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December 23, 2014 8:18 am

Once Again, Palestinians Looking to Circumvent Negotiations With Israel Through U.N.

avatar by Daniel S. Mariaschin

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Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas (left) and U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. Image via Flickr.

One would think that the killings of 132 children in Pakistan at the hands of Taliban terrorists would cause the international community to focus on how to deal with the untrammeled mayhem and chaos caused by jihadi organizations.

Instead, that old favorite of multilateral organizations, bashing and marginalizing Israel, is back with a fury, but with some new twists. Over the past few months, a perfect storm of bias has come about: from the “recognition” of a Palestinian state by a growing number of European parliaments, to the convening of the signatories to the Geneva Convention to condemn Israel’s acting in self-defense during this summer’s Gaza conflict to the current attempt to impose a date and time certain for creation of a Palestinian state in the United Nations Security Council.

In some instances, and in some capitals, there are winks and nods to the need for negotiations to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian issue. But these efforts are not serious, being lame attempts to be politically correct.

Indeed, they are cover for an attempt to impose “peace” on the parties. The hypocrisy at play here is not hidden. Both the United Nations and the European Union are members of the Quartet, a group which also includes the United States and Russia. All four parties have endorsed face-to-face negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians as the only path to reaching an agreement that stands any chance of holding.

No one said this would be easy. The last attempt to accomplish such an outcome was this year’s initiative led by Secretary of State John Kerry, which at some point showed some promise, but ultimately faltered. During these talks the Palestinian side once again demonstrated its customary intransigence on a range of issues, including the right of return, recognizing Israel as a Jewish state, and a long-term Israeli security presence along the Jordan River line.

Why should we be surprised? The Palestinian Authority’s Mahmoud Abbas has a playbook whose objective is to win not by negotiating in good faith, but by simply running out the clock. Other pages from Abbas’ book include turning a blind eye to incitement against Israelis and frightening the international community into believing that only continued pressure on Israel without PA concessions will deliver the ultimate reward for the Palestinians. And what is that reward? Some suggest, an independent Palestinian state. Others say, not necessarily a state of their own, but an internationally ostracized and weakened Israel against which to continue their march to a “one state (i.e. Palestinian) solution.”

So Abbas and his minions work European parliamentary bodies, the EU Commission and the entire U.N. system into a tizzy, threatening to go to the International Criminal Court (ICC) and the Human Rights Council to brand Israel a perpetrator of war crimes and a serial abuser of human rights.

Their work is beginning to bear new fruit. The European Court of Justice has ruled that the EU’s listing of Hamas as a terrorist organization should be dropped on “procedural grounds;” that is, Hamas was listed on the basis of only media reports about its murderous track record of violence and terror. As they say, if this were not so serious, the ruling would be laughable. But it’s not.

The latest maneuver to force a resolution through the U.N. Security Council is not accidental. In January, two nations that have no formal diplomatic relations with Israel will join the council: Malaysia and Venezuela. They will take up non-permanent seats for two-year terms and the PA will be counting on their votes when the “recognition” issue is raised, forcing, perhaps, an American veto.

The United States Congress may well be the last hold-out to recognize the danger of any plan that uses the United Nations to marginalize Israel in the peace process. The spending bill Congress just passed actually cancels funding to the PA if it pushes for statehood absent negotiations with Israel.

The Palestinians agreed during the Oslo process to negotiate. What makes it right to negate that obligation now?

It is clear that they wish to circumvent any process that is not “my way or the highway.”

So forget the Pakistani children, the girls abducted by Boko Haram, the Syrian barrel bombs and the attacks on Christians by ISIL and others.

One would hope that key players in Europe, those in the U.N. system and the international diplomats dealing with this situation would understand that imposing a “solution” by excluding Israelis and a real negotiating process will lead absolutely nowhere. It’s inexplicable that all of the other issues roiling the Middle East and the rest of the world must take a back seat to this obsession with Israel. History will have to judge those who looked the other way at the wholesale killing and human rights abuses being carried out globally, real time.

