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December 15, 2014 12:21 pm

Islamist Behind Sydney Siege Abused Australian Jewish Soldier Killed in Afghanistan, Claimed Jews ‘No Better’ Than Hitler

avatar by Ben Cohen

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Man Haron Monis sent abusive letters to Australian Jews, including the family of a soldier killed in Afghanistan. Photo: Twitter

The man killed by Australian police today after carrying out the siege of a cafe in downtown Sydney was a known anti-Semite who sent abusive letters and messages to members of Australia’s Jewish community.

Man Haron Monis, a 49 year-old self-styled Muslim Sheikh who received political asylum in Australia in 1996, faced multiple indictments in 2011 “of using a postal or similar service to menace, harass or cause offense.”

During Monis’ trial in New South Wales, prosecuting barrister John Agius SC quoted from a letter which the Iranian-born Islamist sent to the family of an Australian Jewish soldier who was killed in Afghanistan.

In the letter, Monis described the soldier as a “dirty animal.”

“Some Jews who blame Hitler for violations of human rights are not much better than him,” the letter continued. “When the body of a murderer of civilians is sent back to Australia, we must not respect the body, such a body does not deserve a respectful ceremony.”

Monis then declared: “A Jewish man who kills innocent Muslims, civilians is not a pig. He’s a thousand times worse. Some people don’t eat the meat of pig but they are dirtier than pig. What’s the point when some people don’t eat pork while their behaviour is worse than dirty animals?”

Lawyers for Monis and his co-accused, Amirah Droudis, who faced charges of aiding and abetting the sending of the letters, dismissed the abuse as a legitimate political exchange. “Insults are a legitimate part of the political discourse,” Droudis’ lawyer told the court.

The letter to the family of the Jewish solider was one of several that Monis mailed to relatives of Australian soldiers who fell in the line of duty in Afghanistan.

Before he was killed, Monis was on bail for being an accessory to the murder of his former wife as well as for more than 40 sexual and indecent assault charges.

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  • Alastair Rose

    The failure of many Muslims to properly integrate into European society and culture is creating a rift within European nations. Most Muslim immigrants have come from deeply anti-Semitic cultures in North Africa and the Middle East and have brought this evil with them. No attempt has been made to educate them about Western values or how to live and behave in an Open Society. As a result Jews living in Europe face constant abuse and fear emanating from the Muslim community. Because this evil has not been confronted by the various EU governments, violence and murder of European Jews by Muslims is now becoming an increasingly common occurrence. I hold the EU directly responsible for its failure to act to protect the Jewish population in Europe and call on the United States Government to threaten economic sanctions against the EU unless it takes immediate and positive action to deal with Muslim anti-Semitism.

  • RiverKing

    “Insults are a legitimate part of the political discourse,” Droudis’ lawyer told the court.

    Not in a civilized culture. ISIS seems go think beheading is a “legitimate part of the political discourse”. Where is the line to be drawn?

    • charlie johnson

      I wonder if the soldiers of this nation consider that their own immigration department is importing these enemies to save the cost of transportation of their young soldiers on trips to confront those brain warped people applying terror among the powerless of their own kind? In the old times the guard at the gate was responsible to the people if he allowed the enemy to get by him.

  • sylvan danson

    Sounds like a delegate to the UN General Assembly.

  • Alex

    @darrel d pettit, what are you trying to say? That Australians are all criminals because 200 years ago some of our ancestors were sent here for petty theft? Do we all carry a criminal gene?

    Does that mean all modern Germans are Nazis and that all French will surrender at the drop of a hat?

    Please enlighten us with your vast knowledge of Australian history and our “progeny”.

  • Ronnie Zuckerman

    This terrorist martyr is in for an surprise when he gets to the afterlife. Recently, scholars unearthed and discovered a late 7th century Koran in an archeological dig in the deserts of Arabia. They found differences and discrepancies with later interpretations, widely used today.

    Evidently, when the early Islamic scribes were intoxicated with fermented Fig and Date wine, and more preoccupied with having sex with little girls 7 and 8 years old – emulating the Holy Prophet, they failed to put certain vowel markings on words.

    Sadly, this led to the incorrect translation in Hadith 4:27 “A martyr who dies in the service of jihad will receive 72 doe eyed virgins for eternity.” The correct translation is “. . . will receive 72 wide eyed sturgeons. . .” It is followed in Hadith 4:28 with a recipie for gefilte fish.

