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December 23, 2014 11:46 am

University of California Provost Confirms Prohibition on Faculty Promotion of Anti-Zionist Propaganda

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Members of UAW 2865 at the University of California voted in favor of a BDS resolution in early December. Photo: Screenshot

The AMCHA Initiative, an advocacy group combating anti-Semitism at American universities, has hailed as a “Chanukah Surprise” the confirmation by the administration at the University of California that “UC faculty are prohibited from bringing hateful anti-Semitic propaganda and the boycott of Israel into the classroom.”

Following the decision by UAW 2865, a local union representing graduate workers across the campuses of the University of California, to endorse the boycott campaign against Israel – as previously reported by The Algemeiner – AMCHA organized a letter on behalf of twenty-two advocacy groups seeking an answer to whether the prohibition on graduate instructors promoting anti-Zionist propaganda in the classroom also applied to UC faculty.

Responding to the letter, UC Provost Aimee Dore responded, “I understand from your letter that you are concerned that UC faculty may promote the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement in the classroom and that you are seeking clarification as to whether the Regents Policy on Course Content applies to UC faculty members.  In response to your question, the Regents Policy on Course Content does apply to UC faculty members.”

“We strongly applaud Provost Dorr, President Napolitano and all UC administrators for sending a clear message to professors that our classrooms are for education, not political indoctrination,” said Tammi Rossman-Benjamin, AMCHA Initiative co-founder and UC faculty member.  “This marks a huge victory for ensuring the well-being of Jewish students.”

More than 40 UC faculty members signed a statement of support for the UAW’s call for BDS saying, “As faculty, it is now our turn to support our student-workers, teaching assistants, and advisees as they take this bold and courageous step.”  In addition, AMCHA said, more than 200 UC faculty, including several department chairs and program directors, have endorsed the academic boycott of Israel.

“We hope that in light of your very clear statement, administrators on each campus will strictly enforce the Regents Policy on Course Content in the case of both graduate student instructors and faculty, thereby ensuring that all students — including Jewish and pro-Israel students — have access to a quality learning environment that is safe and non-discriminatory,” AMCHA said in its response to Provost Dorr.

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  • Michael Perloff

    A decision to participate in a movement to Belitle Defame and Slander the Jewish state of Israel is a decision to support, encourage, and identify with its adversaries along with their values and goals. As such, it would be prudent to evaluate the claims and goals of each party as expressed in their foundation documents.

    Google and read the foundation documents of the Islamic Resistance Movement (HAMAS) the Party of God (Hezbollah), the Victory Party (Fatah), and the Palestine Liberation Movement. In general, they unambiguously delineate their primary goals as the destruction of the infidel state on Islamic land and the slaughter of Jewish men, women, and children.

    Then compare those documents with the foundation document of the Jewish state. It clearly calls for peace, reconciliation and cooperation with its neighbors. It also offers equality and citizenship for the non-Jewish Arabs within its sovereign territory. Unfortunately, the Arab response was the invasion and occupation by foreign Arab armies.

    An hour or so invested in reading these documents will make one better equipped to make intelligent choices concerning what movements are compatible with your own values, morality, and justice.

    Supporting BDS is no less than an indication that you’re in agreement with the goal of genocidal anti-Semitism of Israel’s adversaries as expressed in their foundation documents.

  • Wm. J. Levy

    Thee was a time that Jewish students were in the vanguard promoting civil rights for everyone.

    Now Jews are hated and despised by their fellow students and some faculty.

    Why? Because they are so pathetically weak instead of being proud and strong and strong Jews.

    French Jews are fleeing France instead of being strong.

    Can you see American blacks or Hungarians or Irish fleeing America to go back to their homeland because of pressure from anti-whatever they are.

    Jews have no unity and no strength. They can be billionaires but without power their is only confiscation.

    When do Jews learn the lessons of Jabotinsky.Begin and yes even Bronstein nee Trotsky?


    • noellsq

      Ya,the Jews in France should stay in a country that really does not protect them. They should live in a country that turns it back on Jews in favor of the Muslims. When Europeans lose their identity and live under Sharia they will probably blame the Jews.

  • Ivan Gur-Arie

    While freedom of thought and speech is an integral part of our constitution and part of any society which calls itself free, I do not believe that the staff of Universities or colleges should be employed in any affairs other than to teach our students. If they want on their own time and at their own place wish to take a stand on any subject then they may do so, but not on tax subsidized university grounds or facilities. If they insist on doing so then they should face penalties including removal from their positions at the teaching facility.

