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December 15, 2014 11:54 am

Police Storm Siege Cafe in Downtown Sydney

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A wounded hostage is evacuated from the siege at a cafe in downtown Sydney. Photo: Twitter

Heavily armed police have stormed a cafe in Sydney where a gunman identified as an Iranian refugee has been holding dozens of people hostage.

Paramedics carrying stretchers raced towards the cafe moments after a volley of loud bangs and flashes.

Central Sydney has been in lockdown since the gunman seized the hostages early on Monday morning.

Early in the siege, hostages were forced to hold up a black Islamic banner at the window.

The cafe is located in Martin Place, a busy shopping area in Sydney’s financial district.

Read full story at the BBC.

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  • Jonah

    It’s beginning to begin. After the little horn fails in his attempt to eradicate israel he becomes enraged and begins a reign of terror against the entire planet. The Australian incident is just the tip of the iceberg in Islams attacks against the western world. If you have noticed the western liberal media has gone out of its way to find any and every reason it can to deny that Islam had anything to do with it. The liberal media has abandoned the creator thereby morphing into what appears to be inadvertent caliphate clones. They have teamed up with Islam and are a catalyst for his reign of terror…the caliphate. Now scripture is clear that Israel survives the first battle of Gog and Magog, that would be the battle just prior to the beginning of the great tribulation. The little horn after laying waste to America then becomes the leader of the UN. According to Danial he is enraged at the actions of the Kings of the north and the east, Russia and China, his attention is diverted from Israel and he makes an all out attempt to force Russia and China to bow to Islam or face the consequences. The battle of Armageddon eventually rises from these conflicts and Israel is caught in the crossfire. Israel’s main objective should be….prepare to with stand and survive as this planet tail spins into a caliphate inspired chaos, destructions never before ever seen on this planet or ever imagined will take place. The Palestinian conflict will take a back seat on the world scene as the little horn declares war on every country that is not Islamic. The truth will be revealed, Israel is not the problem as the liberal media has falsely perpetrated…..Islam with its refusal to abandon its worldwide caliphate is the root of all evil. The Israeli/Palestinian conflict is just a ruse to hide the true intentions of Islams desire to force the whole world to subjicate or die.

  • Julian Clovelley

    There are certainly lessons to be learnt in this matter. The gunman was frequently seen in areas where there are shops run by Arab shopkeepers. Many of us recognise him. These shops are frequented by people of many cultures and religions. The shopkeepers are friendly and hospitable, recognising and greeting all their customers and advising them on purchases such as spices, The meat in such shops is often superb and staff and fellow customers friendly.

    The Lindt cafe, and the locale, is one any Sydney visitor or resident knows well. In Sydney last week I was outside it myself. This was all something that happened in very ordinary, and non exclusive surroundings. Anyone could have been there

    Sydney suffers from a vast divide between rich and poor, and this inevitably leads to the growth of an exploitable discontent that equally inevitably leads to poorer members of minorities becoming virtually an alienated underclass – excellent fodder for religious extremism to give their lives meaning, that is denied them in ordinary family life. Increasingly young people in Sydney have no hope of owning their homes, or even of renting decent accommodation. This kind of Austerity is bound to lead to extremist outbreaks. A combination of excellent policing, and residual Australian mateship values, have protected us until now

    This is not just an Islamist problem – the difficulties are right across Australian society. We simply cannot afford this gulf between classes, in what is actually a very rigid class system

    A working class area house in Sydney cost about twice my annual salary, after tax, when I arrived a few decades ago. That same house is now worth about 25 times the salary one would get for the same job. For anyone earning below about twice the average salary (not median!) with a partner earning the same Sydney is unaffordable. A family house rents at 800 dollars or more a week in inner Sydney.

    Australia’s message is that even in a nation regarded as unusually stable and cohesive this economic disaster of inegalitarianism and Austerity for the already poor cannot go on – it bottles up tensions to exploding point and grants credibility to extremist solutions and demonstrations of anger

    Sydney has responded – to its credit – with an anti racist social media campaign on Twitter called “I’ll ride with you”, as ordinary non muslim Australians offer to ride with any person from another culture who feels threatened. It is how I see my fellow Australians – and I know the same courtesy and love would be extended to any threatened minority – including, of course, Jewish people

    But such campaigns also carry the realisation that our problems aren’t really religious or cultural – They are manifestations of a cruel and uncaring dysfunctional economic system of brutal competition that divides humanity in order to exploit it. The “duty of care” that all Governments once accepted has gone. That is the real destruction of Democratic purpose and ideals.

    We desperately need to come together as people of many origins and conflicting histories to build better social, administrative and economic structures. A retreat into laissez faire competitive selfishness, secured by brutal repression is not the answer. Not in Australia and not anywhere. Divide a society and it will implode – first with isolated incidents from the most marginalised – becoming more common and frequent until everyone suffers

    Think about that when you try to sell the glories of a “Jewish State”, when you occupy and settle someone elses land and take away their hope, when you consider that a class, caste, elite or culturally or religoius based social differentiation and evaluation of person is proposed, supported or perpetuated

    It never ends well. my hope is that Australia understands the real dynamics of discontent almost overnight

    And I think it will