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December 22, 2014 10:47 am

New Report Reveals 2.6 Million Israelis Live in Poverty

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Poverty in Israel. Illustration

Poverty in Israel. Photo:

Ynet – A new report released by the Latet foundation on Monday paints an even starker picture of poverty in Israel than a gloomy official report published last week.

According to the charitable organization, a quarter of the children whose parents accept assistance from foundations were reported as going to sleep hungry several times a month, with 36% of children whose families receive aid were forced to work in order to keep the family afloat.

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  • charlie johnson

    This brings a lot of questions to my mind,I have not been to Israel I don’t know much about Israel.But I see Jews not doing well in Israel. I was often told that Jews look out for one another.These are getting food out of trash cans.In their own homeland..Are these people addicted to drugs booze or gambling like many USA homeless?Or is the reason that they just can’t find jobs?Or they have no useful skills? An example is the USA and a lot of blacks and whites, After the sixties the USA shifted to clerk jobs for office people.Mostly jobs that females have done.I am not a liberal white,But I understand a lot of black males out of jobs because they don’t fit well in an office,Same for working class whites.They belong outdoors with men’s jobs.These few available jobs are often low paying in these times ,Few benefits and no respect.I see retired master SGTs home from a war are offered hard work and low pay.An 18 year old clerk does so much better.The factory jobs went to China.The clerks run the USA.Blacks call it racist policies. But look at Washington DC,Females get the good paying jobs.They are black too. So,I see this as a problem affecting a class of people by government policy. I don’t like the policy but the promoters use education as the excuse.Yet a lot of these jobless people can do many things the educated can not. What is behind all this is that the educated conspire to use power to better themselves and destroy the means of less educated to exist.Now in the USA we have rich Jews getting into the news with a claim of doing wonderful charity work.Often,This money lands into the hands of the educated,Doctors and medical corporations.They hang on to as much as they can.Big colleges that pay football coaches a million bucks a year. If one you folks know Zukerburg you need to call him and say, Your kinfolks in Israel are starving. Don’t send them money,Send them a factory and a technical school .I would say the same to Al Sharpton,Jessie Jackson and Louie Ferrihkan.But they would call me a racist.