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December 14, 2014 5:05 pm

Jewish Member of Britain’s Parliament Called ‘Dirty Pig,’ Issued Death Threats

avatar by Shiryn Solny

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British Conservative Party MP Lee Scott, a Jew targeted by anti-Semites. Photo: Conservative Party.

British Conservative Party MP Lee Scott, a Jew targeted by anti-Semites. Photo: Conservative Party.

British-Jewish Member of Parliament for the Conservative Party Lee Scott told BBC London last week that he has received five death threats over the past year because of his Judaism and was also called a “dirty pig.”

Scott, the MP for Ilford North, and his wife check their cars every day because of the threats. He has also stopped holding drop-in surgeries, and his constituents now must make appointments to see him. He said the anti-Semitic abuse began during the last election when he was called a “dirty pig” by two people who said they would kill him.

“Whenever I’m scared, I’ve always since I was a child used humour and I said to them ‘shall I put you down as a possible or have you not decided how you’re voting’?” Scott told BBC London’s Vanessa Feltz. “I realized how stupid I was, and ran as fast as my little legs could carry me.”

Scott, who is a member of the Conservative Friends of Israel group, said he was so shaken by the incident that he cried when he returned home that day. He added, “The people who tell you they’re going to do something to you, will very rarely do it. It’s people who aren’t going to tell you that you’ve got to worry about.”

In another incident, which he revealed on Tuesday during a Parliamentary debate on anti-Semitism, Scott said he received a phone call in which he was told he should be “stoned to death.”

He told BBC London that his Judaism does not justify the threats against his life.

“Being Jewish is my religion, that’s the end of it. I was born a Jew, and that’s what I’ve chosen to practice,” he said. “I would never enforce my religious beliefs on anyone so why should I have that for just my religion? I do the best job that I can to the best of my abilities. Some will like me other won’t, some will like my party others won’t, but whether they like me or not, it’s not a reason to try and kill me.”

The BBC cited a report by London’s Metropolitan Police stating that the number of reported anti-Semitic incidents in the capital has increased by 92 percent from 167 from October 2012-13, to 322 from October 2013-14. Scott said his constituents told him they are increasingly concerned about anti-Semitism and he urges people to report anti-Semitic incidents so that they are included in statistics.

“If someone does do something and it’s not reported then it simply hasn’t happened,” he explained. “Then when the authorities want to tackle something, they’ll say ‘this is what the figures are and what they show’ so it is important that they report it.”

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  • Myron Robinson

    So what do you expect from the Hypocrite Brits who have always hated Jews. If they had taken a stronger stance for justice & not back tracked on the Balfour declaration then we would not be in the situation we find ourselves in today. Britain like every other Country serves its own interests. Maybe it will wake up when Islam has taken over & sharia law prevails. That is what the UK deserves. It cares not one Iota about anti-Semitism as long as the Muslim population & the ARAB world is not offended. The Price of oil should go down to 1$ a barrel & let the Arab world implode. Then maybe we will have peace.

  • Hey the end of Protective Edge…Hamas shot 18 innocent people in the back of the head because they were labeled as traitors..not court, no lawyers. Also, it is well known that over 50% of those killed were not civilians but combatants. Many of those killed were forced to act as human shields and stay on roof tops of hospitals,UNRWF schools and houses or be shot. Hamas has no value for human life and you scorn this man for supporting Israel ???

  • Jackie McCauley

    What on earth does threats against his life have to do with supporting a country’s existence? If you support peace work, Pat, then you wouldn’t be justifying threats on this man’s life. Just to support Israel is enough to be deserving of death? Does this mean that anyone who thinks Israel has the right to exist is ‘supporting Israel’? Do you think to mention that Hamas is a terrorist organization in Gaza that was sending hundreds of missiles into Israel and using Palestinians as human shields. You pick and choose your facts so as to justify your anti-Semitism. Shame on you, commenting here.

