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December 7, 2014 12:49 pm

France: 8-Year-Old Jewish Girl Harassed, Taunted by Muslim Classmates; Interior Minister Says Fight Against Antisemitism Should be ‘National Cause’

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A rally against antisemitism in France. Photo: CRIF, Twitter.

A young Jewish girl in France was harassed and verbally abused by two Muslim schoolmates late last week, France’s RTL radio reported on Saturday.

The incident took place at the Joseph Sibuet elementary school in Mions near Lyons, and the traumatized child now refuses to return to classes.

The girl’s father, Matthieu Zerbib, told French journalist Jonathan-Simon Sellem that the 8-year-old was approached by two boys who asked about her religion at the school’s canteen and explained, “Islam is at war against the Jews, no?”

“She went to see six different adults in the school including a teacher and a woman that worked in the kitchen,” according to Sellem. “She asked for help and nobody wanted to help her.”

Later, in the school’s playground, the instigators prompted others to taunt the victim about her Jewishness and even tried to beat her. The violence was prevented when, after the young girl ran away, two Christian students at the school intervened and hid her in the playground. The girls also located the victim’s younger sister and hid her safely away as well.

According to the French-Jewish blog JSS News, the perpetrators, aged between 9 and 10 and their parents likely won’t face any sanctions besides possible expulsion from the learning institution.

The victim’s parents have complained to school officials and the BNVCA, France’s National Bureau of Vigilance Against Antisemitism, which is headed in Lyon by Zerbib, has asked the mayor of Mions to investigate the affair.

The incident follows a continued rapid increase in antisemitic attacks against Jews in France.

Last week, the French Parliament symbolically voted to recognize “Palestine” and a French-Jewish couple faced an antisemitic home robbery and rape. Two young Jews were also attacked near a synagogue in Créteil.

On Sunday, France’s Minister of the Interior, Bernard Cazeneuve, pledged to make the fight against antisemitism into a “national cause.”

“The Republic will defend you with all its might because without you it would not be the Republic,” Cazeneuve promised at a rally against antisemitism near Créteil. “The Republic will always protect you against actions and words that undermine the very foundation of our fundamental values.”

But some French Jews expressed skepticism over the pledge, which, they say, they have heard many times before.

“I  have little confidence in France’s ability to fight this evil that  could eventually destroy  France,” prominent French-Jewish artist and activist Ron Agam told The Algemeiner. “Jews are in danger and the Republic is not fulfilling its obligation to the 3rd largest Jewish community in the world.”

“The irresponsibility of successive French governments since Lionel Jospin in front of the extraordinary threat of antisemitism in France and in particular the Muslim antisemitism leaves me cold in front this new sensational proclamation,” Agam said. “France is lax and unconscious towards this perverse  ideology often embodied by radical Islam but misunderstood by the silent Muslim majority.”

In recent years, record numbers of French Jews have emigrated to Israel.

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  • Lou Vandelman

    The smallest book in the world on anti_Semitism is French.
    What do you expect from them ? Too bad the Muslims don’t know that the French are all cochons ( pigs )

    • Alain

      Jonathan Simon Sellem is not a “French journalist.” He’s an Israeli-French blogger whose blog is known to often post dubious “scoops” such as the death of Bachar al-Assad.

      He is also known for publishing blog posts insulting various French and Jewish personalities such as Jean-Yves Camus (a specialist of far right wing parties in France), Sacha Reingewirtz (President of the Jewish student association in France), Stephane Hessel (concentration camp survivor who fought the Nazis), etc.

    • Alain

      JSS News is known for publishing a huge scoop – the death of Bashar al Assad.

      “But… he’s not dead!” will you tell me.

      Yes. Which is why Algemeiner should not trust what JSS News writes.

      JSS news is just the blog of Jonathan Simon Sellem, a French-Israeli national who appears to be more or less unknown in France and in Israel.

      Can I suggest to Algemeiner working with i24 news, the Jaffa-based French-Israeli TV channel? This is a more credible source.