If these folks really care about an end to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, they’d spend their time pressing the Palestinians to get serious, go to the table and work a deal. Anything short of that is precious time wasted.

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  • Iran wants to destroy Israel . MR. PRESIDENT why can you not understand ? The nuclear capabilities of Iran must be stopped now. Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg

  • Julian Clovelley

    The writer concludes:
    “If these folks really care about an end to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, they’d spend their time pressing the Palestinians to get serious, go to the table and work a deal.”

    Fine – I agree absolutely

    Deal item one from the Palestinians would undoubtedly be:

    1. get the hell out of the West Bank, Occupation and Settlements alike.

    Your reaction to that? You don’t even have to sit at the negotiating table for that one. What is your answer? If it is “NO” what’s there to talk about?

  • To. Mr.Hess

    That could be one of the most effective wake-up calls to Israel by the US in history and would cement President Obama;s legacy as one of the best and most transformative US Presidents in history. A Jock! Transformative to what? Transformative to your opinion? Transformative toward USA citizens? Man must take care of his home before interfering in others! In fact Obama was made into power which went into his head! Obama has no chose! Why? Because those who made him into power start to be conscience that things did not move as they planned! Most of the Arab Spring went bust! Egypt did found out who are those that did stand behind the Arab Spring planning! And did propose land to the Palestinians!!!! We no forget that Hillary Clinton was the first person to fly to Cairo when the Muslim Brothers come into power by brains manipulated naïve defenseless Egyptian people who were targeted trough many years activities to become political activists by foreign gays and lesbians. Egypt recently did arrest Egyptian gays who were icons political activists recruited by foreign gay and lesbians. It is why Gaza has a GAY Club! In fact the EU, UN, NATO, Obama concern of the Israel – Palestinians issue is but a political bias business which does attacks the whole global world economic. In this case of Israel -Palestine! Only Israel and the entire Arab world which are the true people to make end to the conflict,. And no Johnson, Carlson, wolf, Snowden, you name it his business! It was illegal to steal the land of the Red Indians, the land of the aborigine Australia and News Zealand! It was very easy to steal the lands from defenseless people and bringing Africans into slavery into America. In fact in those stealing lands did became a problem of space vacuum minds linked to now a day bias politics worldwide.

  • Tom Tuey

    No one will ever pay attention to any treaty/agreement
    signed/sanctioned by anyone….only sane and reasonable
    people abide by such….irrational and devious people
    try their best to circumvent any legal agreement
    to best their position over the other…lie…lie..lie..
    that is all that it amounts to….if u give Abbas or
    Any of their cohorts any credence then you have
    duped yourself…there is no truth to 90% of what
    Abbas or his council fact it is my personal
    opine that he and his bunch would do excellently
    at some junk tabloid…..they can twist the truth so
    easily…..Israel….help yourself first….NKorea is
    a terribly horrible example of man’s inhumanity
    to man….how can it ever be reversed until The
    People rise up and say ENOUGH….then they will
    be provided help…..I hope that all have a really
    good and peaceful Christmas……that God for

  • E benAbuya

    The ignorant, delusional clucking and puffery of the trolls (comment, Hess and Slawek) is actually quite amusing. Claiming that the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny have some reality, because they insist on it. It may be time to make logocide (emptying words like native, ethnic cleansing etc.)an offense in law. It’s already a crime against language, reason and evidenced based debate.

  • The Palestinians did not recognize the DECISION of the League of Nations for Palestine in 1922, or the UN Partition Plan for Palestine of 29 November 1947!

    After they disregarded the decisions of the International Forums, what are they looking for there now?

    I think that what happened then and what has happened in the new situation with the Palestinian initiative is very interesting!

  • mike ben avi

    Seems that Europe including all those so-called /professionals you mentioned at the beginning of your remarks don’t seem to understand that democracy being what it is,is limited by The ability to also limit it,when it endangers the majority.

  • Time for the woerld to wake up.
    There were NO Palestians before 1967.

    Arafat was born in Cairo, as was most of the PLO leadership. They are not Palestinians and have admitted this.

    They must go back to Egypt.

