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December 15, 2014 3:46 pm

NBC’s Richard Engel Says U.S. Support for Israel is Creating More Terrorists (VIDEO)

avatar by Shiryn Solny

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Richard Engel on 'Meet the Press.' Photo: Screenshot.

NBC’s chief foreign correspondent Richard Engel said on Sunday that U.S. support for Israel is a contributing factor to creating more terrorists.

“There’s a whole history of why people are getting radicalized. It goes back to U.S. support for Israel [and] what’s considered to be a war against Islam,” Engel, who is Jewish, said on Meet the Press with Chuck Todd. “But the drone war is certainly part of it. The torture program is certainly part of it. I don’t know if you can say one is more influential at creating more of a problem than the other.”

Engel’s reporting has been called out in the past for being sympathetic to the Hamas terrorist organization. During a July segment of NBC’s Today, the journalist expressed concern that the Palestinian terror group was not getting enough out of a temporary cease-fire with Israel during the summer’s Operation Protective Edge.

“What is Hamas getting in return? So far, nothing,” he said. “No deal, no immediate lifting of the closure of the Gaza Strip. Just a reprieve from Israel’s assault that has flattened entire Gaza neighborhoods and killed more than a thousand Palestinians, many of them civilians, many of them children.”

Engel then outlined Hamas’ demands, saying, “The war could easily escalate again. Hamas wants an agreement to end the fighting, not for Israel to unilaterally scale back the assault on its own terms.”

A few days later, in another report for Today, Engel brought attention to a Palestinian teenager who celebrated Hamas’ terror attacks. The teen gained a following online after live tweeting about the terror group’s activities. She was quoted saying, “When I see the rockets getting to Israel, I start loving them more and more and I pray for them.”

Watch the video below of Engel’s comments on Sunday claiming that U.S. support for Israel creates more terrorists:

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  • E Pluribus Wombat

    This is NBC so you are hearing Obama’s words come out of someone else’s mouth.

  • Alexi

    Boycott General Electric. That’s who he really works for.

  • tiki

    Being NBC chief foreign correspondent and Jewish on top of it doesn’t make him an expert on the ME….on the contrary.

    Being a Jew in a leftist & anti Israel environment like NBC means that a Jew must cry with the wolves or look for another job!

  • Johnny

    This sums up the Liberal ideology.

    “The West has to capitulate to terror else there will be more terror”

    When has this ever worked?

  • jlevyellow

    Mr. Engel is covertly pro-Israel and anti-Hamas. By pushing for the free flow of goods into Gaza, he is sanctioning the importation of high quality weaponry for the terrorists and the entrance of foreign fighters, including both Iranian regulars and al-Qaeda irregulars . When Hamas is finally well armed, they will again attack Israel as is their wont, thus forcing the Israelis to defend themselves in a more violent manner and causing them to overthrow the Hamas militias. The Israelis will then reoccupy Gaza permanently. Quite insidious of Mr. Engel, don’t you think!

    • Daniel Romischer

      israel has no interest to reoccupy gaza. what am i missing?

  • Kelilah sacerdote

    Since this Jew hater loves the terrorist so much tell him to go live with them and see how long he keeps his foolish insane head. I have never heard of anything so stupid as what this Jew hater just said. Oy Vey.

  • P. Nile Schwartz

    what US support for Israel? Carrying out restrictive covenants on where Jews are allowed to live in palestine? wow! that sure is ‘pro Israel’!!!

    Or maybe he means the part about installing Jewhating, Muslim puppets throughout the region. That sure is ‘pro Israel’ too!!

  • How much money have American Jews poured into D.C.-based, The Israel Project (for 9-years under the direction of Jennifer Laslo Mizrahi) who professed they would take care of “educating” the national press about the dynamics of Israel’s defense against Islamist aggression? NBC’s Richard Engel is but one example of the need for the community to support other hasbara initiatives.

    • Robert Davis

      The only thing these FOOLS support is highly paid jobs to Israel bashing opportunists such as engel! They could support Israel by firing this rat immediately!

  • Steve Loeb

    Some Jews aren’t so smart l and some think they’re pretty clever but in fact are clever by half. This one wants to be loved and embraced by his colleagues who in regard to Gaza were reporting what we now know were only the lies Hamas fed them so Engel thought better about exposing them and instead just went with the flow and helped advance the lie. I’m going to guess that if asked today along with the question how does Israel have anything to do with the radicalization in Pakistan, or India or Kashmir or Chechnya and isn’t it revealing that anti Israel demonstrations devolved into blatant anti Semitic mobs across Europe chanting for “death to the Jews” and NOT the Zionists – doesn’t that suggest this is more about the intolerance found in virtually every Muslim society from Imams telling their people the Koran tells them to kill the Jews – I’m guessing Engel would have a different view on the subject

    • Robert Davis

      Loeb : you are very good at explaining that summer is hot and winter is cold but tell us : what would all Israel bashing antisemites would say or do when…THERE ARE NO MORE ARABS IN WESTERN PALESTINE? this is a bit more difficult than telling us of outside’s temperature isnt’ it? It takes courage and thinking.

  • JanetJose

    Engel is not winning any popularity with the Jewish people by making points that are anti-Israel. He comes off as a Jew that is for the destruction of Israel, the only Jewish homeland.

    • Robert Davis

      Sure but this is not his problem : can you offer him another usd 10,000 a month job? that is all about to him! I would give him a KICK that would cripple him and not just his asshole.

  • This man Is an anti-Semiting fool, he hates his own kind, pathetic. Where will fool run when anti Semitism comes to America?

    • Robert Davis

      For the time being he is only…counting his money!

  • Jonah

    That would be Rev 17:12 and Rev17:16.

  • Jonah

    You need to understand this. Rev 12: the ten horns you saw are ten kings who have received no kingdom as yet, but they receive authority for one hour (7year tribulations), as kings with the beast. These are of one mind, and they will give their power and authority to the beast…..and the ten horns which you saw with the beast, these will hate the harlot (mystery Babylon), make her desolate and naked, eat her flesh and burn her with Fire. For God has put it into their hearts to fulfill His purpose, to be of one mind, and to give their kingdoms to the beast until the words of God are fulfilled. Israel has a covenant with God to prevent themselves from complete annihilation. America has rejected the covenant they had with God therefore they will be annihilated. The beast the little horn is in charge of america and is carring out their sentence along with arming the ten horns for a full scale attack against Israel…which will fail…if Israel pulls together and stops working at political cross purposes and prepares to meet the attack with one mind and one body.

  • Lynne T

    “Hamas wants an agreement to end the fighting”?

    Engel is a complete, clueless idiot. I hope he get the calling out he deserves.