  • Jackie Becker

    This is not just happening in France. It is more obvious in France. We chose not to go to Paris for an anniversary because as Jews and as Americans, we did not want to spend out money in a country that is allowing antisemitism by turning away.

  • David H

    France has already capitulated too much to Islam to simultaneously defend Jews against Jew hatred.

    Choose one or the other but you cannot serve the interests of both. Jews protest. Muslims riot, demand, swear by Allah, and intimidate politicians and police.

    France is now too intimidated to do anything but lie to the Jews and placate the Muslims.

  • Tuvia Fogel


    • Pat Z

      You are exactly right. The Europeans haven’t event experienced the full impact of these Islamists in their midst yet.

      • Mother Nature

        But, as always, it is Jews paying the price.

  • Lina Rozenberg

    History repeats itself and no lessons are ever learned. Wanted to share a poem with you, written by Martin Niemöller, a German pastor and a theologian:

    First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out — Because I was not a Socialist.
    Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out — Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a Jew.
    Then they came for me — and there was no one left to speak for me.

    Martin Niemöller was born in Lippstadt, Germany, in 1892. He first supported Adolf Hitler’s rise to power but then became disillusioned and became the leader of a group of German clergymen opposed to Hitler. In 1937 he was arrested and eventually confined in Sachsenhausen and Dachau. He was released in 1945 by the Allies. He continued his career in Germany as a clergyman and as a leading voice of penance and reconciliation for the German people after World War II. His statement, sometimes presented as a poem, is well-known, frequently quoted, and is a popular model for describing the dangers of political apathy.

  • victoria brandeis





    • cg

      Yawn…mediocre at best, and at best just a yawn. However I do admire your feeble attempt at trying to sound like a angry hungry poet that has been riled like a hillbilly with stained dentures.

  • Robert Davis

    Antisemitism in france is entirely the responsibility of french governments and in particular f.hollande’s Israel BASHING!, Heperfectly knows that his anti Israel attitude is resuloting in more and more antisemitism but he is willing to continue his cowardly,despicable, stupid policy thinking he will get some results against Israel before being kicked out of office. Of course the only result he gets is a more and more right wing Israel govt. which will NOT give in to his diktat even though that french poodle spread it to the whole of europe. Left wing eu governments are killing europe but they will NOT kill Israel. On topof that when eu will need Israel’s help aghainst arabs it will surely not get it.Thank hollande for antisemitism and europe’s destruction. The day Jews will start retaliating and destroying for example france’s monuments etc.everything will change included the media’s attitude because these people are VILE. No wonder arabs do not respect europe!

  • Simone Miller

    I remember as a student in elementary school here in the United States that I was taunted and beaten up for the same “crime” of being a Jewess. Anti-Semitism was rampant in the world then as it is now. If the muslims are promulgating hate, they must not be allowed to continue. The takeover of Europe is frightening.

    • J Beilby

      I liive in Europe . I am concerned about the governments who,allow this takeover unchecked . It seems Putin may be offering a safe haven from this rising domination .


    SHREKLICH!!!! où est le Président de la République????

    que dit-il????


    • Robert Davis

      Où est ce cancrelat de hollande? he is giving orders to his deputies and diplomats to keep Israel bashing until his last day in office!Just like hitler did! HE IS THE ONE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANTISEMITISM AND NOT JUST IN FRANCE.

  • Lauren Goldman

    Noel Herasfield brought up an issue which gets swept under the rug; anti-Semitic acts and assaults on our school and university campuses. As with anti-Semitic acts in the public at large, these crimes are kept as quiet as possible. Law enforcement and the media do all they can to call these crimes anything other than anti-Semitic; ‘Youthful pranks’, ‘Persons with anger issues’,
    ‘Just copying something they had seen’. There are many of these acts that never are reported in the media. Yes, America does not have the same level of these crimes as they do in Europe, however, the level of anti-Semitic speech which I hear (I live in San Francisco) is increasing in frequency and level of viciousness. Most often, words eventually lead to actions.

