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December 7, 2014 3:57 pm

Netanyahu Says Palestinian Incitement Makes ‘Your Hair Stand on End’

avatar by Algemeiner Staff

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Prime Minister Netanayhu addressing the Saban Forum. Photo: Screenshot.

Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu on Sunday said the Palestinian leadership is not ready to confront extremism in the way that is necessary for a peace deal with Israel to be secured, and criticized Palestinian incitement against Jews and Israel as making “your hair stand on end.”

His comments were made in a pre-recorded video played at the annual Saban Forum hosted by the Brookings Institution in Washington DC.

“Unfortunately, the Palestinian leadership is simply not prepared, and I hope this changes, but it’s not yet prepared to truly confront violence and fanaticism within Palestinian society, within their own ranks,” Netanyahu said.

He added, “Regrettably, the Palestinian leadership not only refuses to confront that extremism, at times, it even fuels it. It engages in incitement day in and day out. Just look at their webpages. Look at their websites – it’ll make your hair stand on end. And I think it’s important to confront this. I don’t think sticking our head in the sand promotes real peace and I don’t believe that false hopes promote real peace. I think they just push peace further away.”

Outlining his requirements for a peace deal to come to fruition the PM said, “Real peace will only come with leadership that demands from the Palestinians to accept the three pillars of peace: one, genuine mutual recognition; two, an end to all claims, including the right of return; and three, a long-term Israeli security presence. Now, I will never give up on this triangle of true peace.

“Israel seeks peace. I seek peace, but for peace we need a Palestinian partner willing to stand up to Palestinian extremists – as other Arab governments are now doing throughout the region. I hope that we will find such a partner – a partner who will recognize Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people, who will take our security concerns seriously, who will end all claims…”

Addressing the most recent failed round of peace talks, spearheaded by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, Netanayhu said they ended because “the Palestinians wanted them to end.”

“The talks ended because President Abbas unfortunately chose a pact with Hamas over peace with Israel,” he added.

“For nine months we negotiated with the Palestinians, but they consistently refused to engage us on our legitimate security concerns, just as they refused to discuss recognizing Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people, while at the same time insisting that Israel recognize a nation-state of the Palestinian people.”

The prime minister also addressed other regional challenges including the threat of a nuclear armed Iran, which he described as “by far the most vital national security challenge we face”, and the bloody rampage of terror group ISIS.

“The entire region is hemorrhaging,” he said. “Violence and fanaticism are spreading throughout the Middle East, and ISIS’s savagery is merely one example of it. The collapse of the old order has made clear to pragmatic Arab governments that Israel is not their enemy. On the contrary, Israel and our moderate Arab neighbors have much to gain by cooperating. And this cooperation could, in turn, open the door to peace…”

Netanyahu’s talk was followed by remarks from Kerry who sounded an optimistic tone about future prospects for peace in the region.

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  • Jack

    What Benjamin is referring to , unfortunately, should be reconsidered in a psychiatric sense.
    The Palestinian side is, WITHOUT RESERVATION, delusional.
    not all Palestinians, but the large reactionary element that refuses to let innocent people live in peace regardless of their ethnicity.
    They control the politics and outcomes for all Palestinians living in both Gaza and the West Bank.
    They are violent, as are the outcomes their policies have shown for over forty years.
    That thing about being a stiff necked people,…?…
    it seems to me that is the survival instinct, nothing more nothing less.
    Some people like to compare the Palestinian situation to the holocaust. What a load of rubbish.
    I don’t recall any stories about rockets being fired from Buchenwald!
    Did they find ovens in Gaza?….EXACTLY!
    When Gaza was returned to the Palestinians it was THE MOST PRODUCTIVE agricultural land in the eastern Mediterranean.
    Now what does it do?
    This is the choice of reactionary elements like Hamas, funded and equipped by unfeeling outside forces.

    • the point is you can use your psycho babble and try to make it sound good but do not be deceived they do not likie ya unless you bow to there god you have no freedom of choice,to beleave in what you want, its there god or death buddy wake up.