  • Mickey Oberman

    I think MP Scott’s UK is too far gone along the murky path of Islam to ever take a strong stance against the grubby perpetrators of anti Semitism or religious hatred of any kind.

    Face it Brits. Your precious isle is now controlled by a stronger Islamism than the weak Anglicism of the past. Your youth are falling all over themselves in a rush to join ISIS and other terror organizations. Your political and religious leaders are constantly making nice with Islam.

    Goodbye United Kingdom. Hello another United Arab Republic.

  • Lynne T

    Too bad it isn’t Gerald Kaufman who is on the receiving end of well-deserved insults, not for being a Jew, but for being a cretin.

  • Robert Davis


  • As I did say that the Nobel Peace Prize to EU and Obama is a planned event to corrupt the entire world masses minds! Jews must stand UP. Do not worry because those who hide behind the recruited man and women who send death threats are coward!!! Coward of birth! They want to check up “Jewish mind” behavior and according to the Jews behavior they will go to action! Jews must stand up! And must find out who stands hided behind those recruited people who send death threats. Man! Jews, EU and USA citizen’s people must fight the roots of the problem! Jews must start carry guns by law to protect themselves. DO IT!!!!

  • Wm. J. Levy

    Jews have always used humor as a form of blunting. TV show Jon Stewart recently said in an interview that as a young short boy of Jewish ancestry he used humor in that way.

    Instead of using humor Jews should learn how to use strength and force to frighten their enemies and make them afraid. Are there no strong Jews in Britain?

  • Pat Carmeli, you have turned your had your head around by propaganda and now are propagandizing in turn for what is neither logical nor just. Lee Scott’s situation is NOT
    based on how he votes but simply on the fact that he is
    Jewish. Understand that that is what those who threaten him are concerned about: They don’t want anyone Jewish to exist!
    Get this into your unreasoning skull! Until you do, you will be fantasizing about what you call “peace” and “justice.”

  • steven L

    The leftist mass media are complicit of the rise of antisemitism. The flagships are the BBC, The Guardian and the NYT. In French: Le Monde and a number of TV channels. The good West in cahoot with the Islamists.

  • Still in the US

    Israel, prepare for increased aliyah from England. This is horrible.

  • art frank

    Britain has been a Jew hating country for centuries. And now they’ve got islamo-fascists to go with the church sponsored anti-Semitism. Jews should abandon what will eventlually become a muslim country for Israel.

  • RobiMac

    For this reason every Jew should be armed.

  • ralph levitt

    Mr. Scott “cried when he returned home”….
    Mr. Scott, toughen up.
    The Jew haters are not moved by your tears and weeping.
    We face a world wide and growing wave of Jew hatred.
    Toughen up and stop crying.

    • Robert Davis

      And above all ask Israelis to vote for Benett and Feigling not for netanyahou who accepted the 2 states principle reason why pressures increased 100 fold since then! With netanyahou pressures on Israel and Jews will increase by the day because he is not a Statesman only a…diplomat (and a coward)and that is what diplomats get!

    • Pam Kaye

      Mr. Scott, I’m a constituent of yours, also an admirer. BUT admitting you cried after receiving threats belittles you. Not the crying, but publicly admitting to it

      • Maybe he cried because it brought back memories of family he lost during Hitler, it did for me!!!

  • art

    jews subjected to death threats should take them seriously demand police action and protection but never admit to crying Never look weak never cry. The response should be “Damn the torpedoes full speed ahead” we will NOT be intimidated

  • art

    Anti Semitism, Anti Israel hatred and Hatred of Jews is now out in the open and accepted in the EU and even in the US. President Obama has had no hestiation to show his distain to many of Israels leaders, not surprising considering one of his mentor is Rasdhi Kahlidi at Columbia. His lack of respect his blatant hatred has made it acceptable for others to take the next steps and be out and out anti Jewish

    • 2 more yrs. and we will be rid of Obama!!! Thank g-d!!!