    I intend to make aliyah as soon as possible.

    • Robert Davis

      Goldman : of course antisemitism is growing : in france and the US in particular their governments ebolabama and hollande are giving the orders! Wherever the left wing governments are kicked OUT antisemitism disappears: does this not prove that people like ebola and hollande are DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE FOR ANTISEMITISM?

    • DianneWitzell

      Anti-Semitism is rising in the world in the natural realm because of targeted campaigns against Israel by certain Islamic groups and irresponsible media reporting. But behind both of these and the response by the general public are spiritual forces of wickedness — the devil and his hordes of demons who hate God and are continually trying to thwart God’s plan for mankind. Since God’s plan centers around the Jews and Israel, they hate the Jews more than they hate the rest of humanity (they hate us all), so they continually stir up hatred towards the Jews and seek to manipulate people into annihilating them. Most anti-Semites, whether Muslim or non-Muslim, are unwitting tools of the demonic realm and do not realize that their thoughts and attitudes are being controlled by unseen evil beings, but there are a small minority of people who have knowingly given themselves over to the devil and know exactly what they are doing.

  • judithg

    perhaps what is required is a sort of welcome wagon in reverse. a visit to the muslim parents and their miscreant children from a Jewish Defense organization. you know, to sort out the errors of their ways. to make it clear what a bad idea this incident was. now, an intense and unforgettable teaching moment for them.

  • Jack Bandit

    You know, I don’t think I could think of a better allegory for the state of the world today than this.

    It’s disgusting that this was allowed to happen. The two kids that hid her were able to see things more clearly than the adults that were blinded by PC policies. The family should sue.

  • Vivarto

    Time to stop lying.
    not just some “Radical Islam”.
    The only way to cure France is to expel all the Muhammadans.
    Of course they won’t do it.
    They will only wake up when it is too late.
    When a Muhammadan horde is raping their wives and daughters and mothers while shouting Allahu Akhbar.
    But then it will be too late.
    They’ll just get their throats cut if they try to defend them.

  • steve

    What do you expect from the muslim pedophile worshippers. Islam is a racist savage cult of death. The little muslim children are abused by their pedophile parents.
    The muslim men sing their favorite song on the way to the mosque. Thank Heaven For Little Gilrs. Ironically sung by the Frenchman Maurice.

  • steven L

    The West condones and promotes antisemitism and the killing of Jews. Soon or later young Muslims in the EU will feel free to kill other Jews since they see no objections from the EU governments. This is second hand murdering of Jews. And the good Europeans will claim it to be the fault of the Jews who refuse to surrender to the Palestinian Muslim fanatics. In short, the EU is promting a Muslim holocaust of Jews.

    • Robert Davis

      Steven : well we are speaking of LEFT WING european governements not “europe”! When the french deputies had to vote that vile and abusurd recognbition of an inexistent country prohibited by article 80 of UN Chart and Israel protected by INTERNATIONAL LAW resulting from the San Remo and Sevres TREATIES (REAL TREATIES NOT THE PR LEFTERS CALL INT’L LAW)ALL OF LEFT DEPUTIES VOTED AND NO ONE FROM THE RIGHT WING (except that worm poniatowskaya-merdaskaya). This shows once more time ANTISEMITISM COMES FROM LEFT WING’s ANTIZIONISM.

  • Guy rocky

    the answer is to vote Marine Le Penová

    • Robert Davis

      Guy Rocky : ABSOLUTELY! let us dump umps!

    • darren w r Fogel

      Ii thought she was a right wing antisemite ?

  • Karla Petermann

    I have said it before and I will say it again. This is not good in this situation. It is time that Jewish people move out of Europe to Israel, Canada or here to the United States. I know we are having problems within the USA but many people are very tired of this Islam push in our country and we are going to be cleaning house. But the Governments of Europe are all but consumed by the enemy. They will fall very quickly. Better to be safe with your families than in the midst of the destroyers!

