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December 12, 2014 3:22 pm

IAEA Publicly Rebuffs Iranian Offer to Inspect Suspected Nuclear Site, Insisting on Access to Parchin Complex Instead

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A satellite image of Iran's Parchin military complex, where IAEA inspectors have been refused access. Photo: Twitter

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has for the first time publicly refused an Iranian offer to inspect a suspected nuclear site at Marivan, an area near the border with Iraq.

In 2012, the IAEA believed that Marivan was the location of high-explosive experiments linked to setting off a nuclear charge. However, those concerns were not borne out and the Agency shifted its attention to Parchin, a military complex south-east of Tehran.

Diplomats have said that Iran first suggested a visit to Marivan instead of Parchin two years ago and the agency has repeatedly refused any tradeoff, AP reported. But Thursday appeared to be the first time it did so publicly, possibly reflecting exasperation with the lack of progress in its probe since its first attempts more than a decade ago.

The probe is separate from newly extended talks between Iran and six world powers meant to reduce Iran’s technical capacity to make nuclear weapons, AP said. However, its failure would throw hopes of a deal at the talks into doubt because the U.S. says an agreement can be reached only if the IAEA is satisfied with the probe and its final results.

The latest dispute with the Iranian regime comes just as IAEA chief Yukiya Amano asked key members of the organization to provide $5.7 million in extra funding. Amano said the extra cash is needed if the IAEA is to continue monitoring a preliminary deal that temporarily restrains Iran’s nuclear programs as negotiators work on a longer-term agreement. Both the UK and the US have agreed to assist, Reuters reported, quoting Laura Kennedy, the U.S. Ambassador to the IAEA, saying “We would like to announce our intent to make an additional extra-budgetary contribution.”

In an interview with CNN last month, Amano stated that “Iran is not fully cooperating with the Agency to clarify the information that may have military aspects.”

The IAEA chief added, “Another problem is that Iran is not allowing us to implement a more powerful verification tool which is called an ‘Additional Protocol.’ Agreement was not reached.”

Amano will have received scant comfort from the comments yesterday of State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki that the public was “just going to have to trust” that Iran wasn’t in violation of the November 2013 Joint Plan of Action (JPOA) agreement, despite a UN report claiming that the regime had violated international sanctions by acquiring materials for its Arak nuclear facility.

After the failure of negotiators to reach an agreement on the nuclear program by last November 24, new talks have been scheduled in Geneva next week. Those discussions on December 17 will be preceded by two days of bilateral talks between the US and Iran, the official Iranian Mehr News Agency reported.

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  • noellsq

    The world is stupid and being played like a patsy. The world cannot be that naive or just afraid or being payed off

  • The naivete or else secret agreement going on behind Psaki’s statement the public “is just going to have to trust” that Iran wasn’t in violation of the Nov.2013 JPOA agreement is astounding. Iran has to be laughing at the stupidity of the Obama administration which is riddled with Muslim Brotherhood members which it seems people have forgotten. Elibiary hasn’t been tweeting his absurdities lately about the American Constitution being compliant with Sharia law. It’s all part of the deception of Islam. I suppose that when people see a mushroom cloud they will finally sit up and take notice. Then it will be too late. If someone doesn’t have anything to hide they would gladly prove it. The absolute stupidity or else pure evil of the Obama administration and the UN and all its cronies never ceases to amaze me. I for one DON’T trust that Iran is in compliance and how any person could believe such nonsense is beyond me.

  • DockyWocky

    How stupid do the Iranian’s think we are?

    Apparently, pretty stupid. In fact, Olympic grade stupid.

    But the real problem here is that our representatives to these so-called “talks,” are either even stupider than the get credit for, or, in fact, they are all willing co-conspirators in playing along with the Iranian game. I specifically refer to the often comically derided John (Lurch) Kerry, who when it comes to backing down , or even exposing Iranian duplicity, has about as much going for him as an international negotiator as any one of the Three Stooges.

    The United States is currently under the leadership thumb of a totally deceitful president and presidential administration, as well as two so-called bicameral legislative bodies that talk a good game, but seem to play along with the Chief Bottle Washer and his ilk 99 -44/100 percent of the time.

    It is small wonder that the Iranians are unfettered as they pursue their Holy Grail Goal, Persian nukes on a ICBM stick.

  • David Goshen

    Iran must be delighted with USA attacks on IS which suits the Iranian Agenda .Iran is just waiting for Nuclear Weapons
    to dispose of its enemies in the Middle East to finlally after 700 years to rest control of the whole Arab World.
    When this happens the USA will be too late to protect their
    allies in the Middle East .The whole area will be ignited
    and the THIRD WORLD WAR will be at hand!It is so naive of the USA not to see through the Iranian Agenda.Lets not forget Pearl Harbour.The Military Observers saw the huge airborne attack approaching but the Senior Military Brass
    could not conceive the possibility of such an attack.The rest is history.

  • steven L

    Iran will let see what they want to be seen!
    Playing cat and mice. Iran has never cooperated and intents on NOT cooperating until they get what they want.

  • Ivan Gur-Arie

    The Iranian offer reminds me of the Nazi invitation to the International Red Cross to visit Theresienstadt, not Belsen, Auschwitz, Maidenek, Sobibor, Dachau so that the RC could see how wonerful life was in the concentration camp.

  • Mickey Oberman

    Just for show.