  • Rael Eluchans

    are you like USA interfering (influencing) in Israeli elections?….wouldn’t be surprise….BUT….the dream of two state solutions is gone.Why…because the Arabs do not want that…So, do not pressure Israel for a fantasy, pressure the Arabs for a reality. We are back in our land…to stay and not to give land for peace as that formula has proven a total failure.. The new EU representative, the Italian inexperienced woman.must lern a bit of history, also all of the EU leaders…

    • Robert Davis

      The 2 states was not a dream it was a nightmare since they could not be removed from their squat in this case!On top of that they would have let in 300 m.arabs and pakistanis etc. Interference is counter-productive,illegal, arrogant and inacceptable.As a State if you accept it,you are dead. No interference, Israel must solve the conflit thru UNILATERAL ACTION AND LET LEFTERS AND ARABS SHOUT AND CRY AS MUCH AS THEY WANT,THEY MUST BE IGNORED NO MATTER WHAT THEY SAY OR DO. Only this way the conflict can be solved and so much the better if Israel is isolated,this is an asset for the solution.

  • judithg

    until these anti-semitic cretins heads explode they won’t stop. hopefully, he is carrying and his home is weaponized.

    • Robert Davis

      The soloution of the problem is not in the UK it is in Israel as long as 4 m.arabs are there to replace jews.

  • Rael Eluchans

    perhaps I have said that, but needs to be repeated as EU leaders have the tendency of not listenin about positive thins regarding Israel….WHY?…is the question…in fact it is TO BE OR NOT TO BE for Israel existence.

    • Robert Davis

      Rael : “Whether tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune or to take ARMS against a sea of troubles”…you know Hamlet! At the end the solution is war. But war against fake palestinians is NOTHING. It should be carried out fast before the…pakistanis enter the conflict!

      • Robert Davis

        What I MEANT IS THAT if israel does the right thing ie explel arabs,cowardly europeans WILL be for Israel’s existence,not otherwise. You should see this matter the other way around: europeans’ opinion is NOT the source or the cause but only an EFFECT of Israel’s ACTIONS. Presently Israel’s policy is TERRIBLE,netanyahou is a coward and he gets what he deserves! Problem is WE GET IT TOO…

  • Rael Eluchans

    And still PM Cameron is calling Islam a religion of peace?
    I think that UK PM and UK MP need to stop to be ‘politically correct”…..Germany is doing better against Islamization and anti-Semitism. Are the Brits afraid or surrender to Portugal, Spain and France, Sweden and others…?What a shame. That would only say that they are sill Jew haters as before Shakespeare, during Shakespeare, and after…

    • steven L

      Even if Islam were to be a “religion of peace”, which remains to be demonstrated, that “religion/system” has been hijacked by > a billion individuals. It is an up-hill battle that very few Muslims want to get involved in.

    • Robert Davis

      Rael : jew haters are cowards who want to bring jews back to their old status of SCAPEGOATS. I am afraid people keep saying “jew haters’ but do they only KNOW actually WHAT this means? it is important to know because the REPLY ie the REACTION is different when you know what it means.

    • Germany is doing better standing against anti-Semitism as they should!!! The world powers better be careful at protecting their countries from
      Islam and terrorists it encourages…

  • Terrible

    How do civilized people allow Islamists to continue their barbarous ways. That’s what the recent anti semitism is about. That, and Europe’s long history of bigotry. You deserve each other.

    • DocReality

      Ask Pat Carmeli who apparently thinks Islamists need justice for Palestine.

    • Robert Davis

      terrible :oh “that is what antisemitism is about”? what?barbary? great analysis! next you will tell us “winter is cold summer is hot”? great analysis! what do you do now with such a briliant analysis? cry? like this childish MP?This is an important matter that needs deep thinking not surface observation.