    • Ariana

      See?! That’s why i love Jewish people because you guys have some brains. In fact you have a lot of brains. Always when I get around Jewish spirit my intelligence is going to the sky (Ha-ha and my modesty too :)- just kidding when I am saying the truth :). Ye, you so eight. The rest of the world is puzzled too as we are: How is possible a billion (or more!?) and a half of Muslims to belief all that rubbish ? And I mean believer or non believer in spiritual things. Can’t they see?! Nothing spiritual there. Only sexual. And look at this connection. People kill for sex, money and drugs! Islam is the perfect match big time. Yes, is painful for so many children of Islam (I mean really children , kids, teens)to be destroyed firstly and mostly by this distortion of Quran’s teaching that firstly is to hate and therefore to kill. Plus this inbreeding for more then 1,500 years can’t be good. Is impossible to reason with such indoctrination. Is not a guide line of who of them can be the worse enemy overnight just because you not an Muslim. And now thy trying very hard (probably more then sure) to expend conspiracies theories put it on Jewish conspiracy expenses even ISIS) even matter from Sydney. Daaaa…. incredible but true – as I’d read at comments on Monday written by some characters. I haven’t got the chance to reply: really did the Jewish are forcing ISIS to rape women and force literary their hands on guns press the clutch of it to shut Christian children and rise the swords to chop off heads!? How can I would not – categorically and doubtfully love and want the Jewish world blending and improving life everywhere they go but easier and greatly in the western world and wishing and praying that the Islamic world to be just transformed, modified, evaporated in the air for the good of humanity?! Again I am saying – God help us all!

    • ASAD

      seriously u dnt know anything about the Quran. Dnt say anything without thinking. Always Do ur research properly,KID. Quran has Ayats nt Hadith. how can u speak abusively without even knowing this.

  • Jews and muslim I think they thought they know god hoo they don’t god is very active he or she loves game player but not evil player

  • Atilla

    A day of rage is needed, by massed vigilantes all over
    Australia, destroy mosques, kill all radicals and imams, attack any raghead dressed in a sheet, pyjamas, with a tea cosy on it’s head. You ynow the POS doesn’t have a job and you are paying for it to plot to kill you.

    If enough people participate,the quisling cnuts in the police will be running around like headless chickens
    ( pun intended )It could start the revolt, nothing else will work until you ( and any other country with a muzslime infestation ) have a leader like Nethanyu.

    • Ariana

      You are sooo.. funny! But is not possible. Attila, Attila where are you ?! Ye, would be good the original one here these modern days when with so much psychoanalyses all the psychico-nuts starting to killing everyone not just the very nice or innocent people and children. You make me laugh too even seems funny is not funny. We all driven crazy by terrorists these days. Now more may understand the Jewish people what they going through…

  • Mark Z

    Seems to me that he should have been jailed and then deported from Australia years ago because of his incitement of hate and his criminal behavior. Why allow an asylum seeker to stay in Australia when he obviously was an enemy of democracy and freedom and showed no respect for the society that gave him a asylum.

  • Definitely a case of Muzzie-coddling. That ride with you is nuts. Don’t the Australians know about bus bombing?

  • Australia, wake up….you have time to rid and deport this vermin before it is too late !
    Look to England that now has two separate legal systems, if you do not take action now, see what will become.
    France infested, England, Germany, Netherlands also infested !
    You are facing the same plight they are in, you have a window for the muslim population is not as yet so great as Europe which has millions !
    Take action, or lose your country !

    • You are so right. The muslims know “nothing” of democracy. Ignoring a short reseme that it is “Use without abuse”. These fanatics are abusing the democracy that they live in to install tyranny.

    • Leon

      You are correct, I am an Australian

    • Ariana

      Evil won’t prevail. The world will united against.

    • Ariana

      Issak, evil won’t prevail. The world will united against.

  • Doug Craig

    I’m in Sydney at the moment.
    The general opinion is dismay that this lunatic was let out on bail.
    For some reason the left wing media (majority press & TV) seems to support the fascist Muslims, always saying how they have been marginalized in Australian society,
    Muslim leaders are crying that he is not a real Muslim and are trying to disown the idiot, Islam conditioned these fools, Islam should take responsibility for them.

    There are just as many Budhists in Australia as Muslims, yet Budhists have integrated and become a productive part of society.

    Australia has curbed the influx of asylum seekers of late (much to the annoyance of the UN) the pathetic gunman was one of those who slipped through the net, the granting of asylum must be tightened even further.