  • I am please with the action taken by the Provost to include all Faculty members in the prohibition of BDS.

    I was a PhD student at Berkeley, 9/1978 to 12/1983.

    I resigned from a Research position at Israel Institute of Technology to attend graduate studies at UCB, arriving on Campus on 9/1978 from Haifa, Israel with an MA, Summa Cum Laude from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

    Upon arrival to Campus, the left and Marxist theories reigned among mantra Faculty members. many graduate students were ANTI Israel.

    In 1980/81 I attended an Exchange Program with Stanford University GSB. On Stanford Campus I did not encounter any ANTI Israeli activities or involvement by Faculty or graduate Students.

    As a contributor to a Fund at Berkeley, I was particularly disturbed by 2014 ANTI Israel activity on Campus and the Faculty endorsement of BDS.

    I am please by the Provost and the Regent Chancellor for their decision on the prohibition from the class room of Political Prppaganda.

    All Jewish students on Campus should flourish and enjoy non discriminatory atmosphere.

    I the NYT an article on 12/22/2014 described Stanford Class of 1994 attending the 20th Reunion in 2014. A Follow up demonstrated very high activity of Start Ups in Silicon Valley launched by the 1994 Class in the last 20 years. I was pleasantly surprise the high concentration of Jewish undergrade students that have launched very successful Start Ups, they all benefited from the absence of ANTI Israel activity on Stanford Campus.

    Berkeley, has taken finally, procedural activity to Prohibit BDS activity by the Unions and by the Faculty.

    Now watch the Start Up initiatives by UC Jewish Students in 2015 and beyond.

    Aviva Lev-Ari, PhD’83

  • Susan Staehs

    What is happening in Education? Classrooms are FOR EDUCATION.! Not Political Indoctrination !

  • Judy Silver-Shapiro


    • Judy Silver-Shapiro


  • steven L

    Why did it take so much time! Wasn’t the obvious not obvious enough? Some will say: Many “intellectual” Jews support BDS! So it was like a seal of approval, wasn’t it!!!
    Half of American Jews are borderline or are frankly antisemitic or are scared.
    The next question is: why is this not obvious to the EU academia or the EU authorities? The Jews of the EU have very little influence in Europe and therefore the EU academia and Gvts are morally corrupted and energy-dependent.

  • jonathan

    The usurpation of traditional Leftist values of free expression by Islam is striking in the way it insists on suppression of any contrary voice as a form of blasphemous oppression.

  • Once in awhile the good guys win! Happy Hanukkah!

  • truth

    luckily for amerika hateful propaganda has not yet been extended to include the truth. like photos of kids murdered by israheil.

    • Tom Tuey

      Oh please….you have been brain washed…
      Won’t u please check ur facts? Your favored
      are THE murderers……Hama’s paychecks for
      the blood of Pals children….how do the
      mothers and fathers of those whom they
      sold into death sleep? with the blood of their
      children on their minds??Evil…evil…no other
      word explains that behavior….it must STOP!
      The world sees and hears the lies of the
      Pals leaders…..Soon the lies will no longer
      work…no money… UNRWA….no more
      world sympathy…..u will then have to stand
      on your own…..THAT will be difficult to do…

  • Diane Wall


  • Mickey Oberman

    Now it is up to those who are offended by BDS, its proponents and its advocates to take a stand, en masse if possible, whenever such anti Jewish behaviour is observed, to report it to the necessary authorities. And to see that actions are taken against the offenders.

    • Steve Loeb

      I repeat what Mickey above has posted because its so important to understand this – “Now it is up to those who are offended by BDS, its proponents and its advocates to take a stand, en masse if possible, whenever such anti Jewish behaviour is observed, to report it to the necessary authorities. And to see that actions are taken against the offenders.”

      This is a ruling that at least in California will take precedent … use it, push back

    • Mireille Mechoullam


    • racy

      The same action must be taken on every college campus,
      university and school of higher learning in the U.S. and the slogan must be, SCHOOL IS FOR EDUCATION, NOT INDOCRONATION. Students, be brave and move forward!
      The time is NOW!

      • Tom Tuey

        Old man here….right on…don’t waste time..
        it goes by too fast…stand for what u believe..
        U will regret it later…..