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December 4, 2014 8:41 am

Hamas Claims Its Actions Brought Down Israeli Government

avatar by Elder of Ziyon

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Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal (L) and PA President Mahmoud Abbas. Photo: Jewish Policy Center.

The “Palestinian Mujahideen Movement,” another name for Hamas, claims that Israel’s call to hold early elections is proof of the effectiveness of the “resistance” in “confronting the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip for 51 days.”

Hamas spokesman Salim Atallah issued a statement on Wednesday saying that “the overwhelming evidence that emerged after the end of the aggression on Gaza confirms that effective option in dealing with the enemy is resistance.”

Yet more evidence that Palestinians have the emotional maturity of toddlers who are certain that the entire world revolves around them.

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  • great article! really love it!
    greets from austria, Wilfried

  • Bill

    Since when does it take Hamas to cause the Political coalitions to go into election mode. It’s the nature of Israeli politics that about every two or so years this seems to happen. This in no way means. Israel is weak or fragmenting. This the way Israeli democracy works and it does work. The fact that Israel does not have a civil war but an election and does not become murderous is an example Hamas should heed.

  • June Grant

    No, Hamas, the Israeli government is perfectly capable of bringing itself down.

  • Jeff

    They may well get a government that is even tougher on them.

  • Victor Cowen

    Why then is Maarshall( their leader- a dead man walking) hiding in Doha then- if he’s so clever?

  • Eliot Schickler

    Hamas is delusional! Its claim of bringing down Israel’s government is as sensible as the Philadelphia 76ers claiming to bring down the:
    A. San Antonio Spurs
    B. Golden State Warriors
    C. Los Angeles Clippers
    D. Portland Trail Blazers
    E. Cleveland Cavaliers
    F. Chicago Bulls
    G. Toronto Raptors
    H. Washington Wizards
    I. Dallas Mavericks
    J. Houston Rockets
    K. Memphis Grizzlies
    L. All of the Above

    Answer is L and Hamas is just as weak as the 76ers!

  • E benAbuya

    In exactly the same way that the rooster thinks his crowing causes the sun to rise. Chicken soup for dinner. anyone?

  • Billy Bumps

    Great description of pals….emotional maturity of toddlers….the world revolves around them…..i
    want what I want when I want it….incredibly
    spoiled and pampered male children…..self serving
    and incredibly vain….child-like in their dealings
    with adults and given to histrionics….pompous
    idiots….proud morons….empty vessels with no
    promise…non contributor in any regard…
    leeches…..empty clouds with no rain…..dandily
    dressed beggars…proud procrastinators….rebellious
    rouges without rhyme or reason…