      • i dont need moderation i KNOW EXACTLY what i have to say!

  • Johnd

    The moral equivelence attribeted to IDF and Hamas is an insult to the intelligence. This is all just the continueing war of Islam against Judaism. Totally repugnant. The evil embodied in Islam will only become more apparent with the passage of time.

  • Yoel Nitzarim

    Unfortunately, I agree.

  • steven L

    The refusal of the West to force the Pal to reign in their fanatical antisemitic incitement shows beyond a doubt that the West is not interested in solving the Palestinian problem.

  • steve

    A billion muslims cannot destroy 16 million Jews and Israel. This proves that the pedophile author of Islam along with its great deceiver moon good is a false savage and racist religion. The JEws and Israel will be around long after Islam turns into the dust bin of history along with every other group that has tried to destroy the Jews.

  • tom tuey

    Let’s see now..make peace with the devil? Doesn’t
    sound like much of an idea to me. When Abbas
    an DA boys is gone, den maybe we can talk aboud
    a peace …bud not now…..

  • Carl

    The Palestinians don’t need to confront the terrorists amongst them or take any measures to address incitement and violence. They don’t need to accept Israel as the homeland of the Jewish people. Europe has told them so. Abbas is getting exactly what he wants by maintaining the status quo of Palestinian violence, refusal to negotiate, continuing to lionize terrorists and teach children to hate. Why should he change a thing? Even Obama is threatening to put the screws on Israel over “settlements” as the worst impediment to peace, instead of addressing Palestinian intransigence and terrorism. Perhaps Europe and Obama know that Palestinians will never change so the only recourse is to bend Israel ever further. Israel cannot be pushed to the breaking point of national suicide, though.

  • Isaac brajtman

    We need a reply from Abbas and Hammas leaders. Depending on this one can assess if there will ever be peace, and what is holding it up

  • peter magee

    I believe Benjamin Netanyahu to be one of the greatest international leaders/statesmen of the past 50 years or so and greatly congratulate him regarding his many speeches that are reasonable and compassionate to any fair minded person, but nonetheless bold and firm, with the many enemies of Israel. I say this as someone who seeks to be objective about Israel/Israeli policy. There are things I don’t like about Israel, such as the IDF’s offer to females to join, promising that their “first two abortions are free.” That is absolutely disgraceful. But I totally support Israel’s right to exist in peace and totally abhor the unending fundamentalist Islamic hatred and total commitment to obliterate every Jew and the State of Israel from the face of the earth.

    • Kerry Berger

      I find Netanyahu to be a very parochial local politician who has no clue about statesmanship; neither does Abbas for that matter. He is equally as narrow-minded.

      • Lynne T

        Abbas is not “narrow minded” and “lacking in statesmanship”. If Netanyahu is a greaseball, Abbas, who pays himself $1 million a month and admits to a personal horde of $100 million, while he urges the masses to commit acts of terror in order to torpedo any peace initiative, is still the same old Fatah loyalist whose PHd was a piece of Holocaust denial. Born in Safed himself, he not only doesn’t want any Jews in his Palestinian state; he doesn’t want any fellow Palestinians from territory west of the PA living there with him, because that might actually put an end to the refugee issue.

    • RiverKing

      I completely agree with you, Peter. But for the part about abortion and my objectivity, I might have written what you did. I agree with your disgust at the “first two abortions are free.” policy of the IDF; I just didn’t know about it. And as to my objectivity, I am a Christian who has had very few Jewish friends in his life and has never been in Israel or anywhere else in the Middle East.

    • I agree completely about your assessment of Netanyahu. He is without a doubt an accomplished world leader and one of the greatest PM of Israel.

  • Nelson Ulloa Whitte

    Netanyahu tiene razon. Personalmente creo que solo con un ” Mediador Neutral “se podria llegar a un acercamiento que permitiera un acuerdo de Paz.Ni Kerry;menos aun Obama pueden seguir mediando porque por sus ultimas actuaciones y sus posiciones frente a Iran;cualquiera puede darse cuenta que Israel juega un Rol Secundario tanto para el Presidente comoa su Ministro de Relaciones exteriores.