    • Robert Davis

      pETERMANN / EU GOVERNMENTS ARE CONSUMES BY COWARDICE. Just wait for some terrorism from Jews,say Louvres bolwn topieces,and la Tour Eiffel and some others with lots of dead. that worm hollande will give ORDERS TO STOP IMMEDIATELY HARASSING ISRAEL and the media will comply and antisemitism will vanish. It is all a make-up by left wing governments oncluded EBOLAbama who think they will weaken and ultimately destroy Israel. Of course this will not happen but they rejoice seing they at least are successful with antisemitism. This is political hypocrisy and CYNISM, a vengeance from the LICE!

    • Rabbi M. Friedman

      Jews should leave Europe immediately! Watch EXPOSE on Antisemitism every Wednesday 10:00AM & 6:00PM New York Time go to scroll down to Community Media then click on Brooklyn Public Network then click on arrow in channel 2 In addition, every Thursday PM Noon, New York Time go to go across to the right scroll down to 4 Judaism click on Watch now then click on Watch Live

      • Alwyn

        Shame on you Rabbi, shame on you for two reasons. First to advocate Jews should just evacuate Europe. For these people Europe is their home and they should not be bullied into leaving. The governments should put a stop to this. Before 1945 there were 1.2 million Jews in the middle east (excluding Israel/Palestine) now there are none. Secondly a man of your learning should not make the mistake of the catch-all phrase “anti-semitism” Arabs are semites too. What we’re experiencing is pure anti-judeaism.

  • tom tury

    Did the lesson not get learned the last time?
    Did all those people die for naught? What
    will you do this time?….the same thing?….
    deny deny deny that it could happen to you
    and your family? It is real….you can and must
    Fight Back… not become so complacent
    so comfortable that it is too difficult to fight
    back…..look to the ant you sluggard….stop
    deluding yourselves….while you can ….before
    the evil of anti-Jew grows so big that he makes
    you afraid to speak up as in the 40’s…RESIST!
    Letters, news articles, posters, billboards, TV,
    radio, protests, street demonstrations, face-to-
    face with ur government officials, elections
    and if everything else fails rocks, bottles, fists….
    ….let the enemies know…never again….we are
    a force to be reckoned with…if U resist then
    others will also…but do not be timid..ACT!

    • Robert Davis

      Tury : you are RIGHT and it is even much much easier than that! A few EXPLOSIVES COULD DO. Even blowing monuments french cqre somuch for.france is important in this matter because it is ALL a french scheme going on since 50 years. Now it has spread to the world and if france could be PUNISHED the world would see antisemitism has a cost to those who play around with it.

  • Noel Herasfield

    Not one writer has said anything about the daily harassment of Jewish students on too many American campuses perpetrated by Muslim students organizations.

    • Robert Davis

      Heraldsfield : THANK EBOLAbama FOR IT.

    • Alwyn

      Maybe because the article is about France?

  • Oh! How I wish I could come to her aide. I would gladly contribute to a fund to send all our people to Israel.

  • victoria Algra

    Where the hell were the adults,the staff, teachers? I’d be bretheing down the neck of that school right now! This is a little innocent girl trying to learn and go to school.. nevermind about being Jewish! She is a human being little one first, an innocent child…its 1930 again -History is reapeating itself!! Was the Christian little one protecting their friend? Was she worried about ethnicity, religion? NO, worried about her life, her safety and her sisters safety the way it should be….this makes me sick! Shame on FRANCE!

    • Robert Davis

      Algra : where were the teachers? They know the order comes from françois hollande,they do not need explanations! This is part of the antiZionist french scheme which has inflated with that worm hollande!

  • It is disturbing that after “The Holocaust”, we face a start of a “replay” of same in France and in other European countries as well.
    We as christians or jews, do not criticize the Arab women walking about with “gurkas”,looking more like a “Halloween Costume depicting a Lamp Shade withthat absurd dreess in thewestern world.
    They have gone to the extreme act of wearing such a costume in school classes I have been told. – How does a teacher recognize who it is if tehy are covered or “wrapped up” in such clothing?
    If this harassing continues, then France must follow the same decision as Holland has in throwing out the Muslims out of their country*. – * That report has not been confirmed or broadcast in the media. – However it is a good measure. If they do not adapt to the European way of life and dress accordingly, then let themgo back to the tents and desert.