  • Pat Carmeli

    I think you received those threats because you support Israel, not because you are Jewish. Maybe the people who made those threats were a little bothered by Israel’s bombing campaigns on Gaza which have killed many hundreds of innocent civilians. You shouldn’t be threatened or hurt, of course. But maybe you want to consider the value of all human lives and the dignity of each person. I am an Israeli citizen but have come to support peace work that aims at a resolution based on justice for both Israelis and Palestinians.

    • Salomon dayan

      You are not Israeli ,you are a naive uninformed dufus .go try to be understanding in gala or with Isil.

    • DocReality

      Pat, how about you get your liberal head out of denial and deal with reality. Anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism because if you hate a Jewish nation, you hate the Jews who reside in it. You’re the type of Jew who would have danced onto a train from Germany believing Hitler would never kill you all the way to the shower room. Palestinians are sociopaths and they chose to vote for a terror organization to run their government. Were you abused as a child or something? You apparently identify strongly with persecutors. You should leave Israel and move to New York where they all love Obama and hate themselves. What a disgrace! Justice for Palestinians. Please. Go into Gaza with a big Justice for Palestinians sign and a Magen David around your neck and see how much justice you get.

    • theo

      Pat Carmieli,You should know better than many that Hamas rained hundreds of rockets on Israel before Israel resorted to answering these attacks
      What ,in heaven’s name do you expect a nation to do to protect its citizens – yes, even backstabbers like you ?
      What would any country do to respond ?
      Hamas wishes to eliminate the state of Israel and every Jew therein Even you who so naively support terror ,will be eliminated
      Israel deserves admiration and acclaim for never forsaking its humanity even in the face of those fixated in attempting to destroying
      No nation has gone to greater lengths to prevent collateral damage than Israel ( see the words of Col Kemp )

    • BonniePrinceCharlie

      Perhaps you could outline for us what Israel has to do to change the situation and then explain how this would guarantee peace and security for the citizens of Israel.

      What does Israel have to do to persuade Hamas to rescind its Charter?

      What does Israel have to do to persuade Fatah / PA to show the country in its official map of the Middle-East?

    • Robert Davis

      Pat : of course it is because we support Israel!What else?because we like pastry? europeans want us as SCAPEGOATS WHENEVER THEY BLUNDER not our opinion when it does NOT suit them! THEY MUST GET OUR OPINION THRU THEIR THROAT whether they like it or not!

    • Kumoi

      To Pat Carmeli-You may be a citizen of Israel, but the way you frame your argument seems to start from the specious assumption that Israel is the guilty party. While it is convenient to take the uniquely Western philosophical position that all lives are precious and all people deserve dignity, the reality of history in that region argues against your position. When a warring people inhabit an area next to you, and repeatedly attempt to destroy you, the Hammurabian Code applies. When the Arab populace decides their wishful thinking that the Jews will be annihilated and all of the non-indigenous Trans-Jordanians and Syrians who claim the land as their own will not be able to return to that area, and other surrounding countries decide to find a common solution to the resettlement problems, and schools do not incite hatred but a future of working alongside one another, THEN there will be peace. Stop blaming Israel. the World is too ignorant to want to understand the history of the region. Don’t you fall into that myopic self-hatred.

    • Pat,
      With all due respect, I must disagree with you.
      Hamas fired hundreds of rockets on Israel, and fired them
      from populated areas in Gaza.
      Israelis also have the right to defend themselves from these brutal
      despots. If you feel so strongly in favor of Hamas, then I suggest you
      move to Gaza and learn how to fire rockets on the innocent Israeli people.
      Then you can dance in the streets celebrating the death and destruction of people’s lives
      as your new friends do.

    • A Zionist

      What “you” think, feel or believe is irrelevant because you do not know what is in the mind of someone other than yourself. Maybe you should be “a little bothered” by your comment which contradicts reality and the evidence.

      The Arabs have been murdering Jews for over 120 years and will continue until their culture of hatred and death ends. The Arabs refuse to recognise Jews as equals, deny Jews our history, deny the tie between the Land of Israel and the Jewish People over 3,500 years and deny our right to sovereignty in our homeland. I suggest you examine the documents relating to international law stating that the Jews have the right over all the land and examine the documents and agreements from 1919-1923 as well as Article 80 of the UN Charter which the “international community” do not want to recognise.