    He wrote ugly letters to the families of fallen Australian soldiers, attacking the dead. When jailed he was badly treated by his fellow inmates: covering him in and his cell in faeces, as any decent criminal would do. So he managed to worm his way out of jail, to face a further charge of “conspiracy to murder” and around 40 “sexual assault” charges.

    The fact he was shot dead, is too good for this evil product of Islam.

  • DockyWocky

    Looks to me like the Australians blew it when it came to Sheik Monis. A known kook, it wouldn’t have taken much effort to coral him prior to his jihad, and there was at least one time when he could have been sniped standing behind that window with the al-Queda flag.

    Better luck next time. And there will be a next time.

    • Leon

      Right on !!!

  • Robert Davis

    I can hardly understand how Western nations accept to give asylum to moslem animals as this guy. A 3rd ww is not far and those moslem pigs should not be allowed to maintain a 5th column in western nations. I take this opportunity to congratulate germans’ PAGESA who want to expel moslems from Germany and hope french f.hollande will not end his mandate which would leave france a scorched and moslem country by 2017 if this leftist plague remains until then.

  • From approximately 1950s the car and other industries sabotaged any alternate technology to OIL by buying up all inventions that could effect profits!Subsequently we had western leaders kowtowing to nomads who had done their ablutions at water holes and in the sand!Because of that corruption large corporations continue to dictate to governments,etc.,by telling us daily after every murderous islamic act against non muslim adherents that “islam is a peaceful religion”!Could you imagine if they admitted to being a killing religion????Their koran has over 200 references telling their brainwashed followers to kill people not sick minded like themselves!Whatever happened to STANDING UP FOR TRUTH AND JUSTICE??????

  • One of his lawyers says that abuse is ‘legitimate political discourse’. That may apply to carefully worded letters to the editor, but not letters to the grieving families of soldiers killed defending human rights. And even then no rational editor would print the obsene abuse quoted above. Hundreds of Brits died in Afghanistan and Iraq, alongside American allies. When the flag draped coffins arrived back in the UK, hundreds lined the streets as the coffins passed, while Islamists silently protested within legal limits.

  • Ariana

    Last year the low was different. But hei, we can’t say anything about Islam because we are incremented of being Islamophobics. I can asking on tweeter or at any comments this many times: why there was never Buddhaphobia or so. They are investigating now if he was within the low let out on bail and if so there will be changes about this low surely.
    And Victoria, I came from Europe. I suggesting you to take it easy about the gentiles. Jewish people need as much friends they can get. Real Christians love Jewish as the roots of Christianity is in OT. And Australians are lovely empathetic and very hospitable people. Great similarity with Jewish way of living. So, implicit always had been a reciprocal likeness there. Very easy overlapping or blending the two culture.
    But now I can tell you there is a silent resentment in the country. The result of this event instead to scare the population that terrorist intended – he managed to make his own to be very scare now. Surely his act is making many Muslims to depart themselves from this Theocratic Islamic totalitarian system. They are sabotaging themselves towards any future success for intermarriages or conversion of outsiders to Islam as well. Is to bigger subjects to talk about it but the world is wake up now!
    Even the Germans stated that Hitler killed the wrong people. Just a rumour !? I don’t think so. Islam expanded only by killing (beading heads more likely or crucifying or whatever not by Kindness and love of God). Actually these thing are explained very clear in the OT when is written about the sons of Ishmael.
    Hope I haven’t offended you.

    • Robin

      Thank you for the support in my people Ariana. God bless you

  • Ade

    The so-called lawyer who on account of his daily bread defended such a criminal should be made to face the music now that his professional misconduct has cost the world tears, pains and agonies.

  • Ade

    The so-called who on account of his daily bread defended such a criminal should be made to face the music now that his professional misconduct has cost the world tears, pains and agonies.

  • sabine wolf-gilbert

    how can a country keep out of jail a men already accused over 40 times??
    are Australian just like french??
    for an apple stolen you go to jail for a murder or sexual abuse you go free.
    something is going very wrong and I totally AGREE with Victoria Brandeis.
    Political ASYLUM?? Was his own country not good enough?

    Meanwhile a mother of 3 got killed just because she wanted to enjoy a coffee.
    it is MORE than time that governments stop hiding themselves behind human rights etc..
    Get rid of all those muslims ,send them to the countries where they belong where they can evoke charia and look at magazines where in the princesses of Saudia Arabia go on the private beaches in Bikini.,send them back to their countries where once catched stealing, they cut your hand,or for homosexuality like in Iran they will hang
    The problem of course is
    a-they don t want to go there or return(no social welfare,no children free medical free treatments etc..
    b-these countries don ‘t want those monsters back .

