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December 18, 2014 3:36 pm

Asian-American Woman Rabbi Jokes About Lighting White House Menorah in Front of African American President (VIDEO)

avatar by Shiryn Solny

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Rabbi Angela Buchdahl, far right, with President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama at the White House. Photo: Instagram.

An Asian-American female rabbi who lit the menorah at the White House on Wednesday said lighting Hanukkah candles in front of an African American president is something America’s founding fathers would have never predicted.

“I would say that our founding fathers, they inspired to build a county that was truly a place of religious freedom and equal opportunity for all,” Rabbi Angela Buchdahl said while addressing a Hanukkah reception at the White House. “But I have to predict that they could not imagine that in 2014 that there would be a female, Asian-American rabbi lighting the menorah at the White House for an African-American president.”

“You don’t think they predicted that? Really?” President Obama sarcastically asked Buchdahl, who is the senior rabbi at Manhattan’s Central Synagogue.

“I think they’d be surprised,” she replied. “But we are celebrating miracles that happen today. Those days of old and the miracles of now and this country is a country of miracles. And we are tremendously grateful to be here as Americans and Jews.”

Watch Rabbi Buchdahl speak at the White House below:

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  • Adam Kratt

    She is not even Jewish, how can she be a rabbi? Her mother never converted and she never converted. She is not Jewish so her rabbinical ordination is invalid.

  • Pete

    Great article – Thank You for posting the video

  • Ashkenazi Murray

    Lloyd, so your blaming this on liberals also. You are a pathetic lot who are nothing more than an indignant self righteous backside of a mule.

    The separation of church and state applies universally in the USA regardless the political posture a US citizen wants to be associated with. 8 years of your naught headed president didn’t do anything to restore constitutional law to the nation. I will cry and laugh watching you lick the sole of the Israeli boot kicking in your teeth, because it is your reluctance of your lot to embrace and defend the constitution at every violation against it.

    You now have hear a hybrid master, a Jew and an Asian American. If you can’t stomach this slanted, dysfunctional, hypocritical, disloyal, new kind of USA order, you’d be well advised to pick up and take your money and life elsewhere. More are doing it everyday under the pretext that their USA no longer exists.

    Perhaps you might like to join Roman Polanski in France. There they over look many indiscretions of the famous and wealthy from the US who also carry an Israeli passport.

  • Lloyd Bloom

    This is so pathetic that it’s hard to comment on. But it epitomizes how Liberals set symbol over substance and treat a mere semblance as if it were essential & substantive.

  • Dr. Aurora Aronsson

    This woman is no rabbi and is not even Jewish.
    It is an INSULT to Judaism calling her “rabbi”.
    She cannot be a rabbi since she never got the title from REAL yeshivahs and rabbis, just like my mechanic cannot be called “Doctor” since he never got a Medical Degree from a School of Medicine.
    Of course the woman has no idea that Chanukah is not about oil but about a successful Jewish rebellion and guerrilla war against assimilators and assimilation, both Jewish and non Jewish, Hellenists and Hellenizers.
    All this is really disgusting.
    Only Judaism is publicly insulted in this manner at the White House.

    • Barth

      Sorry “Doc,” but the Hebrew Union College is “real” to many, many Jews. And you don’t get to decide what is Jewish or even halachic. Anybody who was insulted by what Rabbi Buchdahl did, said or represented in hopeless as far as I am concerned. And, really, I am sorry for you.

  • Barth

    I don’t think she was joking as much as pointing to a more modern “miracle” that supplements the one involving oil to light lamps so long ago.