      The Arabs occupy 99.9% of the Middle East. Jordan was a British creation (1922)from 78% of the land set aside for the Jewish National Home. What about “Justice” for the Jewish people? Or do Jews not qualify for the “dignity” and “peace” to which you refer? Immediately prior to the Declaration of Independence in 1948, the Arabs promised “a momentous massacre” and invaded the nascent state. They tried to annihilate the Jews in 1967 and 1973. In 1967, we promised to return all the land (except for Jerusalem) in return for peace. The Arab response at Khartoum was NO to recognition. NO to negotiation. NO to peace! Nothing has changed.

      Israel did not wake up one day in June and decided to bomb Gaza. It started when 3 Hamas terrorists kidnaped and murdered 3 Israeli school boys. In case you have forgotten, they were Naftali Fraenkel (16), Gil-Ad Shaer (16) and Eyal Yiftah (19) whose only “crime” were Jews living in their own country, the Jewish State of Israel. As a result, Israel found the “terror tunnels”. Israel repeatedly stated that if Hamas stop shooting missiles (4,500 in 50 days), Israel would stop. Hamas could have stopped on Day 2 but chose to continue and broke every cease fire agreement.

      With the discovery of the terror tunnels, Israel was forced to send in the IDF. BTW, in 2012, a Palestinian NGO reported that over 100 children were killed building these tunnels, while adults were murdered lest they divulge the location of the tunnels. Gazans were murdered by Hamas for their opposition to the war with Israel.

      Hamas steal aid, food, medicines and ensure the Gazans suffer. Elsewhere in Gaza, there are million and billionaires driving luxury cars, living in expensive villas, while the people suffer – used and abused as political pawns, so that people like yourself can feel morally superior by pretending that this is about peace. To equate Hamas with Israel’s IDF as morally equivalent is an obscenity.

      Why are you not “bothered” about these Boys, z’l or the Jews who have been murdered since June? Why do you show more concern for those seeking to exterminate Jews than for your own people?

      This is called “identification with the aggressor”, a term first described by Anna Freud.

      Hamas is responsible for the death and destruction. Hamas used their own people as human shields. Hamas leaders chose to hide with their weapons under ground, while adopting their “dead baby” strategy. Hamas chose to fire missiles from within civilian areas, storing missiles in mosques, UN schools and hospitals. It was Hamas rockets that killed many of its people and twice destroyed the electricity sub station which brave Israelis repaired while Hamas was firing at them! Israel sent in humanitarian aid every day and as Colonel Richard Kemp observed, no other army would do that and no other army in the history of warfare has taken such care to protect civilians as Israel. General Dempsey (US) has also made this observation.

      You state you support peace! It is the wish of every Israeli for peace – and yet you write as if “you” and a small minority want peace. If you think that by appeasing the genocidal intentions of Hamas and Fatah (PLO) you will get peace, you are ignorant of history. Appeasement never works. Indeed, the world was happy to sacrifice Czechoslovakia to Hitler for “peace”. Neville Chamberlain was said to have uttered on his death bed, “If only Herr Hitler had not lied!” Each time Israel gives land for peace, we get more terrorism because to the Arabs, this is a sign of weakness.

      As Golda Meir observed in 1956: There will be peace when the Arabs learn to love their children more than they hate us (Jews).

      In the words of Irwin Cotler: Where there is no remembrance, there is no truth; where there is no truth, there will be no justice; where there is no justice, there will be no reconciliation; and where there is no reconciliation, there will be no peace

    • Penny

      Boy, you are definitely brain washed! So, if I’m Hindu,or Christian or Mormon, but, I support Israel! I will also get death threats? Are you for real? You really believe anti-Semitism is not at the root of this. If you believe asylu do, you sir, are delusional