    Where is the solution??
    as far as gentile are involved I think they should clear their own mess. and leave Israel decide for themselves.When America the great nation will return all borders to Mexico etc…than they will be entitled to tell Israel to return the borders as well(also many other countries).Israel the only democratic country in the middle east.

    NEVER NEVER forget that.

    It’s TIME for the word to understand and compare (altough there is nothiong to compare)what jews are bringing to this planet versus what arabs.muslims etc…DO NOT BRING
    one side is LIFE one side is killings murders,attacks etc..

    So to all NON JEWS it’s your choice!!!
    Sabine (Hong Kong)

  • nick

    The government officials that allowed this
    person into their country and why, with all
    of his troublesome behavior was he allowed to stay.

    The official(s)should be investigated and punished.

  • Late Again.

  • Bernard Ross

    the price of having muslims around

    • Ariana

      Of course! Everybody see that but as well everyone pretend not to! Still even many of the Muslims started to wake up and realising the true leave their religion and becoming anything then from atheists to Christians, Mosaics, Hindu, Buddhists or whatever other religions and denominations are on the earth. And that’s great! I can not imagine a world with not Jewish or Americans or Europeans, Africans, Asians but would be a relief a world with not Islamic ideology. I am Christian. Still thinking that any religion seem good after we just read the Quran.

  • Rafael Manory

    This article omits the fact that this nutter abused other Australian soldiers as well.
    To Victoria Brendeis- the Australians are no worse than the Europeans on the issue of allowing Muslims in, but because I live in Australia I think you are badmouthing a country that overall has been quite active against the Muslim world and has copped flack from its Muslims and from the “civil liberties” activists for its anti-terrorism laws. However, they have lax laws and a large heart and that’s why this guy was walking free with a charge of accessory to murder.

  • art frank

    This savage was a real scumbag. How many more like it are in Australia? What idiot Aussie bureaucrat allowed this sub human into Australia? Unbelievable.

  • Ann

    The USA is a mess too we’ve had beheadings, women getting their faces destroyed with acid and our courts are letting these monsters get by with it VIA Sharia law!! It’s time to take our countries back from these monsters!

  • HaroldT38

    The judge that allowed him bail should be debarred.
    I hope the families of the victims sue the judge for massive damages.

    • Leon

      I agree

  • In my new book, Who’s Gonna Save the World?, I included a quote from Albert Einstein: “The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.”
    It’s very fitting, isn’t it?

  • ilana Goldstein

    Why was he let out of jail with so many offenses?

  • Ilana Leeds

    @ Victoria Brandis
    I am ashamed that a Jew could write such rubbish as you have written. Most Australians are peace loving people. Most Jews in Australia are respected members of both the Jewish and broader Australian communities.
    I apologise to the Non Jews that read your extremist rant and you are little better than the extremists you are critical of on the other side.
    No, now is not the time for the stupid comments you have written. Now is the time to mourn and to take preventative action to ensure that these incidents are minimised.

    • Leon

      Now don’t be so hard on Victoria, I am Australian, considering the history of the last two thousand years and the way Jewish persons have been treated, I feel I understand a little of of her opinion. Shalom

  • jew living in Australia

    What an ignorant post. Australians are stupid? Australia is off your list? Because of one incident? Good we don’t want any idiots visiting anyway.

    So as a Jew I should leave this country and go where? Israel? A country that released 1014 terrorists in exchange for a soldier? Where this sort of thing is a daily occurrence?

    I love Israel, but I experience more hostility there because of my background than I ever have in Australia.

    Anti-Semitism is on the rise in Australia because of these groups, but it is still an extremely safe country. If this had happened in the middle east it would not have even made the news.

  • James McNamara

    He achieved Martyrdom… May all his 72 Virgins look Like Hanan Horse Face Ashrawi and Rosie O’Donnell…

  • how can the govt allow this guy out of jail the west has gone mad kissing up to islam which produces more terrorism than any other group islam is not a religion its a political movement . This will keep going on till our liberal politicians wake up

    • paulus

      not only islam but every muslim who prayer in mosque are against Bible and Torah, Christian and Jews. Christian countries must stop to help satanic nation, there is no islamic world but satanic world.

