thugs and gangs, to pogroms and state controlled genocide.So no question, the anti-semites are out there in vast numbers.Secondly, the world is plagued by totalitarian regimes incarcerating, torturing and killing their own citizens on the grounds of differing political or religious views or even sexual inclination.Yet when all these despicable regimes continue operating in the full glare of the World stage and take there places at the UN , which country gets singled out above all others for criticism ,condemnation and isolation? Israel.It really defies belief, as do the anti Israel resolutions. How many against Iran ,North Korea and Syria? All but none. Google it and see,
        As for Ultra Orthodox Rabbis criticising Israel some no doubt do , but with respect unlike Mr Adams your Rabbi friends undoubtedly do not seek an audience with terrorists such as Hamas as Mr Adams does .

        • Melinn

          “The views of the vast majority of Jews is that those who engage in persistent anti-Israel policies are anti-semites.” – That doesn’t make it fact; it’s simply a view or opinion. It is more reasonably a sweeping generalisation to avoid honest debate on the deteriorating sociopolitical situation in Israel.

          • Jeff

            and the statement “to avoid honest debate on the deteriorating sociopolitical situation in Israel” is not a sweeping generalisation? Is this a subjective viewpoint or another unbiased UN Resolution?

  • I wouldn’t trust Adams to give me the time if he told it was day i would check to make sure.The only reason he’s going to Israel is in order to visit Judea,Samaria and Gaza.He fells good in Gaza and Rammalah being among his own kind, terrorists