    • Robert Davis

      Herrera : these muslim ghosts are PROTECTED BY THE FRENCH GOVT.not the jews nor christians. Every one knows this in france.This< is why hollande's score is…10% now. But he has about 2 years to go still…2 years to ruin france and turn it to scorched land. He will surely make it!

  • Barry Panensky

    So what else is new! The Jews have always been a
    Target from the Dryfus case and before to Hitler. Let us not forget it was the French who rounded up the Jews for the Nazies. Liberty fertinety equality had nothing to do with the Jews. Barry Panensky

    • Robert Davis

      Panensky : Not just that : all of goebbels PR came from france. Just what we see today! The PR comes from france BUT OTHERS DO THE JOB. That is all VILE,french cowardice,hypocrisy and cynism. All the french do is…propaganda.

  • HaroldT38

    Why do the parents not sue the school and even the individual teachers that failed to help the child .

  • CGG

    Why do Jews remain in France? Any back-up from the government is purely lip service.

    • Robert Davis

      CGG : you are right: all the french is LIP SERVICE while he stabs jews in the back with its propaganda! That is typical of the vile french hypocrisy and cynism. And mind you they think they are…smart! smart as RATS!

  • Fred

    France has abrogated its responsibility to safeguard the safety & rights of its Jewish citizen. Shades of the 1930 when anti Semitism was fashionable. Is this happening again ???

    • Robert Davis

      Fred : it was “fashionable” because of FRENCH PROPAGANDA. The one goebbels adopted! He too thought he was …smart!

  • Shalom-Hillel

    It played out among children a little microcosm of the righteous gentiles protecting the Jewish little ones from the new fascists.

  • It is not the old european antisemitism that has caused the murderous incidents,with Jews beeing killed in France and elswhere in Europe.It was the Islamic Jewhatered which is already tought in the koran,which caused these atrocities.
    Therefore it should be called what it is:Islamic-moslem jewhatered.We got to stand up against this moslem war against the jews.Not least because it will be,better, already is, everything western they have declared their war on.Our ways of living and our supremacy in Europ is at stake.If we don’t winn,we will becom a Turkish province with Erdogan as the dictator.

  • Maxime

    How can the Republic defend us when the last minister for public education, who is from the actual socialist party, says that the vote for a Palestinian State will bring back to the Socialists the votes of the suburbs (the muslims)!

    • Robert Davis

      Maxime : ask the ‘big chief” hollande! that good for nothing will explain what we already know. He is a good for NOTHING in all lines from politics to economy and relies only on arabs to get enough voices to ruin france. He and his good for nothing left wing welfare state rent collectors will…do the job and leave a scorched land in 2016 when he leaves office!

  • sifter

    Their Caliphate is here. France is the core,UK will follow shortly,then Sweden and others. HIAS must evacuate every Jew now before the Calamity.

    • Robert Davis

      Sifter : swedish left cattle party has lost to the right wing already but he is to stay until march 15! As to france Marine Le Pen is favourite for next elections in 201. Sure it is a long time but we can make hollande’s life a HELL as he is doing to us!

  • Anna F.

    France 2014 = nazi Germany 1930! Shame on you, France!

    • Ori

      France may very well be the first of the many European countries currently infected by radical Islam, to fall under the yoke of this form of radical Islam that allows no room for anyone that is not a believer in their depraved version of religion.

      But then again, if one country deserves to fall victim to this, it is of course France. Perhaps once it does, the rest of Europe will wake up to the reality that they’re bleeding as well….

      • Robert Davis

        Ori : you are right france deserves to get a fatal wallop. It will end up in a CIVIL WAR AND THIS TIME FRANCE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SUB CONTRACT IT!