    • racy

      World leaders are interested in OIL so MUSLIM TERRORISTS get passing grades. The countries who
      allowed these low lifes in will suffer at their hands.
      The TERRORISTS are telling them this loud and clear.
      Why aren’t the political leaders listening?

    • Rena Oppenheimer

      You are being optimistic when you state that the “liberals will wake up.” They must be voted out of office.

    • ProudIsraeli

      Shows the type of government it is …

  • Mayven

    How the authorities allowed this rubbish excuse for a human being to walk freely defys comprehension.
    Irresponsible when there is so much history regarding this sicko.

    Therein lies the problem..AND the tragedy that followed.
    A shandah…

    • Kerry Berger

      Your inability to use a spell check defies comprehension as well. What’s your excuse?

  • victoria brandeis

    political asylum….my goodness….the world is nuts and if they believe muslims will save them from those ‘awful jew’s’ they deserve this and more….mostly i can not believe that Australians are that STUPID but now i do…..this is one country that is never on my list…and, if the jews don’t start leaving this awful country that killed its own tribes to conquer and vanquish then what else is new….

    i have no pity on any gentile in Australia at all anymore…if you keep your mouth shut your no different than the terrorist.

    one sick island…….one sick chocolate shop that once was owned by jews …

    • Leon
    • Daniel Leopold

      Your comments about Australians and their country is totally uncalled for.
      I live in Austraia for over 35 years and I can tell you that this is a best country in the world and by far the most tolerant and open you will ever find on this planet.
      Most Australians are appalled and angry about the inhuman terrorist acts perpetrated by muslim extremists around the world and now in this country too.By contrast Jews are respected and admired and have always been honoured in this country for the contribution the bring to its economy and culture.
      To conclude you are wrong Victoria and by the way I am Jewish too and I know what I’m talking about.

      • Leon

        Shalom Daniel

      • Ariana

        Hi, Shalom Daniel & Leon & who else is from Australia. I am Australia too. I came in Australia more then 30 years ago from Romania. I never feel better even then my own country even my own people have this very Australian way in in receiving and embracing really well their migrants making really easy for us to integrate rapidly. I believe is one the most country tolerant when about other people culture. Australians had their own hardship as the history is written and they are amazingly calm and understanding and non-judgemental. But not stupid at all. They do have very sympathetic hearts but is a big NO-NO to take advantage of it to ply them. What kind of idiots will pay why with killing their own benefactors ?!

    • You have to remember that Australia was started as a penal colony where Britain sent their criminals who were not fit to live with the rest of society. Kind of a “Devil’s Island”. Thus their progeny.

      • Alex

        What are you trying to say darrel d petitt? That Australians are all criminals because some of us have ancestors that were sent here for petty crimes 200 years ago? Do we all have a criminal gene?

        Does that mean all modern Germans are Nazis and all modern French will surrender at the drop of a hat?

        Please enlighten us with your boundless knowledge of Australian History and our “progeny”.

        • Ariana

          Don’t worry he is just so silly! He doesn’t know that many were deported because had stolen a bread or they were just incriminated by some bad English to get their inheritance. If Romania where I came from three decades ago – is one of the most friendly country in the world Australia is just her sister 😀

      • Sandra Gill

        Darrel, Australian society is made up of many, many people groups. We value diversity. We respect others including yourself. Your comments are inappropriate and disrespectful. Look in the mirror and see for yourself what you are.

      • Leon

        Well you have you opinion darrel, but then many came who were free looking for a place to live. No one is perfect

        • Ariana

          Leon this guy is hilarious with such statements!He just make me laugh non stop!Surely he is just French and non Jewish ! No offence Darrell as Romanian are shape like French, speak like Italians and live like Greeks. I understand your sense of hummer (sarcasm and everything ;)). Believe me Australian are more like the Jewish people then the English ones. Come and visit us and you will fail in love with us. French love Australians a lot. But you know that or suppose to know. Or I should asking rather who are you really ?!

    • Les Gerendas

      This guy is another sicko that should be locked up before he kills some innocent people.

      • charlie johnson

        I noticed the Aussie was very effective in Vietnam with firearms. Their government disarmed them and invited a foreign aggressor in to rule over them like sheep. It was a method used by the castle owners in Europe to keep the serfs down on the farm.Today we call it socialism . It works like this. You have a bunch of chickens in a pen. After a few fights they establish a pecking order and peace. But the chicken man adds a new chicken just to see them fighting among themselves.The chickens have not had much thought on the real source of their problems.They only see it as the new chicken syndrome.