    • Israel was created in Palestine. This fact is simply undeniable and verifiable in the Israeli declaration of independence and in United Nations General Assembly resolution 181. It says so right at the top of the resolution. Do you know when UNGA 181 was created?

  • honnest comment

    Palestinians negotiated with Israel for decades, and just when there was a hint of the negotiation process going somewhere, Israel scuppered it. They played games all along. The time for games is off. Going to the UN is the only way. This is going to hurt. Add to that a robust BDS campaign. Sorry folks, this may be the last chance for Israel’s leaders to save face and get a deal done on the basis of 1967 borders. And as they say in the classics, ‘It’s a long way down’ the precipice.

  • Larry A. Singleton

    How about a decent print function???

  • Ivan Gur-Arie

    May the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob strike the UN, the EU and all the despicable nations whose hypocricy galls the decent people of this world. May they know loss of identity, failure of economies, floods, and all manner of national illness.

    • So you do know that you are spouting hate speech right?

      It is troubling that I keep seeing such insane hate speech on Algemeiner even though there is supposed to be comment moderation.

      It is extremist religious hate speech to call on some imaginary deity to strike down people just to protect illegal land theft.

  • Menahem




  • Very silly. No one would “bash Israel” were it not for the 600,000 illegal colonists and the brutal occupation army that protects them in Palestine, another state. For most people across the planet this is a real problem because it is simply not legal to steal land and resources from another nation.

    It is contrary to the Hague Convention, the UN Charter, and the Fourth Geneva Convention. It’s just hard to read someone writing this total nonsense. The Palestinians are quite ready for peace on their land. And that land is Palestine. When Israel takes it illegal colonists and its army out of Palestine forever, then there can be peace.

    But it is ludicrous to paraphrase another Algemeiner article to keep blaming the victims. What? Israel can’t be satisfied with 78% of historic Palestine? Does Israel really think using military force and more Ethnic Cleansing is going to win the rogue state any friends?

    • Mr. Hess;

      You are incorrect about Israel comprising 78% of mandated
      “Palestine”. It is the invented state of Trans-Jordan that encompasses that percentage.

      The remaining 22% of “Palestine” is the sum area west of the Jordan River.

      Your contention that 78% of “Palestine” is held by Israel is a frequent canard repeated by the ignorant and the Jew/Israel hater. No verbal legerdemain can erase this fact, or the Math.

      When “Palestinians” and others state their goal is only
      22% of mandated Palestine, they are stating that what they want is the rest of the land not handed over to the
      Hashemites, i.e. what is west of the Jordan river.

      That means only one thing. The replacement of Israel with two “Palestinian” states. Do the math; 78% and 22% equals 100% of so called “Palestine”.

      In fact, “Palestine” never had borders, but only administrative boundaries created by the British,

      The Jordanian constitution forbids Jews living in “their” country, yet Israel allows “Palestinians” to live within the nation state of Israel. Thus, who are
      the real racists.

      The story of Jews ( who once lived) in arab/muslim lands is well documented. It is the arab/muslim world that ethnically cleanses. Ask Christians and other minorities that have suffered under Dhimmi status and worse.

      The Husseinis were driven out by the House of Saud and the Ilkwan from their custodial role of Mecca and medina.
      The Brits gave the Hasemite interlopers the area east of the Jordan for services rendered after the breakup of the Ottomons fell after WW1.

      Yet another artificial entity create by the west for the arab “nation”.

      You do not want another country for the “poor Palestinans”. You, like so many of your ilk want Israel gone. As the enemy nations of Israel cannot defeat
      them in battle, they use proxies like Hamas to do their dirty work for them.

      The arab/.muslim nations do not care for the so called “Palestinians”. They mistrust them as well. While Israel has taken in Jewish refugees, the entire Arab world lets these so called “Palestinians” fester and rot in camps. The “Palestinians” of course have repaid many rab nations back by trying to destabilize their regimes and worse.

      Israel is an anti colonial entity. It was the “colonialists of Assyria, Babylon, Rome and others that
      displaced most of the Jewish population. Hence the Jews
      are one of the few peoples able to return to their native home.