  • art

    Murder, terrorism, incitement, are nothing compared to peacefully building homes and integrating different communities at least according to “professor” Obama

  • Skip the leadership and take the initiative to the people. Thousands of West Bank Arabs have downloaded the crowdsourced peace document A Peace of Jerusalem since 2009. Hundreds of them have also contributed ideas to the project. While APoJi may not have led us directly to peace, it’s possible that this unique, collaborative program could guide us back to the right path.

  • Emmett

    BB continues his corrupt leftist games at the expense of Jews, which he is not one of. Just like Esav, BB the clown sold his birthright & heritage for a bowl of beans. To those BB worshippers out there, look at what BB has done, and not the lies & false propaganda vomitted in the media.

    • Jacobite

      At least get your facts correct,
      Esau sold his birth right for a mess of potage.
      Esau denied his God, Jacob loved his God.
      Esau in Arabic means Humas the true left winger “Godless”
      God fearing people such as BB tend to the right of the political spectrum, are mostly piece full and slow to anger as born out in his actions.
      You as is common from the Left continually try to tell us black is blue, come on a little Truth please.

      • Sarah C.

        Emett has a good point. Israel’s current PM only talks right wing, but all his actions are left to the detriment of Jews & Israel. Look at his actions, not what comes out of his mouth. BTW, “G-d fearing” people don’t destroy Jewish homes while providing all means of support to Israel’s enemies.

  • Julian Clovelley

    Netanyahu quite reasonably states ” but for peace we need a Palestinian partner willing to stand up to Palestinian extremists”. How come however he fails to recognise that the Palestinians equally need an Israeli partner willing to stand up against Zionist extremists? The problem of extremism exists – as is normal in such confrontations, on both sides. I think my pet budgerigar could work that out.

    He also says “The talks ended because President Abbas unfortunately chose a pact with Hamas over peace with Israel,” That too might be valid – but in the view of so many frustrated people worldwide, Netanyahu chooses the continuation of the Settlements in Palestinian territory and the consequent continuation of military occupation over the achievement of peace with a Palestinian State.

    He also refers to the Jewish State issue in the following terms “…they refused to discuss recognizing Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people, while at the same time insisting that Israel recognize a nation-state of the Palestinian people.”

    There is a difference. Israel is a state with a culturally diverse population which Netanyahu’s Jewish State concept would effectively divide into classes based on religion. That is not congruent to the Palestinian state proposal, and could not be so unless perhaps the Israeli Jewish Settlements were to come under sole Palestinian State jurisdiction as part of a deal allowing the Settlers to remain – they effectively themselves becoming Palestinians, including through the renunciation, not of citizenship, but certainly of voting rights in israel.

    Can’t see that happening Bibi. But perhaps I’m wrong.

    If the region is ever to be at peace all parties have to change, so that the goal posts can be mutually shifted by agreement. It will come down to “identity” in the end. There will be no peace without a change of identity on both sides.

    • Britain is a 2 face nation.The British Government in the first world war promised through the Balfour Declaration,world Jewry a homeland in the Turkish territory known as Palestine.They also promised the Hashemite tribes land in the Middle East.One part of the tribes they created Saudi Arabia .The second part of the tribe they gave all the land east of the Jordaan River.This land they named Trans Jordaan .The League of Nations ratified that all land west of the Jordaan river to be an eventual Jewish homeland.I fail to see where there should be a state of Palestine on land which was originally Jewish,ratified in the 20th Century by League of Nations.Europe & Britain are are like drug addicts,the drug is oil.They are willing to pay any price & do any thing to get that drug” OIL” from their Arab OIL DRUG MASTERS,so they are renaging on there promises.

  • Dov

    It is really sad in that a person like Natanyahu keeps looking over his shoulder to see if other countries agree with his walk. Reminds me if a dog that keeps looking back. What a disgrace.