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December 3, 2014 4:51 pm

Survivor of Anti-Semitic Attack on Jewish Home in Paris Recounts His Ordeal (VIDEO)

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Police in the Paris suburb of Creteil are investigating yesterday's anti-Semitic assault on a young Jewish couple. Photo: Twitter

One of the two Jewish victims of a violent anti-Semitic attack near Paris this week shared their horrific ordeal with local BFM TV on Wednesday.

The 21 year-old man, known as Jonathan, is recovering from the nightmare that he and his girlfriend went through on Monday at his parents’ home in the Paris suburb of Creteil, where they both returned to live just over one month ago.

The young couple were subjected to a brutal daylight attack by a trio of armed and masked criminals who repeatedly uttered anti-Semitic insults throughout the invasion, saying they were chosen “because [they] are Jewish.”

Jonathan’s girlfriend was raped by two of the assailants, while a third used his credit card to clean out their bank account via a nearby ATM. Two of the suspects, aged 20, have been arrested, and police are looking for the third.

It’s just after noon when the intercom rings at the family’s apartment, Jonathan recalled. His girlfriend, 19, opens the front door, thinking it was an expected delivery. Facing them are three hooded and gloved men. Two of them are armed. The girl screams out for Jonathan, who rushes towards the entrance. The door slams. Their ordeal begins.

“As soon as they saw me coming, they demanded our mobile phones,” Jonathan said, as his girlfriend, nearby, broke down in tears. “We did not understand what was happening. It was a nightmare,” he continued.

The assailants had surveyed the family, their movements, and their residence, according to Jonathan, and believed that his younger brother, Samuel, 20, who works at their family business, would be present. The assailants had wanted to force Samuel to take them to the shop in order to rob it.

“The three criminals then sat us down in the living room, where they tied us up,” and began questioning the couple as to their supposed “huge” incomes.

“They started talking to me about my father, and the car he owns…” Jonathan recounted.

“‘We have been watching you, and not for nothing,’ one of the captors said,” according to his account. “‘Anyway, Jews – you have money at home, you do not put it in the bank…'” one of the group claimed.

“I told them that it was anything but,” Jonathan said, but was told “that they watched us, they knew my mother’s habits. They were talking about my parents saying, ‘They are where, old Jews?’ It was not a robbery due to chance,” according to Jonathan.

Later, his girlfriend told investigators that Jonathan was placed in another room before she was raped by two of the criminals.

On Wednesday, the prosecutor’s office opened an investigation into the case, and began questioning the two suspects, who are believed to be the main perpetrators. The two are expected to be indicted on Wednesday evening.

A third suspect, still at large, may have served as a spotter, and may also be implicated in a previous home invasion of a 70-year-old man in the same neighborhood.

Police are also looking for a fourth man, believed to be connected to the case.

Watch the interview (in French) with Jonathan:

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  • So Jews always have piles of money at home? Most people, Jews and non-Jews, probably use credit or debit cards. Paper money and coins are so 20th Century!

  • Gerald C. Grosslicht

    Moslem extremists (Nazism), seem to be alive & well in Europe, especially in France! It won’t be very long before these terrorists run amok all over Europe. Maybe the sensible people & their elected officials will wake up in time & realize that their precious freedoms are in jeopardy. It is too bad that the media does not expose who the real bad people are, in Europe & the Middle East, especially the rabble that surrounds Israel. Unfortunately ignorance constantly falls prey to antisemitic clamor. It is very convenient for extremists to keep using Jews as a scapegoat for any agenda they have.

  • Linda Rivera


  • things are getting very bad in this world. France will regret the treatment of the jewish people when the islamists take over the whole country. and don’t count on the French police for help that’s who rounded up jewish familys and sent them to almost certain death during ww 2.

  • All European nations are under the illusion recognizing so called Palestine a state will bring peace. This just goes to show how little knowledge the Europeans have of the Arab and Islamic mind. The core of their philosophy is violence and irrational hatred of the Jewish people.

    • pxfragonard

      Correct. This delusion was begun with the splitting off of 70% of the Palestinian Mandate from the Jewish state. Stage one of the appeasement. Then the Peel Commission Report: Stage two of appeasement. The Jewish Agency mistakenly accepted, proving violence works; the Arabs rejected. This is the MO. It will not stop until all the Jews in Israel are dead. They must be faced and opposed.

    • Judging by the exodus of Christians from Arab countries, Arab irrational hatred is not limited to Jews. And how rational is the hatred between Sunni and Shia groups? Europeans are blinkered. The four to five million Arab refugees demanding their right of return to Israel, see their return as leading to the elimination of Israel. How many Europeans understands this? See Alan Dershowitz, The Case for Israel, 2003.

  • Where they Bretons,Normans,was their names Pierre ,Raymond or maybe Jean.No i think they might not have been Normans or Bretons and their names weren’t Pierre,Raymond or Jean

  • Robert Davis

    This bloody leftist french govt.hollande is responsible for antisemitismin france,not only he does nothing to stop it but he cynically and hypocritically encourages it to pressure Israel!!!As to its media they never mention arabs and these aggressors were certainly arabs but the media will never say so! Anyway the same fate will befall françois hollande as the swedish govt. who has been kicked out of late!

  • Friedl

    This is disgusting that the world is stooping to an amazing new low in our times. Why aren’t the names and the cultural background of the perpetrators not printed. Why are they being shielded, they are not minors. If they think they are smart or cool or whatever for committing this crime, then stand up and let us know who you are. It amazes me how most of the people who commit antisemitic crimes in the world, hide behind head scarves, masks etc. this is a sad time for humanity. The world learnt NOTHING!

    • pxfragonard

      It doesn’t matter. They could be anyone. Anti-Semitism has been raised to the acceptable level by the cowardly legislatures of England and France.

  • Thank God that Johnathan and his partner have not been further harmed by these anti social hoods. The silent majority needs to speak up and French Jews need to be prepared to protect themselves from such acts brought on by these anti-smites. It is not only the Jews that must deal with these acts of terror but so must the citizins of France. This is not a Jewish problem alone this is a problem for all religions and nationalities in Europe. The French must take back their country before it is to late if not already to late. This crap would be handled by the police in America and these animals would be spending the next 25 years in Jail. Where are the good French people, untie the hands of the French police and let them do their job, The liberals can kiss my American Ass.


      I am prepared to take a bet, that these cockroaches will be freed “for lack of evidence”

      The French and their Nazi police, handed hundreds of thousands of Jews to Hitler, for extermination.
      France is still the Nazi country.
      Time for every Jew to get out NOW!!!
      Go home to Israel, the country that GOD gave you.

      Not one inch of GOD given Jewish land belongs to the Muslim cockroaches.

    • pxfragonard

      The West has given up. This is the beginning of the deluge. The Jews are the canary in the mine.

  • sylvie7

    Why are the perpetrators not described? Are they French or North African? Don’t we have the right to know?
    It isn’t a big surprise that the worst Anti Semitic attacks are happening in France.

  • blackrose

    Let France expel the perpetrators to Israel for a fair trial and punishment. Let their families also be expelled from France and their properties seized to pay monetary damages to the victims.

    • Alison Weston

      Couldn’t agree more

  • Justice must be served. “I believe in God and have witnessed His Divine Justice”.

  • aall55

    “Facebook Page Publishing Identities of French Jews to Encourage Attackers; 15 Men Assault a Jew in Paris Suburb After Confirming Photo (UPDATE)”
    July 25, 2014

    Is this event related to Facebook ?