      I do not know where you reside Mr. Hess. Could it be on Indigenous Native American lands?

      You might want to read more than repeat the falsehoods you are apparently too lazy to prove or disprove through research. Start with “The Land Question in Palestine” 1917 to 1939,”. You can look up the author; or can you?

  • steven L

    The EU shows that when caught between a rock (Russia) and a hard place (ME), beat and sell the Jew for a reprieve!
    It won’t help this time. Jews can defend themselves after 2,000 years of victimization and submission.

  • The lesson we should draw from the charade of the twenty-year long “peace process” is this:
    One cannot be at the same time pro-Israel and pro-Palestinian (based on how the “Palestinians” define themselves).
    It’s time to take an unequivocal stand.

    • I totally disagree. I am both pro-Palestine and pro-Israel. The fact is that Israel has a nation, and Palestine is not that nation. So Israel vacates Palestine by taking the 600,000 illegal colonists back to Israel along with the brutal occupation army, and then there would be a just solution. Nevertheless, one can be both for Palestine and Israel and that is US policy. So much so that it is entirely likely that the US won’t vote the upcoming Palestinians full statehood vote and instead abstain. That could be one of the most effective wake-up calls to Israel by the US in history and would cement President Obama;s legacy as one of the best and most transformative US Presidents in history.

  • RobiMac

    Palestinian is derived from the word ‘Philistine.’ Philistines originated from Greece. That said……they need to go back to Greece since Israel chooses not to wipe them out.

    • The state of Israel was created in Palestine. There were Palestinians there. The Palestinians are not leaving Palestine. Your ‘philistine’ nonsense is meaningless gibberish.

  • Pete Slawek, MD

    Only a fanatic or very uninformed individual could believe ISRAEL has ever negotiated in good faith with the Palestinians. Israel will never make peace. They want to steal land from Palestine piece by peace. They will never stop unless stopped by the international community.

  • As a direct result of Article 80, the UN cannot transfer these rights over any part of Palestine, vested as they are in the Jewish People, to any non-Jewish entity, such as the “Palestinian Authority.” Among the most important of these Jewish rights are those contained in Article 6 of the Mandate which recognized the right of Jews to immigrate freely to the Land of Israel and to establish settlements thereon, rights which are fully protected by Article 80 of the UN Charter.
    It should be common knowledge that under the Mandate, all of Palestine was reserved exclusively for the establishment of the Jewish National Home and future independent Jewish State, as was previously decided at the San Remo Peace Conference that took place in April 1920. Or put another way, no part of Palestine was allotted for an Arab National Home or state, since Arab self-determination was being generously granted elsewhere – in Syria, Iraq, Arabia, Egypt and North Africa – which has led to the establishment of the 21 Arab states of today, over a vast land mass from the Persian Gulf to the Atlantic Ocean. There is thus no necessity for a new independent Arab State in the specific area of former Mandated Palestine reserved for Jewish self-determination, most particularly, in Judea, Samaria and Gaza. Creating such a state out of Jewish land would be blatantly illegal under Article 80 of the UN Charter and beyond the legal authority of the UN itself.
    In this respect, neither the League of Nations nor its successor, the United Nations, ever had sovereign rights over the land we Jews call Eretz-Israel. As a non-sovereign, the UN has no power whatsoever to allot territory to the “Palestinian Authority” where the allotted territory already belongs to the Jewish People.
    Moreover, there is no article in the UN Charter which gives either the Security Council or the General Assembly or even the Trusteeship Council the power to create a new independent state. If the UN had such power, then logically it would also have the inverse power to “de-create” or dismember an existing state, a power it certainly does not enjoy under the UN Charter. If, theoretically speaking, this power did exist, the UN would be in effect a world legislature that could make or unmake states by its own volition, a power that would put in jeopardy the present world order.

    • Uhhh Question? If what you say is even remotely true, then why did David Ben-Gurion sign all that away when he signed all that away and accepted the borders under UNGA 181? That’s the borders that President Truman recognized, and Ben-Gurion declared. It’s not rocket science.

    • tomm

      Thank you for that clarification.