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December 15, 2014 3:49 pm

New Poll Shows Netanyahu Opening Strong Lead Over Rivals as Election Battle Intensifies

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Israeli election posters from 2009. Photo: Zev Zamir.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is pulling ahead of his main rival, Labor Party head Yitzhak Herzog, according to a new poll on the country’s upcoming elections, Israel’s NRG News said Monday.

In the Knesset Channel survey, 503 people sampled were asked which of the candidates – Likud chief Netanyahu, Labor leader Herzog, Jewish Home party chief and Economic Minister, Naftali Bennett, Israel Our Home party and Foreign Minister, Avigdor Lieberman, Hatnua party leader Tzipi Livni, and former Likudnik and Kulanu head, Moshe Kahlon – they would like to see as prime minister.

Netanyahu led with 30 percent of the respondents’ votes; Herzog came in second with 23 percent. Bennett trailed with half that at 11 percent, with Livni and Kahlon receiving four percent each, and Lieberman trailing with 3 percent.

Perhaps the most interesting result was that no less than 21 percent of respondents said that they “do not know” who they would like to see head the next Israeli government.

The latest poll seemingly overturns a Ch. 10 survey held only days earlier which claimed that Netanyahu led Herzog with only a single percentage point: 23 to 22 percent in favor of Netanyahu.

The national elections are scheduled for March 17.

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  • Robert Davis

    I amsurprised herzog and his anti-Israel labour party received as much as 23% votes! How is it that 23% israelis want to be destroyed? Do they not undersztand the destruction of the State is the end of 2,000 years prayers by Jews and their physical end as well? If arabs are not expelled from Western Palestine which was given to Jews by the Treaties of San Remo and Sevres and recognized as such by international law in 1920 to secure Jews position in Israel,their life span will not be much longer than that of a…BUTTERFLY! Those who can secure Jewish life in Palestine are Benett and Feigling not even netanyahou whose only wish is to remain a PM for ever!

  • Mickey Oberman

    Netanyahu, who holds what must be one of the most difficult jobs in the universe that has been made much more difficult by every one of his contenders, undoubtedly deserves to continue on as Prime Minister.

    • maria

      Yes, he is much better than Livni or Herzog, but probably a coalition with Bennett and Danny Dannon would be the best

  • Of course Netanyahu is showing a strong lead over rivals. Israelis understand that the Iranian threat is looming and that Herzog, who is taking elocution lessons to sound more determined, is just not up to the job regarding Iran.

    Whom to vote for in the coming Israeli elections on March 17, 2015? It’s a no-brainer!

    The only issue that really matters is the looming existential threat from Iran. The price of cottage cheese and the price of apartments in Tel Aviv would not matter in a devastated country.

    Who among the Israeli leaders understands best not only the military threat but the ideological basis that makes the Iranian threat so dire? Who among the Israeli leaders understands that Iran could actually use the bomb regardless of the consequences for Iran?

    It is clear that Benjamin Netanyahu and Moshe Ya’alon are the only two leaders who meet this condition.

    To better grasp what is at stake see NUKEMAP

  • Jonah

    I have told you time and time israel is on a 24 month countdown to its complete dismemberment and ultimate destruction. The players orchestrating those events that must fall into place on a daily basis are not slowing down because of elections. The time bomb is ticking down the fuse is getting shorter and the players are smelling blood and getting desperate. They all know the take down of Israel is contingent with Obama in office.

  • I’m just really happy with Netanyahu lead. This time Israel really need him. Just like in WW2 the UK needed Churchill . If there would be complete peace then it’s a different story. Right now it is Netanyahu is a must!!!!

  • SHmuel HaLevi

    Mr. Hertzog, a person with whom I strongly disagree politically, is, nevertheless, the scion of a respectable family who has honorably participated in the leadership of our people. The magnitude of his error by selecting one of the worse representatives of base underhanded, treacherous activities against the people and Heritage, Livni, destroyed any chance for Mr. Hertzog to be relevant.
    Livni on her won was slated to be removed from the Knesset by the voters. She dragged in as well other political dead wood such as Perezt, the binocular expert, Mofaz also an has been reject.
    Even if Mr. Netanyahu is not to be trusted, he is by far, out of a dismal field offered us, Israeli Jewish voters, the only choice.

    • Atilla

      As an Englishman by birth, excuse me if I am puzzled why ANYONE would be unhappy with Mr Netanyahu as a PM candidate.

      He is the ONLY PM who has the interests of his own race ( and country ) at the core of his values.

      Look at the disgusting scum that the UK has amongst it’s elected politicians, muzzie loving PC MC, scum, each and every one of them should be charged with treason and executed for ethnic cleansing and replacement.

    • Mickey Oberman

      Hertzog’s ancestry is of no relevance.

      Hertzog’s present policies and actions are.