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December 3, 2014 8:41 pm

UN Says It Can’t Feed Syrian Refugees as UNRWA Raises Billions for Palestinians

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Students at a UNRWA School in Gaza, in 2011. Photo: UN / Shareef Sarhan.

Students at a UNRWA School in Gaza, in 2011. Photo: UN / Shareef Sarhan.

From Al Jazeera:

The United Nations’ food agency has announced that it is suspending its food programme serving more than 1.7 million Syrian refugees because it has run out of money.

The World Food Programme (WFP) said on Monday that it “immediately needs” at least $64m in December alone to support the displaced Syrians now living in neighbouring countries such as Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq and Turkey.

“A suspension of WFP food assistance will endanger the health and safety of these refugees and will potentially cause further tensions, instability and insecurity in the neighbouring host countries,” said WFP Executive Director Ertharin Cousin, in an appeal to donors.

“The suspension of WFP food assistance will be disastrous for many already suffering families.”

Since the war in Syria began in 2011, over three million people have fled to neighbouring countries.

Under the UN programme, the refugees use vouchers to buy food in local shops. The UN provides basics like flour, cooking oil and sugar. But it also gives vital food vouchers to pregnant and nursing mothers.

“Without WFP vouchers, many families will go hungry. For refugees already struggling to survive the harsh winter, the consequences of halting this assistance will be devastating,” the UN said.

Every month, the UN feeds over four million people inside Syria, and over a million more now temporarily sheltered in other countries.

Muhannad Hadi, the UN coordinator of the food programme, told Al Jazeera the refugees would face a harsh winter without support from the world body.

“It’s definitely a catastrophe,” he said, speaking from the Jordanian capital Amman. “If we cannot deliver the food voucher, they simply would not be able to eat.”

“We are asking the world [to help]. This is an international crisis.”

There is only so much international aid to go around, and one reason why the World Food Program is running out of money is because the bloated, superfluous UNRWA keeps on manufacturing its own “crises” every couple of months to keep its own cash flow coming.

Last week, UNRWA declared an “emergency” because of flooding in Gaza that did not kill or injure a single person.

While the WFP needs some $64 million a month to stop people from starving, UNRWA is demanding $1.6 billion from the international community on top of $300 million it demanded earlier this year.

While Syrian refugees cannot eat, UNRWA goes fundraising in Japan and Azerbaijan.

Even crazier is that UNRWA also solicits money for the relatively small percentage of Syrian refugees who fall under its mandate. Rather than a single UN fundraising effort for all Syrian refugees to ensure fair distribution, UNRWA has a separate program because the UN makes a distinction between refugees who happen to have some ancestors who lived in British Mandate Palestine in 1947 and all others. The UNHRC and WFP are struggling to give Syrian refugees the basics of food and medical care while the Palestinians who fall under UNRWA’s mandate receive much higher levels of aid per capita, including schooling and medicine. “Palestinian” refugees from Syria go to different camps in Jordan than the rest of the refugees because of Arab bigotry against Palestinians that gets swept under the rug.

The inefficiencies from having UNRWA doing the same work as other UN agencies, and the Arab nations insisting on discrimination against Palestinians, is wasting huge amounts of money.

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  • V H Sealey

    How can the UN justify not helping people who ARE refugees and at the same time knowing that UNWRA are spending untold billions on people who are NOT genuine refugees? Appalling. United Nothings.

  • Bill Channon

    EVIL ….. EVIL ….. EVIL

  • Bella

    UNWRA is a major obstacle to Israeli-Arab peace.

    It perpetuates and incites hatred in future generations, lobbies for anti-Semitism internationally and has a budget that is multiple of the UN budget for the world’s current 40M refugees.

    Unless UNWRA is abolished there will not be peace.

    The inequity described with reference to Syrian refugees demonstrates the dictatorial stranglehold that the
    Palestinian problem places on the UN.

    The acceptance of a distinctive definition of ‘Palestinian refugee’ and the setting up of UNWRA to perpetuate it were cleverly designed to be (and have become) the most powerful forces challenging Israel’s longterm future. .

  • The whole project of “Palestine” by the Arabs and their
    abettors has been a colossal failure. Already three ge-
    nerations have deluded themselves into believing that
    harboring a deep grudge but not creating a state, much
    less developing unique cultural characteristics (other
    than a propensity for violent hatred against their per-
    ceived nemesis,Israel) could dislodge the Jewish State.
    Unfortunately, the UN and some nation states will conti-
    nue this project into the foreseeable future. What a waste
    when compared to the zionist project. Money be damned.

  • It is ironic that all if not most of the so-called leaders of radical Islam live in luxury away from the savagery they call for. I call to remembrance Arafat who when he was dying was surrounded by those waiting in line for his mantle because they wanted the BILLIONS of dollars he had hoarded! I recall his blonde blue-eyed widow receiving not millions but over a billion dollars. Such hypocrisy is swept under the rug. Abu Mazen (Abbas) should strap on an explosive vest and go into the wilderness and detonate himself and go to his Paradise (which will be Hell) and leave his wealth to the people he claims to love.

  • Robert Davis

    And what does this muhammed hadi think of unerwa’s billions going to the “palestinian” professionnal refugees? I bet he does not blame them since it is a live weapon against Israel! In this case let them starve!



    • Bill Channon

      SHAME on the US, the European nations and many, many others of the worlds’ nations who refuse to STAND UP to the, oh… so, lack of humanity shown by the arab world to the tragedy that is shouting to be seen.

      Is the world so IGNORANT or so STUPID or so COMPLICIT. Words fail me!

  • Renee

    Japan?! Running out of money?! Where are all those concerned Arab countries who are happy to fund terror when their fellow Arabs are at risk of starving?

  • steven L

    Having fabricated a non-producing “people”, the UN creates a 2nd non-producing people and the idiots in the West gladly foot the bills while the only country in the ME/N-Africa that produces days in and days out is vilified by the West!
    The West and the Muslims are both in psychotic states.


    I’m absolutely appalled by these revaltions on the plight of the refugees, escaping from tyrannical circumstances !!

    Who is going to look after these poor souls !!
    Most reading this will be eating a meal in the warmth y comfort of their homes !
    They will sleep in their own beds !
    They will put on clean clothes !
    They will go to the cupboard or refrigerator to feed them y their family !


    Help is needed NOW !!
    Put this plight our to worldwide social media NOW !!

    • Bill Channon

      THis is NOT hidden. The sin stands out for the whole world to see.

  • Billy Bumps

    The world has gone crazy…..liars figure but figures
    don’t lie…..where IS the money going?

    • Robert Davis

      Where does the money go? fake palestinians bezllies and rotten brains are no better than their leaders’ pockets!

  • Paul Cerar

    Of course! The Palestinians living in Palestine are valuable to the fascist UN because they kill Jews. The Palestinians living in Syria are abandoned to starve.

    Paul Cerar
    Toronto, Canada

  • citizenstat

    The world’s hypocracy is demonstrated once again. Pour money into UNRWA, whose client and sponsors want nothing so much as the destruction of Jews, rather than refugees and victims who want nothing more than to stay alive. As long as this mind set exists, Israel cannot dare accommodate or compromise with anyone, because to err is to die! “Eretz” must remain strong, energetic, powerful and, most of all, clear-eyed.

  • UNRWA would rather feed terrorists then real refugees.

  • Ivan Gur-Arie

    IF the UN cant afford to supply to the arab refugees then let them drink oil. Saudi Arabia and Iran have plenty.

    • noellsq

      Their money goes for cement to build tunnels and rockets. For factious propaganda films.