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December 11, 2014 5:39 pm

House Spending Bill Earmarks $3.7 Billion in Military Aid for Israel, With Special Emphasis on Anti-Missile Systems

avatar by Ben Cohen

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Israel's Iron Dome System will be boosted by the spending bill set to be passed by the US Congress. Photo: Twitter

While political relations between the Obama Administration and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government may be rocky, the $1.01 trillion spending bill expected to pass through Congress in the next few days tells a very different story with regard to US-Israel bilateral relations.

Included in the bill, which will keep the federal government funded until September 2015, is a $3.7 billion allocation for Israel, composed of the $3.1 billion in regular annual military aid – in accordance with the multi-year agreement between Jerusalem and Washington – and an extra $619 million for Israel’s missile defense system program, including the Iron Dome anti-missile system which played a key role in protecting Israeli population centers from Hamas missile attacks during the summer war in Gaza.

This will be one of the largest-ever US military aid packages granted to Israel, Israeli business newspaper Globes reported.

The 2015 US spending bill requires that 55 percent of the components for Iron Dome be manufactured in the US. The US contractor for Iron Dome is Raytheon, which subcontracts some of the work to other manufacturers.

The Israeli contractor is Rafael Defense Systems Ltd. Raytheon has contracted with Rafael to find American suppliers that can provide the needed parts, a deal which makes the US funding for the system more politically palatable with American lawmakers, Defense News reported.

The House bill also includes $268 million for two other Israeli missile defense programs: Arrow, and David’s Sling, which Rafael is also collaborating with Raytheon to develop.

Rafael is said to be keen on selling Iron Dome to the US Defense Department, emphasizing that the system can intercept Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, or drones, as well as missiles. Each missile in the current Patriot system used by the US costs around $2 million to activate, in marked contrast to the Tamir missiles fired by Iron Dome, which cost just $100,000 each.

Israel is not the only Middle Eastern country that will benefit from the spending bill. Egypt is slated to receive $1.3 billion in military aid and $150 million in economic aid. Jordan will receive $1 billion in economic and military aid, in addition to U.S. humanitarian aid for the millions of Syrian refugees who have flocked to the kingdom in order to flee the brutal civil war between the Assad regime and its opponents.

The Palestinians fare less well under the bill, which will halt assistance to the Palestinian Authority if it becomes a member of the United Nations or of UN agencies without an agreement  with Israel. It also prohibits funds for the Hamas terrorist organization which currently reigns in Gaza.

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  • Suzanne Barry

    Moderation? It’s already toned down for what I could have said!

  • Julian Clovelley

    And no doubt the attacks on President Obama published in Algemeiner will continue, as will the campaign to get Jews to join the political and financial campaign to elect a Republican Administration. This will be the gratitude displayed for what will likely blow out to over four billion dollars in military aid. Somehow the Zionist Right will find a way to look this gift horse – and its donors – in the mouth

    The problem in relationships between the United States Administration and Israel isn’t Obama

    It is Zionist intransigence and their puppet PM Netanyahu

  • This is a wise appropriation that benefits Israel and the United States. And Israel is on the “cutting edge” of anti-missile development.

  • snag

    Child poverty in the U.S. is among the worst in the developed world over 200.000 homeless vets under the bridges and counting 1 out of 3 gifted high school students can’t continue their education because they can’t afford it but this Israel-firster traitors on Capitol Hill have 3.7 billion to throw into that rat hole on the top of billions of tax deductible donations being send there annually including for settlements. To add an insult to our intelligence is this “55 percent of the components for Iron Dome be manufactured in the US” passed as ‘requirement’ where there’s no secret that it must be done in US because no other country can without passing our latest technology and know how and shooting our self in the foot.

    ‘Palatable’? Why don’t they make it palatable to the tax-payer, pass those billions directly to overworked parents and ask them to take their latchkey kids fishing or hiking and spare them a hefty interest they pay and administration costs.

    If this is such a good business why don’t we see other business oriented countries or corporations lining up to get those contracts are they stupid or what?.

    • Bert

      The problem is not Israel but the trillions stolen by Obama to enrich his buddies and the banksters. Long ago Joe Sisco who held the Middle East desk at the State Department said that if the U.S. was not getting FULL VALUE for our aid Israel “would not get a dime”. Almost all of the top U.S. corporations have major research facilities in Israel because they all benefit directly from Jewish brains. Our congress understands this very well but the anti Jewish bigots would rather see America lose those benefits if it could harm Jews in Israel. That is known as cutting your nose to spite your face.
      P.S. Next tine you get sick make sure to tell the doctors and the hospital to NOT use any medical items from Israel. Put your life where your mouth is.